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Vent Cover for Ventline Old-Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - Smoke

Code: BV0554-03

760 reviews

Our Price: $40.59


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent

Replacement Lid


Continuous Hinge

14W x 14L Inch


Replacement smoke colored vent cover for Ventline old-style rounded dome trailer roof vents.

Video of Vent Cover for Ventline Old-Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - Smoke

Customer Reviews

Vent Cover for Ventline Old-Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - Smoke - BV0554-03

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (760 Customer Reviews)

Replacement smoke colored vent cover for Ventline old-style rounded dome trailer roof vents.

by: Randy K02/04/2017

My experience with etrailer could not have been better. Their online catalog had very good pictures and product description, so I was confident the I was ordering the right item for my application. Pricing was competitive. George J emailed me after I placed the order to let me know he upgraded my shipping so I could get the product sooner. The vent covers came well packaged and undamaged. Now I need to install them on my vintage 1964 Airstream Overlander, which I bought several years ago and rehabilitated. The white plastic vent covers I installed several years ago became brittle and crumbled. I hope the smoke colored ones I bought from etrailer will last a bit longer, but the price was so fair I bought an extra pair for the next time.

So far so good!
Randy K - 02/04/2018

by: Paul10/06/2020

Called to get help ordering the vent cover to make sure I ordered the right part. Hally was extremely helpful. Got the part quickly. Hally had shown me where to go to watch an installation video. After watching it, installation was very easy. Pictures show the before and after. Thanks!

by: michael11/15/2021

Purchased this vent replacement a year ago and it’s working great and holding up to the weather.

by: Lloyd12/21/2020

I have a 16ft 1972 Brougham travel trailer,and my old vent lid disintegrated.I wasn't sure which vent lid to get.I measured the square hole on the roof and it is 13 inches square. I also needed to be sure of the hinge.The hinge portion on the vent cover is 9 inches.After I removed the screws from the vent lid raising mechanism, and disconnected it from the vent lid rail,I went up top,and opened up one side of the rolled metal hinge.Then the roof vent lid slides off to one side.Then you just slide the new roof vent lid onto the hinge,and bend down the tab to secure it.You then reattach the mechanism inside the trailer.Its actually very easy to do,with just a Phillips and straight slot screwdriver. I attached photos of what remained after my lid was blown off completely which shows the hinge and lifting rail that come with a new roof vent cover attached.I also showed a close up of the hinge and the little tab that is bent in on both sides to keep the lid from sliding sideways. Finally I have pics of the new lid installed.I was happy with this product,and didn't realize you could just replace the vent lid so easily.

by: Stephen 09/11/2022

roof vent arrived quickly and fit perfe ctly.

by: Burt wilten07/20/2022

This item fits really snug as it should. Good fit, only issue I have with it is its super thin - flimsy. I would have preferred it to be thicker plastic, but the price was good so its a wash. Maybe its supposed to be that thin, I don't know because my original one was smashed off the trailer with nothing remaining but the hinge.

by: Mark05/05/2019

Quick simple fix to replace a vent cover lost to the weather. Installation took less than 5 minutes, product fits like the original. William B. made finding and ordering the right part a breeze.

by: Tom 11/15/2021

I thought I had a major repair to do to replace my car hauler trailer vent cover. There was no brand name or anything identifying what vent system I had, so I was preparing to replace the entire frame, cover, etc.
A few emails and pictures that I sent to the folks at etrailer and they were able to identify the part I needed. I only needed to replace the cover, which made this a 25 minute job instead of something more that I was dreading.

The folks at etrailer provided that old fashion customer service that you don't get much of anymore, and saved me time and money.

by: Don10/29/2021

The vent cover is a quality replacement almost identical to the OEM on 2018 Windjammer. The OEM had severe ultraviolet deterioration and had a crack in the top center area and a possible hail damage on an outer edge outside of the seal. Had not leaked inside yet! We will see if this one will last any longer than the OEM’s 3 - 4 years.

by: Steve L.07/03/2015

The storm broke two of my vent covers. More storms were forecasted for later this week. I tried the old favorite, duct tape, to no avail. They still leaked. We found the replacement online at eTrailer. One phone call is all it took to receive a shipment of vent covers. I even discussed with eTrailer on the phone to make sure these were the correct vent covers for my older trailer. In two days! I received the vent covers at the campground. A few hours later they were installed and the storm that night tore up the awning, but not a drop from the ceiling vents. P.S. Does eTrailer carry awning parts?

Still working well.
Steve L - 07/27/2016

by: Woody 09/24/2018

The smoked Ventline replacement vent cover worked wonderfully. I had to spring for the expedited shipping in order to get it before the hurricane hit but it arrived on-time in 2 days as promised, was easy to install thanks to the installation video, fit perfectly, and provided a secure seal against the rain and wind. As always, etrailer delivered as promised and as advertised. That is why I use them exclusively for all of my trailer needs.

The cover has worked just fine and is holding up very well. Yet another reason etrailer will always have my business.
Woody P - 09/24/2019

by: Donald 05/23/2021

good service, came to me in one piece, surprised me.

Great, no problems
Donald - 05/28/2022

by: William 09/14/2022

Excellent transaction good prices :)

by: Bill07/09/2015

Second time dealing with etrailer, each time very pleased with product and arrived on time. Purchased a cargo trailer vent. Easy to install and keeps the rain out but some light in. RECOMEND.

Thanks for the follow up, it is still working great with no leaks. Good product.
Bill - 07/29/2016

by: Robert V07/26/2013

Replaced two weather beaten, cracked vents. Easy installation just follow the directions. Took about 10 minutes each looks better then the old white ones.

by: Don05/18/2022

Perfect replacement.

by: Bruce M.07/12/2014

This is just what I was looking for. It only took a few minutes to assemble and put on my Airstream camper, and it looks so good.
The price was great and very fast shipping. I will bookmark your website and buy from you again when the need arises. Thank you very much.

by: William 05/23/2021

My camping trailer replacement vents and fan were easy to find on etrailer website, good price, shipped in timely manner. Good quality. I’ve since bought several items from etrailer and have been completely satisfied. It’s a great “go to” place for RV related items.

by: Gary12/25/2011

Great Product easy and quick install This was so easy to put on I had my 9 old son do it and I helped him. He removed a few screws on the inside. I removed the old frame work I put on new top. My son finished the inside 20 minutes it was done.

by: Gerard L.07/30/2013

Cover is Great. Had to replace mine because if hail storm damage. The included instructions made it very easy to install in 10 minutes and it looks great on my trailer.

by: Michael 03/23/2020

Can’t beat this product for the price and ease of installation. Also, I really like the smoke cover better than my original opaque one that came with my trailer. Installed in about 10 minutes on a 2015 Diamond Cargo enclosed trailer.

Still working great with no leaks or signs of damage. Definitely money well spent and highly recommended.
MICHAEL - 03/24/2021

by: Roger06/10/2022

Good quality part.

by: Joel 08/05/2021

Vent cover worked well and was easy to replace. Snapped right in. Removal of the old was a bit of a pain due to caulking on the hinge portion and the cover woulld not slide off easily.

by: Nicholas Jubinski jr09/01/2014

Cover appears to have good quality and was easy to install, but the front hinge should be installed on the cover so it brings the front of the cover approximately 1/4 inch lower. The front of the cover does not contact the rubber gasket. I had to use some 3/16 thick adhesive foam along the front of the cover where it should contact the rubber gasket that is around the rim of the opening to get a complete seal.

It is ok and still wind and waterproof. Even though it is hinged, I never open it.
Nicholas J - 09/01/2015

by: John04/24/2018

This replacement vent cover was a perfect fit for the vent on our Forest River enclosed trailer. Installation was a snap, and took less than 10 minutes. I watched the installation video on before ordering, so I was pretty confident at that point that we were getting the right part. Customer service was very good as well. They shipped the item within a couple of hours after I placed the order, and I received it in 2 days, just in time to beat the next rainstorm.

Excellent. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.
John - 05/07/2019

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  • Differences Between Smoke Vent Covers and White Vent Covers
  • The smoke might let a little more light through it, but nothing that noticeable. And aside from that either color does not have the reputation as lasting longer than the other. The white version is part # BV0554-01 and the smoke version is part # BV0554-03. If you check out the pictures I attached you will see the differences in how the light comes through the cover.
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  • Replacement Lid Recommendations for a Ventline Roof Vent
  • You will need to check the hinge style on the vent to make sure that the Ventline replacement dome assembly # BV0554-03 would be the correct replacement piece for your particular model of vent. There are two styles of smoked dome vent covers that we offer. The # BV0554-03 that you referenced features a lower profile dome on the cover and uses a hinge that runs the length of one of the sides of the vent cover. The other style vent cover has a taller dome on the cover that has kind...
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Vent Cover for Ventline Old Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - White

Code: BV0554-01

2582 reviews

Our Price: $28.11


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent

Replacement Lid


Continuous Hinge

14W x 14L Inch


Replace the vent cover on your Elixir trailer roof vent (made after 1995) or your Ventline trailer roof vent (V2094 - made before 2008) with this equivalent part. Fits 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" openings.

Video of Vent Cover for Ventline Old Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - White

Customer Reviews

Vent Cover for Ventline Old Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents - White - BV0554-01

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (2582 Customer Reviews)

Replace the vent cover on your Elixir trailer roof vent (made after 1995) or your Ventline trailer roof vent (V2094 - made before 2008) with this equivalent part. Fits 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" openings.

by: Perry12/19/2020

Works as described and very easy to install. I am going to order three more to replace to ones on our RV before they crack.

Holding up just fine, no problems
Perry - 12/20/2021

by: Robert 05/07/2019

These pictures are of the replacement of my vent covers on a 1975 Star Craft
Camper. The ones I ordered from you were slightly bigger, 14.5 inches, than
the standard 14 in replacements and were a perfect fit. They installed
easily once I removed years of caulking and sealant from the hinged slide
rail. It has been a year since I replaced the covers and they are holding
up just fine. Recommend any do it your selfers carefully measure the
existing covers to make sure they will fit properly.

The vent covers are still working great. If you need a plastic replacement vent fan blade for a very old fan motor with a 14 inch D shaped shaft, most modern replacements fit a smaller shaft. I used Grainger and found exactly what I needed for a few bucks without having to replace the entire motor and switch assembly.
Robert - 05/08/2020

by: Mary06/15/2022

Ordered this vent cover and a trailer hub.both items were shipped in the same box. The vent cover ended up with a damaged slide because of the weight of the hub. Not a smart idea to ship those in the same box.

It sounds like we botched the packaging on this one. I will have our customer service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/20/2022

by: Steve R.08/02/2016

I have an enclosed trailer that had a deteriorated roof vent. I wasn't sure which vent would fit my trailer because two different ones were available. I checked out several websites and had the best detailed information, pictures and how to DIY videos. This made it very easy for me to order the correct vent and install it with ease. It was also very competitively priced. I selected the cheapest shipping and was amazed that it only took a few days. Whenever I need anything for my trailers, I will go to first!

by: Walt07/29/2022

Easy replacement - came with domes dented due to items packed with them to get free shipping.

Thanks for letting us know. I have contacted our customer service team and they will be in touch soon.
Brooke M - 08/16/2022

by: Gabriel O. 06/18/2019

Perfect replacement for 20 year old covers! They fit great, are easy to install (you'll need to work from inside and on top the camper), seem to be sturdy yet forgiving enough to take an errant tree branch or light hail, and let a lot of light inside. The domes are slightly higher profile than the OEM, but it provides a quieter angle for raindrops (and "glancing blows" angle for small hail - which cracked the old ones). I doubt I'll need to, but I would buy them again - especially from

A year later these replacement covers are working perfectly.
Gabriel - 06/18/2020

by: BM08/06/2018

Perfect fit for my 2006 Atlas utility trailer. Easy installation, and virtually identical to the original vent. I had originally ordered part # BBC0530-01. etrailer notified me that the part was back-ordered from the factory, and suggested this unit instead. Worked like a charm and saved me $35! Thanks!

by: Gary 03/29/2021

Cover fit perfectly and video helped with installation. 2014 6x12 Gator Tail trailer. Delivered very quickly and in time for our trip to Durhamtown GA!!!

Excellent and easy to install
Gary - 04/02/2022
Gary - 04/09/2022

by: Carolyn 04/14/2021

I would advise anyone with an old unit to check each vent, as I found 1 had a different hinge. (of course) those I was able to install were great & installed easily considering the age of my trailer!!

Still working and solid! Werent easy to install, but not the fault of the and work on them first! Im very happy with your products had bought shutters previously - happy with your service too!
Carolyn - 04/15/2022

by: Gary 08/27/2022

Perfect fit and easy to install on my 2008 Sabre 28RTS 5th wheel.

by: Daniel 08/30/2022

Very easy installation. Video made it a snap.
Fits and looks better than original.

by: Douglas03/19/2022

Evidently these are suspectible to degrgation by UV light as I replaced one about 3 years ago because when I was shoveling the roof of my trailer off I hit the skylight with a shovel and broke the lens. I replaced it with a new one at that time. A couple of weeks ago we had a bad windstorm and found the remains of both skylight lens in small pieces around the trailer. When I picked up one of the larger pieces in simply crumbled in my hand. So this time I bough 4 new lenses and will keep two in stock out of the sunlight for future replacement. They should last more than 3 years I would think!!! Great service by etrailer with pretty fast shipping and good packaging.

by: Happy Tap NC .com02/16/2017

Prompt shipping and transit time. Box with the 2 vent covers arrived in excellent condition.
Easy and fast to install.
5 screws per vent and a total of 15 minutes to install 2 vent covers.
Great instructions, and video tutorials available too.
Two thumbs up!

Vent covers still look new, interior of trailer is still dry, vents were an excellent purchase.
Happy T - 02/16/2018

by: Arlene M.08/10/2017

The replacement vent cover was easy to install and the instructions were simple to follow. I did have to cut my screen because it was sealed into the vent frame and there was no way it was coming out. The screen repair isn't a big deal. The vent operates as it should now and will definitely keep out the water. Satisfied with the product and the company. Thank you!

by: Jeff06/16/2022

Got some help from Shianne to confirm this was the replacement I needed for my trailer, she was great and gave piece of mind that I ordered the right part first time. Ordered on Thursday, received a-ok following Wednesday. Replaced failed dome easy-peesy and am now rainproof once again. Very satisfied with etrailer!

by: William 09/17/2022

Perfect fit, identical to the original equipment, had the old one off and the new one on in about 20 minutes.

by: Kevin 07/09/2022

I sent an email inquiring about the proper size I needed. I was pleased at the quick response and how fast I received the item! I haven't attached it yet but set it on top of the vent opening and it looks perfect! I'll definitely be reaching out to Etrailer for any other items I may need. :-)

by: Dana05/06/2022

The part was a perfect fit,

by: Jim 09/12/2022

Great part. Very easy to install. Shipped when they said it would. I’ll definitely buy products from this company again

by: Vernon 05/20/2021

My RV is a 2003 model. I was really skeptical as to whether this dome would fit like the OEM model. It really did. Installation took less than 15 minutes. I'm really happy!

This Dome is still working and sealing against strong rain winds. Great purchase!
Vernon - 05/21/2022

by: Stanley 08/15/2022

The item I received was exactly as described, and was the perfect replacement that I needed. It was delivered ahead of when I expected it--very fast.

by: Aaron Fite08/31/2016

Excellent customer service, I ordered the wrong lid at first ...(my fault) make sure to ask questions in order to get the correct cover the first time! Rose was my customer service rep and was great making sure I had all I needed for the return of the wrong one and ordering the correct lid.
Got it in a few days and took me 5 minutes to install. Thanks etrailer!

by: Kenneth09/09/2018

I got my item in the mail less than a week
after I ordered. I have a 2004 Pace cargo
trailer. The original dome fell to pieces from age and sun exposure. I found etrailer and found the dome item BV0554-01. Installed it in about 15 minutes. Looks and works great.

Dome works great. Very happy with the product and with etrailer.
Kenneth M - 09/10/2019

by: John 08/25/2022

exact fit on vert old trailer. thanks

by: Larry 09/10/2022

The product was as described and fit my application perfectly.

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