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Replacement Dome for Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents - Tinted

Code: FVK1020-19

425 reviews

Our Price: $52.89


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent

Replacement Lid


Fantastic Vent

Replaces the cover on your Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent for motorhomes and enclosed trailers. Smoke-colored polyethylene dome filters UV rays while allowing light in.

Video of Replacement Dome for Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents - Tinted

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Replacement Dome for Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents - Tinted - FVK1020-19

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (425 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the cover on your Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent for motorhomes and enclosed trailers. Smoke-colored polyethylene dome filters UV rays while allowing light in.

by: Dennis07/21/2022

I bought this vent cover because the plastic tabs that hold the slider for the lifting mechanism had broken off my old cover. I tried gluing them on but that only lasted less then a year and they broke again. I was glad to see the replacement unit had reinforced tabs that looked much stronger than the original. Also, the hinge holes matched the original so I only had to remove the screws on the old hinge and replace the cover, I wish the new cover came with new screws as the old screws were corroded and I had to find suitable replacements. After the installation the cover would not close all the way. After fiddling around with it, I discovered that the tabs on the new unit where the lifting mechanism attaches are offset from the original, so the lifting mechanism was binding, and not allowing the cover to close. I made some 9/16" spacers from some tubing I had in the garage along with some longer mounding screws and that solved the problem. I don't know if all Fan-Tastic vents are the same, so I cannot say if this will be a problem for everyone. See photos

by: David11/03/2022

We ordered a lid for our RV fan, but there was no mention on the etrailer website of a high dome or low dome lid, and the model number of our fan lid had been worn off by the weather, so we carefully looked at the measurements on the website and ordered the lid, after discussing with our RV repair guy. We live in Canada, so with shipping and the dollar exchange, the total price was CAN$XX, although the price on the website was $USXX. When the lid came and our repair guy opened the box, he told us that we needed a low lid, which etrailer did not appear to have on its website, so we ordered it elsewhere, and requested a mailing label from etrailer to return the item. To our surprise, we were told that we would have to pay for the return of the item ourselves. We checked with DHL and were told the cost would be CAN$XXX, and it was similar with Canada Post. UPS gave us a price of $XX. If we paid this and returned the item, etrailer would refund us only the US58, and not the shipping cost, and US58 works out to about CAN$XX, so by paying CAN$XX in postage, we would really only be getting back about $X and would still be out the CAN$XX we originally paid for the item!! What a ripoff! Etrailer obviously has a mailing contract with DHL, and since they only charged US$8.99 in original shipping cost, why couldn't they send us a DHL label for the same amount to return the item? We would have paid that mailing cost, but no, they offered nothing! Needless to say, we will never shop with them again. Anyone want to buy a brand new high dome fan lid??

by: AW10/12/2022

Plastic tabs where the dome lid screws to the metal lift arm are very brittle and weak. I've gone through multiple lids with this same issue because once these brittle attachment points snap the whole lid flaps up and gets smashed on the roof. Nor etrailer or Dometic will give me a solution to this reoccurring issue so I am going to try reinforcing them with a rubbery sealant. Bad product design and poor customer service.

by: Roxi10/11/2022

We were told by the uninterested folks at Campers World that they were unable to get this product for us, so we were super happy to stumble upon this website! All measurements were precisely provided so we knew we were ordering exactly what we needed. Shipping was fast and the company stayed in contact throughout the process which was not necessary but was appreciated.

by: Dave 10/04/2022

This was a perfect fit for the broken hinge on the Fan-Tastic fan in our 2003 American Coach Revolution 40C.

The price was good and shipping was fast.

by: John F.08/07/2022

The screw holes for the metal slide are very week. The last ones broke from wind while closed. This new one I'm going to re in force with flex glue prior to installation. The design is obviously flawed,as this is the 3rd one of these that have failed. My 5th wheel is a 2018 Fox Mountain, so it's not that old.

by: Bruce09/24/2022

Excellent replacement part! Included and installed was the hinge and guide plate! That made the swap from a cracked dome to new a 10 minute job.
Etrailer sent prompt shipping info.
Great place to do business with!

by: Douglas07/03/2022

This was purchased to replace a done on a new Fantastic Vent RV Roof Vent which broke on the 3rd or 4th time it was used. The 2 screws holding the travel control to the plastic both broke off from the plastic dome. Replacement of the broken dome took less than 10 minutes is why I gave it 5 stars. Durability? I'll be careful with it.

by: Scott 09/27/2022

"They don't make that anymore." A 13 second search on the internet reveals they absolutely DO make them. As advertised and worked just fine.

by: Craig 09/01/2022

Second time I've ordered from, both experiences have been excellent!

by: Tom 08/10/2022

The products are fine, as was the service. However the shipping crew did not protect the plastic lid from the tubes of. Sealant. The tubes rolled around inside the plastic lid the entire was scratching and maring the inside of the lid. It will take some work to clean this up.’

by: Al03/01/2022

I apologize that his is late. I purchased and installed the product while vacationing in Maine in 2019. It seemed to work completely fine for the remainder of the time and returning to Texas. We didn't get to use it during 2020, because of the "virus". By the Summer of 2021, something else started going awry with another part in the vent system, but I never had an opportunity to trouble shoot it because we got rear ended on an Interstate Hwy in VA, and the RV trailer it was mounted on was totaled.

by: Marilyn02/17/2022

I bought a Fantastic roof vent cover for my Roadtrek 170. The ordering process to delivery was fast and easy. The item is what I expected for and in excellent condition. I recommend this business to my friends and family.

by: Edith07/17/2022

Lovely item. I received it in good condition, despite the box being crushed. The cover was fine, I climbed up on my camper and installed it easily. Thank you!

by: John 12/19/2021

Purchased this about a year ago. It works exactly as described and has held up very well for the first year. I also like the dark color as it matches the air conditioners on the roof of our fifth wheel

by: Ron10/19/2022

The cover is cheap brittle plastic. It broke as soon as it was installed. The original was of much better quality.

by: Keith09/05/2022

Broke after 2 weeks

Hello Keith, sorry you had this issue. I reached out to our customer service team for you so that this gets resolved.
-- Etrailer Expert Andrew N - 10/12/2022

by: Gerry 09/30/2022

Exact replacement for the old one

by: Art 08/08/2022

Easy to install. Love the fact current vent compatible with my 2002 vent.

by: Ken04/18/2022

Installation was very quick, using the screws from the broken previous dome. Replacement works just like the previous one (before it was broken, of course) -- thanks very much to Justin B. and everyone else at!

by: Ronald05/24/2022

The roof vent cover arrived promptly and in excellent shape. It fit perfectly.

by: Brian 08/18/2022

Exact replacement part, easy install! P erfect!!!!

by: Gerry12/15/2021

Ordering my roof vent covers from etrailer was easy and efficient. My order was delivered to me in eastern Canada within a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend etrailer for your RV parts needs.

by: Christopher from CA01/06/2022

Easiest repair I ever made on my 25-year old Tioga RV, after a severe rain/wind storm shattered the existing vent cover. Bolt off, bolt on - as advertised! Customer support, installment videos, and encouragement were awesome, ya'll totally delivered. Price and delivery fee were totally reasonable. Thank you so much!

by: Jim L05/09/2020

These vent covers are almost 'bullet-proof'. I ran into an object and was able to patch the pieces up up with Gorilla tape, but there was so much tape there was no light getting in!
Also purchased two lift arm assemblies. It seems no matter how careful you are with securing the cover, it will still find a way to vibrate and that 'tears-up' the teeth in the pot-iron product.
eTrailer has an excellent web site with detailed descriptions, photos, and measurements. Everything you need to make the right purchase the first time.
Ordering was straight forward, and delivery was as promised. The packaging was adequate, also.
A good source for your RV products! Thanks, Guys!

Very well
JIM L - 05/15/2021

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White Dome Assembly for standard roof ventadomes (metal mounting flange). NEW Wedge shape

Code: BVD0449-A01

392 reviews

Our Price: $31.43


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent

Replacement Lid


Continuous Hinge

14W x 14L Inch


Replaces the white, wedge-shaped, polypropylene plastic cover on your Ventline Ventadome RV roof vent.

Video of White Dome Assembly for standard roof ventadomes (metal mounting flange). NEW Wedge shape

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

White Dome Assembly for standard roof ventadomes (metal mounting flange). NEW Wedge shape - BVD0449-A01

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (392 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the white, wedge-shaped, polypropylene plastic cover on your Ventline Ventadome RV roof vent.

by: Robert11/04/2022

11/04/2022: We survived hurricane IAN in Florida, but not without some damage. Along with a number of other things, two vent lids on the RV were ripped apart and destroyed. I ordered replacements from etrailer They were the exact replacement and fit perfectly. Our eighteen year old grandson climbed on top of the RV and made the replacement for me. We watched the video on the web site first. It was easy, with one exception. As mentioned by other reviewers, there is a clip on the hinge that must be removed for the installation. FYI, this isn’t mentioned in the video. The grandson went up with a pair of pliers to address the clip, but that doesn’t work very well, a flat tip screw driver worked easier. Once the clip was out, the replacement was a snap - exactly as the video showed. Here are a couple of pics from the interior as he was doing the work, and a final photo of the finish.

by: Todd09/30/2022

Parts were correct and delivered as said. etrailer site was easy to use and search using model number of vent assembly for the correct vent cover I needed to replace. As I didn’t need the whole vent unit. I also ordered the instal sealant kit which arrive in same box.

by: Bobby07/28/2018

"Universal vents" don't always work. I ordered one by mistake from that giant online storehouse—realized I needed this specific model and it was not offered there. Etrailer had what I needed and also had the dome seal (BVD0455-01), which I also needed. Products were exactly as advertised and with the installation videos (also on etrailer) for the EXACT model ordered, installation was simple. Before and after pics included in this review (previous vent was damaged in a recent hail storm).

by: Jason 10/09/2022

I can always count on etrailer to help me order the correct items on my first order, this is so valuable to me because it saves me allot of time and frustration. Etrailer is a huge asset

by: Janet 08/10/2022

I have always been happy with items I purchase from etrailer, and the ventadomes are no exception. They are exactly like the ones I am replacing.

by: Mike 08/22/2022

This was a perfect fit form my old vent cover. I was worried about the hinge matching up but it was identical to the old one. The install videos were awesome help! Shipping and packaging was perfect!

by: Shane 11/02/2022

Good price. Works as promised. Relatively easy installation.

by: GP06/17/2022

etrailer promptly filled and delivered my order. The vent covers fit perfectly and were easy to install. Thanks, etrailer!

by: Reggie 08/25/2022

I watched the install video, and it was very easy to install.
The old cover was discolored and very brittle, the sun is brutal on these components.

by: Julie11/17/2022

Super Fast Shipping! Perfect replacement

by: Charles 07/29/2022

i got the vent in 3 days have it installed very easy to install i have already ordered a replacement vent for my motor home

by: Peter11/19/2022

Very little light. Cheap junk

by: Tim 07/27/2022

Was exactly what I was looking for. Good pics and descriptions of parts.

by: Jason 07/17/2022

Great product. Only recommendation is to include instructions on installing.

by: Troy 09/16/2022

Good products, fast delivery

by: Rich R06/27/2022

This was a perfect replacement. Really appreciate the installation video and super quick shipping.

by: Mike11/20/2022

service is great. Thanks!

by: Ron b.08/08/2022

Just what I needed to fix my hail damaged vent cover.

by: Keith 08/02/2022

Exact replacement, good price.

by: Tricia 10/19/2021

We've now replaced 2 of these on our trailer. Works great. Relatively easy fix to improve the look and function of our vents. I recommend also replacing the dome seal for ventadome vents at the same time. Super easy to install!

by: Dave03/12/2022

Good value, fast service. I added a little dab of silicone grease to the slider because it was hard to install and slide and then it worked fine.

by: William 12/09/2021

System has worked well. Kit came to me without installation instructions which required several hours of head scratching to figure out how to install.

by: Lance 01/21/2022

Exactly what I ordered. Supply issues made this a long term order but etrailer kept m e in constant contact with part arrival dates.

by: Roman06/20/2022

Got these to lighten up a couple of rooms in the camper. Look solid, clean and should work great.

by: James 10/14/2019

My order was shipped very quickly, the new part fit perfectly and I would consider this an A+ transaction. I would definitely recommend etrailer for your camper equipment needs!

It’s been a year and my roof dome is still working perfectly. It seals tight and hasn’t had any leak issues.
James - 10/15/2020

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