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Components of Firestone Air Suspension Systems

Custom Fit Vehicle Suspension

Control panels, air compressors and air tanks are the components of Firestone Air Command kits. Working together they make it easy to monitor and adjust your air-suspension system. Depending on which Air Command kits you purchase, all these parts are included. However, most of these components can be purchased separately, if needed.

Standard Control PanelStandard Control Panel

Control Panels


Electric activation

Pneumatic activation

Digital Control Panel

Digital control panel

Single Control Panel


Electric or pneumatic control panels come as one of three types:

Dual-Control Panel
Quad-Control Panel

Air Compressors

Firestone offers a wide range of air compressors for all applications. Air compressors are the mechanisms that take in and compress the air used to fill your air tank, air springs, tires or accessories that require air. Typically, air compressors work with a control panel, but a few can operate alone.

Differences between standard and heavy-duty compressors:


Standard-Duty Air Compressor
Heavy-Duty Air Compressor
Ultimate-Duty Air Compressor

Air Tanks

Air tanks can be added to air suspension systems to increase the rate at which air springs can be inflated. Air tanks store compressed air that makes it convenient to inflate air springs, tires or other accessories.

Air Tank
Air Tank

Compressor Compatibility

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