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Components of Firestone Air Suspension Systems

Updated by: Jacob J
Last updated: 3/6/2024
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Control panels, air compressors, and air tanks are the components of Firestone Air Command kits. Working together they make it easy to monitor and adjust your air-suspension system. Depending on which Air Command kits you purchase, all these parts are included. However, most of these components can be purchased separately, if needed.

Control Panels

  • Control panels let you control air-spring pressure from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Provide readings of current air pressure in your springs, allowing constant monitoring of your inflation process
  • Conveniently mount to the dash of your vehicle
standard control panel
standard control panel 2
  • Electric activation
    • Standard face gauge that uses needles to indicate air pressure
    • When the control panel switch is activated, it turns on the air compressor, which begins to "air up" the springs
      • Systems that use electrical activation do not require an air tank
    • Requires air line to be run into the cab for pressure monitoring
  • Pneumatic activation
    • Standard face gauge that uses needles to indicate air pressure
    • When a switch on the control panel is activated, it opens a valve, allowing compressed air to flow from the air tank to the air springs
      • Compressor is activated automatically when the pressure switch senses a drop in pressure in the air system
    • Requires an air tank
    • Inflates springs quickly because it uses air stored in an air tank
    • Requires air line to be run into the cab for pressure monitoring
  • Digital control panel
    • Has a digital screen that displays air-spring pressure reading
      • Digital display makes it easy to read air spring pressure
      • When a control panel switch is activated, it activates the solenoid valve, which controls air flow to the air springs
    • Does not require air tubing to be run to the cab
    • Can only be purchased in a Digital Air Command Kit
    digital control panel
StylesElectric or pneumatic control panels come as one of three types:
  • Single control
    • Inflate and deflate 1 set of air springs
Single control panel
  • Dual control
    • Inflates 2 springs individually or 2 separate sets of springs (for example, 2 front springs can have different pressure levels from 2 rear springs on the same vehicle)
dual control panel
  • Quad control
    • Inflates and deflates 4 individual springs
    • Pneumatic activation only
quad control panel

Air Compressors

Firestone offers a wide range of air compressors for all applications. Air compressors are the mechanisms that take in and compress the air used to fill your air tank, air springs, tires or accessories that require air. Typically, air compressors work with a control panel, but a few can operate alone.
Differences between standard and heavy-duty compressors:
  • Pressure at which the compressor operates (pounds per square inch, or psi)
    • Standard duty: operate at lower psi (120 psi - 130 psi)
    • Heavy duty: operate at higher psi (145 psi - 150 psi)
  • The volume of air the compressor moves per minute (cubic feet per minute)
    • Typically, the more heavy duty the compressor is, the more air it can move
      • The volume of air a compressor can move depends on the size of the cylinder within the compressor; the larger the piston, the more air that can be moved
      • The higher the volume of air, the faster your air springs can be inflated
    • Standard duty: move less air relative to heavy-duty compressors
    • Heavy duty: have larger cylinders, allowing them to move large amounts of air
  • The type of compressor that will provide optimum performance for your setup depends on:
    • How often the air pressure in your springs is changed
    • How often the air springs are in use
    • Weight on the springs
    • Size of the springs
  • Standard-duty compressors
    • For moderate air-spring usage (for example, weekend towing or RVing)
standard-duty air compressor
  • Heavy-duty compressors
    • For use with air springs that are adjusted many times per week (for example, heavy-duty towing, heavy-duty trucks, construction vehicles or full-time RVing)
heavy-duty air compressor
  • Super-heavy-duty and ultimate-duty compressors
    • For heavy-duty trucks that often change loads
    • For setups that use air tanks to inflate other accessories, as well as their air suspension
ultimate-duty air compressor
Air TanksAir tanks can be added to air suspension systems to increase the rate at which air springs can be inflated. Air tanks store compressed air that makes it convenient to inflate air springs, tires or other accessories.
  • Air tanks ranging from 1/2-gallon capacity to 20-gallon capacity are available
    • Used in conjunction with air compressor
  • Provide compressed air for air suspension system
    • Allow for quicker inflation of air springs because air is coming from an already-full reservoir
  • Stored air can be used to inflate other accessories and tires
Compressor Compatability
  • Up to 1-gallon tanks
    • Compatible with standard-duty air compressors
  • Up to 3-gallon tanks
    • Compatible with high-, heavy- or super-heavy-duty air compressors and even some that are stronger
  • Up to 5-gallon tanks
    • Compatible with ultimate-duty compressors and some heavy-duty compressors
air tank
air tank 2
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