How to Choose a Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

Platform hitch-mounted bike rack

A hitch-mounted bike rack is a type of bike rack that slides into the receiver of a trailer hitch on a car or truck. This type of rack has some advantages over roof- and trunk-mounted bike racks:

Questions to consider when choosing a hitch-mounted bike rack:

Looking for the best bike racks?

Blue ribbon award symbol See's recommended bike racks

Different Racks for Different Kinds of Bikes

Bike racks come in a variety of styles - some work better than others for carrying specific kinds of bikes. You can even find racks that are designed to fit specialized bikes like tandems and recumbents. No matter which kind of bike you have, there is a hitch-mounted bike rack that can carry it.

Best Types of Racks for Different Kinds of Bikes
Standard frame road bicycle

Road and mountain bikes
Hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier
  • Standard-frame bikes work well with all types of hitch-mounted racks.
  • The largest hanging style racks can carry 5 bikes.
  • Platform racks provide a stable and secure platform for your bikes. They make minimal contact with bike frames.
  • Hanging wheel-only-mount racks contact your bikes only by the wheels.
Hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier
Hitch-mounted V-shaped hanging style bicycle carrier
Hanging - wheel only mount

Bicycle with step through frame

Bikes with step-through frames
Hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier
  • Hanging-style racks usually require use of an adapter bar to allow the bike to hang level.
  • Platform racks hold bikes level regardless of frame type.
  • Hanging wheel-only-mount racks hold bikes level regardless of frame type.
Hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier
Hitch-mounted V-shaped hanging style bicycle carrier
Hanging - wheel only mount

Standard frame road bike on hitch-mounted rack

Children's bikes
Hitch-mounted hanging style bike rack in use
  • Children's bikes fit best on hanging racks with closely spaced dual arms or single arms with small cradles.
  • An adapter bar may be needed to carry some children's bikes. You should check the adapter bar's length to make sure it will fit your bike.

Carbon fiber frame bicycle

Bikes with carbon fiber frames
Hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier with wheel clamps
  • Racks that contact bike frames can damage those made of carbon fiber. To maintain the warranties on these fragile frames, you should select a bike rack that makes no contact with bike frames.
  • Platform racks clamp onto bikes' wheels, eliminating all contact with frames.
  • Hanging wheel-only-mount racks contact bikes only by their wheels.
Platform with wheel clamps
Hitch-mounted V-shaped hanging style bicycle carrier
Hanging - wheel only mount

Bicycle with suspension

Bikes with suspension
Hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier
  • Hanging-style racks can hold up to 5 bikes.
  • Platform racks that clamp onto wheels won't compress your bike's suspension when it's mounted.
  • Hanging wheel-only-mount racks won't compress your bike's suspension.
Hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier with wheel clamps
Platform with wheel clamps
Hitch-mounted V-shaped hanging style bicycle carrier
Hanging - wheel only mount

Different Types of Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks

Hanging style hitch-mounted bike rack in use with bicycle Platform style hitch-mounted bike rack in use with bicycle

Hitch-mounted bike racks fall into one of two major groups - hanging and platform (or wheel-mount) style racks. A few racks are designed to carry non-traditional bikes, such as recumbents, tandems, trikes, or other specialty bikes. To read more about specialty bike racks, see the section Specialty Bike Racks.

Hanging Style Platform Style
  • Hold up to a maximum of 2 - 5 bikes
  • Weigh less than platform sytle racks
  • Require sway control devices to prevent bikes from swaying
  • Cost less than platform racks
  • May require adapter bar for alternative-framed bikes
  • Contact frame (except for a few wheel-only-mount racks)
  • Fit 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" and 2" x 2" hitches
  • Hold up to a maximum of 2 - 4 bikes
  • Provide a stable platform - eliminate sway problems
  • Hold a large variety of bikes level
  • Make minimal contact with frames
  • Load and unload easier
  • Fit 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" and 2" x 2" hitches

Hanging Style Bike Racks

Hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier installed on vehicle

Most hanging bike racks support bikes by their frames, so that the bike hangs from its top tube. These hanging racks work best on standard-frame bikes. A few hanging bike racks hold bikes by their wheels, eliminating contact with bike frames. These wheel-only mount racks can easily accommodate bikes with alternative frames.

Hitch-mounted bike rack adapter bar in use Hitch-mounted bike rack adapter bar

Bikes with alternative frames may not hang level on a hanging rack. If you have a bike with an alternative frame, and it doesn't hang level, an adapter bar can help. An adapter bar clamps onto the seatpost and head tube of your bike and provides a support that rests on the bike rack's arms.

Bike Rack with Anti-Sway Cradles

Bikes can sway on hanging racks, making contact with other bikes or with your vehicle. To help stop sway, many racks come with anti-sway cradles that grasp bikes by their frames and prevent them from swinging.

Dual-Arm Bike Rack

Dual arm bike rack installed with bike mounted

These racks have 2 arms to provide a stable platform to support bikes.

Widely-Spaced Arms vs. Narrowly Spaced Arms

Arm spacing varies among dual-arm racks. Widely spaced arms provide the best stability for holding larger bikes, but smaller bikes may not fit on racks with wide arms.

Single-Arm Bike Racks

Single arm bike rack installed with bike mounted Single, Rotatable Cradles

Single-arm racks support each bike on a single cradle. They secure bikes with clamps (top plates) or Velcro-like straps.

Hitch-mounted bike rack Shop for a hanging bike rack

Wheel-Only-Mount Hanging Bike Racks

V-shaped bike rack installed with bike mounted Hitch-mounted wheel only mount jackknife bicycle rack in use mounted on vehicle

Wheel-only-mount bike racks hold your bikes by their wheels, thereby avoiding contact with your bikes' frames.

Platform or Wheel-Mount Bike Racks

Platform style hitch-mounted bicycle carrier mounted on vehicle

These racks support bikes by their wheels. The bikes sit on top of the rack, the tires resting in cradles. Adjustable wheel holders allow platform bike racks to fit a wide range of bikes regardless of size, frame, suspension, or wheel size. You can easily load bikes on this style of rack.

Frame Clamp Style

Platform style bicycle carrier installed and in use Platform style hitch-mounted bike rack with frame clamps

Frame-style clamps hook over your bike's crossbar, holding the bike in place by the frame. This type of rack provides a very stable way to carry your bikes - because they eliminate bike sway, you won't need to use anti-sway devices. And you won't have to worry about bikes making contact with each other or your vehicle.

Wheel Clamp Style

Platform style bike rack installed on vehicle and in use Platform style hitch-mounted bike rack with wheel clamps

The clamps on this style of rack hold bikes in place by their wheels, eliminating any contact with frames. This is a great option if you want to protect your bike's finish and maintain its warranty, which can be invalidated by using any rack that grasps the bike's frame. This type of rack is also a good choice for bikes with suspension because it doesn't push down on the frame.

Blue ribbon award symbol's Recommended Bike Racks

# 1 # 2 # 3
Easy symbol
Ease of Use
Kuat Sherpa 2-bike hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier Yakima LiteRider 3-bike hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier Thule Roadway 2-bike hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier
Kuat Sherpa 2 Yakima LiteRider Thule Roadway
  • Lightweight (32 lbs) platform rack
  • High capacity - (2) 40 lb bikes
  • No tools needed
  • Ultra-lightweight (21 lbs) hanging rack
  • Capacity - (3) 35 lb bikes
  • ZipStrip straps, locking SpeedKnob, and pull pin add to ease of use
  • No tools needed
  • Hanging platform rack
  • Capacity - 2 bikes (70 lbs total)
  • Quick-release levers
  • Built-in anti-rattle pin
Star symbol

Kuat NV 4 4-bike hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier Thule T2 Pro XT 2-bike hitch-mounted platform style bicycle carrier Yakima Holdup 2-bike platform style hitch-mounted bicycle carrier
Kuat NV 2.0 4 Bike Thule T2 Pro XTB Yakima HoldUp
  • Aluminum - corrosion resistant
  • High capacity - 60 lbs per bike
  • No frame contact
  • Built-in bike repair stand
  • Locks included
  • No tools needed
  • Steel
  • High capacity - 60 lbs per bike
  • No frame contact
  • HitchSwitch tilt lever
  • Fatbike compatible
  • 2-Bike add-on is available
  • Built-in locks
  • No tools needed
  • Steel
  • High capacity - 60 lbs per bike
  • No frame contact
  • 2-Bike add-on is available
  • Locks included
  • Built-in bottle opener
Dollar symbol

Best Value
Thule 4-bike hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier Swagman XTC-2 2-bike hitch-mounted platform bicycle carrier Hollywood Racks 2-bike hitch-mounted platform style bicycle carrier
Thule Hitching Post Pro Swagman XTC-2 Hollywood Racks Trail Rider
  • Best value
  • Capacity - (4) 35 lb bikes
  • Tilting mast
  • Anti-sway cradles
  • Anti-rattle bolt
  • Inexpensive
  • Capacity - 35 lbs per bike
  • Lightweight - 30 lbs
  • Adjustable wheel hoops
  • Folding mast
  • Inexpensive
  • High capacity - 50 lbs per bike
  • Adjustable wheel hoops
  • Folding arms and mast
Family symbol

Swagman 4-bike hitch-mounted platform style bicycle carrier Hollywood Racks 4-bike hitch-mounted platform sytle bicycle carrier Curt 4-bike hitch-mounted hanging style bicycle carrier
Swagman XTC-4 Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE Curt Premium 4
  • Inexpensive
  • Capacity - (4) 35 lb bikes
  • Weight - 59 lbs
  • Angled platform improves ground clearance
  • Folding mast and platform
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin
  • High capacity - (4) 45 lb bikes
  • Weight - 74 lbs
  • Shank rises 7" to increase ground clearance
  • Folding mast and platform
  • Built-in locks
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin
  • Inexpensive
  • High capacity - 4 bikes (180 lbs total)
  • Weight - 41 lbs
  • Tapered arms
  • Tilting mast
  • Folding arms
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin

Specialty Bike Racks

Specialty hitch-mounted bike racks are available to carry many different kinds of specialty bikes. See the many kinds that offers, below.

Racks for Tandem Bikes

Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for tandem bikes in use Hanging style hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for tandem bicycles

The arms on these racks are spaced wide to hold the long frame of a tandem bike. These racks may also have built-in anti-sway cradles to help keep a tandem bike steady while it's being transported.

Note: You may have to remove 1 or both wheels from your bike if it extends out past your vehicle's mirrors.

Racks for Recumbent Bikes

Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for tandems in use Hitch-mounted bike rack for recumbent bikes

Smaller wheel hoops can be spaced far enough apart on these racks to fit the smaller wheels and longer wheelbases of recumbents.

Racks for Trikes

Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for trikes in use Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for tricycle

The 3 wheel cradles are sized and spaced to fit the wheels on trikes. Some of these racks can carry standard bikes and recumbents as well as trikes.

Racks for Fatbikes

Hitch-mounted cicycle carrier for fatbikes in use Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for fatbikes

The cradles on these specialty platform style bike racks are wide to support the extra large tires found on fatbikes.

Racks for Electric Bikes

Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for electric bikes in use Hitch-mounted bicycle carrier for electric bicycles

These racks are designed to handle the extra weight of electric bikes. To provide the needed extra strength, critical joints are welded and heavy duty materials are used in their construction.

Hitch Sizes

Before you buy a hitch-mounted bike rack, you'll need to know if it will fit the hitch on your vehicle.

Hitch and label showing maximum tow weight and maximum tongue weight

Most hitches have a 2" x 2" or 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver opening. If the opening of your vehicle's hitch is 2" x 2", any bike rack made for this opening size will fit. If your hitch is 1-1/4" x 1-1/4", you'll need to know its class to ensure that you find a bike rack that will fit. Hitches that are 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" are Class I or Class II. Class II hitches can carry more weight than Class I. To help prevent overloading of a Class I hitch, some manufacturers design their Class I hitches so that Class II accessories won't fit into them. If you have a Class I hitch, you'll have to make sure that any bike rack you consider fits Class I hitches. If you have a Class II hitch, you can use a bike rack that fits Class I and Class II.

If you don't know the class of your hitch, you should be able to determine it based on the hitch's maximum capacity. The capacity can be found on a sticker on the hitch, or it will be stamped into the hitch. The pictured hitch shows a typical location of a sticker. The maximum tongue weight of this hitch is 450 lbs. Most Class I hitches have a tongue weight capacity of 200 lbs, and most Class II hitches have a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Don't have a hitch? No problem!

Class III hitch

If your vehicle doesn't have a hitch, you can install one. To install most hitches, you don't need a lot of mechanical skill - you just need to have a few basic hand tools. Our fitguide can help you find the perfect custom-fit hitch for your vehicle.

Class III hitch Shop for a custom-fit hitch for your vehicle

Bike Rack and Vehicle Compatibility

Illustration of where to measure to check for spare tire clearance side view of hitch-mounted bike rack Diagram showing where to measure a platform rack for spare tire clearance

If your vehicle has a rear-mounted spare, you should make sure that the bike rack will clear it when the bike rack is installed. See how to measure, below, to check for clearance.

Trailer hitch extension in use Trailer hitch extension

You can add an extension to your hitch to give you more clearance, but remember that an extension will reduce the weight capacity of your hitch by half.

Read more about measuring for spare tire clearance

Do you drive a vehicle with low ground clearance?

Mini-Cooper Hitch-mounted bike rack showing a built-in rise

When mounted on a vehicle that has low ground clearance, a hitch-mounted bike rack can drag when you drive over dips in the road or in driveways. If your vehicle has low ground clearance, consider a bike rack that has a built-in rise in the shank, as shown in the rack pictured above. This rise can help to prevent the bike rack from dragging on the ground.

Bike Rack Capacities

Typical hitch-mounted bike racks are available to carry from 2 to 5 bikes. Racks for specialty bikes, like trikes and recumbents, may only be able to carry 1 bike. When you're considering a rack, make sure that it fits your vehicle's hitch. See the table, below, to see the opening sizes and typical maximum capacities of trailer hitches.

Hitch Class Facts

1-1/4" x 1-1/4" Class I Hitch 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" Class II Hitch 2" x 2" Class III, IV, and V Hitches
Opening Size labelled 1-1/4 labelled hitch opening labelled 1-1/4 labelled hitch opening Labelled 2inch hitch opening
Maximum Tongue Weight Weight illustration
200 lbs
Weight illustration Weight illustration
350 lbs
Weight illustration Weight illustration Weight illustration
Over 350 lbs
Bike Capacity Two bikes to illustrate capacity of Class I hitch bike rack Four bikes to illustrate capacity of Class II hitch bike rack Five bikes to illustrate capacity of Class III hitch bike rack

Special Features

Many bike racks have features that make it more convenient, easier to use, and more secure. They may tilt or swing out of the way to allow you to gain access to the rear of your vehicle. They may have built-in locks to keep your rack and bikes secure. Many have anti-rattle devices that prevent the rack from rattling inside the hitch.

Swing-Away Bike Rack Swing away bike rack with bike loaded and vehicle hatch open

Swing-Away Hanging-Style Bike Racks

Tilting Bike Rack Tilt away bike rack on vehicle, no bike, tilted down, hatch open

Tilting Hanging-Style Bike Racks

Parallelogram Bike Rack Parallelogram tilting bike rack, installed, in lowered position, with bikes

Parallelogram Hanging-Style Bike Racks

Platform bike rack with arms folded down for access to rear of vehicle Platform bike rack installed, mast folded down, vehicle hatch open

Folding Arms on Platform-Style Racks

Platform hitch-mounted bicycle rack folded up Platform hitch-mounted bicycle rack installed on vehicle, folded up

Fold-Up Platform-Style Racks

Tilt-away hitch-mounted bicycle rack in tilted-down position Platform hitch-mounted bicycle rack tilted with bikes for access to rear of vehicle

Tilting Platform-Style Racks

Levers, Pins, and Clips

Pin and Clip Used to Operate Folding Arms Switch Used to Operate Tilting Feature

Bike rack parts that fold are usually held in place by a pin and clip or an internal mechanism that is released by a lever. The lever style is easier to use than a pin and clip, but is usually found on more expensive racks.

Anti-Rattle Devices

Knob Used to Tighten Anti-Rattle Device

Anti-rattle devices eliminate rattling and jostling of the rack in the hitch during transport.

Anti-Rattle Hitch Bolt and Pin

Does the bike rack offer an integrated locking system?

Intergrated Cable Lock

Lockable Cradle

Bike Rack Hitch Lock

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 6/27/18

Questions and Comments about this Article

Kia E.

I drive a 2012 Kia Optima and would like a recommendation for a hitch and bike rack suitable for a small ebike and 1 regular road bike and still be able to access the trunk with bikes attached or not. And a secure rack that locks to car and bikes locked to rack. Locking function is more important than opening trunk if that's hard to match. 105979

Reply from Jon G.

For a trailer hitch I recommend going with the Curt part # C11025 . It does require the use of the stabilizer strap # 18050 for a bike rack but I feel that is kind of warranted for your application. Do you know how heavy your E-Bike is? With the info I currently have the only bike rack that I know will work is the Thule EasyFold XT # TH903202 but it is definitely on the high-end of the price spectrum. If you're E-Bike isn't super heavy then we might be able to find one that is more cost-effective. 76532

Reply from Kia E.

@JonG thanks for your quick reply. My ebike is only 35lbs. I'd like a bike rack that locks to the car and ability to lock bike to rack. And a rack that doesn't damage or rub on my car like the temporary strap on bike racks do and that stabilizing strap looks like it could do. I want the rack to be easy to put in place and secure and still be able to use the trunk, that's why I'm considering the hitch. Hope that give more info for your best advice! 76542

Reply from Jon G.

@KiaE Yes, it does! Thank you. In that case I recommend the Draw-Tite # 24965 and the Thule Doubletrack # TH990XT . The Doubletrack comes with bike and rack locks, plus the ability to tilt away with the bikes still loaded. 76561

Reply from Kia E.

Thanks so much @JonG ! That's a solid recommendation for me and my current bike. Could it carry 1 single bike up to 70lbs? Or each bike limit would be 35lbs? Also, feedback for the website, it would be really handy if we could move from pic to pick using the forward and back arrows on keyboard. That rack for example has tons of pics which are hard on the wrist and slower to click on each one. 76566

Reply from Jon G.

@KiaE Glad you like it! The max weight for each bike position is 35 lbs. While the whole bike rack can support 70 lbs total, that 35 lb limit has to do with that individual bar and cradles. Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure how possible that is (I don't know the development side of things) but I can pass it along! 76577


Recommendation for a swinging arm 2 bike rack. Hitch is a 2” opening. 103441

Reply from Jon G.

I really like the Yakima FullSwing 4 Bike Rack # Y02465 because you have integrated bike and rack locks but also because you can easily adjust where the cradles sit on the arms to accommodate varying bike frame designs. Even though other bike racks have the ability to do this by basically forcing the cradles to move, the FullSwing actually has a track under the arms so the cradles will lock in place wherever you need them. 75861


Can you recommend a swing type hanging bike rack for a 2020 CX9 with the OEM hitch please 102517

Reply from Jon G.

I really like the Thule Apex Swing XT # TH9027XT . I'm not sure where the hitch pin hole lies on your OEM hitch in regards to your bumper but this bike rack will fit as long as you have no more than 7.3" from the center of your hitch pin hole to the rearmost part of your rear bumper. 75466

Reply from Pchie

Thank you for the recommendation, @JonG . Is the Apex Swing XT compatible with a 11/4 hitch? 75489

Reply from Jon G.

@Pchie None of the swinging arms we carry will fit a 1-1/4" hitch receiver. They require the stronger 2" receiver because of the extra weight of the swinging arm section. I apologize for not pointing that out - typically vehicles around the size of your CX-9 have options for a 1-1/4" or 2" receiver. We do have aftermarket 2" receivers but they don't fit in quite the same exact spot as your OEM receiver if you're interested. 75506


Any recommendations for 2007 Infiniti G35 towhitch+bike rack setup? Thank you. 102432

Reply from Jon G.

For your application I recommend the Curt Trailer Hitch # C11499 with either the Hollywood Racks Destination # HLY94FR as a middle-ground rack or the Kuat NV 2.0 # NV12G as a high-end rack. 75397


I have a 2009 Acura MDX and would like to carry three or four bikes on a 2” hitch. Which bike rack would you suggest? 102243

Reply from Jon G.

I recommend going with the Thule Apex Swing XT # TH9027XT because there is more spacing between the cradles (to make it easier to fit all 4 bikes) and the rack is connected to a swinging arm so that you can gain rear hatch access without removing any of your bikes. 75323

Helen L.

We just bought a tandem Pedigo ebike.We will be transporting in the back of a 2017 Silverado.Do you recommend a speci type of rack or will we need to" rig " something to make it work. The rear wheel extends beyond the tailgate 102200

Reply from Jon G.

That is a bit unique! In your case you could try using something like the RockyMounts # RKY10995 with a T-Slot fork mount like part # RKY1097 , or something like the Yakima GateKeeper # Y07411 which drapes over your tailgate. 75293


We have 2 himiway electric bikes (70lbs each). We need a rack for a 2009 Jeep Wrangler with a spare tire on the back. Can you tell me what we need? Thank you 102141

Reply from Jon G.

I'm guessing the 70 lbs is with the battery installed? If so then I recommend using the Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Platform Rack with Ramp # Y36FR and the Kuat Pivot 2 Swing Away Hitch Extender # PVP20B so that you have enough clearance with your spare. 75275

John G.

We have a 31' travel trailer and need to haul 2 electric fat tire bikes. What would work? 101379

Reply from Jon G.

The first step is to install a trailer hitch on your travel trailer. You can find all of the available options on the linked page. Then you'll need to use the Swagman E-Spec # S94FR and then upgrade the cradles with the Fat Bike Adapter Kit # S64694 (1 for each bike). 74876

Richard M.

Looking for a class 2 hitch rack to carry 2 e-bikes - step thru 50-60#, and 40-50# with sloping top bar, but also can be used with the step-thru ebike and a graphite road bike with 28c tires. Suggestions? 99127

Reply from Jon G.

Sounds like you're looking for the Yakima OnRamp # Y36FR . This can hold up to 66 lb bikes, comes with a camp for easy loading of heavier bikes, and secures the bike frames using the cradles on the center mast. 73707

Reply from Richard M.

@JonG thank you, Jon. I’ve read that carbon frame bikes are supposed to use carriers that do not touch the frame, so I’d have to see how it would work on my carbon road bike. 73729

Reply from Jon G.

@RichardM It is true that you want to avoid carriers touching the frame unless they have a special pad designed for the sensitive bike frame. For your application I'd use the OnRamp but then also get 2 (or more if you want spares) of the Thule Carbon Bike Frame Protector # TH984101 . These will provide any additional protection that you'll need for your carbon road bike. 73732

Reply from Richard M.

@JonG Great! Thank you! 73733

Reply from Jon G.

@RichardM Happy to help! 73736

Clare D.

I have a Roadtrek Zion with a hitch mounted Stowaway. Is there an ebike carrier that could work for me? 98993

Reply from Jon G.

Usually with a swing-away adapter, like the Stowaway, the manufacturer requires that the bike rack has a solid 2" shank. If your E-Bike has a front fender then I recommend the E-Spec # S94FR for 70 lb bikes or the Escapee # S64693 for 60 lb bikes if you don't have front fenders. 73638

James P.

I have 2019 Lexus. I also a handicap cart which I must lift in and out of Lexis each time I want to use the handicap cart. Do you have thing that that I can use to assist me to load and unload the cart? 98097

Reply from Jon G.

We have some cargo carriers with a ramp like the Curt # C18112 that can be used if your 2019 Lexus has a hitch receiver (2" for this carrier) which can help make loading up your handicap cart easier but we don't have any kind of lift system aside from this type. 73077

Narendra P.

I have 2016 Toyota Corolla. I want to get bike rack that attaches to the hitch and not the trunk lid. I thought normally the device where bike rack end goes into the hitch has holes in horizontal direction but in 2016 corolla I looked at and there are no horizontal holes but only one hole at the bottom. I wanted to know how can I connect the bike rack before I buy. Thanks. 98030

Reply from Jon G.

You should definitely have hitch pin holes the are horizontal on your hitch receiver like what you see with the Curt # C11265 or Draw-Tite # 24913 (both of which fit your '16 Corolla). If you don't have that then you might have some kind of specialty hitch that needs an adapter. If that's not the case then I'd swap out your current trailer hitch for one of the ones mentioned above as they will work with a bike rack. 73074

June P.

Trying to find a tilt-style bike rack (2 bike is fine) for my 2008 Forester. I was hoping to get the Thule T2 Pro (1.25 hitch) but that model doesn't seem to come up as available for my car - I don't understand why not. I've tried contacting Thule but no response x 2 weeks. Do you know if that would work with my car and, if not, what the problem is and then of course what rack would you recommend? Thanks so much for any help 97746

Reply from Jon G.

From what I was finding it looks like from the center of your hitch pin hole to the rearmost part of the bumper is 5". This means that the Thule T2 Pro # TH9035XT will fit for normal use, but it will likely make contact with your 2008 Forester when folded up. For an alternative that sits far enough out that you can fold it up I recommend the Kuat NV 2.0 Base # BA12B . 72821

Sylvia. I.

I have a 2015 Chevy Impala. What would you recommend for me to be able to take 2 adult bikes to a nearby park? 97453

Reply from Jon G.

If you're just needing a rack to drive across town and you have some standard bikes then I recommend the Hollywood Racks Commuter # HR2500 . For something that is a little nicer I recommend the Yakima BackRoad # YA64FR . 72820

Edward K.

What rack will carry a trike and a men's road bike on the back of a 2021 Grand Design 310GK 5ht wheel trailer? 97425

Reply from Jon G.

The only bike rack we have that will carry those bikes is the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 # HR1450Z-R-TRKADP2 but Hollywood Racks hasn't approved it for use on a 5th wheel trailer. Basically if you were to use this for your application and anything happened to the bike rack the warranty would be voided. 72818

Michael P.

Please recommend bike hitch for 2010 Lexus RX350, to be installed on the vehicle first that need a bike rack recommendation for (2) Adult E-Bikes of total weight of 140lbs. Thank you, 97296

Reply from Chris R.

For the hitch itself on your Lexus RX 350 the Draw-Tite Class III # 75676 will work perfectly. Then for the rack I really like the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider # HR1460Z-E , which can handle two bikes of up to 80 pounds each. 71221

Joel G.

i have a 2014 honda CRV with a 2" hitch. what hanging buke rack would you suggest also is it necessary to get the adaptor for girls bikes 97210

Reply from Chris R.

I really like the Thule Camber # TH9056 because of its uniquely large cradle spacing and tilting ability for rear cargo access on your CR-V. If your girls bikes feature a step-thru frame then an adapter bar will likely be needed to maintain level transport and ground clearance. The Thule # TH982XT will work well. 71219


Hi, I have a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq and I plan on getting the Curt Class 1 Hitch (#11486). However because of the way it tucks underneath the car, there needs to be a 5" clearance between the pin insertion to the hitch, and the end of the trunk/car. I was wondering the Thule Roadway 2 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting (Item # TH912XTR) would be compatible or not. Or if there are any recommendations. Thanks in advance 96842

Reply from Chris R.

On the Thule Roadway # TH912XTR there's a distance of 7-1/2" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the foot of the rack - which is its closest potential obstruction. This means it'll work great on your Ioniq and you'll still have about 2-1/2" of clearance between the rack and rear bumper. 71217

Kurt D.

Is it better to buy a 3 bike rack to haul just 2 bikes and space them out so they don’t rub against either other? Or is that just unnecessary overkill! 96814

Reply from Chris R.

That's not overkill at all, in fact it's a great idea and something a lot of customers will do. Depending on the style of your bikes, things can get pretty tight when securing them right next to each other (which can really make loading.......not fun) so allowing for space is an excellent solution. With a 3-bike rack you'll of course give yourself some versatility as well should a friend ever want to tag along. I particular like the Thule 3-Bike Helium Pro # TH9043PRO . 71216

Johnny F.

Hello, for a 09 Hyundai Accent hatchback with one 20" fat tire ebike & one 26" step through ebike with easy loading what hitch & rack would you recommend? Thank you. 96622

Reply from Chris R.

Since your Accent is likely equipped with a Class I hitch (if you don't already have a hitch at all I recommend the Draw-Tite # 24795 ) you'll need to make sure the rack is Class I-rated. For a couple of e-bikes, I highly recommend the Thule EasyFold # TH903202 , which can handle two bikes that weigh up to 65 pounds each and features an integrated ramp to help with loading. You'll just need to add the Fat Bike Straps # TH985101 for your one fat tire unit. 71215

Suzanne C.

2010, VW bug convertible, what kind of hitch to pull small trailer with an e tricycle, thanks 96464

Reply from Chris R.

The Curt Class I Trailer Hitch # C11066 is designed specifically for your 2010 Beetle and its 2,000 pound towing capacity is more than enough for a small e-bike trailer. You'll also need to add a wiring harness to illuminate the trailer's signal lights, for which I recommend the Tekonsha # 119178KIT . 71214

J D.

What will be the best bike racks to be installed behind a 34' 5th wheel and that can carry at least 4 bikes and preferably 6 (2 adult bikes and 4 kids bikes)? 95565

Reply from Chris R.

I've linked our full selection of bike racks we have available that are rated for use behind a 5th wheel below. We don't have any 6-bike options that will work, however the Thule Range 4-Bike # TH9057 is a really nice option. If you have room in the trailer itself for the other 2 bikes (maybe the smaller kids models) that will probably be your best solution. 70522

Stefan S.

We have a 2012 Nissan Pathfinder with a Nissan hitch class III installed. I bought a Thule APEX XT 5 hitch bike rack only to find out that the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the face of the hitch was less than 1-1/2" and, as pointed out on YOUR web page (but not others), this cannot be used with this hitch type. Is there another rack that fits this type of hitch? Yakima? Or is there a hitch extender, which could be installed to use the Thule? The rack is heavy and for 5 bikes. Thank you! 95312

Reply from Chris R.

The problem here is that there just aren't too many 5-bike racks to choose from, so I think your best option is actually going to be to stick with the Thule Apex XT (which is otherwise a GREAT rack) and use an extender adapter to work around the shallow hitch pin hole issue. The Curt # C45791 will work well, although you need to keep in mind that any adapter like this does reduce the hitch capacity by 50 percent - so just make sure the loaded rack doesn't exceed this number. 70158


I have a 2009 Honda Accord. It is low to the ground. I need to install a hitch to accommodate two EBikes. What do you recommend for a hitch? Secondly what do you recommend for a bike rack. My preference would be a rack that would be easy for my wife to use as she would go out to meet friends and would need to load and unload by herself 95262

Reply from Chris R.

For your 2009 Honda Accord the Curt Class I Trailer Hitch # C11496 will work perfectly. Then for the bikes I highly recommend the Thule EasyFold # TH903202 , which can safely support two bikes that weigh up to 65 pounds each and features an integrated ramp to help with loading so your wife can meet her friends without breaking a sweat. 70157

Reply from Rick

@ChrisR thanks so much I definitely check those items 70181

Reply from Chris R.

@Rick No problem at all! 70521

Karen P.

Help!! I have a Fiat 500c and have just ordered a Cityrad electric bike. Could you please advise me as to what bike rack could work for me! The bike will weigh 65 lbs. Thank you! 94869

Reply from Chris R.

The Thule EasyFold # TH903202 is a great option here. It's really one of the only e-bike racks available that is compatible with Class I hitches (which is what I assume your Fiat 500c is equipped with), can handle bikes that are up to 65 pounds, and includes an integrated ramp to help with loading. 70155

Nicole R.

Hello. I have a 2016 Mazda 3 Hatchback i-touring. I need a recommendation for a hitch and bike rack. -The rack will transport 2 bikes. -I would like access to enter the trunk when bikes are on the rack. -In addition, what accessories are necessary to the keep rack/hitch from touching the ground since the car sits low. Thank you! Thank you! 94824

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the hitch, I recommend the Draw-Tite Class I # 24914 . The 1-1/4" receiver will sit right under the bumper so it won't cut into your ground clearance too much. For a carrier that can be tilted back with the bikes still loaded (for rear cargo access) you'll need to go with a platform rack. the Inno Aero Light # INH330 is a really good option that's compatible with Class I receivers. 70154

Allison S.

I have two bike racks to choose from (both given to me by neighbors) - a Kuat and a prorack. I have a2015 Rav4 and want to know which I should choose, and what hitch I should choose as well. Thanks. 94778

Reply from Chris R.

Just going by brand alone I would choose the Kuat, but it's hard to give a confident answer without knowing what particular model of each you're looking at (along with the type and weight of your bikes). For a trailer hitch on your RAV4 I highly recommend the Curt # C13406 . 70153


I need a hanging bike rack for 4 bikes. 2019 G wagon w/ spare tire on the back. Hitch Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated 94151

Reply from Chris R.

As long as your G Wagon is equipped with a 2" hitch receiver The Yakima FullSwing 4 Bike Rack # Y02465 is a great option. It can actually swing out of the way to allow for rear cargo access and it offers 15" of clearance between the hitch pin hole and upright mast. Take a quick measurement from the hitch pin hole on your Mercedes to the outermost edge of the spare tire just to make sure it's less than 15". 69798

Ted S.

I have a 2018 Jayco Redhawk motor home. 22 J . It has a 2"by2" Reese hitch. I want to use my Thule Pro Bike Rack- Made to carry two 60 lb or less ebikes as well as tow a lightweight aluminium kayak trailer. I have looked at your RM 077-8 Dual Hitch Adapter as well as the video. How do I determine the Rise ? The picture shows an 8 " rise. I would prefer a lower rise for the bike rack as I have to lift the ebike on to this rack. When I viewed the video it showed lower rise available. Any suggestions appreciated. I have the correct hitch to tow the trailer with a 2 " drop. 81957

Reply from Chris R.

We do have a selection of multi-purpose adapters that will work for this application, however those Roadmaster units actually aren't rated for towing a trailer (only for flat towing a vehicle). The MaxxTow # MT70070 is a good option. It features a 6-1/4" rise on the top receive. If that's still too much I recommend the Curt # D210 , which actually features a ball mount platform built in. 67337

Ken Z.

I have a Hollywood Sports Rider SE2 (HR 1450Z-E) bike rack. Will it work with / fit in a Draw-Tite 76184 Trailer Hitch on a 2020 Buick Enclave? My concern is the distance that the rack has to slide into the receiver. My measurement is 4 3/4 inches that would need to slide into the hitch receiver. Can you tell me if the receiver can accommodate that? Thanks in advance for your help. 81808

Reply from Chris R.

The receiver on the Draw-Tite # 76184 does provide enough depth for the shank of the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider # HR1450Z-E . 66997

Dd. S.

I own a 2010 Madza 6. Which type bike rack and hitch should I purchase for this car? The bike is a 26" Cranbrook Cruise. A response to this e-mail is appreciated. 81441

Reply from Chris R.

For the hitch I recommend the Curt # C11359 , which will fit your Mazda 6 perfectly. Then for the bike rack itself I really like the Rhino-Rack # HR34FR , which features adjustable clamps that you'll be able to attach to the frame of your Cranbrook Cruise without issue. 66996

Lee S.

Hi! I own a 2016 Subaru crosstrek and I am looking for the correct hitch and bike frame to carry 2-4 bikes. Can someone please help that has a crosstrek? 81046

Reply from Chris R.

I don't have a Crosstrek but I can certainly help. For just the hitch the etrailer # e98838 will work perfectly - it allows for a simple bolt-on install and features more than enough capacity for a loaded 4-bike rack. We have quite a few 4-bike racks that will work really well on your Crosstrek and I've linked them all below. I particularly like the Thule Apex XT # TH9025XT because of its uniquely large cradles spacing that helps a lot with loading. 66706


looking for answers. i own a 2018 Forester. Looking for expertise on what hitch and bike rack i should be getting. i'm very new to this. I'll only need to hold 3 bikes at most. 78612

Reply from Chris R.

I can definitely help! Starting with the hitch I recommend the etrailer # e98839 , which features a nice matte black finish and more than enough capacity. I linked an install video below. For a bike rack to use with it on your Forester I really like the Thule Helium Pro # TH9043PRO . It features excellent cradle spacing for easy loading and locks are included to secure everything into place. 63800


I have a 2002 Jeep Renegade with spare tire on back (approx. 13" from pin hole to extend past spare), 2" hitch, and am looking for a cost effective way to carry 2-3 adult bikes. Not sure what style works best, or would accommodate the spare tire. 77963

Reply from Chris R.

A hanging style rack is your best bet to get this type of clearance. The Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR is a great option that can handle up to 4 bikes at 35 pounds each and features a generous distance of 13-1/2" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the vertical upright. 63416


I own a 2019 Alfa Romeo stelvio. I want to install a bumper hitch for a bike rack. Are you able to recommend a hutch. I do not want to install under the carriage of the venicle 77894

Reply from Chris R.

The Draw-Tite # 76199 will work perfectly on your Alfa Romeo Stelvio, as long as it's not the Quadrifoglio model. This will bolt onto the frame rails beneath the vehicle - I'm not quite sure what you mean but not wanting to install the hitch under the carriage. There isn't anything available that's confirmed to mount to just the bumper itself on your vehicle. 63415

Nina J.

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade with spare tire on the back. I measured from center pin to the edge of the spare tire and it was 13". I am wondering which platform hitch bike racks would work? Thank you. 77465

Reply from Chris R.

I recommend taking a look at the Yakima TwoTimer Rack # Y02468 , which features a generous distance of 17" from the hitch pin hole to the nearest wheel cradle - allowing enough space for your rear tire when mounted. You likely won't be able to fold it up for storage, but it's one of the very few platform racks that will work for your application. 62891

Kim G.

I have a 2014 VW Jetta hatchback and I am looking for a bike rack and hitch that would support a 65 lb fat tire electric bike What would you recommend? Thanks 76931

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the hitch, the Draw-Tite Class I # 24866 will work perfectly on your VW Jetta SportWagen. If you have just the one bike, I really like the Thule T1 # TH9041 , which has a 65 pound weight capacity and can secure up to 5" wide tires. 62694

Reply from Kim G.

@ChrisR ok great thanks The tires are 4” wide so it’s been a problem to find a rack Thank you I will look at them now!!! 62742

Leah G.

I have a 2008 Equinox and 4 bikes I want to transport. I'm planning to install a class III hitch mount. Our bikes are Electra Townies- step-thru type with 2'' balloon tires and fenders. How wonky would it be to get top tube adapters and use a hanging style rack? It seems like the bikes would be pretty far from level unless we pull the seats out pretty far, which seems....sketchy?? I'm looking for the most cost-effective solution. Is there an inexpensive-ish platform style frame-grabber rack that could utilize a top tube adapter? 76184

Reply from Chris R.

I think you're really smart to think this through with your bike styles in mind. I know exactly what you mean by using adapter bars with the Electra Townies with a hanging-style rack. Wonky is a pretty good description of how they would look, but it would be safe and stable - you would likely have to extend the seat posts like you mentioned. If you go this route, I think the Thule Camber # TH9056 is your best option because it offers uniquely roomy cradle/bike spacing. A platform rack would definitely cut down on the wonkiness factor but will be a bit higher priced. A really nice, wallet-friendly option though is the Hollywood Racks # HR4000 , which actually wouldn't need adapter bars because of the adjustability on the attachment clamps. I like this solution a lot for you. 62195

Jeffrey M.

Will an adjustable Swagman XC S64650 fit a 2007 Saturn Vue and a 2018 Volkswagon Golf TS1. We have a TREX Zektor3 bike and a Cypress GIANT bike 76142

Reply from Chris R.

Yes, the Swwagman XC 2-Bike Rack # S64650 will fit both your Saturn Vue and VW Golf, along with both your TREX and Cypress bikes. 62194

Ron R.

Question: We have a 2017 equinox that came with a 1 1/4 in trailer hitch. I’m not sure what the class is, but a sticker on it says max tongue weight 400# and max trailer weight 3,500 #. So looking at your chart it looks like it would be classified as Il?We’re thinking of purchasing a rack for two bikes and I want to make sure it fits ok.Also, the hole for the pin is about 2 inches from the end. Is that standard?Thanks for any info you can give me on this and if you have any recommendations for a rack for 2 bikes I’d appreciate it. 74301

Reply from Chris R.

Based on those capacities you definitely have a Class II hitch on the Equinox. The hitch pin hole location you mentioned is standard and won't cause any issues. I really like the Kuat Transfer # TS02G , which holds the bikes by their wheels without any frame contact, tilts away from the vehicle for rear cargo access, and just looks awfully nice. I linked a video below of it being used on the '18 Equinox that you can take a look at. 60445

Fred S.

I have a 2019 Honda CRV. What is a good bike rack for a trailer hitch- 2 bike ? 73382

Reply from Chris R.

The BEST rack for you could depend on your specific bike styles and weights, but I really like the Kuat Transfer 2 # TS02G (Silver) or # TS02B (Black). It works great on your CRV (see linked video below) and it features a nice wheel mounting design that allows for easy loading and zero contact on the actual bike frames. 59902

Steven T.

I have 2013 hyundai elantra 4 door gls and 2019 radrover stepthru ebike. radpower bikes recommends hollywood ebike rack with 2 hitch. what do you recommend for hitch AND rack 1 or 2 fat tire bikes. 72486

Reply from Chris R.

The Curt Class I Hitch # C11303 will work great on your Elantra sedan. There isn't a 2" hitch available for your vehicle so you'll need to use rack that's rated for smaller 1-1/4" Class I receivers. The best option we have available is the Thule EasyFold # TH903202 with the Fat Tire Straps # TH985101 . This can handle two bikes of up to 65 pounds each - it looks like your RadRover is pretty heavy so make sure it doesn't exceed this capacity. This is the highest rated carrier we have that will work with its step-thru frame. 59343

Douglas V.

I have a 2011 Honda accord and I need a hitch that will carry a 350# wheelchair.It would need to be installed by a professional installer as Im handicapped and unable to do it myself.The chair will ride on a carrier with a ramp and approximately 200#Any info you can give will be appreciated. 71950

Reply from Chris R.

I really wish there was a good solution for this, but unfortunately your Accord just isn't capable of supporting this kind of weight. I know it's probably not a feasible option, but the only way to do it with your current vehicle would be to pull the wheelchair on a small trailer. Otherwise, with a heavier wheelchair like this, a larger van - into which you could actually load the chair- would be the ideal setup. 58949

Angela S.

I have 2017 for explorer. I watched video of the Thule that the bikes hang from. However I have a step through frame and a girls frame and a guys frame. Do I use that rack or one the tires sit in. And which model is one that tired sit in for me. Thank you. Will be buying just need advice 71738

Reply from Chris R.

A hanging-style rack can be used with unique bike frames, but you'll need to add an an adapter bar like # UB01 for each bike that fits the bill. This will provide the needed horizontal attachment point for the rack. If you don't want to mess with those (they aren't the most fun thing to use) then a platform-style carrier, where the bikes are supported by the wheels, is definitely your best option. It will make for easier loading too. 58754

Daniel S.

Any recommendations for bicycle covers for platform rack with two fatbikes- what about rear car lights ,brake, turn signal and reverse 70884

Reply from Chris R.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any bike rack covers available that are suitable for passenger vehicles. If you wanted to add signal lights though you could potentially use something like the Light Kit # 98174LED with the Bracket # BK70BB . The light assemblies use a 4-Way connector that you could plug into the rear of your vehicle (if it's equipped with a 4-Way....if not just let me know). 57898



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