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Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems (SES) are easy-install kits created to provide additional support for your vehicle's suspension. These kits are designed to enhance the suspension, handling and safety of your vehicle, and also to reduce sag from heavy loads by becoming stronger and more resistant as the weight of the load increases.

Benefits of Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

  • Levels vehicle
  • Increases stability and handling, especially when you are hauling heavy loads
  • Decreases vehicle sag, thereby increasing wheel traction
  • Each spring works independently of other springs installed on the vehicle
  • Helps to handle off-center loads in vehicle
  • Reduces vehicle roll
  • Prevents bottoming out
  • Dramatically increases your vehicle suspension's lifetime
  • Rubber springs absorb substantial amount of shock from the road
  • Does not affect unloaded ride of vehicle
  • Allows vehicle to use its own suspension when unloaded
Vehicle Rolling to Side


Use Rear Application Kits for:
  • Towing. SES kits enhance vehicle ride by providing weight distribution and sway control. Recommended if you're towing a trailer similar to the weight of your vehicle.
  • Salting trucks
  • Vehicles with unusual loads. This includes aerial trucks, work vans with internal shelves, and pickup trucks hauling loads that shift.
Depiction of Trailer Sway
Use Front Application Kits for:
  • Snow removal vehicles
  • Vehicles with heavy front-mount accessories (ex: plows, grille/brush guards, winches)
Depiction of Trailer Sway
NOTE: SES kits assist and enhance suspension in good working condition. They are NOT designed to decrease sag on an already poor suspension or to increase the weight-carrying capacity of a vehicle.

How Do Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems Work?

The smoothness of the ride results from the rubber construction of the springs. When re-expanding, rubber absorbs the shock from the road, providing a cushioned ride for your vehicle. Rubber, unlike other materials, will always bounce back to full height, so your ride quality will not deteriorate over time. Progressive support comes from the convoluted springs. Kits come with single, double, or triple-convoluted springs. These springs quickly collapse along the fold, so the remaining "barrels" become increasingly difficult to compress. This adds strength to the vehicle's suspension. Springs effectively get stronger with added weight!
Diagram of a Loaded and Unloaded Convoluted Spring

Installing Timbren Suspension Enhancement

Timbren SES kits can be installed in only a few simple steps. For light-duty kits, installation is usually about 20-60 minutes per axle. For heavy-duty kits, install time is about 60-120 minutes per axle. Tools Required
  • Jack/jack stands
  • Basic tool kit (Some kits may require additional tools, which can be found at most hardware or auto supply stores)
Timbren SES Kit PartsKits come with the parts needed for installation on one axle.
  • 2 Aeon rubber springs (replace OEM bump stops)
  • Vehicle-specific brackets (upper and lower, if necessary)
  • All hardware
Installation StepsStep 1: Raise the vehicle and remove the tire and wheel (optional) so that the vehicle's suspension hangs freelyStep 2: Remove factory bump stopStep 3: Assemble Timbren spring and bracket as shown in instructionsStep 4: Mount spring and bracket into existing bump stop holes Step 5: Reinstall tire and wheel (if removed) Step 6: Lower vehicle and check clearance (Clearance is the distance between the rubber spring and axle)
Timbren SES Kit Components
Pictured: Timbren SES Kit Components
Recommended clearance for rear applications:
  • 1/2-Ton and 3/4-ton trucks: 1" clearance
  • 1-Ton trucks: 1/2" clearance
  • Heavy-duty applications: No clearance
Recommended clearance for front applications:
  • 0" - 1" Clearance
Drawing of Typical Clearance
Pictured: Example of typical clearance in standard applications
Typical Clearance in a Heavy-Duty Application
Pictured: Example of clearance in heavy-duty applications
Additional Notes on Clearance:If your spring does not have the recommended clearance, yet the ride of your vehicle is satisfactory, then ensuring the recommended clearance is not necessary. If the spring is touching at all times, it will not damage the vehicle. The rubber spring was designed for contact.If you do not have the recommended amount of clearance or your ride is not satisfactory, you can take a few steps to resolve the problem. First, install or remove any supplied spacers to increase or decrease space between the rubber spring and axle. If this doesn't resolve the problem, call's Customer Service department with the following information handy:
  • Your vehicle's year/make/model
  • Whether it is 2WD or 4WD
  • The measurement from the axle to vehicle frame (where bump stop is located)
Timbren has a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you will be provided with the correct parts for your vehicle.'s Customer Service department can help you get the replacement parts you need to get a satisfactory ride.

Timbren Warranty

Timbren SES kits have a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty is for the lifetime of the vehicle on which the kit was originally installed. The warranty is strictly related to parts (does not include shipping or labor). Severe-use vehicles (tow trucks, dump trucks, aerial lift vehicles, snowplow trucks, pickups with slide-in campers) have 5-year or 250,000-mile warranty.

    Thomas C.


    Is there any rear weight carrying enhancement for a 2016 Toyota Highlander all wheel drive vehicle? I tow a small enclosed trailer with a tongue weight about 350 lbs.

    David B.


    There may be an option for you. I need you to measure the gap between your coil springs(both sides) while the vehicle is sitting on a flat surface. No need to raise it or anything. Let me know the gap I can find out if there is anything made for your Highlander.

    Thomas C.


    Thanks for reply David. Not sure exactly what gap you are referring to. Would that be the distance vertically from top of coil to bottom?

    David B.


    Sorry about that, seems kinda vague now that I look at it lol. If you have a spring sitting up and down just pick the middle most part of the spring and measure the small gap between the coils. I'll use this # CSS-1145R as an example, see how it will fit between the coils in the product image with the yellow colored spring. That gap the black arrow is pointing to is the measurement I need.
    See All (5) Replies to Thomas C. ∨



    Nice item! But want to know is it safe in winter? Will it crack because of cold weather such as frozen ? Will warranty cover if damage due to cold weather that froze it and crack it? I’m interesting in it for my truck but want to know about winter and will this item crack if it’s froze?

    David B.


    The timbrens won't give you any problems in the severe cold. They do have a limited lifetime warranty.



    Please send me some information on the rectangle air bags . Dimensions/ collapsed height/extended height

    David B.


    Are you talking about the air helper springs that you can put in your vehicles springs? Or just the normal air bags for suspension enhancement? Either way I will need to know your vehicles year, make and model to get you the correct information. The article you are linked to is about timbrem suspension enhancement bumpers, they have no air bags and are more of a jounce style bumper, not an air bag.

    Mark M.


    Are these easy to put on? Also will this affect my overload shocks?

    Les D.


    You can install these as they are physically not touching, however it seems redundant as they both do the same thing. Is it possible that you want the Timbren springs because the overload springs are not installed correctly in order to share the rear axle load?

    David C.


    Do you have a set for a 2020 Ford F350 26' RV?

    Les D.


    @DavidC if you have an F-350 (not E-350) RV on a Ford Cab & Chassis, then you will want the SumoSprings, 4X2 Front: SSF-111-54 4X2 Rear: TFR350CC 4X4 Front: SSF-111-54 4X4 Rear: TFR350CC



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