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Large vehicles tend to be harder to handle for a variety of reasons. The center of gravity in trucks and RVs is often considerably higher, resulting in decreased stability. Distribution of weight may be unequal - think of a pickup loaded down with cargo in the rear, or a motor home with cabinets and appliances weighing down one side. This can create an unstable ride even during straight-line movement, let alone during cornering. Merely having greater size and mass makes a vehicle less aerodynamic and more susceptible to crosswinds as well. So what can be done to counter these issues?Roadmaster and Blue Ox both have developed lines of suspension enhancement products that are designed to combat these all-too-common problems. Each item is customized to fit your vehicle and work with its stock suspension. Not only do these products complement your current system, they are also guaranteed not to interfere with it or with most popular aftermarket add-ons. Therefore, these enhancement products will not affect your vehicle warranty.
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Do you need suspension enhancement?

Take a look at the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, then you should consider a suspension enhancement product.
  • Does your vehicle rock from side to side, especially when taking corners?
  • Is it difficult to keep your vehicle in the lane?
  • Do you experience loose steering or, in general, feel as though you are not in control of your vehicle?
  • Are you physically exhausted after driving for a prolonged period of time?
  • Do you find yourself oversteering and veering into other lanes when your wheels land in ruts or rough patches?
  • Does your vehicle rock back and forth due to crosswinds or passing trucks?

Benefits of Suspension Enhancement

All of these suspension enhancement products are engineered from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting, superior functioning components. But they also work to keep your vehicle operating at its best for the long haul. No matter which product you choose, you will notice:
  • Improved handling with more driver control
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Improved tire and tread life
  • Less wear and tear on the suspension
  • A safer, more comfortable driving experience

Which suspension product is right for me?

Now that you know that your vehicle would benefit from suspension enhancement, it's time to determine which product is best suited for your particular needs. Please note, these products can be used together for maximum benefit on many vehicles.

Anti-Sway Bar

If your primary concern is reducing the side-to-side movement of your vehicle to gain greater control over it, or if you experience excessive body roll when cornering, then Roadmaster's Anti-Sway Bar is your best bet. Benefits of this stabilizing product include:
  • Reducing sway and body roll, especially while cornering
  • Diminishing effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo
  • Improving handling to create a more steady, controlled ride
  • Compensating for a high center of gravity by balancing the weight of your vehicle across the length of its axles
  • Creating a more level ride, even on irregular surfaces
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Many large vehicles have anti-sway bars from the factory, but Roadmaster has created a more effective system. Each anti-sway bar is made of cadmium-plated 4140 chromoly steel that is stronger and thicker than the standard 1020 steel bars that tend to come from the factory. On average, these bars are approximately 30 percent better at reducing sway than the competition. Polyurethane bushings and grommets are used at the attachment points to create pivot points that are neither so rigid nor so malleable as to become ineffective. These durable bushings outlast traditional rubber ones and permit less flex between the anti-roll bar and the vehicle frame, creating a stronger, more reliable system.
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Axle Stabilizers

A track rod is your best choice for improving the basic handling characteristics of your vehicle. If you find that your steering often feels loose and uncontrolled, and your vehicle seems to wander into other lanes or veer when you hit potholes and ruts, then this product is for you. Track rods help correct excessive axle side play, which will reduce:
  • Loose, uncontrolled steering
  • Sway resulting from crosswinds and passing motorists
  • Excessive vibration
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The design of these stabilizers is quite simple. Attach the durable steel rod to your vehicle's axle at one end and then to its chassis at the other to create a sturdy link between the two vehicle components. This connection serves to essentially hold your vehicle's axle in place, steadying it in normal driving situations and, more importantly, on uneven terrain.There are 2 different types of track rods available:
  • Roadmaster's Davis TruTrac

    • Attaches to the front axle
    • Reduces rut tracking, keeping your vehicle from veering onto uneven patches of pavement
  • Blue Ox's TigerTrak

    • Attaches to the rear axle
    • Minimizes rear-end sway and "tail wag" to keep your vehicle in line and under your control

Steering Stabilizers

If you find yourself constantly oversteering and working to keep your vehicle in line and you're certain that if you were to blow out a front tire you would completely lose control of your vehicle, then you need a steering stabilizer. This is not exactly a suspension enhancement product, but it helps correct some of the same problems that the anti-sway and track bars are designed to correct. In addition to simply keeping your steering firm, a stabilizer will:
  • Minimize wander and loose steering for a more controlled ride
  • Return your vehicle to center when you hit potholes, uneven pavement or in the event of a tire blowout
  • Reduce oversteering by dampening the rapid steering movement that occurs when you try to quickly correct
Roadmaster's Steering Stabilizer attaches to your vehicle's steering tie rod on one end, and to its frame on the other, creating a tight connection between the two components that keeps steering firm and controlled. The tempered steel spring on the outside of the stabilizer constantly works to maintain its natural state, pulling back into shape when it's stretched and pushing out again when compressed. This action causes your vehicle to return to center no matter how you steer or how the frame is pushed or pulled.
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Blue Ox's TruCenter functions in much the same way, but with one additional, unique feature. This stabilizer has an in-cab, push-button control that lets you manually adjust the tension for a perfect ride. Simply press the button, steer into the most comfortable, controlled, centered position, and release. The TruCenter applies just the right amount of pressure for your vehicle to maintain that desired positioning, keeping it in line for the duration.
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