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Best 5th Wheel Hitches 2020

The Best 5th Wheel Hitches (2020)

If you have a fifth-wheel trailer and need a hitch to tow it, you've come to the right place.Here at, we've installed and tested the top hitches on the market and put together a list of our top 5 favorites of the year. From the smoothest ride to the cleanest look to unbeatable price tags, we've boiled it down to a few choices we know you'll love.
Top 5 5th Wheel Hitches (2020)1. B&W Companion2. Demco Hijacker Autoslide3. Curt A-Series4. Reese Elite5. Curt E16If you've spent any time at all researching the best fifth wheel hitches available, chances are you've run across the hitches on our list before. We're here to help you decide between these awesome products and figure out what will work best with your truck, your existing bed rails (or lack thereof), your fifth wheel, and your budget.

1. B&W Companion

WHAT WE LIKE: Premium Quality; Compatible with Many OEM Packages; Made in USAThis Is for You If:If you want what's basically the Swiss army knife of 5th-wheel hitches and don't mind paying a bit more for the best, you'll love everything the B&W Companion has to offer.One of the many great things about the Companion is that it pairs well with so many setups. Have an OEM package? No problem. Got a bare bed? That's fine too. Maybe you started with a gooseneck hitch? There's a Companion setup for that. Need a fixed or sliding hitch? B&W does both.Even better, the Companion just happens to be pretty much the best the 5th-wheel industry has to offer. It stands out among the competition with its 1" thick dual jaws and fully articulating head, which help ensure a smooth, rattle-free, chuck-free ride. The unique cam-action latching handle helps prevent binding and is simple to release, even on unlevel ground. The gray powder coated steel construction resists corrosion and is built to last. Even better, the B&W is made in the USA. Basically, if you want a clean look, a high-quality hitch, and a trusted brand, you can't go wrong with the B&W Companion hitch.If you have an existing fifth-wheel package on your truck, you can save time on the install (and enjoy full bed access when you're not towing) with one of B&W's OEM-compatible hitches. You can also purchase the fixed or sliding hitch and use our fitguide to find an install kit compatible with your truck. The hitch also works with gooseneck rails!This Is NOT for You If:If you prefer not to drop 4-digit-level cash on your fifth-wheel hitch, this one might not be for you.Although the Companion sliding hitch is a durable, high-quality option for standard 6-1/2' truck beds, it is not as convenient as an automatic sliding hitch like the Demco Hijacker Autoslide.
B&W Companion Hitch
B&W Companion Hitch Slider
Reese B&W Fixed Hitch (top) and Sliding Hitch (bottom)

2. Demco Hijacker Autoslide

WHAT WE LIKE: Automatic Slider & Secure JawThis Is for You If:If you have a short-bed truck (under 8') and convenience is at the top of your must-have list, it's hard to beat the Demco Hijacker. Unlike most sliders, the Autoslide works even on 5-1/2' beds. No need to drop another $1k on a Sidewinder to use with your short bed—the Autoslide provides all the turning clearance you need.The automatic sliding feature also makes this hitch stand out among the rest. Most sliding hitches require you to get out of your truck and pull a lever to release the slider every time you make a sharp turn. Then, once you make the turn, you have to get back out of the truck and slide the lever back in place.With the Hijacker, you never have to get out of your truck just to make a turn. The hitch slides automatically when you turn, providing an additional 14" of clearance for getting around corners.The Hijacker also beats out similar automatic sliding hitches like the PullRite SuperGlide. Although the SuperGlide is popular as well, you get more bang for your buck with the Hijacker, including a 3/4" locking steel bar to secure the king pin, 3 adjustable height settings, and a built-in capture plate (no additional purchase necessary). Basically, if you want to save money and enjoy all the perks of an auto-slide hitch, the Hijacker is a great choice for you.We've talked a lot about short beds and sliding hitches here, but the truth is, Demco's fixed Hijacker Premier Hitches are no joke, either. With the same premium single-hook jaw and pivoting head as their sliding counterparts, we guarantee you'll be happy with a fixed Hijacker hitch if you have an 8' bed.This Is NOT for You If:For 6-1/2' truck bed owners, it's difficult to know how often you'll need your slider to get around turns, but if you won't be towing often, you may want to go with a manual sliding hitch instead. These aren't as convenient, but they are more cost-effective.Also be aware that one of the biggest complaints we hear about the Hijacker is that it's really, really heavy (a couple hundred lbs). You'll need a second set of hands or a crane and lift bracket to hoist this thing in and out of your truck bed.
Demco Hijacker Autoslide
Demco Hijacker Autoslide
Demco Hijacker Autoslide Hitch

3. Curt A-Series

WHAT WE LIKE: OEM Compatible, Great Bang for your Buck; Color-Coded IndicatorThis Is for You If:If you have a factory tow package and want a high-quality hitch, but you don't want the (typically 4-digit) price tag of a hitch like the B&W Companion, a Curt A-Series hitch is a solid alternative. Curt hitches are available for trucks from all major manufacturers and for a variety of weight capacities. Just drop the hitch into your puck receivers and enjoy full bed access when you're not towing. (Universal, above-bed rail kits are also available if you don't have a compatible factory prep package.)Unlike most hitch heads, which provide much more limited back and forth (and sometimes side to side) movement, Curt's A-Series hitches feature a fully articulating head. This head even beats out the B&W's similar articulating head in terms of smoothness. If you want superior pivot and shock absorption, the A-Series hitch is a solid choice. These Curt hitches also offer a helpful 3-point, color-coded indicator system to let you know if the hitch is ready to couple, uncouple, or tow. This indicator can be seen from the cab, so you never have to run back and double-check if your hitch is properly coupled. This Is NOT for You If:If you want the top of the line, or if you prefer to buy USA-only products, you may want to pass on the Curt hitch and splurge on the very best.
Curt A-Series 5th Wheel Hitch
Curt A-Series 5th Wheel Hitch
Curt A-Series Fixed Hitch (top) and Sliding Hitch (bottom)

4. Reese Elite

WHAT WE LIKE: Single-Hook Jaw; Pre-Assembled; Wiring Harness IncludedThis Is for You If:If you don't have a factory prep package and you're not looking forward to the idea of spending a Saturday installing your fifth-wheel hitch, the Reese Elite can make your life easier. The unit comes fully assembled to your door, saving an hour on assembly time. Plus, the wiring harness is included, so that's a purchase you don't have to worry about.That's not to say that the Elite's value is all in the easy install. Once the hitch is in use, you'll love the easy trailer hookup, 4-way pivoting head, and single-hook jaw, which provides maximum security with minimum rattle.The Reese Elite uses a custom under-bed rail system, which allows for uninhibited bed use when you're not towing. The quick-lock puck system allows for easy mounting and removal of the hitch.This Is NOT for You If:The only OEM package the Elite is compatible with is Ford's, so if you have a factory package from another manufacturer, you'll want to consider an alternative hitch.
Reese Elite Fifth Wheel Hitch
Reese Elite 5th Wheel Hitch
Reese Elite Fixed Hitch (top) and Sliding Hitch (bottom)
5. Curt E16WHAT WE LIKE: Budget FriendlyThis Is for You If:You may be surprised to see this one on the list, but we wanted to include a solid entry-level 5th-wheel hitch for those looking for an affordable setup that doesn't sacrifice quality. The E16 comes with a slide-bar jaw mechanism to clamp around your king pin. Will this prevent rattling as well as a dual-jaw or single-hook jaws available on other hitches? No. But will it provide a decently smooth, quiet ride for a fair price? You bet.Similarly, the dual-pivoting head doesn't make hookup as easy as a fully articulating head, like that seen on the B&W Companion, but the E16 is a solid hitch by any standards.A variety of E16 hitches are available, depending on your setup. You can go with a fixed or sliding hitch.Universal rail systems are available for any truck. If cost is your main concern, we recommend sticking with these, as long as you are comfortable with putting a bit more elbow grease into the install and you don't mind rails in your truck bed. E16 hitches compatible with OEM prep packages are also available; these are much easier to install, but they do cost more.This Is NOT for You If:If you want a premium product, the easiest hookup, or the best possible ride, you may want to spend your cash on one of the premium hitches on this list.
Curt E16 Fifth Wheel Hitch
Curt E16 Fifth Wheel Hitch
Curt E16 Fixed Hitch (top) and Sliding Hitch (bottom)
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Earl C.


What a horrible article. My LUXE fifth wheel with 5.5K pin weight would not tow properly OR legally with any of the hitches you mention. I suggest you restrict this article as a travel saver is not even mentioned but with 3 air bags and a 7k pin weight should be considered one of the best.

David B.


The first Reese hitch listed if you click the link has a 27k GTW and a 6.7k vertical load. That not big enough for you Earl? What is your tow vehicle, that's the second biggest part of the equation. Did you put its year/make/model into the fitguide on the website so it can guide you to the best solutions for your towing needs? If that's something you don't want to do I'll help you out for sure, just give me the years makes and models of your truck and luxe.

Earl C.


@DavidB Might have been a bit harsh but the article says best and for me best hitch is an air hitch a thought it would have been considered;) I have a 21 RAM 5500.

David B.


I hear you, we do have to consider the circumstances though. Best for one is not best for another, as we all should know. The 2021 Ram 5500 is a lot of truck, the 6.7 Cummins turbo can really tug some weight around.



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