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The Best Boat Accessories for Fishing Enthusiasts

For a lot of us, half the fun of fishing is being out on the boat. You just can't beat a day on the water, waiting for that telltale tug on your line. But just because days like these are close to perfection doesn't mean you can't make them a little bit better. How? By decking out your boat with the top accessories every fishing enthusiast needs. Whether you've got a simple bass boat or a sport-fishing yacht, there's always room to add a little more convenience to your setup.

Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier

Okay, this isn't exactly a boat accessory, but in the name of making it easier to get out on your boat in the first place, we had to include a carrier to get your rods to the water. If you've ever thrown your rods in the trunk and had to untangle your lines when you reached your destination, you'll love the Yakima TopWater Fishing Rod Carrier. Not only does it protect up to 8 rods from bumps, tangling, and weather, but it also provides plenty of room to store low-profile tackle boxes, paddles, or other fishing gear. And when fishing season's over, you can always remove the rod holders and use the carrier as an ordinary cargo box as well.

CE Smith F70 Series Fishing Rod Holder

For hands-free fishingThis gunwale-mounted CE Smith Fishing Rod Holder is perfect for hands-free fishing or having multiple lines in the water. This is our most popular model for good reason. First of all, it's stainless steel, which is especially ideal if you're a saltwater fisherman because it won't rust. (Plus, its polished style just adds a sophisticated touch to your boat.)The open bottom allows water to easily drain, and the built-in gimbal bar helps prevent your rod from spinning. It's like having an extra set of hands on deck (don't worry, you still get the credit for reeling in the big one!). Also check out CE Smith's gunwale-mounted storage racks!

Fisherman's Cup Holder

For always keeping your drinks in reach Whether your beverage of choice is a cold beer, a hot coffee, or a tall glass of water, you need somewhere to put it where you aren't likely to kick it or send it flying when you're casting your line.This vacuum-mounted cup holder can hold two drinks for you and your fishing partner, but it's more than just a standard cup holder—this one was designed specifically with fishermen in mind. It doubles as a mini tackle-rigging station, providing a cup for lures as well as slots for a knife, pliers, and 24 hooks. It's also compatible with this waterproof dry box, which is perfect for securing items like your cell phone or wallet in a dry, locked location.

Fishing Boat Flags

Becuase...let's face it, it looks coolSometimes you just want your boat to look awesome and reflect who you are at heart—a fisherman (or fisherwoman). Pick up one of these boat flags and let it fly for all to see. There are no shortage of fish to pick from, including swordfish, salmon, bass, and more. Whatever floats your boat.

Bulldog Winch Sportsman Cooler

For chilling drinks and proving that yes, the fish really was that bigWe all know coolers are a must-have for a day on the boat. But what makes a cooler ideal for fishing? Well, this Bulldog Winch cooler's built-in ruler for measuring the day's catches certainly helps. The non-slip padded feet help keep it in place on the boat, even when things get a little rough on the water. The hard-top surface can be used as a cutting board for cleaning fish or preparing bait. Did we mention it comes with a bottle opener, too? It does everything but catch the fish for you.

Boat Cover

For Protecting Your Baby Every boat needs a boat cover. No, it won't help you catch the fish, but it will keep your boat in tip top shape during the off-season. No one wants a faded, mildew-ridden boat, after all. Check out these covers made specifically for fishing boats, or browse our larger selection for covers that fit ski boats, bass boats, and more.A variety of materials are available, from lightweight polyester built for humid coastal areas, to polyurethane-coated waterproof material for trailering your boat in any weather. Protect against damaging UV rays, water, and mildew formation, so you can enjoy your boat for years to come. Or Browse All Covers

Taylor Made Stow N Go Dock Storage Box

Weatherproof storage for your fishing gearWe know you always want to be out on the water, but that's not always possible. For those times you're not on your boat, the Taylor Made Dock Storage Box lets you stow your fishing gear, life jackets, or other gear on your dock. It's weatherproof and comes in multiple sizes.

Coffee Percolator

For your daily dose of caffeine The standard 12V coffee makers you find in most kitchens are woefully unprepared for boat life, with their heavy electrical draws and fragile glass carafes.Fortunately, you can still enjoy a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee on the water. Just heat up your galley stove and coffee percolator to brew your caffeine. These percolators are designed especially for outdoor use, like camping and fishing, so they won't shatter like a glass carafe when you move your boat, and they won't guzzle electricity. The best on-board coffee maker depends on your personal taste. If you enjoy a classic cup of java, stick with a percolator like this one from GSI. If you prefer a French press, you'll love the JavaPress. If, like me, you're more of an espresso drinker or can't live without your fancy cappuccinos, check out these stainless steel espresso sets. And for you tea drinkers, we have a portable tea kettle just for you.

Jif Marine Octagonal Boat Table

For your beer & gearThis just comes down to practicality. If you're fishing, you probably have a cold drink (alcoholic or otherwise). If you have a cold drink, you need a place for it. This sturdy table bolts directly to your floor and provides 4 cup holders, so you don't have to worry about holding onto your beer while you're trying to reel in the big one.
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