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Best Boat Accessories

Revamp Your Boat with these Awesome Accessories

Picture a day on the boat: the breeze against your face, loved ones grinning ear to ear, a cold drink in hand. Can you see it?It sounds ideal, but boat life usually comes with a few reality curveballs: spilled drinks on deck. Dead cell phones when you want to snap that perfect picture. Wet electronics meant to be dry and warm drinks meant to be cold.That's why we've put together a list of our favorite anti-stress, pro-fun boat accessories—to make your day a little more fun, carefree, and enjoyable. (These gadgets also make great gifts, if you're hoping to get yourself invited on your friends' next boat outing!)

Goal Zero Power Bank/Portable Charger

We live in a connected world, and that connection is all the more important when you're offshore. Keep your devices charged so they're always ready to capture a moment, keep track of time, and keep you in touch with the ones that matter.Goal Zero's portable power banks are the perfect solution for staying charged on the go. Some are even compatible with portable solar panels, so you're not limited to charging the power bank with a wall outlet. Just bring the panel on deck, let it soak up the sun, and use it to charge your devices.

CIPA Boat Mirrors

It’s not very often you can give yourself the gift of hindsight. These mirrors are perfect for keeping an eye on the tuber behind you and other vessels in your blind spots, keeping you as safe as can be on the water. The mirror rotates 180 degrees and has adjustable height so you can get the perfect view and so the mirror is out of the way during storage.

Taylor Made StepSafe Dock Step

If you have a tall boat, physical limitations, or little ones with shorter legs, climbing aboard can be a challenge. These Taylor Made single and double dock steps provide a much-needed leg-up if entering your boat feels like scaling a mountain. These steps can be permanently mounted to your dock, or you can bring them aboard to help you reach higher cabinets and storage compartments. The non-slip pads help keep you stable, so whether you're an older adult who needs a boost to get onboard, a parent with small kids, or a pet owner who wants to bring Rover along for the trip, these Taylor Made dock steps will help you get there safely.

SeaSucker Dry Box

Some things just don't mix with water. Electricity is one example. A dry box is a crucial item to have on board, and this waterproof SeaSucker vacuum-mount container is the perfect size for small electronics like phones and cameras, as well as other items you need to keep safe and dry from stray splashes, rain, or wet passengers. It even includes a lanyard to easily carry the box to and from your boat. Or Browse All Dry Storage

Boat Bumpers/Fenders

If you're going to be docking your boat, you need boat bumpers (also called boat fenders) to protect the sides of your boat from colliding with the dock. Make sure your vessel is well-cushioned and that you have the proper number of bumpers for your boat. If you're not sure how many you should have onboard, check out our article here and scroll down to the section "How Many Boat Bumpers Do I Need?".It also never hurts to have a couple of extra bumpers handy, just in case!

Waterproof Ice Box Travel Cooler

If the perfect lunch on your boat turns into a warm soda with half melted snacks, its time for an upgrade. This adventure-ready travel cooler by XG-Cargo keeps contents cold for up to 3 days. It's like having a mini-fridge aboard. It includes an integrated cutting board in case you need to cut that foot-long sub in half, and it's waterproof.For something more compact, also check out Taylor Made's Blue Sonar travel cooler totes. Or Browse All Coolers

Yakima ReelDeal Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier

This one's technically a vehicle accessory rather than a boat accessory, but it's all about getting you to the water to do what you love. If a day on the lake or river for you involves rods and reels, you're going to want to check out Yakima's Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier. Not only will it keep your poles protected on the way to the water, it also frees up room inside your vehicle for other gear.

Orion Traveler First Aid Kit

From motion sickness to scrapes to insect bites, minor injuries can add up to major discomfort, dampening the fun of a day on the boat. That's why it's important to have a first aid kit handy, just like you would at home. Orion's 128-piece first-aid kit contains the essentials for treatment of minor injuries, including bandages, gauze, motion sickness tablets, sting-relief wipes, and more. A first aid kit is one of those things you may feel tempted to forgo, but it's always something you're glad to have when the moment comes. Or Browse All Emergency Supplies

Taylor Made Life Preserver

Did you know the US Coast Guard requires a throwable floatation device for vessels over 16' long? Make sure your boat is legal and prepare for worst case scenarios with this Taylor Made ring-style life preserver. This life preserver is approved by the US Coast Guard, and since it's both a good idea and a legal requirement to have one on board, what more do you need to know? Also, since you'll need an out-of-the-way (but easily accessible) place to store your legally required life preserver, check out this Taylor Made Life Preserver Holder.

Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack

There's a lot of adventure readiness packed into this little speaker. First of all, it's submersible for up to 30 minutes, which is ideal anytime you're on a boat surrounded by water (just in case). It also includes a siren and SOS light in case of emergencies. The USB slots make it easy to charge your phone in a pinch, and the included adventure pack gives you plenty of mounting options so you don't misplace it.
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