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Best Camper Jacks (2023)

So your jack broke and now you don't know where to start because the jack that was on your camper was discontinued 27 years ago. Well you're in the right place. We've gotten experience with many jacks and have put together a list of the best camper/A-frame jacks you can get, so that you can have the confidence of knowing your jack will last a long time.

Electric vs. Manual

Just to break it down for you, there are two main types of jacks: electric and manual crank. Electric jacks are the most popular option because they are doing all of the work for you; all you have to do is literally lift a finger and push a button. However, while electric jacks won't break your back, they might break your bank. They are more costly than manual cranks, and since they have more parts, there is a greater chance something will break or need to be replaced later down the road. Manual crank jacks are a lot more cost effective, however, there is quite a bit more effort that goes into getting your camper level, so most people tend to overlook the price difference for convenience sake. Every time you are hooking up or unhooking, you will need to get that crank handle out and wind it by hand, which is something not everyone wants or is even able to do.Now that you know the main differences between an electric and manual jack, keep scrolling to see a list of the top three jacks you can get for your camper, one in each category: premium, value, and economy. I have included the best of both electric and manual jacks on this page, so there is a jack for everyone - and if there isn't, you probably don't have a camper.

Top 3 Best Camper Jacks:


Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack

Item JET-5000NG
What We Like
  • Up to 5,000-lb capacity
  • Side-mounted LED lights so bright you can see your future
  • Easily accessible toggle switch on top
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Drop leg for greater adjustability
  • Independent ground wire for secure ground
This is for you if:If you want the absolute best camper jack out there, and you want to put as little effort into raising your camper as posible, this Stromberg Carlson jack is the one for you. If you don't want to throw your back out with a manual crank, I highly recommend sticking with an electric jack as it will literally do All. The. Work. For. You. But this jack really does have it all. The LED lights on the side make it easier than ever to hookup and unhook your camper at night, and are conveniently facing almost every direction (I don't have to tell you not to stare straight into it though, do I?). You might also like that the extremely quiet powered drive on this Stromberg Carlson jack makes it easy to make a quick getaway at night without waking up any sleeping neighbors. Another reason why I recommend this electric jack is because with a weight capacity of up to 5,000 lbs, I don't see you needing anything more heavy duty for your camper (and there's less of a chance you'll brake this one by overloading it). And with an independent ground wire, this means you will spend a lot less time and effort trying to find a good spot to ground your jack, so that you can make sure it's done right the first time.This high-tech jack is one of the most efficient on the market because of the ball screw, which includes ball bearings that roll along the threaded steel rod for a quick trailer positioning. It also has 18" of travel with a 4-1/2" drop leg, so that you can get to your desired height right away, and spend less time raising the trailer up and down to get it perfectly level.This is NOT for you if:If you don't need or want the best jack you can find, and you're okay with a less expensive jack even if it does have less features and benefits, check out #2 or #3, especially if you don't tow nearly enough for it to be worth it. This jack also might not be best for you if you have a camper that needs more than a 24" extended jack height, as 24" is the maximum that this jack will sit from the ground to the bracket when it is fully extended.
Stromberg Carlson Jack Review

etrailer Electric Jack w/ Footplate

Item EJ-3520-BBX
etrailer Jack
What We Like
  • Adjustable drop leg to fit wide range of campers
  • LED light shines downward so you can see the coupler better at night
  • Two convenient switches on the front for the light and the extend/retract functions
  • Easy bolt-on application
  • Emergency crank included for manual function in case of power loss
  • Up to 3,500-lb capacity
This is for you if:If you're a frequent tower, want the ease of an electric jack, and don't have an unlimited budget, this is the one you've been waiting for. This etrailer jack has enough capacity for most campers, with a tongue weight capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. This jack will hold up well with frequent usage, due to its powder-coated tube and durable steel construction. This etrailer jack requires only a simple bolt-on installation, so you won't have to modify your camper.If you need a bit more height than what the Stromberg Carlson jack can give you, this etrailer jack would be great for you. It gives an extra 5-5/8" lift for the drop leg, compared to the 4-1/2" lift of the contender, and an extended height of 28-1/2" vs the 24" on the Stromberg Carlson Jack. This jack is also so simple to operate, with just two self-explanatory switches, so even your grandkid could lend you a hand with it.This is NOT for you if:If you don't tow your camper very often (maybe a couple times a month max), keep scrolling. This jack may not be best for you if you don't need all the extra features of an electric jack, and would rather save money and go with a standard crank. This etrailer jack also has a lower tongue weight capacity than the Stromberg Carlson jack, so if you need anything over 3,500 lbs, or are even pushing it, you might want to consider going with the higher 5,000 lb capacity. Sometimes "just enough" is still not enough.
etrailer Jack Review

Bulldog Round Topwind Jack

Item BD155032
What We Like
  • Weld-on or bolt-on application
  • Option to choose footplate or caster (sold separately)
  • Up to 5,000-lb lift capacity
  • Recognized as industry standard for agricultural and commercial applications
This is for you if:If you don't need anything fancy and are okay with putting a little elbow grease into raising and lowering your camper, this Bulldog jack is a great fit for you. Get this jack if you want something that won't hurt your wallet but also something that can outlive any of your pets. I'm recommending this Bulldog jack because out of all of the hand crank jacks available, this is the most popular and best quality jack for the price. It doesn't come with a footplate (BD018564), or caster (BDCP555), but you can easily buy these separately with all the extra money you're saving on this jack. This Bulldog jack is versatile because it can either be bolted or welded on, depending on your preference and situation. This jack is also awesome because it has a capacity of up to 5,000 lbs so you can install this on just about any and every A-frame trailer. This Bulldog jack is great for the campers who don't tow very frequently, or do and don't mind doing a bit extra physical work when you do tow. Just know it will take more time to extend and retract your camper, it as it does not have a drop leg. If you don't want to have to replace your jack frequently, or even at all, this may be the one for you.This is NOT for you if:If you are disabled or unable to consistently crank this thing multiple times a day (or you just don't want to), this might not be the best idea. Or if you find yourself often running behind (like me), and always have less time than you thought, this won't be the best choice for you. The reason for this is because this jack does not feature a drop leg, so it will take longer to get it at the height you need, and it also requires more man-power to get there than an electric jack does.
Bulldog Jack Review
Olivia M.
About Olivia M.My journey with etrailer started in Customer Service, where I went through months of product training to make sure that I had all of the knowledge I needed to help our neighbors find a solution to any situation. I helped them with technical questions, troubleshooting, product information, and anything else they needed. Since it has always been my passion to write and express myself through words, I made the transition over to the content side of the website so I could combine my product knowledge and passion for writing.In order to make sure that I am giving you the most accurate, current information, I am constantly doing research and talking with people who are doing what I am writing about every day. I am constantly striving to find out what questions you are asking, and to give you an answer to every one of those questions, plus answers to questions you haven't even asked yet - yes, I'm that good. Plus, I am constantly getting hands-on training with our vendors and asking them all of the hard questions, that way you can have all of the information you need before making a decision.
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Frank B.


Are there ANY electric 12 volt RV trailer jacks that allow a truck tailgate to lower?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


It all kind of depends on your truck tailgate size and far away your jack sits away from it. Some people are able to simple rotate their trailer jack so that the head sits at a different orientation, while others need to use a longer ball mount so that the trailer sits further away from the truck.

Steven R.


Hi Frank. I am with you - and the answer is yes. Atwood made a vertical mount style electric jack that came on our 2012 Lance 1985. It allows the tailgate on our 2020 Silverado to JUST open all the way. What a huge difference that makes, when loading and unloading the truck! I recently bought another trailer, a new Gulf Stream, and it has a jack like the one Olivia is recommending here. The tailgate on our truck will not open, so I switched jacks and it opens fine. The Atwood is powerful, but it does use a body ground, not a separate ground wire. So far that has not been an issue.
Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@StevenR Unfortunately, Atwood was split up and the various divisions were sold off so their electric trailer jacks are no longer available. Wish we had better news.



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