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A truck bed ladder rack is a great investment whether you need one for work, or just to allow you to be able to do more fun things. There are a wide variety of uses for ladder racks, which include carrying canoes, kayaks, lumber, or almost anything that is too long to fit in your truck bed, so don't let the name fool you. Along with the amount of space you're saving, ladder racks will allow you to haul extra long items that you normally can't fit in your truck bed. And it will take you a lot less time loading and unloading your truck, all while helping to keep your truck bed organized. There's one problem though: with so many choices for ladder racks, which one should you go with? Well today I am doing all the work and research for you. I've compiled a list of the best truck bed ladder racks you can get your hands on. Keep reading to see which ones made the cut and to find some helpful information along the way.Note: Most truck bed ladder racks are custom-fit to your vehicle, which means one rack will not fit multiple vehicles, so be sure to use our vehicle fitguide to select your vehicle and find the racks that are a fit for your truck.
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Thule TracRac SR
This is for you if:If you're somebody who wants the most convenient, easy-to-use rack that will maximize your carrying capacity while still getting an excellent-quality rack, this is the one for you. And with a limited liftetime warranty, Thule has got you covered.The TracRac has been around for quite some time now, and there's a reason why the SR is at the top of everyone's list. With features such as a lightweight, aerodynamic design and a unique T-track rail system, which allows for easy installation and back-and-forth adjustment, the TracRac SR is easily the most convenient system. Plus this sliding rack is also available in an option with a cantilever in case you need to carry extra long loads. Oh and did I mention, Thule products are made in the USA?You can adjust this rack along the track to fit loads of any size, and with integrated quick-release load stops, you can have extra places to securely tie down your ladder or kayak. The Thule TracRac SR has the highest weight rating of almost any system out there (rated for up to 1,250 lbs), but it's also one of the most lightweight systems on the market, so it's very easy to take on and off.Plus, if you are interested in also using a tonneau cover with your truck, this rack has got your back. The Thule sliding rack is a perfect fit for the BAK Revolver tonneau covers as they do not interfere with the uprights and sit inside the bed rails.In conclusion... you need this rack.This is NOT for you if:Well, to put it lightly: it's pretty darn expensive. While the Thule TracRac SR may not be the most expensive option out there, it will probably make a dent in your wallet. It also doesn't adjust up and down, just back and forth. But if you want the ability to adjust your rack either above, below, or in line with your cab, check out our runner-up below.
When can I use a tonneau cover and a truck bed ladder rack together?
Most hard tonneau covers will not work with a ladder rack due to the contact between the cover and the ladder rack base rails. Alternatively, most soft tonneau covers that mount inside the bed rails will work with ladder racks that mount on top of the bed rails in the stake pockets.However, if you do want to use a hard cover with a ladder rack, just make sure that the tonneau cover mounts inside the bed rails . This won't work all of the time, but if you want a confirmed fit, be sure to check the product description on the ladder rack's product page.
Ultimate confirmed fit combo for ladder rack and tonneau cover:
Yakima Overhaul HD
This is for you if:Yakima has made a name for themselves for being a great source for products that allow you to just have fun and be adventurous. From their high quality and well thought-out construction, to their added fun features such as a bottle opener on every rack, it's no wonder they are one of the leading brands in the rack industry. And like Thule, Yakima also provide a limited lifetime warranty on this rack so you know they mean business.The OverHaul HD has everything the TracRac SR doesn't. It's the only rack on our list that has the ability to adjust up and down to achieve your desired height for each load, and it's tested for both on-road and off-road use so you can have more fun. This rack is also compatible with a tonneau cover, but it's only confirmed to work with the Retrax XR, Ford Embark LS, or select Pace Edwards UltraGroove tonneau covers (with the purchase of the adapter Y01155). The Yakima OverHaul HD is the solution to all of your problems - except for rush-hour traffic... nothing we can do about that.Did I mention you can install and remove this in minutes? Yakima's QuickChange system doesn't require any drilling and secures the rack to your bed for a tight fit. The OverHual HD is also made out of aluminum, like the TracRac SR, so it has a very comparable rust-resistant and lightweight design. And if you have smaller items that you'd like to put up high, just add on one of Yakima's cargo baskets or to keep your kayaks from getting damaged, check out Yakima's convenient kayak carriers. This is NOT for you if:Since the Yakima Overhaul HD is such a high-quality rack, like the TracRac SR, it does have a pretty beefy price tag. You are getting an amazing quality rack that will last you at the very least the life of your truck, but if you don't want to spend a truck-load of money, keep scrolling down the list. Although this is still a heavy-duty rack, it does have a lower weight rating than some of our other contenders, which may not be an issue for you if you are only hauling a ladder or a kayak. However, with a maximum on-road capacity of 500 lbs, it might not be enough for everyone.
This is for you if:If you want most of the convenience of the first two systems, but without the price, this may be the rack for you. The Adarac Pro Series ladder rack has the ability to hold up to 500 lbs of cargo (250 lbs per bar), and is customized to fit your truck perfectly with no drilling required, just like our first two options.The Adarac Pro Series rack can also be versatile, as it comes with four sliding, adjustable load stops to use with your tie-down straps, and include integrated hooks on the bottom to use as tie-down points for even more cargo possibilities. Its aluminum construction makes the Pro Series very lightweight, and it has an anodized finish to give even more corrosion resistance. This Adarac ladder rack is compatible with Lomax hard tri-fold covers, Access roll-up covers, and most other tonneau covers that sit inside the bed rail, so you can have it all. And with a wide, streamlined design, the ladder rack will stay out of your view and out of your way by allowing extra room in your truck bed. The Adarac Pro Series is also made in the USA.This is NOT for you if:The Adarac ladder rack does not have the ability adjust at all, so where it ends up when you install it on your truck bed is where it has to stay. This may not be an issue for you since these are all custom-fit to your vehicle, but if you like the ability to adjust, stick with one of our top two choices.This rack also features square crossbars, which will result in more wind drag and noise than the aerodynamic bars of the first two options. And like the Yakima Overhaul HD, the Adarac doesn't have as high of a capacity rating as Thule's TracRac SR. Another draw back of the Adarac Pro Series is its 1-year warranty, especially when compared to the lifetime warranty of our top two competitors.
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I own a 2002 Ford Explorer (4-door) with OEM roof rack. Is there anything available for my vehicle that's equivalent to a truck ladder rack that would enable me to carry 17 foot pieces of light lumber (window/door mouldings)?

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Jon G.


I'm guessing you mean so that you can use load stops like the Rola # 59794. In order to accomplish this you can use the Malone AirFlow2 # MPG216 which have the 165 lb weight capacity that I believe you're looking for.



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