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We Used 34 RV Tow Bars, and These are the Best for Flat Towing

(And Saving Your Marriage)

It’s 1 o’clock on a Friday, late April afternoon. The sun is warm, the breeze is cool, and you took off work early to get a head start on a weeklong RV camping trip. The family has loaded their bags in the RV, and the fridge is fully stocked. You’ve gone through the camping checklist three times now, ready to start the 20-hour drive to Yellowstone National Park.All there’s left to do is hook up your Jeep to your RV. From the garage, you lug out your 58-lb tow bar and tow kit. Thirty minutes later, you and your spouse are yelling at each other because you can’t get the coupler to line-up with the ball mount. Of course, one of you “can’t line-up straight,” and one of you “doesn’t know how to give directions.” What a great way to start a family vacation, right?At etrailer, we value family most of all. That’s why we plan on saving your relationship (and sanity) by recommending you the best tow bars for flat towing (dinghy towing) your vehicle (dinghy or toad).

All the tow bars we recommend below have some shared features that we believe are key to a headache-free flat towing experience:

Hitch-Mounted Installation:

  • Also called a motorhome-mounted tow bar or RV-mounted tow bar, a hitch-mounted tow bar installs in your RV’s hitch receiver and is stored there too. No more hauling your tow bar in and out of storage every time you need to flat tow or drive your towed vehicle. That means more time to play ladder golf at the campsite.

Telescoping Arms:

  • Telescoping arms allow you to extend and shorten the tow bar’s arms to different lengths. Instead of having to perfectly align your vehicle with the back of your motorhome, like with a fixed-arm tow bar, telescoping arms are much more forgiving. You can connect and disconnect on uneven terrain with ease. We can all stop yelling at our loved ones now.

Self-Aligning Arms:

  • Self-aligning arms do not have to be fully extended and locked before you drive off in your RV. You simply connect the arms to the base plate with no worry about locking out the arms manually. Driving your RV forward will lock the arms into the flat towing position for you.

Non-Binding Tension Release Levers:

  • Driving your flat towing setup will fully extend the arms into a locked position for safe towing, but when parked on uneven ground or at an angle, the locked arms will bind up. This tension can make the telescoping arms unmovable once you’re ready to disconnect the tow bar from your vehicle. Non-binding tension release levers help release some of the built-up tension so you can disconnect the arms from your base plate, sweat-less and smiling.

Top Tow Bars in 2021

Tow Bar

Weight Rating

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

Roadmaster Nighthawk All-Terrain8,000 lbsIt has all the bells and whistles you want.
Blue Ox Alpha 26,500 lbsIt has all-terrain features for midsize trucks and SUVs.
Demco Dominator7,500 lbsIt is a lightweight tow bar built for full-size trucks.
Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain6,000 lbsIt is the easiest to disconnect at the campground.
Blue Ox Avail10,000 lbsLets you tow your full-size truck.
Blue Ox Apollo15,000 lbsLets you tow your one-ton truck.
etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar6,000 lbsIt's an affordable, all-terrain tow bar with safety cables.
Demco Commander II6,000 lbsIt can be adapted to fit many base plate styles.

Best Tow Bars Breakdown

Roadmaster Nighthawk All-Terrain Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

Roadmaster tow bars are synonymous with high quality. If you want a tow bar that has a high weight rating, is lightweight, easy to use, and comes equipped with incredible safety features, this tow bar is for you.With an 8,000-lb weight rating, this tow bar can tow small to mid-sized cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as most full-size trucks. The extra-long arms leave a greater distance between your RV and toad for a safer turning radius. The large, rubber-coated non-binding levers are easy to grip and lift to release the tension from the tow bar, so if you don't want to arm wrestle your equipment, you will love the Nighthawk tow bar.What really sets this tow bar apart from other tow bars are the LED lights along the arms, which allow for safer driving at night. Between your RV's headlights and your toad's tail lights is a large dark space at nighttime. The tow bar's LED lights help prevent other drivers from merging into your vehicles. Also, you'll have more visibility when disconnecting the tow bar at night. Running your shins into a hunk of steel hurts. The Nighthawk tow bar will save you some pain.Safety cables and a power cord adapter are included with this tow bar, so you don't have to worry about buying those parts separately. I do want to mention that although you receive these necessary parts, you'll still need to separately purchase a braking system, wiring kit, and base plate kit. The arms also have an integrated cable management system, keeping your cables clear from dragging the ground. Wires that drag on the ground are unsafe and will wear quickly.Depending on the model you buy, the Nighthawk will work with Roadmaster base plates or Blue Ox base plates. If you have base plates from a different manufacturer, double-check if this tow bar can be adapted for your base plate here.All of these great features while only weighing 35 lbs makes the Nighthawk All-Terrain tow bar a purchase you won't regret.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

This is a very easy bar to install and remove. This is the first bar I have owned. I looked at several and talked to owners of other makes. The feed back was such that the nighthawk was my preferred choice. Didn't take long for me to realize I made the right choice. The complements I received From the folks that watched while I Hooked up were proof that your product is superior in many ways.Terry

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

While the Roadmaster Nighthawk All-Terrain has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a tow bar, it comes at a price. This tow bar is an investment in ease of use, safety, and durability. If you're more budget-conscious, this tow bar may be too costly.Even though the weight rating of the Nighthawk is 8,000 lbs, it may not be strong enough for a few 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks. Heavier trucks that push close to 8,000 lbs will be putting the weight rating to the test. A general rule of thumb is to subtract 1,000 lbs from the weight rating and try to not go over that amount. It's good to leave a bit of padding.Additionally, the cable management system is a channel along the arms with the power cord wired in. You won't be able to use a power cord from a previous flat towing setup, if you want the LED lights to work. You'll just have an extra cord on your hands.

Customer Review: 3/5 Stars

I have purchased many Roadmaster products and they are generally well made. This unit had some fit and finish issues and the light strips are attached with adhesive and black silicon sealer. After having difficulty getting functionality in the wiring between the RV and towed vehicle and extensive testing the ground wire in the Roadmaster cable harness was bad. I called eTrailer as they are always very helpful/knowledgeable. In this instance they advised Roadmaster prefers to handle and quality issues. Roadmaster technical assistance was excellent, but the only choice was to return the whole tow bar and have them fix it or have them send a replacement wire harness and install it myself. Not wanting to wait for two-way shipping and repair I opted to do the repair and they shipped me a replacement wire harness. When I disassembled the unit, it was apparent the ground wire had pulled out of the butt connector where the cable is split in the middle to splice in the LEDs along the sides. After repair everything was functional. Hookup and release of the bars to the towed vehicle is quite easy. If the wiring was good to begin with this would probably merit 5 stars for ease of installation and 4 stars for value. I will follow up if there are any further issues.Lynn

Roadmaster Nighthawk Specifications

Weight Rating: 8,000 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-binding, Self-AligningWeight: 35 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Roadmaster, Blue Ox (depending on model)Extras: Safety Cables, Electrical Wiring, LED Lights on ArmsWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar Product Image

Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

There are many reasons why the Blue Ox Alpha 2 tow bar is one of the most popular tow bars. If you're looking for a tow bar that has a good weight rating, is lightweight, and is easy to connect and disconnect, the Blue Ox Alpha 2 tow bar could be for you.With a weight rating of 6,500 lbs, this Blue Ox tow bar can handle flat towing most small to mid-sized cars and SUVs, as well as compact pickups.This tow bar has a swivel head, giving the arms a wide range of movement side-to-side and up-and-down, which makes it easier to connect and disconnect on uneven terrain or at tricky angles.The arms on the Blue Ox Alpha 2 have rubber boots that protect the arms against excessive dirt buildup and abrasions so that the inner slides can smoothly telescope in and out, even after years of use. Other tow bars that do not have these rubber boots are exposed to road debris that may scratch the arms or clog the sliding mechanisms.Moreover, this tow bar comes with safety cables, which is one less thing you have to worry about buying.At only 35 lbs, the Blue Ox Alpha 2 tow bar is one of the lightest tow bars on the market, surprising for its steel construction and durability. Many steel tow bars are close to or exceed 50 lbs, and for some people, 50 lbs of steel is too much to lift and install. Comparatively, 35 lbs is a breeze to take from the box to your RV.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

Others have reviewed this Tow Bar and it is a great product/fit for my situation. For me, it's an upgrade from a tow bar where car has to be perfectly lined up to attach/remove. What is even better is the outstanding pre-sales information/videos/live humans that etrailer provides. When there is a question or issue, they are very proactive, with follow up to make the customer satisfied. When they shipped a replacement for an order, they followed up less than an hour after UPS dropped it off. This is the customer service that some other companies give lip service to, but inevitably fail to deliver. Thank you etrailer.Mark

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

It's hard to think of anything negative to say about the Blue Ox Alpha 2 tow bar; it's that good. Some reviewers have commented that Blue Ox usually provides a tow bar cover with their higher-end tow bars; however, the Alpha 2 does not come with a cover. We recommend a tow bar cover to help protect your tow bar from the elements when it's stowed on your RV.Moreover, the Alpha 2 does not come with the electrical cord or arm lights, so if you want a bit more bang for your buck, check out the Roadmaster Nighthawk.

Customer Review: 4/5 Stars

Worked well overall except one time when stopped on uneven shoulder and required moving RV a bit to get quick release to work.Dave R.

Blue Ox Alpha 2 Specifications

Weight Rating: 6,500 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-AligningWeight: 35 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Blue Ox (out of the box); Roadmaster, Demco, and etrailer (with adapter)Extras: Safety Cables, Rubber Boots on ArmsWarranty: 3 Year
Blue ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar Product Image

Demco Dominator Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

The Demco Dominator tow bar is a top-of-the-line tow bar with ease of use that cannot be beat. With a total weight of 30 lbs, this is our lightest tow bar.You'll be able to connect and disconnect this Demco tow bar with little effort. Self-supporting arms hold themselves in place instead of needing you to hold them up. If you have a bad back, experience difficulty lifting or bending, or if you don't have a lot of upper body strength, you need to go with the Demco Dominator.The heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction gives this tow bar a weight rating of 7,500 lbs, perfect for small and mid-sized - and even some full-sized - cars, trucks, and SUVs. For the average flat tower, it is unlikely you will need a higher weight rating.The shank on the Dominator has a 1-1/2" rise or drop with an adjustable head that tilts up and down 3", decreasing the likelihood of you needing to purchase a high-low hitch adapter. This is a great feature if there is more than 3" between the height of your RV's hitch receiver and dinghy's base plates. Any greater height difference can place a high amount of stress on your dinghy, potentially damaging its frame.Included with the Demco Dominator are safety cables (no need to buy this part separately) and a built-in cable management system to keep your cables from hanging too low and dragging on the ground.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

For my 97 4RUNNER behind my 2012 Thor Astoria. 4RUNNER 3,600 lbs. +/- . Could have gone with the 5,000 pound, but went with the 7,500 pound model. It's really beefy and easy to attach and performs well. I'd buy it again. I have completely set up the 4runner through etrailer and have been pleased with their help and quick delivery.Karl

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

The versatility, strength, and ease of use of the Demco Dominator prices this tow bar on the high-end. If you aren't concerned with some of its features like the aluminum construction, rise/drop shank, or self-supporting arms, other tow bars on this list may fit your wallet better.

Demco Dominator Specifications

Weight Rating: 7,500 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-Aligning, Self-SupportingWeight: 30 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Demco, etrailer, and Blue Ox (depending on model)Extras: Safety Cables, 1-1/2" Rise/Drop ShankWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Demco Dominator Tow Bar Product Image

Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

An all-terrain tow bar is a tow bar specifically designed to simplify disconnecting the tow bar on uneven terrain. This means that if your RV is parked in a tight location, on an incline, or on rocky ground, you will have no problem disconnecting your tow bar. Especially if your tow bar is the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain.Even though our top pick for the overall best tow bar is the Roadmaster Nighthawk, the Nighthawk has a few extra bells and whistles that increase the price tag. If you're looking for a straightforward, solid all-terrain tow bar, we recommend the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain.The weight rating of the Falcon All-Terrain is 6,000 lbs, which is one of the lowest weight ratings out of the tow bars on this list. However, this weight rating is adequate for most small to mid-sized cars, crossovers, and SUVs.With its long arms, this tow bar has one of the largest hookup radiuses on the market so you won't have to worry about perfectly aligning your towed vehicle with the back of your RV to connect the tow bar. If you like RVing in off-grid locations or mom-and-pop campsites, it's great to have the flexibility of long, telescoping arms where your terrain conditions may be less than ideal.The Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain also comes with the quick-disconnect crossbar, allowing it to be connected to your Roadmaster base plates, whether they're crossbar style or direct-connect.A popular feature of the Falcon All-Terrain is its cable management channels along the arms, which help keep the safety cables and electrical cord from dangling toward the ground.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

The Roadmaster Falcon All Terain Tow Bar is a great product and serves my needs very well. It is well built, robust and has a fine finish. I had ordered the Roadmaster Nighthawk for towing my 2020 Jeep Wrangler on Friday, on Saturday I received a email from George J. at etrailer informing me that the Nighthawk could not ship for another 10 days, but he had the Roadmaster Falcon that could be shipped immediately. After determining that the Roadmaster Falcon would met my requirements I authorized the switch. I received the Roadmaster Falcon on Tuesday, 7 days before the Nighthawk would ship. I am very pleased with the Roadmaster Falcon. Etrailer has a great selection of great products and exceptional service.Richard

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

The Falcon All-Terrain tow bar does not come with safety cables or electrical cord. To properly flat tow your vehicle, you will need to purchase these parts separately.Another drawback to this tow bar is it being one of the heavier hitch-mounted tow bars at 50 lbs, which can make installation more difficult. Although once installed, you won't have to struggle with its total weight unless you decided to uninstall it.

Customer Review: 3/5 Stars

Very durable and as advertised and received from etrailer on time. However, I am installing this on a Jeep Cherokee using the direct method so I don't need the crossbar. Roadmaster should sell this tow bar with or without the crossbar. I now have a very heavy piece of equipment (in a separate box) I will never use. One of the security clips for the connecting pin is defective (bent) so I will be looking for a replacement already tomorrow.John

Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Specifications

Weight Rating: 6,000 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-AligningWeight: 50 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: RoadmasterExtras: N/AWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar Product Image

Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

If you require a tow bar that can tow a heavy-duty truck or SUV, look no further than the Blue Ox Avail hitch-mounted tow bar rated for up to 10,000 lbs. With its copper-colored, powder coated finish, this Blue Ox tow bar is as attractive as it is strong.With the Blue Ox Avail, you won't struggle with maneuvering around tight corners, as it has long arms and superior shock absorption. Because the weight rating is so high on the Avail, Blue Ox also offers an Avail model built for 2-1/2" hitch receivers so you won't need an adapter if your RV has a larger hitch.The Avail comes equipped with some of Blue Ox's best features, including triple-lug connections to better control flat towing forces, which is important when towing a heavy vehicle. Once you attach the Blue Ox Avail to your motorhome, you'll have a reliable tow bar for years to come.Also, the Avail comes with safety cables (no need to purchase these separately) and rubber boots on the arms to protect the arms from dirt build-up, which means a smooth, fight-less extension of the arms.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

Replaced an older Blue Ox with this one. This one is a big improvement and it never gets gets jammed up such that the hitch pin is difficult to remove. Highly recommended! One note: you may need to use a drop hitch receiver to get the tow bar arms as close to parallel to the ground as they are supposed to be. Read the instructions and do some measuring to stay safe!Walter B.

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

The Blue Ox Avail's 10,000-lb weight rating may be overkill for many flat-towers. If you aren't planning on towing a heavily loaded truck or SUV, Blue Ox offers other tow bars with the same all-terrain functionality but a lower weight rating (Blue Ox Apollo 2).Additionally, the Avail weights in at 45 lbs, so some people may struggle with installation because of its weight. If you want a lightweight tow bar, this is not the tow bar for you.Lastly, some reviewers state that they loved the powder coated finish on the Avail, but just know that any tow bar's finish will scratch over time from road debris, so if you like your gear to stay pretty for longer, you may want to look at some of our other great tow bars that might be easier to touch up.

Customer Review: 3/5 Stars

Very good tow bar and easy to install. No problems connecting or disconnecting even on no level surfaces. I am having problems with one of the arms keeping it in the stowed position when not in use. It wants to extend. I reported the problem and it was not resolved. They only suggested pushing it in harder.Robert

Blue Ox Avail Specifications

Weight Rating: 10,000 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-AligningWeight: 45 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Blue Ox, Roadmaster with adapterExtras: Safety Cables, Rubber Boots on ArmsWarranty: 3 Year
Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar Product Image

Blue Ox Apollo Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

Do you have some heavy-duty flat towing to do? Maybe you would like to flat tow a truck loaded with campsite supplies as your dinghy. The Blue Ox Apollo has you covered. As one of the highest weight-rated tow bars at 15,000 lbs, this Blue Ox tow bar can flat tow full-sized trucks and SUVs.With the Apollo's long arms, you'll get a great turning radius for maneuvering around tight locations like gas stations and parking lots too. Some heavy-duty tow bars have shorter, fixed arms, which makes it more difficult to drive in tricky locations, but not so on the Blue Ox Apollo.Also, Blue Ox tow bars come standard with rubber boots to protect the telescoping arms from dirt and grime, meaning you won't have to struggle with the arms locking up due to debris.As a bonus, the Blue Ox Apollo has their triple-lug connectors for a reinforced connection at the base plate, so you can rest assured that your tow bar/base plate connection is strong.Included with your Blue Ox Apollo tow bar is a set of vinyl-coated safety cables as well, which is one less thing you'll have to think about buying.

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

Because of the high towing weight capability of this Blue Ox all-steel tow bar, the Apollo's shank requires a 2-1/2" hitch receiver, which is larger than the standard 2". So, before buying this tow bar, check the size of your hitch receiver.Additionally, the Apollo weighs just shy of 50 lbs. If you're looking for a lightweight tow bar that you can easily lift, check out some of the lightweight options we have on this list.You may also consider the price tag on this tow bar, which is just as hefty as the tow bar itself. Because tow bars are generally an expensive part, we highly recommend a locking hitch pin to replace the hitch pin that comes standard with most tow bars.

Blue Ox Apollo Specifications

Weight Rating: 15,000 lbsHitch Size: 2-1/2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-AligningWeight: 49 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Blue OxExtras: Safety Cables, Rubber Boots on ArmsWarranty: 3 Year
Blue Ox Apollo Tow Bar Product Image

etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

With the etrailer SD non-binding tow bar, you won't have to sacrifice extra money for luxury features. Rated at 6,000 lbs, this tow bar will be suitable for most small to mid-sized cars, vans, and SUVs.The etrailer SD tow bar weighs 41 lbs, which some people feel is a bit too heavy for them, but with self-supporting arms that don't require you to hold them in place, you'll be able to connect and disconnect the tow bar arms with little strength needed.The shank has a 1-1/2" rise or drop, minimizing the need for a high-low hitch adapter, which you'll otherwise need if there's more than 3" between the height of your RV's hitch receiver and the base plates. This tow bar also has an adjustable head to ensure that the tow bar remains parallel with the ground as you tow.Integrated safety cables come with the etrailer SD Non-Binding tow bar as well, which is one less thing you'll have to buy separately.The arms have a 180-degree spread, which means you can hookup to widely-spaced base plates. Moreover, this tow bar has models available to fit Roadmaster crossbar or direct connect base plates, Blue Ox base plates, Curt base plates, Duncan base plates, Reese base plates, and Valley base plates.If you have a tabless (invisible) base plate, the etrailer SD tow bar fits out of the box. Many flat towers love the tabless base plate connection because they don't have any base plate arms sticking out in front of their dinghy. Some base plates have removable drawbar arms to give your vehicle a clean front when not being towed, but that means you have to have a place to store them and remember where you stored them. With a tabless design, the connection just requires the user to insert the tow bar's arms, twist, and lock in place.A big plus to buying an etrailer tow bar is the lifetime technical support you'll receive from our in-house experts. If you like great customer service and support with your gear, we have you covered at etrailer.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

Easy to use and I like the way it stows. Also the safety cable hangers on the arms are a very nice touch, no dragging safety cables.Clayton Phillips

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

At 41 pounds, the etrailer SD Non-Binding tow bar may be a bit heavy for some individuals to install by themselves. But once it's installed, you'll have a sturdy, user-friendly tow bar for a long time.One thing to be cautious of with the etrailer SD tow bar is to not force the tow bar out of the locked, stored position, as you run the risk of bending the locking plates, which aren't as strong as some other tow bars' locking plates. If you are rough on your gear, you may want to look for a more heavy-duty tow bar.

etrailer SD Non-Binding Specifications

Weight Rating: 6,000 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-Aligning, Self-SupportingWeight: 41 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: etrailer, Demco, Roadmaster, Blue Ox, Duncan, Reese, Curt, ValleyExtras: Safety Cables, 1-1/2" Rise/Drop ShankWarranty: Limited Lifetime
etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar Product Image

Demco Commander II Tow Bar

Why Choose This Tow Bar?

The Demco Commander II tow bar is highly adaptable, lightweight, and user-friendly. Perhaps you have multiple vehicles you want to flat tow behind your RV but need a tow bar that can be adapted easily for different types of base plates. This Demco tow bar can be adapted to fit many Demco, Blue Ox, Reese, Duncan, and Roadmaster base plates.The usability is above par with self-supporting arms for effortless hookup. Self-supporting arms have enough tension near the head of the tow bar that the arms can hold themselves in place. If you've ever held a tow bar, you know how heavy the arms can be, so self-supporting arms make connecting and disconnecting the arms much easier.If there is more than 3" between the height of your hitch receiver and your base plate, you typically need to invest in a high-low adapter. Otherwise, extreme force will be placed on your dinghy's frame during flat towing. With the Commander II, you are less likely to need a high-low hitch adapter, as this tow bar's shank has a 1-1/2" rise or drop built in. Simply detach the shank, flip it, and reattach it to the tow bar in the rise or drop position to get the tow bar close to parallel.The Commander II has an adjustable head that can tilt 3" up or down, keeping the tow bar as parallel to the ground as possible when connecting and disconnecting on hills or rocky ground. If you'll be parking on any terrain that is not level, you want a tow bar with a tilting head.The Commander II also has integrated cable mounting clips to keep your safety cables and electrical cord clear of the ground. Safety cables are included with your purchase of a Demco Commander II, which is one item you can check off from your flat towing shopping list.

Customer Review: 5/5 Stars

I really like using the Demco non-binding tow bar. Hooking up is so much easier with it than our previous tow bar. No need to level and square up the toad with the motor home. I also like having the safety cables permanently attached to the bar. We changed toad vehicles this year, so I bought a Demco base plate for our CRV. The tow bar shafts simply plug into the base plate. It couldn't get any easier.T.J. Sheperd

Why Not Choose This Tow Bar?

A few reviewers have mentioned that this tow bar is a bit heavy, so installation may be a challenge for flat towers who struggle with lifting heavy objects.Also, if you wish to tow a heavy-duty truck or SUV loaded with supplies, you may exceed the weight rating of 6,000 lbs.

Customer Review: 4/5 Stars

Solidly built. I paired this with a Demco Tabless Base Plate (DM9519336) on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler, pulled by my 2020 Winnebago View. Easy to connect and disconnect, and the self-supporting arms are a plus. The supplied 54" safety cables were too short, since I needed to add a 4" drop receiver. After testing in the parking lot with minimum turn radius, I've ordered the 64" cables. Bummed to buy a complete extra set of safety cables. (Demco does make short safety cable extensions, but they cost almost as much as the complete longer cables.)Jerry J.

Demco Commander II Specifications

Weight Rating: 6,000 lbsHitch Size: 2"Arms: Telescoping, Non-Binding, Self-Aligning, Self-SupportingWeight: 41 lbsBase Plate Compatibility: Demco, Blue Ox etrailer (depending on model)Extras: Safety Cables, 1-1/2" Rise/Drop Shank, Built-in Cable ClipsWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Demco Commander II Tow Bar Product Image

Learning How to Flat Tow Article Series

Helpful Flat Towing Information

Note on Base Plate Compatibility

Tow bars are not compatible with every base plate. Remember, a base plate is the anchor point where the tow bar's arms attach to the dinghy. You will need to check the compatibility or adaptability of your base plate with your tow bar. A general rule of thumb is to choose a tow bar and base plate kit from the same manufacturer.Check Tow Bar/Base Plate Compatibility here: Base Plate Adapter Table.

Note on Tow Bar and Trailer Hitch Weight Rating

It’s vital to know how much weight you plan to flat tow: your towed vehicle’s weight + the weight of the stuff you place in your towed vehicle. You will need to choose a tow bar that is rated high enough to tow that total loaded weight. Generally, the heavier your loaded vehicle, the more costly the tow bar. Above, we have a few recommendations for heavy duty tow bars.You also need to know the weight rating of your RV hitch. Just because you have a bull of a tow bar does not mean your trailer hitch can tow that weight as well. Check your RV hitch’s manufacturer for its weight rating.
Still have questions? Did we miss a need-to-know tip? Let us know in the comments!
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