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What is the Best Trailer or RV Storage Cover

Choosing the right cover for your camper can be a tough decision. We all want to protect our campers and keep them in top shape, but based on where we store our campers and what budget we're working with, the qualities we need in a cover will vary. With so many different covers out there, how do you know which one is the right one? Whether looking for a cover for your motorhome, travel trailer, pop-up camper, truck camper, or horse trailer, we can help find the right one for you. The covers we carry are universally designed to fit by camper style and camper length, and will fit all of the popular brands, such as Jayco, Keystone, Forest River, and many more.
RV Storage Cover

How to Choose a Storage Cover

  • Step 1 - Determine Your Trailer Style
  • Step 2 - Measure Your Trailer or RV for Fit
  • Step 3 - Choose a Cover Design
  • Step 4 - Determine Your Storage Climate
  • Step 5 - Install A Storage Cover
  • Step 6 - Accessory Covers

Camper Styles

The first step in choosing the correct cover is to narrow down your options by selecting your style RV. These covers are designed to fit the general shape of a specific RV style. Covers come in options for Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, fifth wheel, toy hauler, travel, and pop-up trailers, and truck bed campers. Measuring for FitOnce you know what style RV cover you need, then it is time to measure the length of your motorhome or trailer. It is always a good idea to measure, when possible, rather than simply using the manufacturer's provided length to help account for the addition of a ladder or accessories added to the back of the camper. For the height, you will just need to measure the sidewall of the motorhome or trailer. The rooftop components, like the air conditioner and vents, have already been considered in the design of the covers.When measuring the length of a motorhome, you will want to measure from the front bumper all the way to the further point at the back of the coach, usually the bumper or the ladder.
Class A
Measuring for RV Cover - Class A
Class B
Measuring for RV Cover - Class B
Class C
Measuring for RV Cover - Class C
Truck Bed Camper
Measuring for RV Cover - Truck Bed Camper
When measuring a trailer, you want to measure the overall length of the trailer body excluding the tongue and any accessories on the front of the frame. This is the same way you will want to measure your horse trailer.
5th Wheel
Measuring for RV Cover - 5th Wheel
Travel Trailer
Measuring for RV Cover - Travel Trailer
Pop-Up Camper
Measuring for RV Cover - Pop-Up Camper

Cover Design

The next factor to consider is the design of the cover. Covers come in many different styles and levels of protection for your RV. Some styles are designed to cover your entire RV, while others only cover the roof or a portion of the RV.
Full Cover RV Covers
Full CoverageFull coverage covers help provide a semi-custom fit for your RV. These covers will protect your RV roof and sidewalls while the RV is in storage. Cinch straps are used to take some of the slack out of the cover so it stays in place on your RV. Most contour-style, full coverage covers feature zipper sections to allow you access to the interior of your camper. These zipper sections typically roll up and secure to make it easier to enter and exit the RV.
RV Roof Covers
Roof CoverageRoof covers are designed to only cover the roof of your RV and protect the components and seals on the roof from rain and UV rays. A roof cover allows for easy access to your RV's doors, windows, and storage compartments since the sides are left open with this style cover. Measuring for a roof cover is slightly different than measuring for a full-coverage cover. When measuring your RV for a roof cover, you will only want to measure the length of the roof, not the overall length of your RV.

Storage Climate

Some covers are designed to provide basic protection by keeping dust, moisture, and bird droppings off of your vehicle while it is in covered storage. Other covers are designed to hold up against wind, rain, snow, and sun to provide full protection for your RV while it is stored somewhere exposed to the elements. Your climate and the amount of exposure your RV will have are important factors to consider when choosing the type of material your cover is made from.
All Weather Climates
All Weather ClimatesIf your RV or trailer is stored somewhere that will be exposed to all types of weather and wind, it is best to get a cover that will protect both the roof and sides of your camper. Climates that expose the camper to sun, wind, rain, and snow are the hardest on RVs and trailers. Covers for campers in this type of climate will need to successfully repel water, provide ventilation to keep out mold and mildew, protect the camper from harmful UV rays, and be resistant to moving in the wind. Some covers, such as the Adco All-Climate + Wind Cover, typically have a special material used on the roof for the best quality rain, snow, and UV protection while using a multi-layer polypropylene material for the sides. On their All-Climate + Wind cover, Adco uses Tyvek material on the roof and triple layer polypropylene side panels to provide durable and water repellant coverage.
Wet Climates
Wet ClimatesWhen storing your RV in a wet climate, a cover designed to protect against rain, snow, and UV rays is ideal. These covers will keep your RV dry through the winter season and help prevent damage to the paint, decals, and seals caused by the sun's rays. Multi-layer polypropylene covers are great for keeping your trailer dry and helping block UV rays. Covers such as the Adco SFS AquaShed or the Camco UltraGuard are good for wet climates.
Wet Climates
Dry ClimatesStoring your camper in a dry climate with plenty of sunshine means your RV cover needs to stand up well against harsh UV rays. The materials and construction of these covers are designed to offer the best UV protection to keep the camper's paint job and decals in good condition. Covers made from materials such as polyester, are ideal for dry climates that experience harsher UV rays.

Installing a Storage Cover

When it comes time to install the storage cover on your trailer or RV, it is most easily done from the top of the camper. The cover can be unrolled as it is pulled onto the roof and the sides dropped down from the top. Once the cover is in place on the camper, many have cinch straps that can be tightened and adjusted to provide the perfect fit for your camper.
Installing an RV Storage Cover

Accessory Covers

In addition to covering your camper while in storage, there are a number of covers available for other purposes and parts of your camper, such as the windshield, mirrors, wiper blades, tires, air conditioner, and propane tanks. These accessory covers will help protect and prolong the life of your camper's components.
RV Window Cover
WindowsWindow and windshield covers offer additional privacy while at the campground. Windshield covers are especially nice for Class C motorhomes, since the windshield is closer to the ground than in a Class A motorhome. These covers help block UV rays to keep the camper cooler. Covers are also available to cover the entrance door window to help insulate the camper.
Wiper Blade Covers
Side Mirror and Wiper Blade CoversTo help protect an RV's wiper blades and side mirrors while parked at the campsite, mirror and wiper blade covers are a great idea. These covers take up less room and are easier to install than a full windshield cover on a large Class A motorhome. The wiper blade covers help protect the rubber of the blade and the mirror covers help to extend the life of the side mirrors.
Tire and Wheel Covers
Tire and Wheel CoversTire and wheel covers are great to help prolong the life of your camper's tires. Leaving tires in the sun while camping and during storage will cause tires to dry rot and break down. Using tire covers when not traveling will help slow down the breakdown of the rubber and help extend the life and quality of your tires. Slip covers are designed to cover the tires on your trailer's axles, as well as covers designed for spare tires. Tire slip covers are designed in both single tire and dual tire covers, depending on personal preference.
Air Conditioner Covers
Air ConditionerVinyl air conditioner covers are designed to be used on your camper when it is in storage. An air conditioner cover will help keep out dirt, dust and debris, as well as protect the unit against rain and UV rays. It is important to keep in mind that these covers are a semi-custom fit, so knowing which unit is on your RV is key. Often the air conditioner unit information can be found in the owner's manual or trailer spec sheet.
Propane Tank Covers
Propane TanksCovers to protect your propane tanks are available in both vinyl construction and plastic construction. Polyethylene, rigid covers are designed to protect both tanks in a dual tank system, while vinyl covers are available in both dual and single tank covers. Using a cover with your propane system protects your tanks, regulator, and hoses from dirt and debris that comes off the road. A cover also helps keep components out of the sun to help prevent UV damage.

Questions and Comments about this Article

Charles M.

i have a 2011 heartland north trail what cover do u recomend 29-30 ft

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Is your Heartland North Trail a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer, and what model do you have? The best cover we have to offer is the Adco Tyvek Al-Climate + Wind but we do want to make sure we get the correct size and style. I'm attaching out fitguide for both styles that you can filter through. All you'll have to do is select your model from the drop-down menu to see what fits.

Robert P.

No Class-C cover is long enough. I have a 2020 Renegade Valencia which is 38ft long. Any options?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The only cover we have that fits a motorhome that large is a Class A cover like the Adco Tyvek All-Climate # 290-34827 . There will probably be some slack at the front but that is adjustable with the front strap.

Mike N.

I have 2015 wilderness by heartland 30’ travel trailer... can you send options?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Here is a link to the covers in our fitguide for a 2015 Heartland Wilderness travel trailer. All you'll need to do is select your model and it will filter all of the options that fit. I recommend going with the Adco Tyvek All-Climate cover as it is the best cover that we carry.

Joe J.

Hi, I’m searching for an all-weather cover for our 2019 Airstream Nest. Any recommendations ?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

For your Airstream Nest, the Adco Tyvek All Climate Cover # 290-34838 will work perfectly. It also includes Tyre Gards to help protect each of the tires/wheels while the trailer is in storage.

Rosanne H.

Need a good cover for 1975 Bombi Snow Cat, 6 high, 10 length, 7 wide. Have looked everywhere, will you consider making one please.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jason S.

We don't actually make the covers. I looked up your 1975 Bombi Snow Cat and see why you'd want to take care of it. The best I can do is recommend the Adco Tyvek All-Climate + Wind RV Cover # 290-22892 which is 144" long x 88" wide x 48" tall (12 feet x 7 feet 4 inches x 4 feet). This will cover the cab portion well, and then you'd need to use tarps for the tracks.

Enrique M.

I have an adirondack dutchman 2004 model RV, I need a cover, what type do you recommend? Thank you

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jacob H.

What is the length of your camper? Is it a fifth wheel camper or a travel trailer? With these I can better help you.



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