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Blue Ox Vehicle-Specific Base Plates

Base plates are an integral part of any towing system. These vehicle-specific brackets provide attachment points on your dinghy for your tow bar. Because base plates have to provide a solid, durable connection for towing your vehicle, the reinforced frame brackets must fit your dinghy perfectly. While most tow bars, braking systems and lighting kits can work with almost any vehicle, base plates are always custom fit.

Design and Construction

Blue Ox Base Plates

Hidden Reinforcements

Simple Installation

Removable Drawbar Arms

Connecting Blue Ox Base Plates to Tow Bars

All Blue Ox base plate brackets are designed with two protruding prongs called lugs on the ends of their drawbar arms. These lugs connect to Blue Ox tow bars via lug(s) on the ends of the tow bar arms.

Blue Ox Triple Lugs

Single-Lug Tow Bars

Original-model Blue Ox tow bars were built with a single lug on the end of each arm. This lug slips between the two lugs on the Blue Ox base plates. Once properly positioned, a pin is inserted through all three lugs and secured on one side with a smaller quick pin.

Triple-Lug Tow Bars

To create a more substantial connection between the tow bar and the base plate bracket, Blue Ox created triple-lug tow bars. The ends of these tow bars have three prongs instead of one so that the two base plate lugs are surrounded, creating a reinforced connection.

After slipping the triple-lug end of your Blue Ox tow bar into the base plate, insert the keeper pin through all five lugs and secure it with the quick pin, just as you would with the single-lug tow bar.

Base Plate Adapters

Base Plate Adapters

An adapter may be required if your tow bar and base plate kit are from different manufacturers. Roadmaster and Blue Ox products, for example, are not compatible with one another. Most Roadmaster tow bars hook up to the base plates installed on your vehicle via quick-disconnect brackets, which will not work with Blue Ox lug-style base plates

If you have base plates from Blue Ox and a tow bar from another manufacturer, please click here to see a table that will help you determine which adapter best suits your needs

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Last updated: 6/29/18

Joel R.


I have a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK sport unlimited. The jeep has original front and rear bumpers with 33 in tires and was lifted. I would like to know ALL THE PARTS I need ti purchased in order to flat tow with my 33ft Jayco Precept? Please assist with everything needed to buy thank you.

Etrailer Expert

Kef G.


I can recommend the wiring, safety cables, and brake system. For the wiring, we have Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit, part # RM-154 . For the brake system, we have the Blue Ox Patriot 3, part # BRK2019 . For the safety cables, we have the Curt Single Hook, Coiled Safety Cables, part # C80136 . You'll also need a base plate and tow bar. The tow bar will depend on which base plate you choose. The base plate will have to be determined by which bumper you have. I've linked to a list for both. On the base plate, choose which bumper you have from the drop-down menu.

Stephen R.


i have a 2013 sport with a 3" lift and 32" tires and a after market bumper with winch and i am needing a tow plate that will work with my blue ox BX7445 Aventra lx tow bar class iv 10,000 LB 2" receiver, the bumper has D-rings but one got bent pulling the jeep sideways and i believe they are to high over the motorhome receiver (12") or so. i have a photo of the bumper and will send it to you if I'm able too here

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I'm guessing you're talking about a 2013 Wrangler? If that's the case then check out the attached link to our selection of base plate kits. This allows you to filter through different bumper options and then choose accordingly. If none of the Blue Ox options fit then let me know what base plate kit will fit and I can see if an adapter can be used with your tow bar.

Robert B.


I have a 2005 350Z touring roadster 6 speed manual transmission I need I baseplate. The Nissan spec say I can flat tow however can not find one , do you have one .Please / Thanks

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


It does look like your 350Z can be flat towed, however there aren't any custom base plate kits available for it. This is likely because it's just not a very popular toad vehicle. The best option we have is the Universal Blue Ox # BX88266 . You'll likely need to reinforce (or remove altogether) the bumper to ensure a secure attachment.



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