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Printable Trailer Bolt Hole Pattern Template

For accurate results, please print on 8.5x11" paper. Download/print the PDF template below: PDF trailer bolt hole pattern template



Printed on 8-1/2 x 11, straight line measures 7", but I notice the bolt-pattern dots are not centered around the center "hub" of the template. For example, the 4-on-4 appears with center to bolt center 2" (correct) one direction and the opposite 4-on-4 bolt hole is 2-3/16" from the center. So, not positioned on the page about the center of the hub diagram and not the correct center-to-center dimension.



What about 6 lug with 7.25" measuring center bolt across to the other. I need to find the conversion or something.

David B.


That must be an old wheel. Are you trying to replace it or find tires for it? I don't think those have been really "produced" since the 60-70s.



@DavidB yes it's on what I'm told is 1959 international no one has a clue other then changing axle that is off the front end on the truck rear end its quite nice except the fact having 8.75R16.5LT

David B.


Ahh those are really awesome looking trucks! Aside from browsing forums and finding someone with the parts you need it would probably be best to swap the axles for something you can actually get parts for.

Robert F.


To help with the printing problem on a 8 by 11 piece of paper. Just set scale it to 134% and give that a shot. it worked for me

Chris V.


This does not print out correctly. Is your 6 7/8 measurement wrong? At 100% on 8.5X11 paper that line is 5 inches. I give up!

Bill K.


why not just offer a pdf file that has the image allready sized to the 6-7/8" so that a customer could download and print on a printer that settings that are ready sized for 8-1/2 x 11 paper?

David B.


Hey Bill, the 6-7/8" line is to let you know it printed at the correct size. That is the diameter of the circle. It is formatted to be printed on a standard sheet of paper (8-1/2"-11"). And it does state that at the top of the page. Does that clear it up for you?



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