Types of Bumpers

Vehicles come equipped with different types of bumpers. The type of bumper your vehicle has can affect what trailer hitches will fit. Below are the five types of bumpers your vehicle could have.

Standard Bumper

Standard Bumper Graphic

Custom Fit Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch Product Image

Deep Drop Bumper (also known as a Cowboy Bumper)

This type of bumper is typically found on older trucks and is usually chrome plated. Deep drop bumpers have a heavy-duty towing capacity and a lower ball height than a step bumper. The drop from the bottom of the frame is usually 10 or 12 inches.
Deep Drop Bumper Graphic

Roll Pan Bumper

Roll pan bumpers are typically found on custom compact trucks. The trailer hitches available will sit in the middle, behind the bumper.
Roll Pan Bumper Graphic

Step Bumper

This type of bumper is typically found on trucks, vans and SUVs. The small cutout in the center looks like a step. This bumper also has holes for hitch balls and can be used to tow lightweight trailers.
Step Bumper Graphic

Tube Bumper

This type of bumper is typically found on jeeps.
Tube Bumper Graphic
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