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Can You Flat Tow a Ford Ranger?

Yes - you can flat tow a 2019-2023 Ford Ranger as long as it's a 4WD vehicle. The owner's manuals don't specifically state this, but they DO mention that the transfer case must be set to 4H in order to safely flat tow. Since 2WD vehicles are not equipped with a transfer case, they cannot be flat towed. For 2008-2011 models, you can flat tow all models EXCEPT those with 2wd and automatic transmissions. Several of these models do have speed limitations, some require a Neutral Tow Kit from an authorized dealer, and some require you to disconnect the driveshaft. For 1996-2007 models, you can flat tow all Ford Rangers. However, many models have speed or distance restrictions. Depending on the drivetrain, there are extra steps you might also have to take, such as disconnecting the driveshaft. We recommend checking the owner’s manual for your particular year/make/model and verifying what steps or additional parts are needed for safe flat towing. There are always liability issues that come into play when flat towing against the manufacturer’s advice, including:
  • You’ll void your warranty - If your vehicle is under warranty, you’ll need to determine if flat towing is worth losing your coverage.
  • Insurance might not cover accident claims - If the worst happens while flat towing your vehicle, your insurance company may choose not to cover your claim, since you are not using the vehicle the way the manufacturer intended.
  • Lawsuits - This is an extreme example, but if your flat-towed vehicle is responsible for loss of life or property damage, you could be held legally liable.
Alternative OptionsSome models may be towable with a tow dolly. Other models must be transported via flatbed trailer or tow truck. Check your owner’s manual for specific advice for your particular Ranger model.
Ford Ranger
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Terry D.


Can you please tell me more about your first paragraph saying as of 2023 any 19 and up Ranger, 2 or 4 WD, can be flat towed with no restrictions? I'm finding nothing online from Ford to elaborate on that. Thanks!

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@TerryD The owner's manual for the 2019+ Ford Ranger states that the vehicle CAN be flat towed, but then goes on to speak of setting the transfer case to 4H. 2WD vehicles wouldn't be equipped with a transfer case, and the manual doesn't specifically mention a 4X2 vehicle. I checked out what's considered the definitive source, the Ford Towing Guide for those model years, which DOES specifically state that ONLY 4x4 Ranger models can be flat towed. We apologize for the confusion, and will have that error on our site updated ASAP. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!
Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@TerryD We've updated the help article.



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