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Diode Installation Instructions for Dinghy with Combined Tail Light Wiring

Wiring the Dinghy:

Diagram of Left-Turn Diode Connection

1. To Begin: Mounting and Grounding

2. Installation

Diagram of Running Light Jumper Wire

Inserting Jumper Wire Into a Spade Connector Twisting Together Jumper Wire and Running Light Circuit from Tow Harness

Locate the dinghy's factory running light and turn signal circuits and install a diode in-line with each. This process is outlined below. The diode installation is the same for each circuit.

Wirig Diagram for Wiring a Dinghy with a Combined Lighting System

To view a video installation of a similar installation, click here: Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit Installation Video

Connecting the Vehicles

A wiring extension cord must be run from the tow vehicle to the dinghy to connect their two wiring systems.

Tow Bar Wiring Extension Cord for Towing a Vehicle

Note: Extension cords for towing a vehicle are unique. Unlike standard wiring adapters, both ends of the extension cord will have male, trailer end connectors. Ensure the extension cord you purchase for your setup has the appropriate trailer connectors on each end.

To see available extension cords and connectors click here.

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Last updated: 6/29/18

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