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Best Gifts: Teammate Top Picks

'Tis the season to give the best gifts

Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast or building your personal wish list, we're here to help We went straight to the source - our dedicated team members - and asked them to share the treasures they've bestowed upon loved ones or earmarked for their own adventures. The result? A carefully curated list of their top outdoor picks. Dive into this exclusive selection and discover the best gear and gadgets that have won the hearts of our very own team members.
etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector for Active Lifestyle - Waterproof

Who it’s for: Any outdoorsy person who’s not afraid to get dirty–but likes a clean car. Whether it’s a hike in the afternoon sun, a day at the beach, or a float trip on the river, no one wants sweat, sand, weather, or dirt gunking up their front seat. This cover folds up into its own headpiece when not in use and tucks inside most glove boxes, so you can pull it out whenever you need it. Warning: this universal cover fits most front seats, but it hasn’t been confirmed to fit reindeer-drawn sleighs.
Evangline M.
ratchet straps

Ratchet Tie Down Straps w/ Storage Bag

Who it’s for: Who it’s for: Everyone. Really, everyone can use a good set of tie-down straps. What sets these straps apart? The integrated wire keepers help keep the straps in place and make it easy for one person to strap down a load alone. This set also comes with a durable storage bag, so your giftee can toss the kit in the back of their truck or in their garage until it’s needed, without worrying about losing a strap in the meantime.
Zach O and Dylan S's Reviews
first aid

Coghlan's Trek III Camping First Aid Kit - 61 Pieces

Who it’s for: The outdoor-enthusiast who’s a bit…unlucky. Accidents can happen to anyone, but we all know that person who’s just a little more accident-prone than others (or maybe it’s you?). If this person also happens to be a hiker, cyclist, camper, or traveler, do them a favor and gift them this handy first-aid kit. This little bag contains 61 medical items, including adhesive bandages, gloves, antiseptic pads, gauze, and a portable case to carry it all. Keep your loved one safe and give yourself a little peace of mind knowing they’re prepared for minor mishaps.
Scott M's Review
windshield cover

etrailer Snoblock Snow and Ice Windshield and Wiper Blade Cover

Who it’s for: The commuter without a garage. Who loves scraping ice and snow off their windshield before their morning commute? Not me, not you, and probably not anyone on your gift list, either. If your loved one doesn’t have access to covered parking (either at home or in their work/school parking lot), the etrailer Snoblock Snow and Ice Windshield and Wiper Blade Cover is one of those thoughtful no-brainer gifts they’ll use for years to come. Loop the cover onto the windshield, then simply remove it to shake off any snow and ice in seconds – no scraping required.
Paula and Kenon's Reviews
Amber and Danielle's Reviews
WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech Floor Mats

Who it’s for: Anyone with a vehicle. Do you know someone who just bought a new (or new to them) vehicle they want to keep in top condition? Help them protect their floorboards from winter slush AND add a touch of style to their ride with WeatherTech floor mats. These custom-fit, durable mats trap water and debris and keep them off the carpet. WeatherTech offers colors to match every interior, from classic black to stylish tan to sleek gray.
Mike L's Review
NOCO Jump Starters

NOCO Jump Starters - Voltmeter - LED Work Light - USB Port

Who it’s for: Your kids, your spouse, or anyone else you don’t want to see stranded. A NOCO Jump Starter isn’t exactly a pair of diamond earrings, but sometimes practical gifts show your love the most. If your loved one drives a vehicle, they’re at risk of encountering a dead battery and getting stranded. A NOCO Jump Starter is a great way to ensure they always have a backup plan and can come to their own rescue. The Sport model is the perfect device to keep in every car, while the Pro model is ideal for RVs, trucks, and other large equipment. They even come with LED work lights and the ability to charge up cell phones in an emergency.
James M's Review
ignik firecan

Ignik FireCan Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit with Grill Box

Who it’s for: Campfire lovers. If you or your loved ones enjoy camping in cooler temperatures, you’re going to need a way to stay cozy. With burn bans being enacted in many public and national parks, this Ignik FireCan Fire Pit is a great way to enjoy a campfire without risking the ire of Smokey the Bear. This pit has a grilling mode for cooking up your favorite campfire foods, and because it runs on propane and not wood, you can pack up and leave without a trace.
Tom's Review
utility knife

Utility Knife - Folding - Locking - Push-Button Blade Change

Who it’s for: Outdoorsy people, tinkerers, DIYers, anyone who works with their hands. Someone combined the convenience of a pocket knife with the functionality of a utility knife, and that’s how the Performance Tool Folding Utility Knife was born. Whether you’re performing routine maintenance on your car or RV, slicing open that super-taped gift box, or tinkering around the house, this utility knife will come in handy. The clip makes it easy to connect to a belt or pocket, so it’s never far when you’re working. Swap out your blades with the push of a button to stay sharp.
Brendan's Review
TeraPump UtilityCan

Tera Pump Fuel Transfer Pump

Who it’s for: The person on your list with a motorcycle, boat, mower, or any gas-powered machine.If you know someone who has to fuel up their boat, mower, ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike, make their lives easier with a Tera Pump Fuel Transfer Pump. No need to lift a heavy gas can or spill fuel all over their garage or driveway. Tera Pumps sit safely on the ground while the manual or battery-powered pumps fill the gas tank. They’ll thank you every time they use it.
"I gave it as a gift to my dad, now he doesn't have to pick up a heavy gas can and risk spilling fuel everywhere." - Holly J's Review

SeaSucker Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Who it’s for: The spontaneous adventurer who enjoys hitting the slopesThis holiday season, surprise the winter sports enthusiast in your life with the SeaSucker Ski and Snowboard Carrier, a gift that brings extra excitement to snowy adventures. What sets it apart is its lightning-fast installation with vacuum cups that won't mark your car's finish and its effortless removal for convenient storage in your trunk. This versatile ski carrier works on vehicles with a naked roof and is perfect for travel, even with rental cars. With integrated slots, snap-in retention cords, soft padding, and a reassuring indicator system, it ensures a worry-free journey while protecting your valuable gear. Crafted from high-density black polyethylene thermoplastic, this carrier won't harm your vehicle (or sleigh!) and is proudly made in the USA.
"This product is great due to the fact that you don't have to install a permanent roof rack." - Kim O

Thule Subterra Rolling Luggage with Detachable Duffel

Who it’s for: The frequent traveler This holiday season, why get tangled up in the tinsel of travel mishaps when you can roll smoothly with the Thule Subterra Rolling Luggage? It's the ultimate travel companion that's a real gift-wrapped treat for any adventurous soul. With its detachable duffel, it's like having an extra holiday stocking, ready to be filled with all your essentials. Its rugged construction is more reliable than Santa's sleigh, ensuring your belongings stay safe and sound. Wrap up the gift of hassle-free travel for your loved ones with this practical pick.
I think this duffel bag is something everyone can use.

GSI Outdoors Camping Santoku Knife Set

Who it’s for: The campground chef As sad as it is, holiday cookies most likely shouldn’t be consumed all year round.But you can switch from cookies to outdoor fun. Make your outdoor culinary adventures just as festive with the GSI Outdoors Camping Santoku Knife Set. This Christmas, give the gift of gourmet campfire cooking to your favorite outdoor enthusiast. This versatile set will have them dicing and slicing like a pro, no matter where they roam. With its non-stick Santoku knife, compact carry case, and handy cutting board, it's the perfect recipe for elevating their outdoor cooking skills.
"I didn't receive this as a gift, but it's a great choice for people who love to cook and camp. It's even a solid set to keep around in the camper." -Alex H.

Griot's Garage PFM Edgeless Microfiber Drying Towel

Who it’s for: That car junkie friend This Christmas, you don't need the "Fast and Furious" crew to make your car feel like a superstar. Instead, give the gift of glam to your auto enthusiast with the Griot's Garage PFM Edgeless Microfiber Drying Towel. It's the ideal present for anyone who loves their car, making it sparkle faster than a Hollywood action scene. This advanced microfiber towel ensures a streak-free, lint-free shine, no movie magic required. Its borderless design won't scratch your ride, and there are no edges to snag on trim, moldings, or emblems.Whether it's Santa's sleigh or your daily driver, this towel will have your ride looking sleek.
"Griot's Garage PFM Edgeless Microfiber Drying Towel is by far the best tool I have ever used for drying my car after a wash. It is very plush to protect paint and super absorbent, it leaves behind no traces of water at all. For any gearhead or auto enthusiast in your life, this is a great gift they will love every time they use it." - Jeff L
retractable straps

Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps

Who it’s for: The family member that is always lending their truck or trailer out 'Tis the season to be jolly, but why spend it picking up extra slack with tangled cargo straps? This winter say goodbye to frustration and hello to convenience with the Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps. These straps are the perfect gift for anyone who's tired of the traditional tie-down hassle. With these ratchet straps, you can secure your gear quickly and securely, as if you are wrapping up your cargo like it’s a present. These retractable straps automatically wind up into their built-in housings at the push of a button, eliminating the hassle of tangling or flapping excess strap in the wind. Make your holiday season a lot less stressful when it comes to securing your loads with this selection.
Matt's Review

Ignik FireCan Portable Propane Fire Pit

Who it’s for: That camper who is all about the fire Imagine your loved one in a winter wonderland, surrounded by snowy scenes, and in the middle of it all, the Ignik FireCan Portable Propane Fire Pit is blazing away. With just a push of a button, they've got warmth, ambiance, and a fireside glow, making you the best gift-giver in the family. And it's eco-friendly too. Wildfires consume around 6 million U.S. acres each year, contributing to 20 percent of global carbon emissions. This has led to more burn bans, limiting where you can have a traditional campfire. The Ignik FireCan, running on propane, provides a safe solution, allowing your loved one to enjoy the outdoors without environmental worries.
" It's portable - can use it in areas with burn bans - not burning wood. Looks very user friendly." - Vicki N

WeatherTech CupFone Universal Cell Phone Holder

Who it’s for: The traveler who uses their phone as a GPS The WeatherTech CupFone Phone Holder is the perfect holiday gift for your loved one because, let's face it, if there's one thing you can bet on during the holiday season, it's travel. This nifty little gadget is like your trusty sidekick for the road, ensuring your dear traveler can keep their phone handy for GPS, music, or those all-important car karaoke sessions without fumbling around. It's like having a personal assistant in your cup holder, and it won't ask for a holiday bonus! Unlike me, who accepts their holiday bonus in the form of Christmas cookies and chocolate milk.
"Almost everyone has a phone and a car, so it is a super practical buy for probably anyone on your gift list. There are various sizes to fit the larger or smaller smartphones. Great for any distance journey!" - Rachel S
truck mat

BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat

Who it’s for: The truck owner that enjoys campingCamping is great, bonfires are great, eating a hot dog cooked over said bonfire is great, sleeping on the ground in a tent is decidedly less great. With the BedRug custom truck bed mat, turn your truck bed into a people bed and sleep the sleep of kings. When your friends wake up at 5am covered in dew with a backache that they won’t completely shake until noon, you’ll be snoozing away, happy you prepared for comfort. Just make sure they save you some of the eggs they made for breakfast; a comfy bed is no reason to go hungry after all. And when you’re not camping, you can use the softer bed liner to protect your precious cargo. No more worrying about scratching furniture or damaging your truck when those same tent relatives ask you for help moving their couch.
Bill's Review
noco genius

NOCO Genius Boost Sport Jump Starter

Who it’s for: The relative that loves to take road tripsYou hope to go your entire life without needing emergency measures like this one. But the peace of mind that is instilled when you KNOW that if your loved one’s battery dies, they have the tools necessary to get their vehicle up and running again can’t be put into words. Batteries are at their most vulnerable in the cold climates, and I don’t want to imagine my family members stranded out in the middle of a winter storm over the holidays. Make sure they will always get back to the safety of their home this holiday with the NOCO Genius Sport Jump Starter.
Zach's Review
trailer lock

etrailer Hitch and Coupler Lock Set

Who it’s for: The trailer-owner that wants to protect their investment We get it, you love your trailer, or maybe you love what it hauls, or maybe you love THAT it hauls. No matter how you slice it, your trailer is important to you. Ours are important to us too, and that’s why it’s so important to protect them. This etrailer Hitch and Coupler Lock set will make sure that your sleigh is exactly where you parked it, every time. No one on their way to Santa’s naughty list will be able to steal your precious towables once this coupler lock is in place..
Josh B's Review
gear box

GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box

Who it’s for: The boater that wants to keep their stuff dryWe know it’s not boating season, but that doesn’t mean the boater in your life isn’t daydreaming about next summer’s marine adventures! Don’t let the holiday spirit distract you from your summer plans! With the GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box you or your giftee can keep all of their important belongings safe and dry no matter where their boat takes them. And let’s be honest, being on the good side of someone with a boat is ALWAYS a good place to be.
Sam's Review
seat protector

etrailer Cargo Area Protector

Who it’s for: That person who brings their dogs (or their crock pot) EVERYWHERENobody wants to deep clean their car. And just trying your best to keep it clean will only take you so far. Eventually you will take your dogs for a ride, or you will spill a drink, or throw some muddy/snowy gear in the back. And you’re stuck: now it’s either deep clean your car, or live with the mess you’ve created. What if I told you there is a third option? With some preparation, all of those messes could be avoided. With a cargo protector, make sure that cleaning up the messes that life throws at you (or into your trunk) are as easy as possible to clean up. No more dog hair, no more mud, no more hassle. This is a must-have gift for you, for your friends, for your family, for anybody that drives and doesn’t want a mess in their car.
Jon G's Review

Coghlan's Leather Wineskin

Who it’s for: The hiker that wants to stay hydrated and prepared, or that camper who wants to be a BIT extra You can never have enough “insert favorite beverage here” when you’re out camping. Whether that's water, kool-aid, hot coffee, or a cold drink, this leather wineskin will make sure that you have a comfortable place to keep a full liter of whatever liquid you need at a moment’s notice (yes, it’s also fantastic for wine). Make sure you’re storing your liquids in style next time you go camping, and don’t be caught with cottonmouth in the wilderness.
Jacob's Review
winter safety kit

Winter Road Safety Kit

Who it’s for: Anyone that drives. Literally anyone.It is no shocker to anyone that winter is a dangerous time to be on the road. From the biggest truck with the most snow-ready tires to the smallest sedan that struggles in the rain, there is no vehicle that is 100% safe when mother nature decides that we’re ALL celebrating a white christmas, whether we want to or not. This holiday season, make sure your loved ones are prepared for the worst with a winter road safety kit. This kit comes with a set of GripTrax plates to help you if your vehicle is stuck in snow, and if that isn’t enough, there is a windshield protector to protect from snow accumulation, an ice scraper to keep your windshield clear, and an LED flare to signal for assistance. We wish we could give the gift of “don’t have to drive in inclement weather anymore”, but this is definitely the next best thing.
Ashley Y
Why Ashley Y gifted it: This is a great gift to give to someone you love! Especially if it's someone that travels more often. It even comes with a windshield cover! I don't have one yet so this is definitely on my wishlist!
hitch cover

Hitch Covers

Who it’s for: The person who LOVES customizing their thingsWe all have that friend or family member who is always asked to borrow their truck, trailer, etc. Maybe they helped you move, maybe they hauled a load of raw materials for your latest project, or maybe they were there when you bought that new washer and dryer. But they’ve always been there when you need them. This holiday season it’s a great time to pay back that kindness with a bit of customization. Endorse their favorite sports team, hobby, or any other interest with a custom hitch cover, all while keeping the hitch receiver free from debris when it’s not in use. This gift makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for the hitch-owner in your life.
Halle's Review
Rain Guards

Putco Rain Guards

Who it’s for: The car owner that wants to protect their vehicle from the elements We’ve all been there, maybe you left a window down, or maybe your vehicle wasn’t as waterproof as you thought, but getting moisture in your vehicle can be a major inconvenience. Putco Rain Guards make a great gift for any vehicle owner, from the busy soccer mom, to the hard worker, to the car camper who is looking for a bit more airflow without the risk of being rained on. We won’t tell anyone if you get a set for yourself too. Protecting your vehicle from the elements is a great way to increase its longevity, and in some cases, even its resale value. Give the gift of practicality this year with Putco Rain Guards.
John's Review



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