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Wiring Installation Instructions for 2005 and 2006 VW Jetta

Technical Bulletin

Subject/Summary: New instructions are available for wiring the 2005 (New Body Style) and 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Wiring Installation Instructions

Vehicle is a 2-wire system (turn and brake signals are on the same wire) and requires a battery-powered converter (A,E).
  • Start by opening the trunk to locate the carpeted access covers to the tail light plugs on each side.
  • Two housings are plugged into the tail light: a black 2-way and a black 4-way housing. Locate the black 4-way housing to access the vehicle functions.
  • Starting on the Driver's side and using a test light, locate the wire (typically Black w/Yellow stripe) that has multiple functions (Tail, Brake, Turn). Connect the Yellow (Left Turn) wire on the harness to this wire.
    • Note: Vehicle wire color may vary - use a circuit tester or volt meter to locate.Using a volt meter, you will find 12 volts for the Turn and Brake functions and 2 volts for the Tail Light function.
  • With a test light, locate the tail light circuit. There are multiple tail light function wires. Use the wire with 12 volts (typically Gray w/Black stripe on Driver's side). Connect the Brown wire (Tail Light) to this wire.
  • Route the Green wire to the Passenger's side. Locate the multiple function wire (typically Black w/Green stripe) Connect the Green (Right Turn) wire to this wire.
  • Ground the White and Red wires on the harness.
  • Route the Black battery wire per installation instructions.
  • Test with a test light before connecting to a trailer.

Vehicle Wire Colors:

Manufacturer's often change wiring. Be sure to check for each function with a test light or volt meter before installing trailer wiring harness.

Driver's Side

  • Orange - Ground
  • Black w/Yellow Stripe - Brake 12V/Left Turn 12V/Tail Light 2V (Multifunction Wire)
  • Black w/Red Stripe - Brake 12V
  • Gray w/Black Stripe - Tail Light 12V

Passenger's Side

  • Orange - Ground
  • Black w/Green Stripe - Brake 12V/Left Turn 12V/Tail Light 2V (Multifunction Wire)
  • Black w/Purple Stripe - Brake 12V
  • Gray w/Red Stripe - Tail Light 12V
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