Hide-A-Goose Hitch Clearance on 2007 and Later GM Pickup Trucks

Custom Fit Gooseneck

Technical Bulletin

Subject:Possible Problem with Hitch Clearance in Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. This affects some installations of 9461/9463 Hide-A-Goose hitch on "New Body Style" 2007 and later models at the front driver's side corner of the head.

Problem:Variation of up to one-half inch in clearance between the top of the fuel tank and the bottom of the truck bed.

Solution:To account for the few fits with minor contact, the manufacturer is modifying current inventory and future product to provide an additional one-eighth inch of clearance between the hitch and the fuel tank.

If you find an installation with contact of the head to the gas tank in this area, contact the manufacturer's tech line at 888-521-0510.

New product with yellow dots on the box or with a manufactured date after February 26, 2008, will have been adjusted and will be a good fit.

Product Number: 9461/9463

Manufacturer:Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese,Tow-Ready

Bulletin Date:03/3/08

Bulletin Number:08-0101

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