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Best Bike Racks for Road Bikes (2022)

If you're a bike enthusiast, you know that finding the right bike rack is about more than simply finding a way to transport your gear. It's about finding a bike rack that fits everything just right, whether you're a solo cyclist or a 5-bike family. It's about knowing your precious cargo is secure and will arrive at your destination in the same condition it left. It's about being able to take your bikes where you want them, when you want them.That's why we've put together this list of the top bike racks for road bikes for 2022. Check out the list below for help determining which rack is right for your biking lifestyle.
Road Bikes on Bike Rack

What Type of Bike Rack Do I Need for My Road Bike?

The safest way to carry your road bike is with a hitch-mounted platform-style carrier. There are several reasons cyclists prefer hitch-mounted platform-style racks over other types.Hitch-mounted platform racks:
  • Carry bikes by wheels with little or no frame contact
  • Don't allow bikes to sway behind vehicle (unlike hanging racks)
  • Don't require overhead clearance (unlike roof racks)
  • Generally accomodate common mountain bike features (29" wheels, suspension, etc.)
  • Are more aerodynamic and fuel efficient than roof racks
  • Can carry women's bikes without adapters
  • Often can carry kids' bikes without adapters
  • Are less likely to be destroyed by low garages
Check out our top 5 list of hitch-mounted platform racks below!

Top Bike Racks for Road Bikes (2022)

Bike RackCapacityWhy Choose This Rack?
Thule T2 Pro XT2-4 BikesBest Overall (etrailer choice)
Kuat NV2-4 BikesMost Weather Resistant
Saris SuperClamp EX 2-4 BikesLightest Rack
Yakima HoldUp2-4 BikesHeavy-Duty and Versatile
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2-4 BikesBest Value 4-Bike Rack
Hon. Mention Swagman XC2 BikesBest Value 2-Bike Rack

Best Road Bike Racks of 2022

Thule T2 Pro XTProsThule has earned its respected reputation with high-quality products like the T2 Pro XT. This hitch-mounted, platform-style rack holds your bikes by the wheels, not the frame, so you don't have to worry about scratching your bike while you drive. The front-mounted HitchSwitch lever makes it easy for one person to tilt the rack and allow for rear cargo access. Locks are included to keep your expensive gear safe. Plus, the tool-free installation is a breeze.ConsAt 96 lbs for the 4-bike model, the T2 Pro XT rack isn't the easiest to lift alone. You may need a second set of hands.
Thule T2 Pro XT Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: 2-bike add-on # TH9036XTS (silver) or # TH9036XT (black)Hitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: 20" - 29"Carrier Weight: 52 lbs (2 bike); 96 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: Yes (Bikes & Rack)Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5This is the most convenient and easy to use bike rack I've ever owned. Love everything about it. I've used it for one year now. I use it mainly for a 27.5 PLUS mountain bike, but I've used it for road bikes, non-PLUS mountain bikes and cruisers. I use it on 2013 Hyundai Sonata. My only issue I have is that the car rides low and sometimes the back of the rack scrapes on dips. But that isn't a rack issue--just a fact about having this rack on a car. Overall great purchase.
Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack
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Kuat NVProsThe Kuat NV is the only rack on this list made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. This makes the rack a great choice for biking in moist or humid climates. The Kuat NV grips your bike by its front wheels via ratcheting hooks, so the rack never makes frame contact. The front-mounted foot lever lets a single person easily tilt the rack for rear cargo access. Keyed-alike locks are included for both your bikes and the rack, and the hand-tightening cam system means a tool-free installation in your hitch. Bonus: the Trail Doc bike maintenance stand attaches to the front of the NV, so you can repair and adjust your bike on the go.ConsThe rack, especially the 4-bike version, is quite heavy and may require more than one person to lift. This can be troublesome, since due to the size of the rack, you may not want to leave it on your car when it's not in use. The NV requires an adapter for kids' bikes under 25".
Kuat NV Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (40 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: 2-bike add-on for 2-bike rackHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: 25" - 29"Carrier Weight: 52 lbs (2 bike); 82 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5You certainly get what you pay for with Kuat! The fit and finish are first rate and the rack's design, in my opinion, makes it the most intuitive, cleanest and best looking rack out there. I was considering the RockyMounts Split Rail 2+2 (similar design and athletics and a bit lighter) but I am so glad I went with Kuat. I mounted it on my 06 Pilot today in less than 5 minutes with my wife's help (though it can be accomplished solo), locked the pin and tightened the anti-rattle mechanism for a rock solid mount. All bikes fit on it like a dream (my 29er, wife's mountain bike and 2 kids mountain bikes...have not tried by road bike yet but I don't anticipate any issues). Very impressed with the rack and my etrailer experience.
Kuat NV Bike Rack
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Saris SuperClamp EXProsThe Saris SuperClamp EX is a cyclist's dream. It holds your road bikes by the wheels, not the frame, so you won't have to worry about scuffs or scratches. You can easily accomodate different wheelbases via the rack's twisting knobs, so the SuperClamp EX is great for holding traditional road bikes as well as women's and kid's bikes. The tilting design allows for easy cargo access even with the bikes loaded, and locks are included for security. The 4-bike model also allows you to use a cargo carrier in place of the 2-bike add-on, so you can take 120 lbs of gear along.ConsThe included cable lock is a bit short for its purpose. The cargo carrier is compatible with the 4-bike model but cannot be used while carrying 4 bikes—the cargo carrier takes the place of two of the bikes.
Saris SuperClamp EX Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (35 lbs outer position/60 lbs inner position)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: Cargo carrierHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: 20" - 29"Carrier Weight: 35 lbs (2 bike); 63 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: Yes Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5I am really happy with this Saris bike rack. I was looking to replace an older, very serviceable but heavy rack that took up too much space in my garage and didn't easily allow me to open my Forester's back hatch door. The Saris is lighter, more compact when folded, protective of my bikes, and very easily loaded and secured (with built-in locking cables). A quick release allows the rack and bikes to tilt away from the car to allow easy access to the hatch door. In addition, I always look first for American-made products. This rack, which turned out to be well designed and well built and just what I was looking for, is made in Madison, Wisconsin, and that makes this Wisconsinite and Badger alumnus very happy, indeed! Cheers!
Saris SuperClamp EX
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Yakima HoldUp ProsThe beefy Yakima HoldUp is everything you want in a hitch-mounted bike rack. It's easy to load, thanks to the pivoting rear wheel cradles and low height. Included Same Key System (SKS) lock cores secure your bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle. The ratcheting hooks avoid any frame contact. The rack tilts away from the vehicle to allow for rear hatch access. It's also hardy enough to be versatile, if you eventually decide to carry a heftier bike, like a mountain bike or e-bike. Bonus: the available add-on # Y02446 turns this 2-bike rack into a 4-bike rack.ConsAlthough the HoldUp folds compactly against the vehicle, the folding lever is a bit difficult to access near the shank, particularly with bikes loaded. The 4-bike model is quite heavy, weighing in at over 100 lbs, and will likely require assistance to install.
Yakima HoldUp Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: 2-Bike Add-On # Y02446Hitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: 20" - 29"Carrier Weight: 49 lbs (2 bike); 104 lbs (4 bike) Locks Included: NoWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5This carrier is everything they claim it is. It's very heavy duty, easy to mount and secure all types of bikes, whether they be BMX, mountain or road bikes, and, most importantly, rides so smoothly behind the vehicle (due to the well engineered arm that goes into the receiving hitch) that you forget it's there. I truly believe many a bike will wear out before this rack wears out. I would not hesitate to recommend this carrier to anyone who serious about quality and value.
Yakima HoldUp
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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE ProsThe Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE is one of the most versatile racks you can find. Purchase the 2-bike or 4-bike models to haul your bikes, or purchase the same racks with a cargo carrier included (2-bike or 4-bike models) to carry 100 lbs of gear. The rack includes bike and hitch locks, and it tilts for rear cargo access with the bikes loaded.ConsNote that you cannot carry 4 bikes and the cargo basket at the same time, although the 4-bike model is available with a cargo carrier. The additional 2-bike add-on is interchangeable with the cargo carrier, but they cannot be used simultaneously. An adapter is required to carry 16" or 18" wheels. The rack is quite heavy, so you may need some help during installation. You may need to replace the Velcro straps before any other component.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (50 lbs per bike); 4 bikes (50 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: 2-Bike Add-On (for 2-bike carrier); Cargo CarrierHitch Size: 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: N/ACarrier Weight: 48 lbs (2 bike); 81 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5The word "Awesome" could sum up this product up. I looked all over for a bike/ basket combo, and could not find anything as nice as this one. You can use just the bike rack or just the basket or both, as seen. Very sturdy, doesn't rattle, you don't even know it is on the back of your car.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE
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Honorable Mention
Swagman XC ProsIf you've already bought the bike of your dreams and aren't ready to drop too much cash on the rack, the Swagman XC is the bike rack to fit any budget. It doesn't feature much in the way of flair, but it will carry your bikes from Point A to Point B without dropping your bike on the road. The rack is easy to assemble and works great with kids' bikes as small as 20".ConsYour bike won't fall off, but it won't enjoy the most gentle ride in the Swagman XC. The rack does not include any kind of theft deterrent, so if you plan on parking and leaving your bikes unattended, strongly consider purchasing locks. The arms fold down for rear cargo access, but there is no tilt function, so you won't be able to access your hatch with your bikes loaded. The rack also makes frame contact with your bike in order to secure it. If you're hoping for bells and whistles, you should look elsewhere.
Swagman XC Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes; 35 lbs per bikeMounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 1-1/4" - 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: Yes - when unloadedWheel Diameter: 20"-29"Carrier Weight: 25 lbsLocks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5Best Bike Rack Hitch Carrier for less than $150.00....EVER! Simple to put together and even simpler to load bikes on to. took me 15 minutes to put together. Can load 2 bikes onto the rack in less than 30 seconds. That is NOT an exaggeration either. I was worried that once I got the bikes loaded that they'd rock and shake during travel but that was not the case. Loaded 2 bikes onboard and they stayed secure during the whole trip to our start point. Again, the carrier was quiet as a church mouse. No rattling what so ever! No noise at all!! And the cushions on the clamps that hold the bike in place are gentle enough not to put any marks or scratches on my bike frame, which was definitely another concern! All in all, this was one of the best purchases I've made in the last 18 months. If you're considering this carrier and still not sure, take my word and this review, 'Buy it. You will NOT be sorry!'
Swagman XC
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