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Best Gifts for RVers & Campers
Need help finding the perfect gift for the camper or RVer in your life? Here are a few of our favorite things to inspire your gift giving. (Or snag a few for yourself too!)Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Vehicle, Outdoor Sports, Towing & Hauling, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.
SureCall Cell Signal Boosters

SureCall Cell Signal Booster

Save your favorite traveler the pain of spotty cell service (even in remote locations) with a SureCall Cell Signal Booster. It improves the connection to nearby cell towers to improve call quality and internet speeds so their GPS stays current (not to mention preserving your phone’s battery since it’s not constantly searching for signal). Choose from permanent-mount installation if they’re on the road a lot or magnetic mount if they need it infrequently or want to use it in multiple vehicles.

Swagman E-Spec Platform-Style - 2 Bike Rack

Want to ensure a spot on the nice list? Give your loved one the gift of versatility and durability with the Swagman E-Spec Platform-Style - 2 Bike Rack. This heavy-duty rack carries 2 e-bikes up to 70 lbs each on the back of your car, truck, or SUV! It also handles the extra bounce and sway when mounted on your 5th wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer. Also, with this foldable rack, you won’t have to worry about it being another thing to store before your company arrives. Keep the ones you love, or even yourself, active and healthy all year round.

etrailer Hitch Pin Alignment Collar

This handy little stocking stuffer makes installing a heavy hitch accessory a breeze. The etrailer Hitch Alignment Tool lets your loved one install a ball mount, bike rack, cargo carrier, or other hitch accessory the first time, every time. Just install this nifty collar on a 2” hitch accessory once, and the stop collar will automatically line up the pin holes perfectly from there on out.

Hopkins VueSMART RV & Trailer Backup Camera

Give the gift of hindsight this year with the the Hopkins VueSMART RV & Trailer Backup Camera and never back blindly again. The built-in WiFi transmitter connects to your smartphone or tablet so there’s no video lag. The 152-degree view banishes blind spots, and 6 LED lights help you see where you’re backing – even in the dark. Plus, you can take photos and record video.

Wesbar LED Utility Light

This utility light is such a great deal and so versatile, you may decide you need one for yourself! The Wesbar LED Utility Light plugs into any 12V outlet and puts off 650 lumens of bright white light – just flip the easy on/off switch you’re set for nighttime work, a back-up light, extra boat or ATV headlights…or any other reason to see in the dark. It’s waterproof, has a magnetic base so you can safely mount it on just about any metal surface, and the cord will stretch up to 19 feet, but coils for easy, tangle-free storage.
etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carrier

etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carriers

Need a little more room to bring home your holiday haul (or year-round cargo space on your rig)? etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carriers are here to help! They come in several sizes, install easily by bolting onto your rig’s bumper, and fold up when not in use. We built them sturdy with black powder-coated steel, added raised side rails to help keep your cargo securely in place, and gave them an open-floor design for easy cleaning.

Performance Tool Vehicle & Trailer Aligners

Make hookup a one-person job! The Performance Tool Vehicle & Trailer Aligners’ magnetic telescoping rods attach to the ball mount and trailer coupler to help the driver easily align the vehicle and trailer every time day or night. (And they’re way cheaper than marriage counseling.)

Dometic 970 Series Camping Toilet

What’s worse than going to a family member's house for a lovely holiday dinner when they only have one restroom? Going camping where there's absolutely NO restroom. Take the ultimate comfort of home with you with a Dometic 970 Series Camping Toilet. It holds enough water for 50 flushes, and an indicator meter lets you know when it's time to dump (which is a snap with the detachable holding tank).

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

Your camper might not mind getting their hands dirty—but their car is another matter. Help them protect their seats from mud and moisture with this non-slip, collapsible etrailer Bucket Seat Protector. Easily slip it over the headrest and seat after a hike, bike ride, beach day, or float trip. It’s waterproof and machine washable, plus it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment on those days when they’re not covered in yuck.
 B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

Know someone who tows multiple trailers? They’ll love the convenience and versatility of B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts. It’s available with one, two, or three ball options and multiple rises and drops to accommodate different truck and trailer heights. Plus, the ball and mounting platform stores beneath the hitch for a sleek look when not towing.

Bright Way Solar Battery Charger

What better way to make the New Year merry and bright than with a solar charging system? The Bright Way Solar Battery Charger is a 7.5-watt solar panel that uses sunlight to trickle charge your RV, camper, boat, or trailer battery. Additionally, enjoy the red (secretly holiday-themed) LED lights to help you monitor the charging status. This gift could help you, or your giftee, avoid suffering from a case of the winter blues and keep the sun coming all year round for both you and your toys. That way, they will be ready (charged) for camping season whenever you are!
WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech Floor Mats

It’s the wet and snowy season, and you know what that means—damp, muddy, dirty vehicles are just around the corner. Grab your loved one a set of these WeatherTech Floor Mats designed to match their vehicle in both fit and color. Whether they just bought a new car they want to keep fresh and new, or their older vehicle just needs a little TLC, these mats are a great gift for anyone with a car.

XG Cargo Ice Box Travel Cooler

If you know someone who loves camping or the outdoors, you know someone who needs a convenient way to keep their refreshments chilled. This XG Cargo Ice Box Travel Cooler keeps contents cold for up to 3 days (an entire weekend and then some). Its waterproof shell is perfect for camping, floating, fishing, or otherwise being outside, where (let’s be honest) you never know what to expect from Mother Nature. It even includes an integrated cutting board and D-ring tie-downs for easily strapping it to an off-road vehicle, ATV, golf cart, or other toy—because an adventure is only as good as its snacks.

etrailer Tongue Weight Scale

If you know someone who tows, look no further for a gift than this etrailer Tongue Weight Scale. This scale connects to a ball coupler or jack and provides an easy-to-read measurement to indicate whether the trailer is properly loaded. No guessing, no driving to a commercial scale, and definitely no driving with an overloaded trailer. It’s safe, it’s convenient, and it spares your loved one from having to do math (they’ll love you for it).

Telesteps Telescopic Ladder

When you need a long ladder, you really need one, but when you don’t need it, it’s kind of a nuisance. Give a full-size ladder that doesn’t need much storage space with a Telesteps Telescopic Ladder. Choose from ladders up to 14½ feet long that telescope down into a compact little package that’s easy to store and transport when not in use.
Truma Electric Cooler

Truma Electric Cooler

Here’s a riddle for you: what do you get when you mix the reliability of a mini fridge with the portability of a cooler? The Truma Electric Cooler, of course (aka maybe the most awesome gift you’ll ever give). They save you from melting ice and soggy food, but what sets them apart is that they’re so dang smart. They plug into your vehicle’s 12V outlet or any 110V outlet and allow you to control your temp via the LED display or Bluetooth app, light up on the inside so you can see what you’re grabbing, and even provide a USB port to charge your phone. They’re perfect for overlanders, boaters, campers, or anyone who likes cold beverages and fresh food (so, everyone). Plus, there are 5 sizes available, the smallest of which can fit up to 65 12-oz cans and the largest of which can hold up to 132 cans. So however long your trip is and however many people need refreshments, there’s a Truma cooler for that.

Jack-It 2-Bike Rack for A-Frame Trailers

Your camper will be thrilled with this rack that lets them see their bikes while rolling down the road (vs. hoping they’re still behind the camper)! The Jack-It 2-Bike Rack for A-Frame Trailers mounts to the travel trailer’s tongue and carries up to two bikes of almost any size or style.

Fireside Outdoor Portable Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a gift that will wow your favorite fire bug, checkout the Fireside Outdoor Portable Fire Pit. It’s the ultimate take-anywhere pit! It folds up into an easy-carry bag like a camp chair and sets up in just 60 seconds. The mesh bottom allows open airflow (which means a hotter fire and less smoke), and it comes with a heat shield so it’s safe to use on grass or a wooden deck. When they’re finished, it cools in just 90 seconds, so there’s no waiting around – just load up and go. You can even add on a grate to cook over the flames!

etrailer Coupler Lock

Give the gift of peace of mind with an etrailer Coupler Lock. The lock fits over your giftee’s trailer coupler and engages it like a trailer ball to block the ball opening and prevent would-be Grinches from making off with your loved one’s trailer.

Diamond Solar-Powered Motion Light

Looking for a gift that is merry and bright? The Diamond Solar-Powered Motion Light is a motion-activated, solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn sensor that provides lighting and safety – no wiring required. Not only are you helping light up the exterior of your loved one’s RV or shed but you are also giving them more security--something you can never have too much of! Your giftee will be beaming when they find this present under the tree.

TireMinder Tire Gauge

Holiday season also means traveling season. Let’s say heights aren’t your thing and you prefer to drive to your loved one’s humble abode way up yonder. TireMinder Tire Gauge makes sure your loved ones’ tires are full of air (and maybe even some holiday cheer). The elves specially crafted this gauge with unique features such as an LED flashlight, a glass shatter tool, and an emergency seatbelt cutter. Give the gift of practicality with this 6-in-1 digital pressure gauge.

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

We all have a gift idea that we think of in the middle of the year, one that is often forgotten about when December rolls around. Something like giving your favorite camper a better view of their surroundings while driving or parking. Make sure they start next season in safety and peace of mind with a Rear View Safety Backup Camera System. The 7” display can accommodate up to 4 cameras (1 is included) and give you eyes on all four corners of your rig.
Champion Generators

Champion Generators

We are the champions, my friend. But we won’t have to keep on fighting to find power with the Champion Generators. All come equipped with an eco-mode to reduce engine noise, extend run time, and save fuel. And with options from 2,500 watts (perfect for small campers or serious tailgaters) all the way to 9,000 (for the largest of RVs and REALLY serious tailgaters), there’s a champion generator for every application.

Camp Casual Mommy and Me Cup Set

For a lot of campers (me included), that quiet morning cup of coffee is sacred. Give a loved one (or yourself) the gift that will allow them to share that ever-important morning ritual with a little one with the Camp Casual Mommy and Me Cup Set. The shatter-resistant ceramic cups will help keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold with minimal risk of breaking. Not to mention, who doesn’t love woodland critters?

AceCamp Tribal Cooking Pot

If you have a loved one that cooks for a crew over the campfire, the AceCamp Tribal Cooking Pot has you covered. 8 liters of space means that you can feed the hungriest of tribes all at once, and still likely have leftovers. With the Tribal Pot’s aluminum construction, your food cooks quickly and the rounded bottom makes cleanup easy (a true gift).

Everchill 12V Cooler

Every camper knows the inconvenience of trying to keep food and drinks cold when the sun is blazing…you watch the ice slowly melt and hope it gets you through the day. The Everchill 12V Cooler is basically like bringing your fridge on the water with you. It’s battery powered and lasts up to 12 hours (with various recharging options). This 13.75 gallon cooler provides dual zones, which means it’s part fridge, part freezer, and 100% awesome. And because Everchill really went above and beyond (and you will too with a gift like this), it also includes an integrated cutting board, a bottle opener, and built-in wheels for portability.

Performance Tool Infrared Thermometer

In the cooking world, it’s a good rule of thumb to measure the degree of your grill before you start cooking. In the automotive world, it’s a cool rule of thumb to be able to measure your tire or engine’s temperature. With an impressive battery life ranging from 6 to 12 hours of use, the Performance Tool Infrared Thermometer has become very hot! This small inexpensive gift could save your loved one from a big headache (like a blown out tire or overheated engine) down the road.

Stromberg Carlson Stake & Grill

Be a pro-level gift giver with the Stromberg Carlson Stake & Grill. This isn’t your usual flimsy camp grill; this beast will handle thick ribeyes and plenty of them. The sturdy stake-and-grill configuration gives you epic control when cooking over a fire with adjustable height and 360-degree rotation. The chrome finish makes cleanup a breeze, and it all tucks into a handy carrying case for storage.
Kelty Camp Chairs

Kelty Camping Chairs

Whether it’s at the campground, on a picnic in the park, or at a little league game, sturdy comfortable seating is vital. Kelty has you covered with a full line of chairs, loveseats, recliners, and stools for 1-3 people. These items are all of high quality, and sure to be the perfect gift for the anyone on your holiday shopping list. Check out the entire collection here.

Camp Casual Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set

Give your camper’s next cookout a fun vintage vibe with Camp Casual Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set. They’re made from shatter-resistant plastic for durability and won’t wilt when piled high with burgers and potato salad.

Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter

Dead devices can really ruin a good time, especially when that "device" is your vehicle. That’s why the Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter is such a useful gift. This lightweight (1.5 lbs) jump starter packs enough power to revive gas or diesel cars, boats, trucks, bikes, or ATVs up to 10 times off a single charge. It can also double as an emergency device charger to juice up a phone, camera, or other electronic device. Plus, it’s small enough to tuck in a glove compartment or toolbox, so it’s always there when you need it.

Go Power Portable Power Bank with Solar Panels

Be on the cutting-edge of awesome gift-giving (and keep your giftee powered up no matter where they are) with a Go Power Portable Power Bank with Solar Panels. It uses the sun to keep your loved one’s smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices charged and ready for use no matter where they go. When not charging, it folds to the size of a cellphone for easy transport. Perfect for backpacking, camping, boating and more.
Scrubblade Windshield Wipers

Scrubblade Windshield Wipers

Forget gifting a tired pair of socks and gift a pair of Scrubblade Windshield Wipers instead! Scrubblade’s patented dual-blade wipers are designed to handle bugs, rain, and mud (not to mention the snowy sludge many of us have this season) so you can see the road clearly. The outer blade’s scrub pads first remove tough grime, then the inner blade squeegee wipes away any remnants and water for a smear-free view.

PT FirePoint Rechargable Flashlight Set

You can’t offer your loved one Rudolph’s nose to light the way, but you can get close with the PT FirePoint Rechargable Flashlight Set. You’ll feel the quality with the sturdy, but lightweight, water-and-impact-resistant aluminum and see the difference with up to 3000+ lumens of bright, adjustable light (both in brightness and beam width). Not to mention they’re rechargeable so no more packing extra batteries. Gift the set or split it for the perfect stocking stuffers.
Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Vehicle, Outdoor Sports, Towing & Hauling, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.
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