What Do I Need To Tow A Trailer?

1. Trailer Hitch Receiver

Trailer hitch adapters attach to the underside of the vehicle and have a 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" or 2" x 2" receiver opening. The trailer hitch attachment points align with existing holes in the vehicle frame whenever possible.For heavy-duty applications, 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" receiver openings also are available. For an in-depth review of the different types of trailer hitches and how they are used, visit our detailed hitch information page.
Trailer Hitch Receiver

2. Ball Mount

Also called a "drawbar," this is the piece that slides into the trailer hitch opening and provides a platform for mounting the ball. Ball mounts are available in different heights, sizes and styles. Make sure you get the ball mount that will fit your hitch opening and allows your trailer to stay level during towing. If you are unsure what size trailer hitch you have, we have put together information that will help determine your hitch size. To determine which ball mount is correct for your vehicle and trailer, visit our page on choosing the correct ball mount.
Ball Mount

3. Pin and Clip

A pin and clip device is used to hold the ball mount inside the trailer hitch receiver opening.Hitch locks are also available and provide additional security by preventing theft of your ball mount or other hitch accessories.
Pin and Clip

4. Trailer Hitch Ball

Hitch balls are available in three different sizes, 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16". This is a measurement of the ball's diameter and should be the same as the coupler of the trailer you plan to tow.The ball sits on the ball mount and provides the attachment point for the trailer. If you plan to tow several trailers with different size couplers, you will need either a different hitch ball for each of them or an interchangeable ball system.
Trailer Hitch Ball

5. Wiring Harness

A wiring harness provides power and signals to the lights of a trailer. All vehicles that tow trailers are required by law to have a wiring harness to power the trailer's lights.For many vehicles, a T-One wiring harness that simply plugs into the vehicle's wiring system is available. For these cars and trucks no cutting or splicing is required to connect your wiring. Otherwise, you will need to hardwire the vehicle. This is done by simply using quick-splice connectors to connect the wires.For more information about how to wire for towing a trailer visit our wiring information page.
Wiring Harness
For extra help, check out our video.

Questions and Comments about this Article


I have a Curt #18113 cargo carrier. I would like to know if the light kit E98943-44LED will fit my carrier. If not is there one that will ? 102035

Reply from Jon G.

The brackets that come with the Kit # e98943-44LED won't fit your Curt # C18113 . You might be able to get the lights themselves # 98174LED to fit your carrier but you're going to have to cut holes into the carrier. Instead of doing that I recommend going with the Curt Light Kit # C53201 . 75218

Kiki G.

I have a 2017 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 v6 with the active drive II. It has a hitch, I believe aftermarket 2 inch, already on it and I believe it to be aftermarket because it’s not on the build sheet. It has an aux transmission oil cooler and the engine cooler and a trailer sway damping which I thought were all things that would come with a tow package and yet the hitch definitely is not on the build sheet. I want to tow a pop up what else do I need since the hitch is already on and how do I know if this hitch is OK? The former owners took really good care of it it only had 40,000 miles on it and the build sheet is unbelievable with all the extras I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t just put the factory hitch on it along with everything else lol ... I was told that the reason It had such low miles was because they actually towed it behind an RV more than they actually drove it ..,anything you can help me with so that I can get a pop-up hooked up to this baby and start my camping excursions would be wonderful thank you!! Ps I do not have the pop-up yet by the way. 101916

Reply from Jon G.

If you have the factory tow package then the wiring you need is part # HM40975-11933 , otherwise you'll need part # 118605 . Then what you'll need is a ball mount. I recommend using a weight distribution system (WDS) like the Blue Ox TrackPro # BLU36FR because it will help to keep your pop up camper in-line and your Jeep level while towing. 75150

Reply from Kiki G.

@JonG Wow thanks for the fast reply!! I’ll check this stuff out. Have a nice night 75151

Reply from Kiki G.

@JonG So we purchased a 2009 coachman clipper that actually has electric brakes ...my brother-in-law bought a Hopkins wiring kit for me...it’s a four pole with a four pole to seven pole adapter and it kept tripping... can you recommend one that’s going to be compatible with my jeep that won’t keep tripping and works with a pop-up that has electric brakes?? 75270

Reply from Jon G.

@KikiG What wiring kit did you get? Usually when wiring keeps tripping it's because something isn't installed correctly with the wiring (like a bad ground or loose connection). Also you'll want to utilize the brakes on your trailer so we need to get you a 7-Way that has more functions tied into it than the 4-Way connector like what you currently have. Let me know what wiring kit you have and double check the wiring on both your Jeep and your trailer and we'll go from there. 75276

Jack C.

Can you use the same trailer hitch set- up from a 2007 Honda CRV and transfer it to a 2017 Honda CRV? 101649

Reply from Jon G.

Those model years differ enough that you will need different parts for either your 2007 or 2017 Honda CR-V. It sounds like you already have what you need on your 2007 model but I'm going ahead and linking our fitguide for both models that you can filter through. 75014


My son has a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, not an SRT. What parts would be required to install a trailer hitch? 101647

Reply from Jon G.

Here is a link to our selection of trailer hitches that will fit your son's 2018 Grand Cherokee non-SRT. 75009

Jerry W.

Have a 2014 xts cadillac what wireing do I need to plug in 98835

Reply from Jon G.

The best option for you is the Tekonsha ZCI # 119250KIT because you just clamp the connections on your OEM wiring and you don't have to cut and splice anything. If you don't mind the cutting and splicing then my next recommendation is the Tekonsha # 119147KIT . 73586

Delvin S.

I was told for newer cars (Ford Explorer) the dealer needs to reset the computer, to allow the harness to work. Is that true? Can I go to Uhual to get that done? 98218

Reply from Jon G.

I know that some vehicles do require you to take the vehicle in to the dealer to have the electrical system "flashed" so that it knows the wiring is connected. I haven't heard that yet about the Ford Explorer but you should be able to call in to your local dealer with your VIN to see if that's a requirement. I'm honestly not sure if U-Haul can do that or not. I was under the impression that it's a dealer-only type of thing. 73129


Thanks for this! Having the right equipment and tools for towing is essential in towing any trailer but it's not enough that you have the equipment for a towing trip. You should also have sufficient knowledge on what to do with your vehicle and your equipment. Most people interchange towing capacity and payload capacity which might be a potential hazard for you. Towing Capacity = Amount you can pull Payload Capacity = Amount you can carry. Have a safe trip! 97621

Reply from Jon G.

Yes, it's always best to consult your tow vehicle owner's manual as well because it will give you specifics when it comes to towing safely. 71526

Darwin N.

Hello, I got a Volvo V50, I would like to tow a small trailer. Could you recommend me what to buy? Thanks 97620

Reply from Jon G.

You'll definitely need to get everything on the list in this article. If you use our fitguide you can see what hitches and wiring fits your Volvo V50 (I don't have specific recommendations because I don't know your vehicle model year), and then here are links to a ball mount article and our selection of ball mounts, hitch balls, and pin & clip combos that you can look through to make sure everything matches up with your application (vehicle and trailer). 71525

Carol K.

I have a 2005 honda civic. I'm planning to pull a mini camper around 600 lbs. Do I have to buy all 5 components separately? 97154

Reply from Jon G.

Yes. Here is a link to the fitguide for your 2005 Civic as well as an FAQ for a ball mount and our selection of ball mounts, hitch balls, and pin & clip combos. 71524

Molly F.

Hi! I have a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder that I will be using to tow my grooming trailer. What do I need to buy to connect the two when the trailer gets here? The builder says the trailer will be a standard rv size 2 5/16” 96945

Reply from Jon G.

1. Trailer Hitch Receiver - # 76031 2. Ball Mount (checked out FAQ and linked selection) 3. Pin and Clip - # e98882 4. Hitch Ball (check out linked selection - just match shank size to what is found on your ball mount) 5. Wiring Harness - 4- Way # 118670 OR 7-Way # 118273 71523

Sarah F.

I have a 2018 RAV4 xle AWD. I plan to tow a <1000 camper with a 4 pin electrical attachment and a 14.5 inch tongue height. Could you tell me what I need? 96416

Reply from Jon G.

For your 2018 Toyota RAV4 I recommend the Curt Hitch # C13406 , T-One Wiring # 118578 , and the Ball Mount Kit # 989891 . 70682


I have a 2018 Mustang GT and I recently bought a 2018 Harley Forty Eight. I’m planning to install the towing receiver so that I can rent trailers from uhaul to haul my motorcycle with my mustang. Can I please get the list the items I need to purchase to make this happen. I appreciate any help. Thank you! 95528

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with a trailer hitch the Draw-Tite Class I # 24928 will work well. It features a 2,000 pound towing weight capacity although you'll want to verify the Mustang's limits as well that should be listed in the owner's manual. For wiring I recommend the Tekonsha # 118487 , which will plug in-line behind the tail lights to provide a 4-Way to power the trailer's signal lights. For the right ball mount/hitch ball combo you will want to compare the trailer height to the hitch height on the Mustang - I've linked an article below to assist. 70318

Reply from Rohit

@ChrisR thank you so much for your valuable information. I ended up buying #C11405 and #C56088 Please let me know if I need to change my order? Thanks in advance! 70319

Reply from Jon G.

@Rohit Those will definitely work as well! 70683


I have a 2019 GMC 1.5L AWD Terrian. What do I need to buy to tow a 4'x8 trailer? Thank you 95168

Reply from Chris R.

For your 2019 Terrain you will need to start with a hitch for which I recommend the Curt # C77FR . From there you'll add a trailer wiring harness and assuming the vehicle isn't equipped with the factory tow package, the Tekonsha # 118764 will work perfectly. This will provide you with a 4-Way connector to power the trailer's basic signal lights. Then you just need to add a ball mount and hitch ball - I've linked an article below to assist. 70317

Jake H.

I have a 2018 Jeep GC without the tow package. I am 95% certain I have the wiring harness pre-sintalled (got Jeep in Nov 2017, and they stopped adding the wiring harness mid 2018). I have got the hitch receiver, and the ball/mount needed. what else would be needed. I will be towing a camper with brakes. I got the wireless brake system that goes into the 7 way connector from my camper dealership. I am thinking I would just need the 7 way adapter that I would plug the camper into, on top of the hitch receiver, and pre-installed wiring harness? 94876

Reply from Chris R.

If you have the factory 4-Way on your Jeep, you'll just need to convert that to a 7-Way to hook up with the trailer (and work with the brake controller). To do this I recommend using the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L . This kit includes the adapter itself along with the extra wiring needed to activate the 12V circuit for the controller. 70058

Reply from Jake H.

@ChrisR If it was factory pre-installed is it always the 4 way and not the 7? I just want to ensure when I bring it to the dealer to get the hitch receiver installed I have all the parts. It has been a mess trying to get it installed. They claimed they had everything needed at the service center aside from the hitch receiver which was backordered until September (I got one off eBay). They have never laid eyes on my Jeep so wasn't sure if there was a way to ensure if I have the 4 or 7 way pre-installed when I look under the Jeep. (There is a covering on the end of the harness). 70065

Reply from Chris R.

@JakeH Actually for your 2018 model Jeep Grand Cherokee it SHOULD be wired with a 7-Way from the factory (if it does indeed have a factory connector). It looks like the Jeep would either have a factory 7-Way or no connector at all. You can physically look under the bumper to see if there is a connector present. If there's nothing there you'll actually need to start with a 4-Way (before adding the # ETBC7L Kit), for which the Tekonsha # 118727 will work perfectly. 70316


I recently installed a Curt 57000 to my rear bumper, close to where the factory harness allowed me to connect. I am a little worried that it's too far off-center for future connections with common types of trailers. Is this something to worry about or am I ok? It's 1-1.5 feet from the hitch receiver (looking at the back of the truck, it's on the right hand (passenger side). 94801

Reply from Chris R.

You should honestly have enough slack on the trailer plug to make this connection, regardless of the trailer. I think you're good to go! 70057


Hello! I have a Ford f150, with a hitch and a plug for electrical but no other words or connectors. What else would I need to tow a camper? Thanks! 94266

Reply from Chris R.

It depends on the type of trailer you're planning on towing. Do you know if it will be equipped with electric brakes? If not, you pretty much have everything you need other than a ball mount and hitch ball (I've linked an article on this below). 69767


I have a 2018 Volvo V60 Cross Country and hope to buy a Scamp 16 sometime in the near future. I am thinking I need: Class III Trailer hitch, 7 plug wiring harness, Brake controller, Mobile Towing scale, transmission cooler, air bags and weight distribution hitch. Anything else? Recommendations for products? Thanks! 94140

Reply from Chris R.

Other than a ball mount and hitch ball so you can actually hook up to the trailer, this sounds like a perfect setup. For the Class III hitch I recommend the Curt # 13266 and for a wiring harness I like the # 118647 . From there you will need to upgrade it to a 7-Way to use with a brake controller. I specifically recommend using the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L and Curt Echo # C51180 . Now as far as the rest, there aren't any air bags available for your Volvo and it doesn't look like the vehicle is rated for WD systems, so you'll have to do without these. Scamp trailers are pretty light though, so I don't think you'll have any issues. 69766

Reply from Jimbo

@ChrisR Thanks! 69768

Reply from Chris R.

@Jimbo No problem! 70056

Tracy M.

I have a 2008 Ford Explorer Limited V8 AWD with the small, standard bike rack hitch. From the specs on the vehicle, I have a tow capacity of 7,000 lbs. I need to pull a travel trailer (Springdale 189FL) that is approximately 23 ft long (hitch to tail) and weighs 3500 lbs dry. Can you tell me what hitch/accessories I would need for this? Do I need to remove the smaller hitch before install? Thanks in advance. 94134

Reply from Chris R.

What size hitch is currently on the Explorer (1-1/4" or 2")? As long as it's a 2" receiver there shouldn't be a need to replace it. I believe all the Explorers came equipped with a 7-Way connector. If that's the case, the only other thing you need (other than a ball mount) is a brake controller if the trailer has electric brakes. I really like the Curt Echo # C51180 , which will plug right into that 7-Way connector. 69765

Reply from Tracy M.

@ChrisR Thank you for the response. I have a class 2 hitch, 1 1/4" currently on the vehicle. It's a FoMoCo 7L2A-19D534AA. I apologize for my ignorance, I am new to mid-sized SUVs and towing. When I purchased the vehicle, I checked the tow rating specifically because I knew I needed to tow a small trailer/camper and didn't really inspect the hitch. That is my error. Am I stuck with what I have? 70506

Reply from Jon G.

@TracyM You will actually be able to install an aftermarket hitch with the 2" receiver, like the Curt # 13112 , which fits under your OEM 1-1/4" hitch. 70684


I’m looking into towing with my Dodge Challenger 2015 but was curious would I need a special trailer hitch to avoid the trailer or hitch from hitting the ground? 92097

Reply from Chris R.

There isn't a special hitch available for your Challenger that offers greater ground clearance (since the receiver is always going to sit just under the bumper). When we installed the Draw-Tite # 76145 we measured a distance of about 9-1/2" from the ground to the top of the receiver. You will just need to be careful when backing out of the driveway, etc. 69764

Shelby P.

I have a 2017 Honda Pilot, without tow package. I would like to tow a 3000lb travel trailer. I have already had a Curt Hitch installed, but wondering what I need as far a wiring goes. Is this something I can DIY? Thanks! 86352

Reply from Chris R.

If you don't have any type of harness connector on the Pilot you'll need to add a 4-Way connector. I recommend the Tekonsha # 118760 . This just plugs into factory ports behind the driver's side trim panel so it can definitely be done in your driveway. This will be enough to power the trailer's signal lights, but if it has electric brakes you'll need to upgrade this to a 7-Way connector and add a brake controller. For this I recommend using the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L and the Curt Echo # C51180 . 68288

Michele W.

I am looking to add a tow package to my 2013 VW Tiguan. I'll be using it for hauling an 8 ft utility trailer and sometimes a cargo carrier. Which products will be the easiest to install, as family will be helping, but also sturdy? 84574

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the hitch, I highly recommend the Curt # C13133 . It requires some minor fascia trimming during installation but it's otherwise a simple bolt-on application to existing holes in the Tiguan's frame. Then for a wiring harness to power the trailer's lights, I recommend the Tekonsha # 118675 , which will plug in-line behind the tail lights. Finally for a ball mount the Curt # C45030 should work well with the appropriate size hitch ball (which will depend on what your trailer accepts). 67756

Brian S.

In the spare tire well there are three rubber grommet is this what I use to place the hot wire to the battery 82098

Reply from Chris R.

If those rubber grommets let you pass wiring to the underside of your vehicle then it's a perfect spot to use for the harness' hot lead! 67430

Thomas C.

Hi,I have 07 jeep patriot and I'm looking to pull a job boat ,aluminum 12' . Looking for trailer hitch attachment. It seems my muffler hangs a bit lower than normal.Anyway you can send me exact dimensions? If necessary? Thanks. 81224

Reply from Chris R.

For your Jeep Patriot the Draw-Tite # 75712 will work perfectly. It won't interfere with the muffler at all - it installs well in front of it so how low it hangs doesn't matter. 66799

Meg S.

I just purchased a 2020 nucamp [email protected] 5 wide and am a new camper owner. I have a 2019 Honda CRV and would like to know what I need as far as a tow package. Thank you so much in advance! 81185

Reply from Chris R.

You'll need to start with a hitch for which the Draw-Tite # 76128 will work perfectly. Then for wiring I recommend the Tekonsha T-One # 118741 for a simple plug-in installation. This will provide you with a 4-Way connector to power the trailer's signal lights. Based on my research, it looks like the [email protected] is equipped with electric brakes - if this is the case you'll also need to upgrade it to a 7-Way and add a brake controller. For this I recommend the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L and the Echo Brake Controller # C51180 . Lastly you'll need a ball mount and hitch ball. The etrailer set # EBMK4 is a really nice option. 66798


I have a 2020 Lexus GX460 and I need to tow a small Uhaul trailer what do I need to get because I have no experience with this and I can't find a straight answer online anywhere? 81143

Reply from Chris R.

Assuming the small trailer isn't equipped with brakes, you'll just need a hitch, a 4-Way wiring harness, a ball mount, and hitch ball. For the hitch I recommend the Curt # C13043 and for the harness the Tekonsha # 119250KIT will work well with the sensitive factory wiring on your Lexus. The Curt Ball Mount # C45030 with pin/clip # C21500 should be a good fit with that trailer. Then it's just a matter of getting the right sized ball (which depends on what size the U-Haul coupler accepts. Most likely it's a 2' # 63845 . 66797

Megan K.

I have a 2015 Dodge Journey sxt 2wd the larger engine of the 2 versions. I need a whole hitch package for pulling a small uhaul trailer. Which hitch do I buy? I have no experience with this, but I am good at figuring out how to put things together. 80985

Reply from Chris R.

For your 2015 Dodge Journey SXT the etrailer # e98845 will work perfectly. It offers a simple bolt-on installation and features more than enough capacity for a small U-Haul trailer. Then for a wiring harness to power the trailer's signal lights I recommend the Tekonsha T-One # 118536 if the Journey has LED tail lights or # 118567 if it has incandescent bulbs. 66400


Thank you for the educative article. Can I tow a trailer with a limited hybrid Rav4 2017? I am reading different answers online for this question. The manual for non hybrid Rav4 says it is not recommended. I could not find the the answer for a hybrid one. Thank you. 80956


Hello, I have. 2019 armada and want to know what to install to tow a RV (7000lb)? Thanks 80619

Reply from Chris R.

Your Nissan Armada should already be equipped with a trailer hitch, so you should just need a wiring harness and brake controller (along with the right ball mount and hitch ball). If your Armada doesn't didn't come with a 7-Way connector at the bumper (check to be sure because many do) you'll need to start with a 4-Way harness # 119147KIT . Then to add the brake controller I recommend, the Curt Echo # C51180 , you'll need to use the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L to upgrade it to a 7-Way. I've linked an article below that details how to choose the best ball mount for your setup. 66397

Pedro G.

Hello - FORD ESCAPE V6 2011. Can you recommend a 5 components tow package that will fit? I am moving and need to know what's needed tow a UHAUL. Brochure says max towing capacity is 3,000 lbs. Thanks for your help ! 78818

Reply from Chris R.

Sure can! Starting with the hitch I recommend the Draw-Tite # 75751 . I've linked a full install video below. From there the Tekonsha Wiring Harness # 118551 will work perfectly. For a ball mount the Draw-Tite # 2923 should work well (pin and clip are included). You'll then just need to verify what size hitch ball the trailer coupler accepts - most likely a 2" like # 63845 but I recommend checking to be sure. 63834

Dayana S.

I have a 4door 2019 Jeep Wrangler and am looking to tow a jetski trailer with lights. What equipment would i need to install onto my jeep to do this? 78694

Reply from Chris R.

If you don't yet have a hitch installed you'll need to start there. For your Wrangler I recommend the etrailer # e98856 , which features a longer receiver tube to provide clearance with the Jeep's rear spare tire. From there you'll need a wiring harness to power the trailer's signal lights. I specifically recommend the Tekonsha # 118786 . Then you just need a ball mount and hitch ball for the physical connection. The Curt # C45030 should work well. 63833


We are renting a small teardrop trailer next weekend. We have a 2012 Subaru Outback. What do we need to tow this safely? It has a dry weight of 350 lbs. 78629

Reply from Chris R.

To tow a small camper with your Outback you'll just need a hitch, wiring harness (to power the trailer's lights), and a ball mount/hitch ball combo. For the hitch I recommend the Curt # 13390 and for a wiring harness the Tekonsha # 118467 will work perfectly for a simple plug-and-play installation. The Curt Ball Mount # C45030 should work well with the appropriate hitch ball (whichever size the teardrop uses) - either a 1-7/8" # C40002 or 2" # 40038 . 63621

Sidney J.

I have a 2018 subaru outback and want to tow a pop up with a 7 way plug. Do I need to get a 4 way plug and a 7 way adapter or can I just install a 7 way plug? 78292

Reply from Chris R.

You could technically just install a 7-Way connector on your Outback but it'll require a lot more hardwiring/splicing than starting with a 4-Way and going from there. Because of this I highly recommend that you go that route. For the custom 4-Way harness, the Tekonsha # 118467 will work perfectly and is a plug-and-play install. From there, if your pop-up isn't equipped with electric brakes, an adapter like the Curt # C57672 is all that you need to convert it to a 7-Way. It'll plug right into the existing 4-Way and the additional wires (except for the white one that needs to be grounded) can simply be capped off. Let me know though if the camper does have brakes. 63620


2013 Acura MDX - I am looking to rent a pop-up camper next weekend. I have the Curtis trailer hitch already installed but no wiring or ball mounts and u don’t know anything about the pop up trailer yet to know heights. What would you suggest? 77420

Reply from Chris R.

For wiring, the Tekonsha # 118424 will work perfectly. This custom harness will plug right into a factory port behind the driver's side trim panel at the rear of your Acura MDX. It'll provide you with a 4-Way connector to power the pop-up's signal lights. A modest ball mount like the Curt # C45030 will probably be sufficient, but it wouldn't hurt to call the dealer you're renting the pop-up from. They should be able to tell you the trailer's height or help with picking out the right unit. 63048

Jonathan K.

I have a 2015 Jeep Patriot and would like the full tow setup suggestion. I would be towing 2 jet skis mainly. 76509

Reply from Chris R.

I can do that! Starting with the hitch I recommend the etrailer # e98836 , which offers a sleek hidden-crosstube appearance and will bolt right up to the frame rails of your Patriot using existing holes (no drilling). For a wiring harness the Tekonsha T-One # 118552 will work perfectly. The custom harness will plug in-line behind the tail lights to provide you with a 4-Way connector to power the trailer's signal lights. The Curt Ball Mount # C45067 should work well along with the right size ball for your trailer - either a 2" # 40038 or 1-7/8" # C40051 . 62417

Jorge V.

Que kit completo necesito para kia soul 2016 What complete kit do i need for kia soul 2016 75665

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the trailer hitch, the Curt Class I # C11419 will work perfectly. Then for a wiring harness I recommend the Tekonsha # 118637 , which will provide you with a 4-Way to power the trailer's signal lights. Lastly for a ball mount the Curt # C45521 will work really well with either the 1-7/8" # A-80 or 2" A-82 Hitch Ball (depending on what the trailer accepts). 61810

Erik D.

I would like to tow a 12ft Fishing Kayak on a 2012 Nissan Rogue. Can you tell me all the proper towing equipment I will need. I currently have nothing attached to my Rogue and I have not purchased the trailer for the Kayak yet either not sure if that makes a difference or not. Thanks! 75401

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the trailer hitch, the etrailer # e98846 will work perfectly. Then for wiring I recommend the Tekonsha # 118480 , which will provide you with a 4-Way connector to power the trailer's signal lights. Lastly you will need a ball mount and hitch ball - this is where the best option depends on the actual trailer you end up going with. I linked a great article below that explains how to choose the right one. 61553


Quick question! I drive a 2015 Subaru Impreza hatchback and I wanted to tow a single axle jet ski with it. What would be a proper towing setup for my vehicle? The trailer uses a 2” ball. 74145

Reply from Chris R.

Starting with the trailer hitch, the Curt Class I # C11286 will work great (as long as your Impreza hatchback has the single exhaust). Just make sure the loaded trailer weighs less than 2,000 pounds. For a wiring harness the Tekonsha # 118573 is perfect and if the jet ski trailer happens to have a 5-Way connector (instead of a 4-Way) you can add the Adapter # 20036 . Lastly for a ball mount and hitch ball the Curt # C45521 with 2" Ball # A-82 should work really nicely. 60333


Please Help!!!!I have a 2009 Infiniti FX35 and I would like to tow a trailer what attachments do I need? 74065

Reply from Chris R.

I can definitely help you out. For your 2009 Infiniti FX35 the Curt Class III Trailer Hitch # 13554 will work perfectly. Then for wiring (to power signal lights on the trailer) I recommend the Tekonsha T-One # 118593 . Lastly you'll need a ball mount and hitch ball to actually hook up to the trailer - the Curt Ball Mount # C45030 will work really well. 60285


Does the wiring harness for the 2019 Honda Odyssey fit the 2020 Honda Odyssey touring? 73417

Reply from Chris R.

Yep, the same trailer harnesses for the 2019 Odyssey fit the 2020 Odyssey Touring model as well. I specifically recommend the Tekonsha T-One # 118781 . 59919



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