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Trailer Couplers

round tongue couplerstraight tongue couplerA-frame coupler

A coupler is a mechanism that is bolted or welded onto the end of a trailer tongue. It fits securely over - and pivots on - the tow vehicle hitch ball. When choosing the correct replacement coupler for your application, consider two factors:

  1. What type of trailer tongue do you have? Straight tongue, A-frame or gooseneck
    • Trailer tongue shape determines the type of coupler your trailer requires.
  2. What is the gross trailer weight (weight of fully loaded trailer)?
    • A coupler's capacity must be equal to or greater than the gross trailer weight. Coupler capacities range from 2,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs, depending on style.

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Coupler Mounting Styles

For Straight Tongues

straight tongue coupler

Straight Channel

foldaway coupler


round tongue coupler

Round Tongue

For A-Frame Tongues

A-frame Coupler

A-Frame Couplers

flat mount coupler

Flat Mount

adjustable tongue coupler

Adjustable Tongue

lunette ring

Lunette Ring

For Hydraulic Brakes

brake actuator

Brake Actuator

For Gooseneck Trailers

gooseneck coupler

Gooseneck Coupler

Latching Mechanisms

Couplers grip a hitch ball by means of their latching mechanisms.

trigger latch trigger latch underside


  1. Allows fast locking and unlocking
  2. Pull trigger and pull up on latch to unhitch
  3. Adjust locknut beneath coupler for increased tension on hitch ball

thumb latch thumb latch underside


  1. Press latch down and back with thumb
  2. Place coupler over ball, push latch down and forward
  3. Rear of latch locks into slot

yoke latch yoke latch underside

Wrap Around Yoke

  1. Lift latch handle and pull backward, raising yoke onto coupler nose to unhitch
  2. To hitch up, place coupler on ball and push latch handle forward until yoke drops over nose
  3. Latch tips secure into slots on coupler top

pin-style fastener pin-style fastener underside

Pin Style Fastener

  1. To open, pull back spring-loaded collar
  2. Position coupler over hitch ball
  3. Close hinged portion of coupler, then release collar to close
  4. Insert pin and retainer or pull back latch on top to secure

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latch repair kit latch repair kit

Repairing vs. Replacing Couplers

When a coupler latch has become ineffective at gripping the ball, you might consider simply replacing the latch and ball clamp with a coupler repair kit. Check that the inside of the coupler where the ball sits is free of cracks. If your coupler has a lot of corrosion or damage, it may be necessary to replace the coupler.

Master Cylinder replacement actuator shock replacement push rod kit

Repairing vs. Replacing Brake Actuators

Brake actuators serve two functions: pivot on a hitch ball and operate hydraulic brakes. An economical option to replacing the entire brake actuator is to simply replace the worn parts.

We offer replacement:


Bump Me Cushion Bump Me installed

Bump Me Trailer Coupler Vehicle Cushion

coupler grip handle grip handle installed

Trailer Coupler Grip Handle

hinge kit

Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit

coupler ball lock coupler latch lock

Coupler Locks

hitch aligner

Hitch Aligners

Backup camera Backup camera

Backup Cameras

Questions and Comments about this Article

Angela B.

Great job!

Dwight N.

I am going to buy an A frame Weld on coupler, can you tell what degree the two hitch piece need to be to fit the angle of the coupler. I am assuming the angle is the same on all A frame couplers. Thank you

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The industry standard is 50 degrees. If you check out the Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler # DM14793-81 you can find some specs on the page and in the video and answer pages to help you out.

Tom M.

I recently purchased A-Frame Coupler CA-5196-B and earlier today decided to weld it to the tongue of a trailer I am building. I was going to use 3/16"x3"x3" angle however the coupler has a radius in the area where the structual member attaches. The angle has a sharp 90 degree and therefore both legs of the angle will not fit tightly against both legs of the coupler. Have you encountered this before and if so how was it resolved? Squares do not fit rounds!!!!! Do you have fitting and welding info or illustrations available for this.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Since the design of each trailer can vary there aren't any instructions on how to install this coupler - it's basically a DIY or hire someone to do the job sort of thing. This is the case with pretty much every weld-on trailer coupler out there.


We have been having difficulty when unhitching Rv trailer from truck. When we try and disengage ball from coupler it gets stuck and pops out.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

You'll want to inspect the underside of the coupler and look for any damage. There might also just be some corrosion or debris built up that needs to be cleaned out.



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