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Trailer Jacks

Trailer jack

A trailer jack is an important part of safe towing. If you need to add or replace a jack on a trailer, the following information can help you choose among the many kinds to find the right one.

Basic Functions of a Trailer Jack

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Trailer Weight Capacity and Height

Trailer jacks come in different weight capacities and lengths. Remember to consider the length of the jack in both the retracted and extended positions. When extended, the jack has to lift your coupler high enough for it to clear the hitch ball on the vehicle. And the jack has to retract far enough to clear the ground when you're traveling. The following information can help you find a jack with the proper weight capacity and length for your application:

1. Determine the Height of a Jack

Jack dimensions in retracted and extended positions

To determine if a jack will work for your trailer, you'll need to know its height, both retracted and extended. These dimensions are usually given for jacks. They're taken from the bottom of the jack (including any foot that may be present) to the mounting point. The mounting points can vary, depending on the style of jack. Standard A-frame jacks are usually measured to the bottom of the mounting flange. Pipe mount jacks are measured to the center of the mounting pipe. Jacks that have a bolt-on bracket are usually measured to the centerline of the bracket.

measuring trailer tongue weight trailer tongue weight scale

2. Trailer Tongue Weight

Trailer tongue weight (TW) is the downward pressure that the coupler places on the hitch ball. Typically, TW is 10 to 15 percent of your gross trailer weight (GTW), which is the weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded. For example, a 5,000-lb trailer has a TW of 500 lbs to 750 lbs pressing down on the ball.

trailer tongue height

3. Trailer Tongue Height

Jacks for Standard Ball/Bumper Pull Trailers

A-frame Trailer Jacks

A-frame trailer and jack topwind A-frame sidewind A-frame power A-frame

Side Mount Trailer Jacks

Side mount jack on pole tongue trailer Side mount jack

Side-mount jacks either bolt or weld to the side of the frame of a pole tongue or A-frame trailer. The pivoting design lets the jack swing up and out of the way for towing and down for jacking. Manual crank jacks come in one of two styles - cranking from the side (most common) or top. One type may work better than the other depending on the clearance around your trailer.

Three mounting styles for side mount jacks:

1. Pull-Pin Swivel Trailer Jacks

Swivel mount jack in up position pull pin swivel

2. Pipe Mount Trailer Jacks

pipe mount topwind pipe mount topwind Tube mount for pivot jack

3. Drop-Leg Trailer Jacks

sidewind drop-leg dropleg jack

Heavy duty jacks with power drive RV Landing Gear

RV Landing Gear and Heavy-Duty Jacks

Jacks to Stabilize Trailers

Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Stabilizing Tripod Jacks

gooseneck tripod fifth wheel tripod

Light-Duty Stabilizing Jacks

light duty stabilizer

Scissor Jack Stabilizing Jacks

Scissor jack installed and in raised position scissor jacks

Pipe Mount Trailer Jacks

pipe mount topwind pipe mount topwind

Slide-out Supports

Supports for a trailer slide-out

Electric- and Manual-Adjust Stabilizer Jacks

Electric stabilizing jack for camping trailers

Leveling System

Electric stabilizing jack for camping trailers

Slide-in Camper Jacks

Slide-in truck camper jacks

Camper Step Stabilizer Jack

Camper step stabilizer jack

Trailer Jack Accessories

jack foot

Jack Stabilization Accessories

Jack Feet

Other Jack Accessories


Casters or Wheels

Wheel chocks in use EZ jack and wheel chock

Wheel Chocks

Repair Parts and Kits

replacement miter gear

Trailer Jack Gears

replacement handle

Jack Handles

weld-on mounting brackets bolt-on mounting brackets

Replacement Mounting Brackets

Written by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 7/5/18

Angela B.


I currently have a hand crank jack for my 2006 travel trailer and would love to see if it can be upgraded to an automatic one.

Les D.


@AngelaB I would like to help you with that, but we need more information. Is the tongue on your trailer on an A-Frame, or a straight frame? Looking at your existing jack, does it wind on the top or the side. Looking at the article regarding extended height, what is your current jack?

Sky T.


I just purchased the Lippert power stance jack with the aux cord to power from my truck as I am using it on my landscaping trailer (no battery). Install was fine, however, it seems I am not getting power to the Jack? I know I am getting power from the 7-pin on the truck as i have a breakaway battery box with LED display that reads it is charging that battery. Truck is a 2019 F150. I even pulled the aux cord end apart to ensure that it was wired correctly to match 12v from the truck and it is. Thoughts?

Les D.


I have attached a link reviewing trailer wiring. Please double check your truck-side 7-pin connector. Also verify that the white wire on the truck side and the white wire on the trailer side are clean and filed to bare metal for their connections. A poor grounding can cause all kinds of problems. I would also check for any inline fuses from the trailer 7-pin to the jack. If these are correct, then you will need to trace the power wire from the jack to the power source watching for breaks or crimps along the way. It could be possible that your jack is defective. Let's try hitching your trailer to another truck and see if it works. This will also tell you if the problem is on the truck side or trailer side.

Robert C.


I need a 5 K top handle for an A frame tailor that is the shortest between the mounting plate and the top of the jack so my tail gate will not hit it. About 8".

Les D.


First, since you want the most room possible for tailgate clearance, why wouldn't you use a side cranking handle? Do you not have room? Considering the drawings on the page you posted your question on, what is the least "retracted height” you can work with? Or, we could give you a very short jack that would always require wood blocks beneath it. I have included a link that has all of our jacks for an A-frame trailer, that has a topwind, can handle 5K pounds, and bolt into the existing place on the A-frame. Out of those, the etrailer # TJA-5000-B has the least height from the mounting bracket to the top of crank.

Storm B.


My tube jack is welded on my trailer and has rusted or fused in some way so I can't raise or lower my trailer. Can I take apart the tube jack or is there some way to remove the old one in order to replace it

Etrailer Expert

Victoria B.


Each jack is different, some can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, but many cannot. Does your jack swivel so that it can be rotated for better ground clearance when not in use? If so, then there should be a pin or snap ring that can be removed in order to take the jack off the trailer. If it is stationary and the outer tube of the jack is welded directly to the trailer, then I believe it will take some time with a grinder to remove the jack.



I have a Haul-master 2 wheel jack. I think I over shot, my trailer isn’t heavy enough to turn the wheels when empty. CanI convert it to a single wheel?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


If you have a removable caster wheel set then you might be able to replace it with something like part # BDCP555 but I would also check to make sure that your current caster freely spins and it doesn't need any kind of lubricant.



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