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Trailer Maintenance Schedule

Don't neglect your trailer. Follow our recommended maintenance schedule, below, to help ensure that your trailer is safe and ready to go when you are.Click here to download a PDF version of our schedule. Recommended Trailer Maintenance Schedule
Inspection Required
Each Trip
3 Mo. or 3,000 Mi.6 Mo. or 6,000 Mi.12 Mo. or 12,000 Mi.Replacement PartsHelpful Videos
Check tire pressure and tread wear
Orange Checkmark
Check for proper light functions
Orange Checkmark
Trailer LightsTrailer light install and test
Breakaway Switch
Pull pin and test for proper function
Orange Checkmark
Breakaway KitsBreakaway install kit and test
Breakaway Battery
Check battery charge level
Orange Checkmark
Breakaway BatteriesBreakaway install kit and test
Trailer Brakes
Test braking function and performance
Orange Checkmark
Trailer Brakes
Lug Nuts (wheel bolts)
Tighten to specified torque value
Orange Checkmark
Lug Nuts and Wheel BoltsHow to torque trailer lug nuts
Brake Adjustment
Test for proper drag (light drag) and adjust as needed
Orange Checkmark
Brake Parts
Check for cracks or dents
Orange Checkmark
Wheels How to inspect a trailer wheel
Hub and Drum Assemblies
Check for scoring or wear
Orange Checkmark
Hubs and Drums Hub and drum inspection
Wheel Bearings
Repack bearings and check for damage or wear
Orange Checkmark
Bearings and Races How to Repack Bearings
Check for damage or leaks
Orange Checkmark
Brake Assemblies
Check internal parts for wear, leaks, or damage
Orange Checkmark
Brake Assemblies
Brake Magnets
Check for wear and replace if surface is grooved or copper windings are exposed
Orange Checkmark
Brake Magnets Replacing a Brake Magnet
Hydraulic Brakes
Bleed brakes and change brake fluid
Orange Checkmark
Brake Bleeders Brake Bleeding
Check for broken or flattened springs
Orange Checkmark
Leaf Springs Slipper spring and double-eye spring replacement
Check for worn or loose fasteners and shackle link wear
Orange Checkmark
Suspension Parts Slipper spring and double-eye spring replacement
Updated: 6/24/21

Questions and Comments about this Article

Where is the best and least costly for rv break shoe parts bearings,I m retired and have to watch what I can afford I have a neverlube axels on my 2002 5th wheel thanks. Very .uch bob
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

Hey Bob, I'm going to link you so some help articles and an expert answer page. These will give you all the information you need to measure and decide what brakes and bearings you have. Once you know all these things I can help you get parts you need.

Robert C.
You seem to have an excellent grasp of the obvious.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

Yeah it is obvious that lists like this are a nice reminder, we all forget about something every now and then and having a check list to help prevent damaging or breaking very expensive equipment is better than the ole, "I'm a real man I don't need instructions or lists to help me out" cliché.

Steve S.
Thank you appreciate the list. Should the tanks be flusher out once a year?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

I would clean your black water every 5-10 dumps if you are a full timer, and clean your grey once a week. I'll link some articles to help guide the cleaning process.

Check the welds between the shackle and the frame (6 x 2 places on a dual axle). I had one fail on a trip home last year.
Joe C.
Great information thank you
Ronald H.
Thank you! Great to have this information. Certainly, appreciate it!
Patrick M.
Love, love, love the lists, especially the .pdf list with the hyperlinks. Makes getting everything done easier and finding the right parts more possible. Thanks!
Klaus K.
This is helping me a lot. Very well done.
Thanks and good videos!
Keith D.
Great reminder. Really like the schedule. Thank You.
Terry T.
very nice and helpfull information ...THANKYOU
Dave B.
Good checklist. Thanks



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