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Replacing the Bearing, Races and Seals on a Trailer Hub

Wheel bearing replacement kit

No parts are more critical for the dependable performance of your trailer than the bearings, races, and seals. To ensure that your trailer performs reliably, you should inspect the bearings, races, and seals and repack the bearings every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Watch the removal, inspection, and installation of trailer wheel bearings

Parts and Tools
Wheel bearing replacement kit Replacement seal for trailer wheel bearing Trailer wheel bearing grease Replacement spindle for trailer axle Bearing Buddy bearing protectors Grease cap for trailer wheel hub Wheel bearing packer - grease Wheel bearing seal puller Grease gun
Bearings, races, and bearing kits Seals Grease Spindles Grease caps and bearing protectors Greasing tools: bearing packers, seal pullers, and grease guns

Recommended Bearing Grease

Application# 1# 2# 3
Two-axle boat trailer
Boat Trailer
Marine wheel bearing grease in 14oz cartridge LMX red industrial strength grease Conventional wheel bearing grease
LubriMatic marine wheel bearing grease LubriMatic LMX industrial strength "Red" grease LubriMatic wheel bearing grease
Small camping trailer
LMX red industrial strength grease Conventional wheel bearing grease Marine wheel bearing grease in 14oz cartridge
LubriMatic LMX industrial strength "Red" grease LubriMatic wheel bearing grease LubriMatic marine wheel bearing grease
Two-axle flatbed utility trailer
Utility Trailer
LMX red industrial strength grease Conventional wheel bearing grease Marine wheel bearing grease in 14oz cartridge
LubriMatic LMX industrial strength "Red" grease LubriMatic wheel bearing grease LubriMatic marine wheel bearing grease

Take off the Wheel and Hub

Remove Cap

Remove Tire and Grease Cap:

Remove Nut

Remove Castle Nut on the Spindle:

Remove Hub

Remove the Hub:

Disassemble the Hub

Remove Bearing

Remove Outer Bearing:

Remove Bearing and Seal

Remove Inner Bearing and Seal:

Cleaning Bearing

Clean and Inspect Bearings:

trailer wheel bearing Shop for wheel bearings

Seal Part Number

Check the Seal:

trailer wheel bearing grease seal Shop for grease seals

Inspect the Race

Inspect Race

Check the Race:

Remove Race

trailer wheel bearing race Shop for races

Remove the Races:

Clean Hub

Clean Hub:

Clean Spindle

Clean and Inspect Spindle:

trailer axle spindle Shop for spindles

Reassemble the Hub

Reassembly Hub

Begin to Reassemble the Hub:

Grease Race

Grease the Races:

Repack the Trailer Bearings

Pack Bearing

Pack the Bearings:

wheel bearing packer Shop for bearing packers

Install Seal

Insert Inner Bearing and Seal:

Insert Outer Bearing and Seal:

Install Seal

Install Washer and Nut:

Nut Adjustment

Final Castle Nut Adjustment:

spindle nut for trailer axle Shop for spindle nuts, washers, and retainers

Install the Dust Cap or Bearing Protectors

The dust cap will install directly over the castle nut. You should be able to start installation of the dust cap with your hands by pressing it into the center of the hub. After it has been started, use a piece of wood to tap it in the rest of the way. Make sure the outer lip on the dust cap is tight against the hub or drum. The wood will help you to avoid damaging the dust cap.

The main purpose of bearing protectors is to keep out water. A grease-filled hub will have some pressure built up inside, and this is what prevents water from seeping in. When filling the bearing protectors with grease, be careful not to overfill them. To help prevent overfilling, the bearing protector will have a small hole that allows the excess grease to spill out the side.

It is not a good idea to fill the hub with grease on every trip. If the release valve is clogged, or the hub runs out of room, the grease will probably blow out through the grease seal. If you have brakes on the trailer and the seal fails, the brake shoes will be contaminated and will need to be replaced.

It is good practice to fill the hub until grease starts to move the pressure spring on the bearing protector. Check it to see whether the spring has gone down then add a little more. Bearing protectors come with bras (or covers) that are designed to keep the excess grease from flinging out of the release valve and help to keep your wheel clean.

trailer wheel bearing bearing protectors Shop for grease caps and bearing protectors

Replacement BearingsRace
Part No.DescriptionI.D.Part No.O.D.
L44643Inner/Outer for BT81.000"L446101.980"
L44649Inner/Outer for BTR, Outer for #84 Spindles1.063"L446101.980"
L68149Inner for 3.5K Axles1.378"L681102.327"
L68149Inner for 4.4K Axles1.378"L681112.362"
1779Outer for 22834 Hub0.938"17292.240"
2788Inner for 22834 Hub1.500"27293.000"
LM48548Inner for AH25555F Agricultural Hub1.375"LM485102.563"
LM67048Outer for 8-201-5, 8-213-51.250"LM670102.328"
15123Outer for 42655, 42656, 8-174-51.250"152452.441"
14125AOuter for 42865, 42866, 8-219-4, 8-231-91.250"142762.717"
25580#42, 8K, 9K, Inner (Pre 10/89), Outer for #991.750"255203.265"
31-71-350MM Cartridge Style, Nev-R-Lube50MM - -
31-72-335MM Cartridge Style, Nev-R-Lube35MM - -
31-73-342MM Cartridge Style, Nev-R-Lube42MM - -
02475Outer for 8-231-8, 8-218-9, 8-187-71.250"024202.688"
2585Outer for 8-232-51.313"25202.750"
387AOuter for 8-214-5, Inner for 8-260-52.250"382A3.813"
395SInner for 8-214-52.625"394A4.331"
3984Inner for 8-216-5, 8-214-8, 8-217-5, 8-272-52.625"39204.438"
28682Outer for 8-216-5, 8-214-8, 8-217-5, 8-727-52.250"286223.844"
28580Inner for all #99 Spindles2.000"285212.875"
JM205149For 090814 Hayes 10K1.969"JM2051103.543"
JM511946For 090814 Hayes 10K2.559"JM5119104.331"
HM212049Outer for 20K - 25K Axles2.625"HM2120114.813"
HM218248Inner for 20K - 25K Axles3.542"HM2182105.786"
LM11949Outer for AH15450E Agricultural Hub0.750"LM119101.781"
29749For AH30660F Agricultural Hub1.500"297102.563"
501349Outer for AH60880F, Inner for AH35660F1.625"5013102.891"
506849For AH60880F Agricultural Hub2.165"5068103.543"
603049For AH45880F Agricultural Hub1.781"6030113.063"

Wheel Bearing Kits
Part No.Outer BearingInner BearingSealSeal I.D.
DL21792L44643L4464334823 (12192VB) 1.249"

Questions and Comments about this Article

Ken M.

Best trailer bearing advice I've seen. It could be improved by adding advice about removing and re-installing trailer wheels, and pictures that are larger and less dark. I know that's tough with black hubs and drums, maybe paint one white just for pics ? Other wise excellent info. I'm about to repack my boat trailer wheels and haven't looked at a wheel bearing for many years. I especially appreciate the description of the fine art of adjusting the spindle nut. I've heard of people actually ramming the nuts on with an air wrench, then wondering why the wheel won't turn!


I have a 4by 7 utility trailer,not really trusting the wheel bearings,can you tell me what hubs will fit,it’s a 2000 lb trailer

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@Leroy The bearings are selected by their spindle diameters. You can get this information by either taking the hub assembly off and measuring the spindle at each of 4 points for inner bearing, outer bearing, grease seal, and race. Another (preferred) way is to take the bearings out and record the number imprinted on them for cross reference. With that information we can provide you the part numbers you will need to replace them. I have attached a page with information you will need.

Kevin M.

Liked article. I bought boat trailer hub and bearings all done. Rear bearing seal in place and no taper to axle. My kit has the outer bearing seal. Inner was already on. If I put outer bearing seal in there won’t be enough room for caps to be put in. I read 5 or 6 articles making sure I didn’t need that outer seal. None of them mention the outer bearing seal. Must be for different application ?? I slid it on placed outer bearing, washer, castle nut, cotter pin and cap. Bugs the ....! Out of me with that extra part.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

How old is your boat trailer? I've never heard of putting a grease seal on both ends of the hub. Normally you have one on the inside (closest to the center of the trailer) and then you have the grease cap at the very end of the hub.

Dennis D.

keep up the good work GREAT information Great customer service,

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Thank you for the kind words!

Richard B.

I have a 2015 enclosed 6x12 Spartan trailer with tandem wheels. The owners manual does not give me any information about the brand or pn of the wheel bearings. There is a small amount of play in the wheels. Do you know what the pn for this bearing would be and do you stock a kit for this? I would like to make sure I have access to the parts before tearing it down.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I can help you out but unfortunately we don't have a list of replacement parts for various trailers. If you can let me know what your axle weight rating is that can help me narrow it down a bit. You should also be able to reach out to your trailer manufacturer and they generally have the replacement part numbers.


I have a 2011 Coachmen Apex 17FB camper trailer that I just bought. I believe the wheel bearing need to get repacked at least every 12,000 miles. I know that some (or all) Class A, B and C Rv's use what's called "sealed bearings". These types of bearings use a rolled element rather than balls and are designed to keep dirt and grease out. Boat trailers also use sealed bearings since they are made to be submerged in water. Is it possible for me to replace my wheel bearings on my trailer with sealed bearings or somehow provide for a grease fitting to avoid having to remove the wheel for repacking the bearings so often..?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Are you referring to Nev-R-Lube Bearings like # 31-71-3 ? These are unique bearings that are specific to certain hub assemblies - not something you could switch out using existing hubs. Other bearing types might offer more protection but you'll still want to re-pack them at least every 12,000 miles or 1 year.



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