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Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.

Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.

Item # 11755
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Accessories and Parts 11755 - Dielectric Grease - LubriMatic
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Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube. 1-800-940-8924 to order LubriMatic accessories and parts part number 11755 or order online at Free expert support on all LubriMatic products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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LubriMatic Accessories and Parts - 11755

  • Trailer Wiring
  • Wiring
  • Dielectric Grease
  • LubriMatic

Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube.

  • Helps prevent electrical failures caused by corrosion and moisture
  • Water resistant formulation sheds moisture and will not wash away
  • Protects bulbs, sockets, t-connector plugs and trailer connectors
  • 2 oz. Bottle
  • Dropping Point: >550 degrees F

Using electrical contact grease increases reliability and the life of the connection by preventing corrosion and sealing the connection.

11755 Lubrimatic Electrical Contact Grease

Video of Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for LubriMatic Electrical Connector Dielectric Grease Review

Hi there, maintenance-oriented haulers today. Today we're going to be taking a look at Librimatic's Dielectric Contact Grease. So we've been experiencing some issues with our travel trailer here. When we plug in, sometimes our lights are working, sometimes they're not. It's a little bit finicky. If we jiggle the connector, it usually works.Most of the time, this is caused by poor contacts inside your connector and that's usually due to corrosion.

You can see here that this connector is actually got some corrosion on it. And the plastic's actually starting to deform because once you get this corrosion on here, it's possible that you can still have contact enough to eliminate your lights and operate your functions. But this corrosion is going to cause extra resistance here, which is going to cause it to build heat. And as it builds up heat, you can see the plastic's deformed due to the excessive heat that it's caused. And eventually over time, that heat is going to cause further damage and fretting onto our connectors here.

And eventually, it's going to get so bad that we're not even going to be able to fix it.So to get on top of this, before it gets that bad, we want to clean out all this corrosion and we want to seal it up to prevent it from happening again. And that's why we're going to be using the Dielectric Grease here. Now there's a lot of different ways you can clean out corrosion. Usually something acidic like vinegar and water mixture works great. Or you can just go to your automotive store and pick up electrical contact cleaner to clean it out.

You can also use a bristle brush to clean it out. But you do want to be careful when using any brushes down here because if you spread those contacts apart, you may spread them apart too far to where they're not going to touch onto the terminals once you plug it in and then you need to replace the pins, potentially the whole connector.So we're just going to spray our contact cleaner in here. And we're using this contact cleaner because it is a quick-dry contact solution. Because we don't want any moisture or anything left behind. This is designed to dry out very rapidly so we don't leave any moisture behind.So we use the contact cleaner.

We still got a little bit of corrosion in there. So we're going to take our bristle brush to clean that up. Now you'll notice I'm not sticking it down in there, we don't want to spread those terminals out. So we're just kind of rubbing it along the top to get that corrosion out of there. A toothbrush works very well as well, if you've got an old one laying around. But if you don't and you need a bristled rush, you can get one just like I got here at And we're just trying to get all that out of there.Now that all of our contacts have been cleaned up, we're going to take the Dielectric Grease and we're going to apply it generously to all of our pins here. So we want to try to keep out any moisture from getting in there. And we're not just using any grease. We are using dielectric grease because dielectric grease is specifically designed for this application as it does not conduct electricity so we don't have to worry about any of our contacts shorting out between one another. And then it has the other properties that grease has where it coats up the surface and helps keep out moisture, sealing it all in. So now that we've got that done, we're ready to plug it in to our trailer and hit the road. And we don't need to clean any of this up, we can just leave it there. We're trying to seal out moisture and dirt.On the other side here on our truck, it's a good idea to clean these pins out as well. So we don't want to transfer any of the corrosion that may be on these or the other ones, back and forth. And we can also put the dielectric on these pins as well, to help further seal up and protect this side.Now that we've cleaned up each end and got them greased, we can go ahead and plug them together. Now we discussed earlier about how the grease is non-conductive because that's what we want. We don't want any of our pins to be shorting out with the other ones next to it. But that doesn't mean that it's going to cause any issues with the connections between our connector here on our trailer and the one on our truck, because the pins are designed to be a nice tight fit. So when it goes in, we do get metal to metal contact as it pushes that grease out of the way. Now it's when during cleaning, if you do stick something down in there, you can spread those terminals apart. And when you go together, they may not touch that because you have damaged pins. Now to replace the pins as long as everything's okay, our grease is not going to affect us because that terminal is going to have good contact.And it's not only great for the seven poles like we showed you earlier, but it's going to work on all of your trailer connectors, especially ones that are exposed to the elements like this. Keeping them coated is going to help keep corrosion off of them to ensure a longer lasting connection. So your four poles, your five poles, basically anything here on the outside. And it's also highly recommended for you flat towers out there. So your six pole ends and your seven pole where it plugs into your motor home. Keep those all greased up as well, because we don't want any connection issues with our vehicle when we're flat towing it down the road.And while you're at it, don't forget about the lights on your trailer. All these connection points as well are susceptible to corrosion so we can keep all of those clean. And if you have incandescent bulbs on your vehicle, it's recommended to put them on those as well.Pretty much any connector that does not have a weather pack seal, which has a rubberized seal around it. You would want to put this grease on because they have no form of weather protection. And that's what this is doing for us, is providing us with a coat of weather protection.All in all, this is going to be an inexpensive way to keep all of your electrical components operating properly and avoiding expensive wiring repairs down the road. And that completes our look at Lubrimatic's Dielectric Contact Grease.

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Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz. - 11755

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (1370 Customer Reviews)

Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube.


The dielectric grease is good . The mounting flange on the female plug broke as I was attaching it with screws. I think it could have been more substantial.


Ordered hitch receiver with wiring for bike rack installation on 2019 Ford Explorer. Everything arrived in less than a week. Crawled under the car with my burly son and finished the installation in about an hour. Toughest part was getting the exhaust hangers off. Didn't have a tool for that. Online installation video was a big help. Hitch frame rubs against right side exhaust hanger, hence the four star rating instead of five. Exhaust still appears to be level and no weird noises, so not an issue. Get the little plug in light tester. It's worth it, then keep it in the glove box. Haven't purchased bike rack yet, but no concerns about the hitch.


Bought this hitch along with the wiring harness and 4-pole mounting bracket. My mechanic installed and it's been working great! Hauling well anytime needed!!


All items as described,Wiring was great plugged in and ready to go


Great dielectric grease.


Just the right size (volume) for all the electrical work to install trailer brake controllers and lots of wiring in the Jeep and trailer. I prefer dielectric grease over a dab of silicon on wiring connections.


Use it for my RV toilet seal. Works gre at!!!


I always use Dielectric Grease on all electrical connections, Seems to work well.


Overall, the grease is fine, but the packaging sucks. The cap comes off too easily. By the time I realized it, it was too late.



Its in the garbage. Great size package and doesnt take up much room in a tool bag, but the cap just pulls off instead of screwing off. I replaced it with a different brand that has a cap that stays on.


This stuff really works to keep my tow vehicle and toad electrically connected. I used to spend a lot of time cleaning and redoing those troublesome electrical connections especially in wet weather. That is all behind me now. (Pun intended). The tube is strong to reside safely and conveniently in my tool box so it is readily available for future use.

Roaming J.


I renew the grease on the connections annually. It works great to keep them reliable in all sorts of bad weather, especially when you have to make hookups in the rain.


These bulbs work fine. They're a direct replacement for stock and are brighter than stock bulbs.


We just purchased a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe as our retirement vehicle for traveling. We wanted to install cargo accessories but the dealer prices were WAY to high. After researching for several days we found The prices were the best we found and the service was outstanding! We installed a Thule roof rack system that fits flawlessly and allows the panorama sun roof to plenty of roof to operate. The videos made in really easy to install. We also installed a trailer hitch system. The Tekonsha Trailer Wiring kit was also a piece of cake to install. If you're hesitant to work on electrical systems, there's no need to be afraid. It's actually easier than it looks in the video.
The Curt Trailer Hitch gave me major headaches. The delivery company banged the box up pretty badly. Apparently it tweaked the hitch just enough so that the holes were misaligned. No problem, after talking me through the installation one more time to be sure it was damaged, they shipped a new unit. The second hitch went in fine. It took a while, and it's not as easy as it looks in the video, but I'm 67 years old I did the installation myself...
Overall, I gave five stars because the price match guaranty makes it a wise choice price wise. he videos are a big help during installation. But the real difference is the service. A lot of folks provide good service to make a sale, but etrailer goes the extra distance to provide great service afterwards. That's unique! Thanks etrailer!


Good quantity of grease. I usually only get the small tubes at auto parts stores and they don't last long. This was big enough to actually apply all I felt like without worrying I would have enough.


When the wiring arrived I had high expectations. We installed it as per your instructions. I was very disappointed when we found out that it was too short. Had to cut and splice two wires. Not having to do that was a big selling point. What surprised me is a number of your reviews mentioned this and no corrections were made. They recommended cutting the small zip ties and that didn't work. For the records installation was made on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Amazing!! Fast delivery and no issued with items ordered. E- trailer is a great company!


You guys are great! Thanks for making everything so easy, every item I order always has a video for the same vehicle showing exactly step by step how to install. Before I found this website I way over paid someone to do all these jobs, now I feel like I could rebuild a car! My jeep is good to go, my truck is good now my wife’s car also is setup, so my next project is to replace a few brackets on my boat trailer! 100% satisfied


Makes the electrical connections more reliable and keeps water out.


This product help me fix my travel trailer electrical cord problem


Hey it's grease what can you say..... don't need much...


Works just like it is advertised to. 2 oz. will last a handyman a long time.


East to install. Professional looking. Perfect for my application.

by: makes this too easy! The instructional videos, search capabilities and fast shipping are always great!


Keep the contacts on your trailer plug / car from getting corrosion build up yet still make good contact when plugged it.


Sent fast and just what i orded,thank y ou


Great purchasing experience.

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  • Troubleshooting Wiring Connection When Vehicle and Trailer Both Work But Not Together
    It sounds like a common ground wire issue. Since everything on the vehicle checks out and everything on the trailer checks out and both work independently, the issue is with a ground wire most likely on the trailer. The reason why the trailer works with another vehicle without issue is simply because that vehicle is able to supply more power to help mitigate a ground connection that can be improved. My recommendation is to start with the trailer ground connection and make sure it is...
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  • Trailer Keeps Blowing Fuses on Tow Vehicle
    You are correct, if you know that your trailer is causing an issue with your fuses blowing then you will want to check the connector, wiring, and the grounds. Make sure that the connector is free of any debris or corrosion. Clean it anything out that might be there and apply Dielectric Grease # 11755 in the connector to help keep it clean and in proper working order. To check the wiring you will want to look for any places where the wire has been bent, damaged, corroded, or has exposed...
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  • Running Lights Turn Off When Brake Pedal is Applied
    It sounds like you have a short somewhere. This is the result of a bad ground or some damaged wiring. Check your grounds and make sure they are secure and connected to clean, bare-metal surfaces and that your wiring isn't damaged or pinched. You can also check the connector on your tow vehicle and trailer to see if there is any corrosion. If you do find corrosion in either connector clean it out and apply some dielectric grease # 11755. Let me know if this doesn't fix your problem and...
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  • Why Is Grease Used in Connection For Installing Trailer Wiring in 2013 Chevy Traverse
    When making all wiring connections it doesn't hurt to use dielectric grease like part # 11755. This helps prevent corrosion and keep out water and debris. It's not an absolute requirement but it can only help.
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  • Troubleshooting Brake Light Bulb that Works Again After Being Removed and Reinstalled
    I am not sure if you are referring to the brake light on your 2011 BMW X3 or one on the trailer you might be towing but in either case since the problem goes away after you remove and re-insert the bulb it sounds like there may be either a loose wiring connection or potentially a corrosion issue within the bulb socket. Sometimes just handling the wiring/socket/bulb on a troublesome light will move it enough to reestablish the power input when the wire is loose. By the same token, removing...
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  • Can Butt Connectors Be Used in Place of Quick-Splice Connectors for Installing LED Trailer Lights
    Yes, since all the running/clearance lights on your trailer will be fed by the same circuit you can use butt connectors rather than quick-splice connectors to enable a longer-lasting and more water-resistant connection. Wiring the lights as you described is fine. I also suggest using dielectric grease # 11755 in/on all connectors to prevent entry of water and contaminants that could eventually cause connectivity issues.
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  • Troubleshooting Utility Trailer Lighting Signals After Winter Storage
    The first thing to check on your trailer is the main ground wire. After winter storage it is possible the trailer's main grounding point has corroded. A weak ground can cause all sorts of weird behavior from trailer lights. Remove the ground ring terminal and sand the grounding point to remove all rust, grease, dirt, paint and primer to expose clean bare metal. Re-attach the ground wire ring terminal and apply dielectric grease # 11755 to block water and dirt. Since the vehicle is new...
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  • Troubleshooting Pulsing Brakes when Blinkers are On
    The right turn blinker circuit of your trailer is shorting out to the brake output circuit (signal that carries the brake controller voltage) and that is why you are experiencing the pulsating. Starting at the trailer connector on the trailer you will need to trace the wiring back from there to the brake assemblies looking for any cut or exposed wire and fix as necessary. I attached a help article on brake controllers for you to check out as well.
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  • Is Grease Required When Installing Spark Plugs on Vehicle
    Sounds like you are asking if you should install dielectric grease in any situations when swapping spark plugs. The answer is yes. Basically you want to put it in both sides of the spark plug wires. Where it connects to the coil and where it connects to the spark plug. Do NOT put any on the spark plug electrode though. For grease we have # 11755.
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  • Troubleshooting Weak Ground on 2004 Silverado and Trailer Wiring
    No worries. What you describe sounds like the classic case of a bad ground. Because vehicle headlights use a fair bit of power and remain on continuously (rather than blink) they often are the lighting function that causes a weak ground connection to reveal itself. Find the main ground wire from the truck's trailer connector and find where it attaches to the truck metalwork. You may need only sand off this grounding point so that you can re-attach the ground wire to clean bare metal. Often...
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  • How to Use Dielectric Grease
    You are correct. Place a small bead of the grease in your electrical connection before pushing them together. When the metal contacts of the connections push together, any grease between the actual metal-on-metal connection will be pushed aside (the grease is not conductive), but the remaining grease will surround the connection, acting to exclude moisture from the electrical connection. I would recommend wiping away any excess grease that would squeeze out of the connection. If you click...
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  • Troubleshooting Boat Trailer Wiring That Blows Fuses
    There are a few possibilities for your truck fuse blowing after connection to the boat trailer. It is possible, but maybe not likely, that the total number of clearance/marker/tail lights on the trailer, which all use the same circuit for power, require more current than your truck wiring can deliver. If the trailer's lights are the more power-hungry incandescent type this is more likely than if there are efficient LEDs. There could also be a short somewhere in the running light circuit;...
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  • Trailer Brakes Lockup While in Reverse With Different Trailers
    It sounds to me like the reverse light and brake output signal wires are touching one another. The two wires are likely shorting one another at the rear of the vehicle on the trailer connector or in the wiring harness. The first thing you will want to do is use a bit of electrical cleaner on the metal pins inside the connector followed by a thin line of dielectric grease like part # 11755. Once the connector has been cleaned you will want to move to the rear of the connector and give...
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  • Trailer Disconnected Error Message
    The most common cause for a trailer brake controller to display the 'no trailer connected' error message is a damaged or corroded connector on the trailer. Corrosion can occur inside a connector too so you'll want to re-inspect both the external contacts and the back/inside of the connectors if possible for signs of any corrosion. Even slight greenish or whitish discoloration can indicate a corrosion issue, and certainly it can also happen that there can be severe corrosive build-up inside...
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  • Do Trailer Brake Magnets Have Wire Polarity
    The wires from the # BP01-110 brake magnets have no polarity. Simply attach one to the wire carrying the brake output voltage, and ground the other wire to the trailer frame. You may also need some electrical tape, and dielectric grease, part # 11755, helps to keep your wire connections free of moisture. I am including links to some installation videos on electric brake installation that should be helpful for you.
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  • Can Electric Trailer Tongue Jack Still Function Without 12V Electrical Power
    If an electric trailer jack cannot get the 12V operating power it needs to function it can still be operated using the included manual crank. This is shown in the linked example review video (and an installation video is linked too). The manual operating crank is used at the top of the jack housing, by removing the rubber plug. The power this or any other electric jack requires to operate will vary depending on the load. At the maximum rated lift capacity any jack will draw the most power....
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  • Intermittent Trailer Disconnected Message on a 2012 Ram 1500
    The intermittent trailer disconnected message that is appearing on your 2012 Ram 1500 is generally caused by corrosion in the trailer connectors but since you have already checked that we can eliminate that possible cause. I will say that although it may not appear that corrosion is present, you will still want to spray each end with some electrical cleaner and then use some dielectric grease like part # 11755 before mating them back together. Once you have cleaned and greased the inside...
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  • Troubleshooting 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with Lamp Out Error When Headlights and Turn Signals Are On
    On your 2002 Dodge Ram 1500, the lamp out signal/sound is due to your headlights and turn signals pulling too much power. The sensor isn't getting the correct amperage and throws the error. The solution is cleaning your wiring connections and then using dielectric grease # 11755 to help prevent corrosion or debris from interfering, and then making sure all your ground connections are bare metal to metal and free of rust or corrosion. Even paint can interfere with a proper ground connection....
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  • Troubleshooting 2003 Chevy 2500 Trailer Light Issues
    For your 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, if you are experiencing the constant hot on both the trailer and the vehicle, then it is a bad relay. If you are experiencing just the trailer staying hot, then it could be a bad relay or it could be a connection or ground issue as well. It sounds like you have tested your connections independently, but you may want to use a little sandpaper to clean your connection between your truck and trailer and use some dielectric grease like # 11755 to keep...
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  • Can Grounding Issues Affect Lighting and Trailer Brake Functions on 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 HD
    Your recently installed audio amplifier should have no interaction with the vehicle or trailer lighting since it should be directly connected only to the battery +12V and ground. There should be no common wiring between the audio and lighting systems. Your trailer lights being incandescent should have no bearings on this issue. What is the error message on your trailer brake controller? If it indicates that it has lost connection to the trailer brake circuit then there could be a corrosion...
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  • Keep Blowing 20A Fuse on 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    The problem is that you have a short somewhere in your wiring setup. Since the fuse has blown while using 2 different trailers this leads me to believe that the short is on your 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You will want to start off by checking the 7-Way connector on your Jeep. Look for any debris or corrosion and clean it out. You will also want to inspect the wiring that runs to your 7-Way. Look for any places where the wiring is damaged, bent, exposed, or corroded and replace as necessary....
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  • Troubleshooting Tail Lights That Do Not Work When Brake and Turn Lights Do Work
    Most of the time when trailer brake and turn lights work but the running or tail lights do not work the cause is a weak ground connection on either the vehicle wiring harness or on the trailer. Stop and turn lights are on only for short periods while a tail light remains on continuously. This means it will draw more current and will be the light that causes a bad ground to show up. The easiest remedy is to disconnect the ground wires on both vehicle and trailer and to re-install them after...
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  • Troubleshooting No Running Lights on Trailer Towed by 2014 Dodge Ram
    If your trailer's turn and brake lights work properly but the running/tail lights do not this usually indicates a ground problem on the trailer or vehicle wiring harnesses. If there is a weak ground connection at either the vehicle or trailer the wiring may be able to deliver enough power to operate functions like turn and brake lights (which do not remain on continuously) but not be able to deliver the higher current required by tail lights, which remain on continuously. First check...
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  • What Is The Vaseline Looking Stuff In The OEM Plug And Connector?
    What you found in the OEM plug and connector is not Vaseline, it is dielectric grease. It not only won't hurt the connector, it will help it. We use the Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz. # 11755 on the majority of our installs because it helps prevent electrical failures by keeping dirt, debris, and moisture that causes corrosion out of the connection.
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