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Trailer Wiring Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS

Trailer Wiring Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS

Item # 3375601101
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Buyers Products Accessories and Parts - 3375601101
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Color coded terminals in the ABS box provides a fast, easy way to connect the wires from the trailer connector to the wiring for either a 6-way or 7-way connector. Makes replacing your trailer's connector simple. 1-800-496-5010 to order Buyers Products accessories and parts part number 3375601101 or order online at Free expert support on all Buyers Products products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Trailer Wiring Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Buyers Products Accessories and Parts - 3375601101

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Color coded terminals in the ABS box provides a fast, easy way to connect the wires from the trailer connector to the wiring for either a 6-way or 7-way connector. Makes replacing your trailer's connector simple.

  • Electrical junction box consolidates your truck's wiring
  • Color-coded terminals help you stay organized
  • ABS construction
  • Number of terminals: 7
  • 1-Year warranty

5601101 Buyers Products Electrical Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS

Video of Trailer Wiring Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Buyers Products 7 Color Coded Terminal Trailer Wiring Junction Box Review

Hi everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Buyers Products seven pole trailer junction box. So this is going to be a really organized way to get all of your wiring from your seven pole of your vehicle tied up to the right function of the wiring of your trailer. This is going to do a couple of things, keep everything organized, keep it all dry because it does have a cap, but also a lot of the times we don't get trailers that configure with the standard seven pole color wiring. Luckily we lucked out and we can do basically color to color, but it's not always the case.

What's nice about this junction box is it is pre colored. Each stud is going to have the color and it does have stated green in text and also what that function will be on the other side.So it gives you a color cue and also a word cue to let you know how to wire this thing up. So when comparing this to some of the other junction boxes we carry at if you're starting from scratch, etrailer does make a kit that comes with a seven pole and a junction box and much more. Also we do have a Pollack brand that comes with a 10 function. So if you have a little bit more use for a couple more terminals here, definitely go ahead and grab one of those.It does look pretty difficult, but honestly it really isn't.

You just got to test your wires. So let's just go ahead and do all that together. So we're going to go ahead and check out our trailer's functions and you can either use a test box or just hook up your vehicle. So what we've got to do is I'm going to grab ground from my white wire here. You can also just ground it to the chassis of your trailer.

With my test box I'm going to be testing the right blinker. Ours is color to color, so brown should be the right one.So you can repeat that same exact process for all the wires. Just remember match it to function, not color. Now that we have all this wiring sorted out and we know every single wire and what it does, now we can go ahead and take our junction box. You kind of want to get an idea of where you want to mount it.

I think I'm going to mount it right here. You want to make sure you can get that cap on and you'll be able to tap in from the sides. Before we do all that, what we're going to do is I'm actually planning on using these two sides here to run our wires in and as you can see there's no holes.So in our kit that comes with the junction box we are going to get replacements that will have holes in them. So since I'm using these, I'm just going to take this out put it back in the box and these are going to eventually seat into the slot there. What I'm going to do to make it a little bit easier on myself. I'm actually going to fish these wires through first. So I'm going to to do the same exact thing for our wiring going to our trailer. Once that's done, I'm actually going to start with the wiring that comes from our vehicle and basically all we got to do is just put it into the slot like so. We're going to have to undo these screws right here. Take that off, put it in there.We might have to avoid these little brown plastic pieces here. That's going to be what's going to secure our lid into place. Then fasten it down. Once you think you're done, give it a good wiggle and make sure it's nice and tight. These ring terminals does not come with the kit. We do sell them here, so if you don't have any in your garage or anything, definitely go and pick those up whenever you grab one of these. Always make sure you've got a good connection and obviously have enough length to meet it to the right function.So I'm just going to put this nut on there pretty loosely just so it's not flopping around. I'm going to go ahead and put some ring terminals on all of our wires. For now I'm just going to match them up color for color on our junction box. So as you can see here, we just finished our vehicle wiring here and we're going to basically do the same exact thing for our trailer wiring. We're going to put this into place, but I got to undo these two screws first. Then we're going to go ahead, put those back, and screw them down evenly.So now we can just go ahead and put some ring terminals on all these wires and we're probably going to have to cut them and strip them back a little bit so they can fit into our junction box. So we've got all of our ring terminals on here and this side over here is going to be all of our trailer wiring. Over here is going to be from our vehicle. What we're going to do is as we put from our vehicle, all these wires have a specific function. So you don't necessarily need to go by the color because a lot of the times these trailer wirings aren't going to be color to color. So you could do it one at a time and test each and make sure that you're matching them up function by function. Let's take this nut off, place it on there.Tuck those wires away a little bit and put that nut back on. We are going to come through here with the tool to tighten these up. So now that everything is hooked up, now's a great time to test everything out and make sure everything's hooked up correctly. We're going to use the test box, but you can also just use your car. All right, so first we're going to start with our taillights.Our left turn signal, our brake lights, and our right turn signals. So now is going to be the time to mount it in its home. I want to angle it like so and we're going to run some cell tappers through this plate. One thing to note these cell tappers are not included with our kit. So once that's secured into place, give it a good wiggle, and make sure it doesn't go nowhere, and then we can go ahead and put our cap on. It doesn't really matter which way because these are going to line up regardless. Then we can take our screws and these we're included with our kit, slide on in there. Use the Phillips head tighten them down. Well everyone that's going to do it for our look at the Buyers Products seven pole trailer junction box.

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Customer Reviews

Trailer Wiring Junction Box - 7 Color Coded Terminals - ABS - 3375601101

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (262 Customer Reviews)

Color coded terminals in the ABS box provides a fast, easy way to connect the wires from the trailer connector to the wiring for either a 6-way or 7-way connector. Makes replacing your trailer's connector simple.


Your connector box is a great product, easy to install each wire by color and number. I had a shorter than I expectd new harness and plug but the box made it eazy to place where I needed it instead of going into the trailer understructure. I placed the box between the traile tung under the battery box for easy future acccess. I hand made a sheet metal shield for extra water proofing.
I reccomend this product, easy peasey.


As with everything I have ever bought over the last 10 years from etrailer, never question the quality and service,they have always been there with great tech advice, fast shipping, and fair pricing.


This was fantastic for my utility trailer. Made wiring everything super easy! For my small trailer I have led brake lights, side blinkers and I also had a 3rd brake light. There was still room so I put a female trailer plug just long enough to hang out of the box. That way I can connect a 'trailer light tester' and have an idea where potential shorts might be. ;-)


This junction box does the trick. However, the plastic on the sides is just a little thin when the lid is not on. After securing the lid the box is quite strong.


Excellent replacement for the OEM unit that was in my trailer. The OEM units lugs were over tightened when the trailer was built, so I needed a replacement when I replaced the cable to plug into my vehicle.


Great product I use on all my trailers. Enables me to add a high power backup light and always prefer the 7 pin hookup.


have used on several trailers, makes replacing the plug quick and easy if/when needed


I can't at this time tell you what I think, except for the fact as on any review you should give one some time to install and use, so maybe like a month after the purchase.
There's nothing on the review about service, shipping which I wasn't happy about paying for UPS only to have it come to me by USPS.

Reviews and survey's are made up by companies without the customer being able to give proper feedback. I had to also talk with a few agents via chat to get the parts I needed, and I haveb't yet opened the boxws to see if the parts are all there.

Too the box had a big hole in it, I suppose for the UPS driver to handle it better (1st) package.

Also funny, you're asking for a review of these "LAST" two products I bought from you, but not all the others from the 1st order.

So over all this to me is just a waste of time to boost your own ego.


Excellent product, well made and sturdy.
Color coded anchor bolts to secure your 7pin connections with the wiring of your trailer to match up appropriately with assigned functions from your vehicle’s harness. Which is all standard!
Gasket sealed to help protect connections if attached outside exposed to the elements.
Extra sleeves provided in case your wire harness is slimmer in diameter or wished to seal proof the junction box.
Can’t express enough how easy, convenient, and the quality of this product has been from install and to this point in time.
Over a year in my trailer, and looks just as good as the day I put it in.
It is made of thicker plastic, built to last, and has held up with no deformation of any kind within my enclosed trailer in the Texas heat.
Im sure my trailer, being black, and enclosed, bakes over 160 degrees in there.......if not over or near 200 degrees.
Yet plastic is still good and not brittle, and like I no different than the day I put it in.
I bought it to rewire my whole trailer and to include reverse lights and electric brakes. Original wiring was complete BS and had splicers, which caused intermittent working lights and shorts.
I gutted and rewired the whole thing with thicker gauge wiring, heat shrink connections with heat shrink tubing over that, and any possible friction points I wrapped with tape and put heat shrink tubing over that.
Needless to say, the color coded connections within the junction box made my life so much easier.
Not to mention the thought process that went into the design of this junction box for a clean install no matter where you decide to mount it was a God Sent!

You wont regret this purchase!

I’ll quote Chef Paul Prudhomme on this one,......
“ I Guarantee!”


Worked awesome for my trailer


I have a 2019 Forest River travel trailer. I started having brake problems and the dealer was no help so since i have some experience I started looking at the issue myself. What i found was a series of loose and poor 12v connections throughout the braking system and some in the lights as well. The main culprit was connections in the main junction box, see pictures. The factory used a household style jbox and not a quality sealed jbox. I looked on line to fInd a suitable solution that allowed easy access and easy installation. This product fit the bill Perfectly. After a couple hours work to remove the old box and install the new one (in new location) cut and install proper ends on all the wires and make clean secure connections my trailer now has brakes that work properly. The new box came with all necessary screws, nuts and has plenty of wiring install point options. It is all plastic so i was careful not to over tighten any of the screws used to retain the harnesses on each end of the box.
Thank you for a great product.
Gunter, TX
Happy Camper


This box made it easier to check my wiring problems.

Good, very satisfied.
Beth - 07/16/2022


I like the product it was what I needed. After completing my project I could of used a second one or a bigger one with the amount of wires. I am the type of person that isn't happy with legal amount of lights. I have to go over the top. The trailer had 7 lights after I was done the total was 33 lights. If I had more time and money it probably closer too 90 lights because there is all ways room for more.


The product did exactly what was advertised which is what I needed. The shipping was prompt and quick. I have used before and will use them again.


The junction box container was open and there were no fasteners inside for the cover. I guess I will need to provide my own.


Good clean wiring; no exposed connections on our '54 Chevy 3100 restomod.


Love it! Very tidy installation under the bed of my flatbed truck to deal with that tangled mess of wiring that was back there. It additionally allows for easy additions (like my new backup camera), in addition to the ease of updating and configuring both the trailer wiring but also the truck bed wiring. I'm VERY pleased with it.


We had a broken mount on the first one and etrailor sent out a replacement right away. E must be for easy.


The best way to rewire a trailer. These are handy, keep your wiring neat and clean. If you are replacing the plug in cord also then it is better to buy one with the cord pre-terminated. Saves time and the factory crimps are usually better then done by hand. The color coding is also very handy for connection and testing at this point. Speeds up troubleshooting with out cutting wires or puncturing the outer casing which will start the end of life for wiring especially in the states where they salt the roads in the winter.


Great product. made my trail look neat and has worked great for over a year now. Great service and follow-up as well. If you need to rewire your trailer I would highly recommend this product and this supplier.


This junction worked perfectly! So handy to have under your vehicle to wire up a wide variety of accessories! I used it to wire up flush mount pod lights that I installed in the rear bumper. They serve as reverse lights and they’re also wired to come on with a switch. Very handy!


Replacement a previous box. Great


Definitely worth the investment. Makes removal and installation of most 2.72" dust caps a breeze


worked great, as pictured and described


The Trailer wiring Junction Box has cleaned up the new wiring I installed. I now can go to one spot to check for any wiring problems. It was easy to install and had everything included to protect the wires.

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  • Is Black Terminal for Trailer Wiring Junction Box Used for Reverse Light Circuit
    When connecting wiring to the Trailer Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101 you can actually make whichever terminal connect to whatever function you'd like. Typically the color black is used for 12V power when it comes to trailer wiring but if you wanted to use that terminal for the reverse light circuit it would still work, you'd just have to remember to connect the reverse wire from your trailer 7-Way to that same terminal.
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  • Can I Use Wiring Junction Box part # 3375601101 On A Boat Trailer
    The Trailer Wiring Junction Box part # 3375601101 is not designed for a marine application unless you keep the junction box as far away from the the water as possible. If you mount the box on the tongue and it doesn't get backed into the water when launch the boat then you should be okay. There may be boxes out there made for marine applications but we do not carry them at this time.
    view full answer...
  • Dimensions for Buyers Product Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101
    The Buyers Products Trailer Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101 referenced in your question measures 6.5 inches long, 3.21 inches wide, and 2.5 inches tall when the cover is installed. The mounting holes at each end are spaced apart 7.38 inches on center. I have attached an image to assist.
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    Image 1 for
  • Can a Junction Box on a Trailer Short Out?
    Junction boxes like # 3375601101 have independent terminals for each function that don't connect to each other. It would be very possible for a connection to go bad or lose connection, but it is not normal for an entire junction box with all its functions to go bad. I've attached a trailer wiring diagram to assist. It sounds like you may have lost multiple functions, so I recommend checking your ground connection as that could absolutely impact multiple functions and then check vehicle...
    view full answer...
  • What Size Thread/Nut Does Buyers Products Junction Box # 3375601101
    The size of the nuts that fit the posts of the Trailer Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101 is M5-.8 pitch. This does not come with extra nuts.
    view full answer...
  • Does Junction Box 3375601100 Have O-Ring Seal Built Into It
    The lid of the Junction Box part # 3375601101 that you referenced does not have an O-ring or seal built into it. The lid has a pretty deep channel though that fits to the base of the box well enough that it does a decent enough job keeping moisture out. Since the holes on the sides are big enough to allow the wires to go through them it wouldn't do much to make the lid water tight.
    view full answer...
  • How To Charge Your Breakaway Switch Battery On Your Trailer
    The Bright Way Trailer Brakeaway Kit # 3802308 has a built in 1-AMP charger. So when your truck is connected it will be charging. There should be no draw going out while the trailer is disconnected so it should be ready to rip whenever you're ready to haul. I recommend wiring it up using a junction box # 3375601101. I've included two videos for you to watch to see how I set up our enclosed trailer at our shop.
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  • Replacement Junction Box for etrailer 7-Way Upgrade Junction Box Kit
    I wonder if the box was stressed in some way when bolting it to the trailer. Maybe one of the install bolts was pulled the box in a direction that stressed it. That said, for just the box you'd want the part # 3375601101 which is an exact replacement for what comes with the # e99011.
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  • How to Wire a Trailer with Electric Brakes
    Those are the wires for the brake magnets. You will need to connect the black wire to the brake controller output wire on your trailer connector and you are correct the white wire will need to be grounded to a clean metal surface on the trailer. I have linked a diagram for you. The brakes get their power from the brake controller. It sends a signal to the magnet in the brakes to engage and that initiates the braking action. Since you already have a new 7-way connector for your trailer I...
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    Image 1 for
  • What Size Ring Terminals Should be Used with Buyers Products Junction Box # 3375601101
    The ring terminal size you need for the posts of the junction box part # 3375601101 that you referenced is 3/16 inch like the part # 44-5310A which would work great. The terminal matches the correct ring size and also is designed for 10 to 12 gauge wire.
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed to Replace Trailer Connector on 2018 Rockwood A122s Pop Up Camper
    I have a solution for you, but there is not a "plug and play" type wiring solution available for this so you would need to cut your existing wires. Once you've done that, you can use the etrailer # e99011 which has a 5 foot long cord and comes with a junction box already attached. If you wanted to go with something slightly shorter, like the # 277-000143 that you were looking at, you can use that 7 way and add the Junction Box # 3375601101 to complete the wiring on your 2018 Rockwood...
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  • Recommended Durable 7-way Trailer Connector Pigtail
    Hopkins does a very good job of constructing their molded 7-way trailer connector pigtails for durability, I can highly recommend part # H20044, which is 6 feet long. The best way to connect this to existing wiring is to use a junction box like # 3375601101. A junction box allows you to tidy up the connections, protect them from the elements and provides an easy way to change out the pigtail in the future should it become damaged again. One of the best ways to preserve the long term functionality...
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  • Recommended Tire Pressure Monitoring System For 2 Trailers
    Installing the signal booster that comes with the TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-6 will either require you to connect it to a battery or the 12 volt source on your 7 Way trailer wire. Most batteries on a trailer with electric brakes are designated for the break away system though and I do not recommend tapping into it. You want that at a full charge at all times so it can do the job it is there to do. I recommend hooking it up to the 12 volt source so it will only get power when...
    view full answer...
  • Can a Junction Box be Used for 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector
    You could technically use a junction box like part # 3375601101 for a 4-Way connection, like part # HM38134, but since junction boxes are designed for 7-Way connections you'll need to find a way to plug up the larger hole since you're only going to be running 4 wires through it instead of all 7. We do carry some different style 4-Way connectors like the Quick Fix # HMC20031 which make connecting the wiring a little quicker but I feel like this isn't as solid or secured of a connection...
    view full answer...
  • What Gauge are the Internal Wires of the Roadmaster RM-1064-B
    I spoke to Roadmaster and they said all 4 internal wires of the # RM-1064-B are 12 gauge jacketed wire. Depending on what you will be doing with this wire, the following parts may also be good options for add on parts as well. The Pollak Heavy Duty 4 Pole Round Trailer End # PK11402 would attach to the end of the # RM-1064-B very nicely. This would then pair with the Pollak Heavy Duty 4 Pole Round Vehicle End # PK11404. The # RM-1064-B would then attach to a junction box on the trailer,...
    view full answer...
  • Is the Yellow Wire For the Reverse Lights On the 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector H20043
    In regards to the 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector part # H20043, the yellow wire is for the reverse light circuit yes. This should then align with the pin responsible for the reverse light circuit on your vehicle. The terminology used for "AUX" is the same as the reverse light circuit. Please note, if you are rewiring a trailer I highly recommend you use a junction box, the Trailer Wiring Junction Box part # 3375601101 to keep everything organized. We also have the Trailer Wiring...
    view full answer...
  • Do I Need an Isolating Solenoid to Wire Aux Battery on My Trailer
    There are a few different ways you can wire a 12v battery to power your interior lights and maintain your breakaway battery on your trailer. You can find the 12v circuit on your trailer's 7 way connector, it's usually a black wire at the 11:00 o'clock position (if you are looking at the face of the plug). Connect that wire to the positive post of the new aux battery, and ground the negative post to the frame. Then you can connect to the aux's positive post to the positive post on the breakaway...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Connecting New Reverse Lights Wiring At Trailer Electrical Connector For a Dump Trailer
    As long as your trailer has a 7-way you will more than likely have a Junction Box # 3375601101 that all the wiring from the 7-way will go into and connect to the trailer wiring. You will need to locate this box and find the wire for the reverse light circuit. This will typically be either the purple wire or yellow wire if your harness does not have a purple wire. A Test Light # PTW2993 can be used to verify that you are connecting to the correct wire. If your trailer uses a 6-way connector...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • How Do The Breakaway Switch And Electric Brakes Connect To A Trailer's 7 Way
    There will be two ways of getting your brakes and break away kit connected to the 7 Way plug on your trailer. First will be to simply splice the wires together, but this can be a bit of a pain as you can end up having several wires connected together. The second way, and the much easier way as well, is to use a junction box, like the Buyers Products # 3375601101. This will require you to mount the box and use ring terminals, like the # 44-5310A, to connect everything, but it is the way...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Parts Needed to Replace Lights and Rewire a 1993 Econoline Car Trailer
    To rewire your 1993 Econoline car trailer, I recommend using the LED Combination Tail Light Kit # TLL9RK. This kit will include the lights and wiring needed to rewire your trailer. The wiring will splice into your junction box. If you do not already have a junction box, you can pick up the Trailer Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101. Having a junction box makes dealing with the wiring on your trailer easier. If you already have or want to add clearance lights, I recommend the Optronics LED...
    view full answer...
  • Recommmended 4-Way Flat Trailer Wiring for Cargo Carrier Light Strip on Travel Trailer
    My recommendation for your application is to add a junction box like # 3375601101 which will allow you to connect another wire without "splicing in" on the trailer side and run wiring like # DW03240-1 for a longer run or # 16-4B-1 to the rear of your trailer and then use # HM48190.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Wiring To Add A 7-Way Connector To Trailer And 1997 Dodge Pickup
    Lets start with adding the 7-way to your trailer to power your newly installed trailer brakes. You will need the Hopkins 7-Way RV Style Connector with Molded Cable # H20046 which will require you to cut off your old 4-way connector and I recommend using the Trailer Wiring Junction Box # 3375601101 for a clean connection to your new 7-way connector. Since you added trailer brakes you will need to run # 12-1-1 from the junction box to your electric trailer brakes. It is a good idea to use...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed for 7 Way Connector to Put on 17 Foot Long Food Truck
    It sounds like you're looking for a 7 way trailer side connector. The Hopkins # HM20048 you were looking at is going to be 11 feet long, so it's not quite what you're looking for. The longest 7 way trailer side connector we have available is the 18 foot long Bargman # 50-67-106, which will connect to the 7 way connector on your 2007 Toyota Tundra. If you need to, you can make up any distance you need to on your food trailer with either 10 gauge wiring # 10-1-1 or 12 gauge wiring # 12-1-1;...
    view full answer...
  • Replacing Trailer End 4-Pole Connector That Has 8 Wires
    For starters, a quick-fix type connector shown in your photo is typically a good choice for an emergency repair, but I wouldn't use it as a permanent fix. It looks like your trailer wiring has 3 separate grounds and 3 separate running lamp circuits for some reason. This is kind of a strange setup, but if everything worked fine beforehand, there really wouldn't be any need to change that at this point. Your suspicion is correct, I don't believe all those wires will fit in there either. For...
    view full answer...
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