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BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit

BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit

Item # BB54FR
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Maintains the battery charge on your towed vehicle while it is being flat towed. Uses up to 15 amps from your RV's battery. 1-800-940-8924 to order Brake Buddy accessories and parts part number BB54FR or order online at Free expert support on all Brake Buddy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Brake Buddy Accessories and Parts - BB54FR

  • Tow Bar Braking Systems
  • Battery Charge Line Kit
  • Brake Buddy

Maintains the battery charge on your towed vehicle while it is being flat towed. Uses up to 15 amps from your RV's battery.


  • Maintains the battery charge in your towed vehicle while it is being flat towed
  • Uses up to 15 amps from your RV's battery

39339 Hopkins Brake Buddy Dinghy Vehicle Battery Charger

Video of BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Installation - 2021 Ford Ranger

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2021 Ford Ranger, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Brake Buddy Battery Charge Kit for towed vehicles. So before we kind of dig in too deep about some of the details and how this has got to work and everything else, I figured I'd just kind of address one of the big questions that a lot of people are asking. And that is, you know, is this battery charge kit gonna work on towed vehicle that, you know, does not have a Brake Buddy braking system installed So you may have another type of braking system installed, for example. And the answer is, yes. You know, the charge line kit or the battery charger rather, is gonna charge a battery regardless on what type of braking system you have.

It doesn't care. All that it's doing is taking some power from your motor home when you're going down the road, transferring that energy to your battery to keep it charged up. So regardless of what system you have, you know, you can feel confident that this is gonna get the job done. So a battery charger for a towed vehicle is a pretty critical component, actually. It's a lot of times overlooked.

And I mentioned those braking systems. And the reason really for that battery charger, is the fact that every time you apply the brakes, your braking system has gotta use a little bit of your battery power to operate. Well, you know, that can be an issue when you're towing, you know 6, 8, 10 hours, multiple day trips. And, you know, don't get out and separate your car and drive it around or start it up, which is a big hassle. You know, you don't want to get to where you're going, unhook and really look forward to start cruising around and checking things out, making your trips, and you have a dead battery, you know Then you're dealing with jumper cables or jump box, and it's just something you don't want to have to deal with.

And so by using a battery charger. what's gonna happen is, it's going to essentially maintain or almost triple charge your vehicles battery when you're towing it. That way, you know, the power that the braking system uses, isn't affecting your battery capacity or your battery life. That way, when you get to where you're going, you're gonna have the confidence knowing when you turn the key, your vehicles gonna start and you can go enjoy yourself. Not to mention too, the battery charger is going to help save or extend the life of your towed vehicles battery.

So let's say even if you only make short trips towing behind your motor home. A couple hours, whatever the case may be. Not enough to actually drain your battery. So you might not think it's a big deal. Well, the problem is, if you're running the battery down for a few hours and then it charges, and then you run it down, and then you charge it, and you do that several times, you know, that's gonna shorten the life of your vehicle's battery. And so by constantly maintaining it, it's not gonna affect it at all. Now, something you need to think about in order for this kit to work, you are going to need a properly functioning 7-way on the back of your motor home. So you're gonna need that 12 volt auxiliary power. That way, that energy can get transferred through the wiring up into the battery charger and to the battery. So the kit is gonna be fused. So it's gonna be protected, you know, if the short or something like that happens on your motor home or wherever. You know, you're not gonna have to worry about, you know, smoking all of your electronics and everything else or just pop the fuse. With that said, I kinda would've liked to see a bladed type fuse holder. Not really a huge deal. You know, this one uses the older type bus fuses. You know, people don't really have those laying around anymore. A little bit trickier to find. So that would've been cool just to see the newer style fuse in there. But, not really a huge deal. A fuse is a fuse and it's gonna keep everything protected. So at the end of the day, something that I definitely recommend. You know, a small component that can save you a big headache. And really what it's about too, is it's giving you that confidence when you're on your trip. Knowing that everything's gonna go the way it should. You know, everything's gonna work well, and you're not gonna have to deal with any issues. With that said, as far as getting this thing installed, really not bad at all. There's a few wires to hook up and that's really about it. So really shouldn't give you too many issues. Speaking of which, let's go ahead, pull into the garage and hook it up together now. To begin our installation, we're gonna be working underneath the hood of our Ranger here. And the first thing we need to do, is mount up the main portion which I have secured over here on the driver's side, kind of just behind her headlight. So behind her headlight, I mounted up the main body of the charger. And pretty simple, there's a couple of holes in that main body. And I simply just drilled a couple of small holes in the core support there. When you're doing that, make sure there's nothing behind there that you can hit. And then I just used a couple of zip ties to secure it and it's nice and sturdy, not going anywhere. Now we can focus on getting the wires set up. So we're gonna have three wires coming off of it. A black one, a white one, and a red one. The red one will eventually run down to the front of our truck at the six way connector. The black and white wire, they're gonna kind of run towards the back. Black one's gonna go to the positive battery terminal, the white one's gonna go to the ground on our chassis. So we'll just start with the white one. I simply just routed that up. Along through here. And it's gonna have a pre-attached ring terminal. In the ground that we're gonna hook it to, it's kind of tricky to get to and it is a little difficult to pull the whole bolt out to get our ring terminal around it. So what we're gonna do to avoid that, and this is perfectly fine, we're just gonna take a pair of snips. We'll kind of cut a small opening in that ring terminal. That way we can just kind of sneak it behind the head of the bolt. So we'll go just big enough to get it behind there. So right here is a bolt that we're gonna use to connect our ground. I'm gonna take a 13 millimeter wrench. And like we talked about, just loosen it up some. Just enough that we're able to get the ring terminal slid behind it. Go ahead and keep backing it off. Now you can probably see what I mentioned, how tight it is right here. I feel like it just makes more sense to do it this way as opposed to having to pull that whole thing out. Probably a bit tricky to get back in. But now that we have it loose enough, you can just kind of slide it behind there. And we'll just go ahead and tighten that bolt back down. As far as the black wire goes, that's gonna go to the positive battery terminal. So I just kind of routed that along through here, where it comes up right here. This one's also gonna have a pre-attached ring terminal. Except this time we're not gonna have to worry about cutting it or anything like that. We lift up our cover. We're gonna have several studs that we can use. I like to use this one here because there's nothing else connected to it, no fuses or anything like that. So I feel like it's a perfect candidate. So what we're gonna do is take a 10 millimeter socket and remove that nut completely. Just going to slide that ring terminal over it, and tighten it up back down. Now all that's left is our red wire which is gonna need to get connected to the back of our 6-way plug. Now something I wanna mention, since we are hooked up to ground and battery power, the end of this wire can potentially be hot. So unless you pull the fuse out of it, we're gonna power down here. Not really a big deal. Instead of messing with that fuse, all I did was just put some electrical tape on the end. That way, when we're routing this, you know you don't bump into metal and short anything out or anything like that. So something that I definitely wanted to mention. With that said, let's kinda go back up top where the red wire comes out of our main body. And I'll show you how I got it down to this area. So here's our red wire coming out on the main body there. And I just kind of looped it around back that way, that way, you know, if you ever do have to change your fuse or anything, we can have a little bit more wire to work with. But with that said, the wire is gonna run this way and kind of drop down through that opening underneath our vehicle where we can simply just push it into the open grill area where our 6-way is located. So I loosened up the connector plug. Here's our red wire, where it comes down. What you wanna do is run up behind your bracket. Then we'll remove our rubber cover there, run it through that as well. And the terminal that we're gonna be hooking that up to will be the one there in the center. That way when our motor home sends power through it, that 12 volt power will run through our charger through the fuse and maintain our Ranger's battery. So I'll loosen up that set screw there to get it ready and strip back the insulation. And then we can place that into the terminal and tighten that set screw back down. Now that it is hooked up, you can take the rubber dust cover, put it back over. What you can do is apply some dielectric grease to the terminals to help prevent any corrosion, things like that. And when you push this over, you can always seal it up real well with some tape. What I like to do is wait till I have my whole flat tow setup complete and verify that everything's working properly. Because in the past, you know, we come across a small issue or something and you try to fix it and this would be covered in grease and kind of just be a hassle. So I usually wait till the very end to do that. But for now, we can simply just mount our connector plug back up. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the Brake Buddy battery charge kit for towed vehicles on our 2021 Ford Ranger..

Customer Reviews

BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit - BB54FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (52 Customer Reviews)

Maintains the battery charge on your towed vehicle while it is being flat towed. Uses up to 15 amps from your RV's battery.


did not know how to attach these pictures to the site you provided in your email so I am sending to you like this. First, my overall rating is five stars. Second, the installation was not hard at all and took me less than an hour. Third, the lack of instructions leave a lot to an individual's imagination but with so many different vehicles I understand why. However, a link to the general instructions in your video file would help a lot.

These pictures show my installation of the battery maintainer on my 2014 Fiat 500 L.
Picture 1 is of the mounted fuse unit on the driver's side fender firewall.
Picture 2 shows the ground wire (White wire attached to the front quarter panel attachment bolt.
Picture 3 shows the Black wire attached to the Positive terminal on the battery.
Picture 4 shows the charge unit and fuse mounted on the driver's side fender firewall together.
Picture 5 shows the vehicle taillight wiring lines being followed down to the six way plug on the front of the towed vehicle.


etrailer was a great resource when setting up my 2021 Wrangler Islander for flat towing! The BrakeBuddy works great... we haven't had any problem with the battery at all. Would highly recommend it!


Arrived Quickly and was very easy to install along with the baseplate and taillight wiring


Be sure to follow instructions. The wire colors do not follow normal thought. Works awesome for many months and about 3000 miles.


Haven’t installed yet, however a few pages of printed instructions would have been nice. 2ndly your tracking was not terrible good, but your follow up call was refreshing.

I recommend watching the video installation that we have on 2021 Ford Ranger. It may not be your exact vehicle however it does give an idea of what you would be looking for.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/11/2022


Works great to keep our toad battery ch arged.


Very stratified with the etrailer service very helpful, videos are great, fast service dedicated customer...


So, I purchase this kit from you and you and when asking for instructions on you say there are NO Instructions from the manufacturer". So how do you all propose I proceed? So NO wiring diagram, NOTHING???
Sure NOT the kind of service I come to expect from etrailer.

Thank you for your review. Since this part is designed to be used with the Brake Buddy supplemental braking system you can use the instructions from that part to install the charger. I have attached a helpful link for your reference.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 07/02/2021


Tammie P was very helpful and knew the products. Everything I needed was available and shipped very quickly. Order arrived in 3 days.


I called etrailer before to conclude my order on internet. Got every infos I needed. I received everything I ordered in Canada 1 day faster then expected. Very satisfied.


Easy to install and works great.


I was very pleased with your service, was also happy to see that your unit had the new style of fuse which is much better and easier to obtain.


Came in a timely manner in good shape. Simple to hook up and charging “toad” battery as expected. Good service as usual from Etrailer. Thanks!


Fast delivery, ordered Thursday received it on Sunday


Great produce and super easy to install. would give it 5 stars if it was set up for 3 wire instead of two. I love the plug and play but since Hopkins went that far, doesn't seem like much more effort to make it 3 wire, or at lease make the additional diode kit also plug and play. Still very happy with this and etrailer is wonderful to work with. it arrived sooner than was expected.

After using the wiring kit for a oit a year and thousands of miles I am still very happy. I have had no issues and it works flawlessly.
Home - 08/06/2021


Put this in my towed Chevy HHR to allow me to keep the power on so my brake lights would illuminate when the Brake-Buddy applied the brakes. Works great and install was very easy.


Parts came in good condition.. Carol C was great to work with. Recommend that e trailer tell people that items ordered are not in stock up front before they pay for the order


They had the parts I needed at an affordable price. Carol was fantastic when I call to check the status of my order and offered to follow-up on the order if it wasn't going to be filled timely. While she didn't have to follow-up, her attention to customer needs and focus on my satisfaction was refreshing to say the least. Great job Carol!


Charge kit works as intended and it is Great!


Looks professionally made.
Came with
no instructions.
Had to look it up on the website.


Received without a wiring diagram but found it online.


No directions


I’m pleased with purchasing from and will do so again in future. Product arrived as advertised, no issues, and quick shipping.


Good et easy to install


Product arrived 2 days later than it was supposed to, probably a USPS issue. Not even any basic instructions in the box, good thing I’m a retired mechanic !

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Ask the Experts about this Brake Buddy Accessories and Parts

  • Will the BrakeBuddy Charge Kit Back Feed to my Motorhome
    That depends on your towing vehicle. If there is constant power to the 7-way of the towing vehicle the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit part # BB54FR will try to normalize or balance the vehicles when not being towed. If it does not have constant power it will not. Either way Brake Buddy recommends unplugging it when the towing vehicle is going to be parked for an extended period of time.
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  • Does BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Wire to 12 Volt Accessory Circuit of Tow Vehicle
    The # BB54FR that you referenced would work great in the setup you mentioned. It will connect to the 12 volt accessory circuit of your 7-way and will keep your battery topped off. The 14.6 volts you mentioned would not be an issue either.
    view full answer...
  • Does Hopkins Brake Buddy BB54FR Toad Charger Need Ground Ran to Towed Vehicle Battery
    The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR that you referenced does not need a ground wire ran to the tow vehicle's battery. The charger needs power and ground but similar to an alternator in a vehicle just the power wire from the charger would need to run to it.
    view full answer...
  • Why Would Vehicle Battery Still Drain After Install of BrakeBuddy Tow Vehicle Charge Kit
    The Hopkins BrakeBuddy charger part # BB54FR that you referenced can provide up to a 15 amp hour charge. Now if there's a circuit on your Equinox that is active when you are towing that draws more than 15 amps you are going to see the battery eventually drain like you mentioned. Is the radio on in the Equinox or any extra circuits that don't need to be on like lighting?
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  • Is Brake Buddy Charge Line Kit BB54FR Compatible With Brake Buddy Classic II?
    The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR you were looking at is indeed compatible with your brake Buddy Classic II. This kit works with any braking system and will even work if no braking system is used. I included a video of the # BB54FR being installed for you to take a look at.
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  • What Battery Charge Line Kit do You Recommend for My 2022 Jeep Cherokee?
    For a great charge-wire kit for your flat-towed 2022 Jeep Cherokee, I recommend the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR. This kit will provide your battery with a continuous battery charge (up to 15 amps) on your Jeep Cherokee. I went ahead and linked an installation video that shows the installation on a 2019 model. The installation on your 2022 model will be nearly identical.
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  • Amperage Rating For The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR
    The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR is going to send up to 15amps from the motorhome to the towed vehicle.
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  • How To Wire Brake Buddy Battery Charger 39339
    The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit part # BB54FR comes with a the Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System part # HM39524. I have attached a wiring diagram of how this is setup with the Brake Buddy.
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Switch that Could be Used with BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR
    If you wanted to be able to leave the # BB54FR attached to your tow vehicle without it possibly draining your tow vehicle's battery would be to add a switch like the part # D16740 on the red wire that runs to the charger so that you could cut off the connection when you didn't want it to. Aside from that you'd have to disconnect it every time.
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  • Isolating Brake Buddy Battery Charger
    I've found a solution for you! When disconnecting the negative side of the battery you loose power to everything in the vehicle which could include the braking system because all of his vehicle grounds are no longer grounded. With the charge line connected the way you have it, when you hook up to the motor home, because the charger is connected to both the positive and negative side of the battery, the charger now becomes the power and ground connection for the battery. This is why everything...
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  • Brake Buddy 3 Vehicle Battery Charging Capabilities
    The Brake Buddy Classic 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System Item # HM39494 has a charge kit # BB54FR included that will keep your battery charging while you tow. The Brake Buddy 3 will alert you if your battery ever falls to 10v.
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  • Brake Buddy Classic 3 Power Source
    You would not want to power your braking system that way because if there was a disconnect between the RV and vehicle your Brake Buddy system # HM39494 would have no power running to it. The # HM39494 comes with the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR to ensure you're battery stays charged while towing. Hybrid brakes don't require as much of a push because they are assisted. You'll want to match the style of brakes of the towed vehicle when choosing between the hybrid...
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  • Drained Battery While Flat Towing A 2017 Terrain 4 Cylinder Troubleshooting
    If your battery is draining in two hours you have a seriously major drain on your battery or your battery is bad. You shouldn't have to pull all these extra fuses to preserve battery life while flat towing. It also sounds like your charge line might be hooked up incorrectly or is just bad. I recommend replacing it with the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR. You should not remove fuse # 16 as your brakes could lock up while towing and cause an accident. The owner's...
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  • Keeping Your Battery Charged While Using The Demco Stay-In-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System
    The Demco SBS Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System - Proportional # SM99251 is going to be connected to your vehicle's battery to be powered which will drain your vehicle's battery. To keep the battery charged while towing you can install the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR. You'll still be able to disconnect the negative battery cable like the manual indicates for flat towing.
    view full answer...
  • Can BrakeBuddy Charge Line Kit Install with Tow Vehicle that has Roadmaster Invisibrake
    You can add a BrakeBuddy charge line kit part # BB54FR to your flat tow setup that is using an Invisibrake part # RM-8700 and it wouldn't interfere. It would put an additional charge on the battery like you are wanting.
    view full answer...
  • How Does The Blue Ox Patriot III Charge?
    The Blue Ox Patriot 3 Radio Frequency, Portable Braking System # BRK2019 will charge off of a 12v power source in your toad vehicle. I recommend installing the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit # BB54FR to keep your vehicle's battery from draining when being flat towed. Additionally, Blue Ox recommends charging the Patriot once every 3 months for 8 hours. If you are using the Patriot on a daily basis for a number of day you may need to charge sooner than 3 months. Also, if...
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  • Installing and Powering the Brake Buddy Classic 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System
    The Brake Buddy Classic 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System, # HM39494 comes with the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit, # BB54FR. This should be used when installing the Supplemental Braking System, # HM39494. There's good chance the fuse for your power port socket is blown. Please note the linked installation video below.
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  • Wire to Run from Trailer 7-Way to Charge Trailer Battery
    There is a much less expensive, easier, and more effective way to charge your trailer battery from your 7-way by just running 10 gauge wire from the 1:00 pin of the 7-way to the trailer battery. We offer 10 gauge wire as part number # 10-1-1 which is sold by the foot.
    view full answer...
  • Braking system solution for 1999 Jeep Wrangler Flat Towed by 2013 Ford F150
    I would suggest using the Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System # HM39524. It is a great option that requires minimal installation for power and emergency brake away cables. It is also portable so it can be moved to different vehicles very easily. It includes a remote that you can use in your Ford F150 or any other vehicle with a 12 power supply. The remote allows you to receive feedback from the unit as well as be able to adjust the sensitivity while you drive. This...
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  • Flat Towing A 4WD Chevy Colorado With Automatic Transmission
    Chevy Colorado 4WD with automatic transmissions from 2015 to 2021 are confirmed per the owner's manuals to be able to be flat towed. 2WD Colorado's are not flat tow capable due to the risk of damaging the drivetrain. You'll want to follow all directions in your owner's manual for flat towing. One of those directions is to disconnect the battery so you'll need to use a braking system that will wire directly to your battery and you'll want to use a battery charger like the BrakeBuddy Towed...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for Image 3 for Image 4 for
  • Keeping Your Vehicles Battery Charged While Using The Demco Stay In Play Duo Braking System
    The # DM86VR does not come with a battery charger. You can install the # BB54FR to keep your vehicle's battery charged.
    view full answer...
  • Installing The BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit
    Since you are using the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor # DM86VR you'll want to run the red wire of the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR to your 6 pin connector unlike in the two videos I've attached of brake buddy braking systems where they show the installation for the battery charge kit since we don't have a solo video for this particular item. I've also attached a picture of the installation steps. The small black...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Fixing The Death Wobble While Flat Towing A 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
    Newer model Jeeps have electric power steering systems that require activation while flat towing to prevent the death wobble. You'll have to purchase the Mopar Recreational Flat Tow Wiring Kit part 68321424AB through a dealer to activate the power steering and resolve the death wobble. Activating the electric power steering will put a drain on your vehicle's battery so you'll also want the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR maintain the charge level of your battery.
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  • Powering A Braking System For Flat Towing A 2020 GMC Canyon
    When flat towing your vehicle most owners manuals state the need to remove the negative cable from the vehicle's battery which would make your 12v plug-in non-operational. Instead I recommend the Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional Item # HM39524 as it wires directly to your battery will come with the BrakeBuddy Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Kit Item # BB54FR to prevent your vehicle's battery from dying while towing.
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