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Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish

Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish

Item # C16429-204
Our Price: $429.25
Fifth Wheel Installation Kit

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Shipping Weight: 75 lbs
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Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation. 1-800-940-8924 to order CURT fifth wheel installation kit part number C16429-204 or order online at Free expert support on all CURT products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish. Fifth Wheel Installation Kit reviews from real customers.
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CURT Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - C16429-204

  • Above the Bed
  • CURT
  • Custom

Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation.


  • Custom brackets mount beneath your truck bed to provide attachment points for 5th-wheel rails
  • Base rails sit in truck bed and allow installation of 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Custom fit - brackets mount to existing holes in your vehicle's frame
    • No drilling is required
    • Installation time is cut in half when compared with universal bracket systems
  • Kit includes brackets, rails and hardware
  • Visible rails have carbide finish
  • Compatible hitches - Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Reese, and Valley
  • Assembled in the USA

C16204 5th Wheel Rails - Curt Carbide Black

C16429 Curt Custom 5th Wheel Bracket Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish

Installation Details C16429-204 Installation instructions

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Video of Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Kit Installation - 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Hi there, Chevy owners. Today, on your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install CURT's base rails. And this is what our base rails look like when they're installed. You can see that they sit above the bed, but they really don't stick up very high, about an inch above the top part of your higher corrugation there. And they are fairly smooth, so I do prefer base rails that are like this where all the bolts are carriage bolts and they're down in the lower section. That way, things are still smooth on top here.

So if you we're gonna pick up like drywall and plywood and stuff like that, you could still slide it in here and slide it out without it causing any damage to it. CURT's rails are fairly easy to install. It's one of the easiest ones out there to install. And between CURT, I would say the only one that I might prefer over the CURT is the B&W that we sell, just because the B&W's so amazingly consistent and their machining's fantastic. But these are really nice rails.

They have a good powder coating on 'em, and they're a similar design to the B&W. So I do like these ones a lot too. There's other manufacturers we have like Demco. I don't really prefer their rails because they'll use large bolts that go down through the top of the rail and then you lose that ability to slide plywood in and out without potentially scoring up the wood. You almost need like a scrap sacrifice piece to go in first.

With these rails, though, they do stay permanently in your truck like this. So just keep that in mind when you're going to load things in and out that this is gonna be here forever. But again, they don't stick up very high and they're smooth, so they shouldn't really interfere too much with your operation. You can use any fifth wheel from CURT with them as well as many of the other manufacturers as they've got various holes for the various sizes, depending on the weight ratings that you're looking to pull. Now, to make sure that your installation goes a little bit easier, I'd recommend pulling down your spare tire.

That'll also ensure too that when you go to drill through your holes, there's minimizing your chance you're actually gonna hit the tire or anything when drilling down through the bed. Your tools in your truck will slide in through this point back here. There's probably a lock in there, and you can use your ignition key to open it. If you referred to your owner's manual, you should have all the procedures and everything in there, where your tools are located, and how to utilize them. We'll begin our installation here in the back of our truck. We'll need to center the rail side to side. And then we're also gonna measure from the rear of our truck bed, not the tailgate but the actual bed of the truck here, to the appropriate distance and make our mark. Now, that is gonna vary depending if you've got a short or a long-bed truck so make sure you refer to your instructions for the appropriate distance based on your truck bed. So we've gone ahead and made our marks here. Now, this does have a pretty thick spray-in bed liner in it too, and you might wanna add just a little bit of that length to it, maybe like a 16th of an inch or a 32nd of an inch just to compensate for the thickness of that coating there, just helps offset for that. Once you've got it marked and laid out, we can go ahead and mark the holes that we're gonna be be drilling. I went ahead and marked them here on the rail, so you can see we're gonna be doing the center here towards the rear of the truck. And then if you go in our third square slot there on each side, we've also got those marked. So those are gonna be the ones we're gonna be drilling. So I'm gonna go ahead and mark each one of these in the center of the square. I like to mark it just because it's a little bit easier to see when drilling. The black spray-in bed liner makes it just kinda hard to see especially 'cause before we go to the full size that we're gonna be drilling it out too. We're gonna start with an eighth-inch drill bit just to do some small pilot holes that we can also verify are gonna properly line up with our rails. 'Cause that way, if it's a small hole and you didn't do something quite right, you could easily fill that in with some silicone and never even really know that you made a mistake. So I went ahead and marked each of those. We've got our small drill bit now, and we're gonna go ahead and just drill a pilot hole down on each one of those. And there we go. Once we drill down through it, you wanna make sure you don't drill too far, kinda keep control of it. 'Cause there potentially could be something that you could drill into below it. So just once you pass through, make sure you pull it up, stay in control of your bit. So we're now on the passenger side wheel well. We're gonna do this on the driver side as well 'cause the fender liner here does kinda hang down in front the side of our frame, which makes it difficult to hold our plates up there. So if you want, you could take the entire fender liner out, or you could just take out a few screws here and fold it back out of your way. We're gonna use a T15 Torx to remove the fasteners here. We're gonna take out all three that are right here. And then we should be able to fold it back out of our way to be able to hold our side plates up there. Yeah, that should be plenty fine for us. You can even maybe use like a bungee cord or something like that to hook into the loop to help hold it back. So here, we have our side plate. This is the passenger side plate. The angles with the slotted holes in them are gonna go above our frame rail, and you want the single hole here to be towards the front and the larger with the two holes towards the rear. So it's just gonna kinda sit like this on the side of the frame. So we'll just slide this in place here. And sometimes, you gotta go the right direction to get it to be able to roll into position. And now we're gonna look underneath and we're gonna hold this up, making sure that it does line up with the holes that we just drilled out. But you might have a difficult time seeing if it lines up because of the heat shield here. So you can go ahead and remove this heat shield as well. We're gonna use a 13-millimeter wrench. So we're gonna remove the bolt here, there's another one back here, and there's a couple more towards the middle of the vehicle underneath, a total of four. And then we can get that heat shield out of there. It's gonna have to get out of the way anyway for us to put our hardware in. And it'll make it a whole lot easier to be able to verify that our holes are lining up. And we're just using a 13-millimeter wrench here. You might be able to fit a socket and a ratchet in there 'cause it is kind of a big gap. But I probably recommend a flex head to be able to get in there. Then once we remove this one here, we're gonna get the one towards the back that's on the side of the frame. And there's gonna be two more, more towards the center of the vehicle. And now, we're holding our side plate up. We pulled that heat shield out of the way. And if you look straight up through our holes, you can see that the two pilot holes we made do line up with the slotted holes in our side plate. So with everything lined up good, we're gonna go back now and enlarge all of our holes to a 9/16 size. Now, you might not have a 9/16 drill bit. You could also use a step bit. This is something probably more common that you'll have that you can get in your local automotive store or hardware store. I actually like to use the step bit after I do this anyway, just to kinda de-burr and clean up the holes. Once you've got 'em all drilled out, we're gonna clean up our holes here. We're just gonna use our vacuum. And then to help protect it from rust and corrosion, we're gonna go back with just some either clear coat or if you have black, you can use black spray paint as well. Something that'll match, just to seal it up to protect it from the bare metal being exposed to moisture. So we'll now take our bolts here. We're just gonna drop 'em down through our rail. And then we can head back down below to get our side plates up and start getting everything secure. So now, we're gonna put in some hardware for our side plate. The front attachment hole for our side plate's gonna be this slotted hole that you see there, just behind those two smaller holes. It's gonna use the larger carriage bolt that comes in our kit. This is a larger diameter than the ones that we dropped down up top. You'll get a fish wire to be able to feed it in, and you'll get a large spacer plate. Make sure that the spacer plate does slide over the square so you know you got the right one. 'Cause the other spacers are gonna have a smaller square hole 'cause this again is a larger diameter bolt. So you'll slide your spacer over your coiled end of your fish wire. Thread your bolt onto the fish wire. And after your bolt's threaded on there, take the bolt and push it in first. Kinda get it lined up just right to get it to slide into the little slot there. It's a tight fit but there you go. You see it will poke in there. Once you poke that in, just kinda push it in there some. And you can take your spacer. You can drop it down in there. And then we'll pull our bolt back out. And I like to put an angle at the end of the fish wire here just to keep it from being able to push back into the frame. Just giving it a bend there, kinda like a little hook. So that way, we got that prepared for putting our side plate up into position. So now, we're gonna grab our rail. Go ahead and take your fish wire and push it through the single hole here on the side of your side plate. We can then lift our rail up on top of the frame rail. Then use your coiled wire that we just had that we attached it to, to pull the bolt back through the side of the frame rail. And then we'll undo our carriage bolt there, the coiled wire on it. And we're gonna take a nut and thread it onto the end to hold that in place. This is gonna be a larger nut than the rest of your hardware. You'll get two larger ones. We'll take our nut and thread it on there. You can just do it kinda loose for now so we can maneuver it here in the back. 'Cause the rear portion here is gonna be held in place by a U bolt. So here's the U bolt that we're gonna use for our rear attachment. You can see the lower hole there and the upper hole. This is gonna slide around the frame from the inside towards the outside through the holes here in our rear side plate. Just kinda lift up on your side plate and slide your U bolt around the frame, and line it up with those holes. That'll slide through there. And then we'll take the smaller nuts that come in our kit and thread it onto our U bolt. And again, we're gonna leave these just a little bit loose here to start so we can get the hardware started on the ones that we dropped down through our bed and our base rails. Kinda get all the hardware started and then I like to tighten it down after I get it all started. 'Cause that way, if you need to maneuver stuff just to the, you know, forward, backward, left, or right a little bit, you can do that. So we're now underneath the vehicle. We're looking straight up. We need to start attaching the bolts that we dropped down through our base rail now. So I'm gonna start with the middle one here just real quick so you can see how this is gonna work. It's a little easier to see. We're gonna use very similar hardware for the side plate ones. So it's gonna start with, and I actually usually find it easier to just start these, but you need to put one of these split ones in place. This takes up space between the corrugation 'cause you can see this part's raised and this part is lowered. So if we just put our plate up here and try to tighten it down, it can actually crush these sections and bring 'em flat together. And we don't want that. We wanna keep our corrugation in the shape that it's in. So this piece we can usually slide up right after we get it started. So we'll take the square hole plate here, slide that up. I usually put some side pressure on the bolt to keep from pushing it back up through the bed. Just a couple of threads on there to get it started. Then we can take our split one, line that up on top there, and then we can go ahead and snug this down. And we're just gonna snug it down just hand-tight again, so if we need to ever so slightly maneuver the rail left or right, we can do that. Now, we'll head to our side plate. We've got two bolts that we had dropped down through there. So for our side plate, it's gonna use, again, the same hardware as that middle one. You're gonna put on a spacer with the square hole. You might have to push up slightly or our bolt's being a little funny, not quite lining up, just get it pulled a little bit. That's why we wanna leave things just a little bit loose. Get our nut started on there. Sometimes, you have to hold up on the side plate just a little bit. Be able to slide that up there and have enough threads poking through. And we'll get our nut started. Just a couple of threads is all you'll need to start 'cause you need to put that split spacer up there. We can just kinda slide that in, sneak it in after we get it started there. I'm gonna go ahead and sneak in the other one. And then we can get the remaining hardware on there. Usually, if you got the one started, you can kinda tighten this one down some. And that way, it'll kinda hold it up there for you, making it easier to get that other one started. 'Cause that way, you got more threads poking down now. And similarly, I'll put a little bit of pressure on it, whether it's towards the front, the rear, the side. Just kinda pulling on that spacer helps keep the bolt from wanting to push up into the frame. And then we'll snug down this hardware hand-tight and, again, make it just loose enough just so we can maneuver it. So now, we're gonna head over to the other side on the driver side of the frame rail and put our side plate on the same way we did the passenger side. The only real difference is between the two sides is you always wanna check for things on your frame so you're not pinching any wiring or anything like that between your U bolt and your side plate. So on the other side, on the driver side, we can see we do have some wiring right here. So we've got our trim panel tool here. Just kinda pop that stuff out of the side of the frame with it. That way, you can take your U bolts here and go between them and then give it a twist. And now, we can get our side plate installed there, and we won't damage our wiring. So I went ahead and got the other side installed. And now, we can go back and tighten it down. I did also hop back up top real quick and just made sure my rail was centered side to side and lined up front to back, lined up all my marks and everything. And then we can come back down here and finalize snugging it down. We're gonna use a 3/4-inch socket for all the hardware. I'm gonna start with the ones holding the base rail in place. That way, the base rail doesn't move out of that center position that I put it in. And then we can do the side plates attaching it to the frame. For the side plates that go straight down through the bed that hold the base rail, should be able to probably use a long socket. I mean, a long extension with a socket to get up onto these ones up here. You may or may not need a swivel to get access to those. Looks like we're gonna need a swivel probably at least for the passenger side here because of the exhaust. Bring our swivel in and we can get up there and get these snug down. And then on the driver side, you might wanna take your swivel off of there and actually your socket too. 'Cause then you can slide your extension up between the wiring and then slip your socket back on to be able to snug these ones down. And we can go ahead and torque this hardware. Our rear rail's gonna be used as a template with our fifth wheel to line up the front one, so we don't want this one to be able to move. So we'll just finalize torquing these here. And we'll head to our side plates here. The U bolt's gonna use the same size socket. And now, we'll go ahead and tighten down our larger front bolt. That one's gonna utilize a 15/16 socket. And we can torque that as well. So now, for our front rail, we're gonna take our fifth wheel legs from the fifth wheel that you've got. Go ahead and slide it into the rear rail. And you can lift up on the other side. Slide your other rail in place. Get it to drop down in there. I have to maneuver around just a little bit to get it to line up. Be careful, watch your fingers when you're doing this. There we go, we got that in there. So I do like to take the pins and just slide the pins in place. That just helps ensure that when we get this all tightened down, that we've got it tightened in a way that our pins are gonna slide in and out easily. So we're just gonna slide 'em through there. And then it's probably a good idea to just grab your tape measure and get it centered side to side. 'Cause there will be just a little bit of play between the components. So just checking the measurement there, checking the measurement over here. Actually looks really good. So at this point, we can make our marks just like we did on the rear rail. They're gonna go in the same location. The only real difference is the middle one here was towards the rear of the truck. On our front rail, we're gonna use the one that's towards the front of the truck. And we're gonna do the same as last time. Start with a pilot hole and then we'll step it up after we just verify that everything looks okay. Once you've made all your pilot holes, just double-check that the two rear holes on each side, they do line up with the side plates. That's all good. Go ahead and move your base out of the way. Slide your rail out of the way and enlarge 'em to the 9/16 size. So after we got 'em all enlarged, just like the rear rail, we vacuumed up all the mess, hit 'em with some spray paint to cover up the exposed metal. And we just put our rail back, put our feet for our fifth wheel back in there, and put the pins back in there. And then we can take our hardware now and drop it down through each point. Then we'll grab our tape measure one more time just to make sure that it's as centered as best it can be here. Usually, once you get the pins in and everything like this, though, usually make sure that it kinda stays there for you but we're just gonna double-check it. And yeah, we're looking good there. So we'll head underneath now so I can get our hardware on. For the middle bolt and the other two side bolts that are towards the front of the vehicle, you're all gonna use the same hardware on these. They will not go through your side rails. You're gonna use the spacer that has the hole in the center. And that's to keep the corrugation from crushing. And then just like the other ones, you're gonna use the spacer that has the square hole that'll slide over your bolt. You can put some side pressure on it and then start your nut. And this is gonna be the same for all three of these front bolts. Now, the rear side bolts, those are gonna go through our side plates. And they're gonna use the same hardware as our rear. After you get your small spacer above the side rail between the bed and the rail to keep the corrugation from crushing, we'll take the spacer with the square plate, slide it in place, put a little bit of side pressure on it, and then start our nut on there. And then we're gonna do the same thing for the rear bolt on the other side. After you've got 'em all started, we can go back and tighten 'em down, and we're gonna torque 'em just like we did the rear ones. I will say for some of these, it's gonna be a little difficult getting your torque wrench in there. So you would likely wanna invest into a 3/4-inch crow's foot to be able to get to some of the ones like over where our fuel tank is. Our crow's foot is similar to a socket, but it will be almost like a combination between a socket and an open wrench head. It'll have a place to clip onto your socket and be a little open wrench. And what we're gonna use here is just similar to a crow's foot, but rather than having an open end, it has a box end. So if you can find those, those work really well for these tight spaces. 'Cause sometimes crow's feet, especially from a cheaper manufacturer, will wanna spread open. This'll give you a much better contact on the bolt. Once you get all your hardware torqued, that'll complete the installation for the rails. At this point, we can put our heat shield back up as well as our spare tire. You will need to do some minor trimming to clear the U bolt. So just give that, use some shears or tin snips just to cut that out. Do be careful after you use tin snips or shears. It can make those edges kinda sharp, so just pay attention to that. And then that'll fit right back up in there. We can just put the hardware right back in. Once you've got your heat shield back on, you can come over to your fender liners and also reinstall those. I'd recommend doing the heat shield first. A little bit of access from the side will make reinstalling the heat shield easier. You'll just need to take whatever fifth wheel that you wanna use, drop it in place, and you should be good to go. If you we're using pieces from your kit to help you get set up like this, you can go ahead and finish reassembling this piece with the rest of the head and the rest of the parts that get it installed. I do like to usually just verify if I pull the pins out and it does pull in and out of there smoothly. Nice and smooth. So yeah, at that point, you just can't ask for anything better. If you go to pull this up and it's kinda tight, you might need to loosen the hardware and shift them a little bit. But usually, if you put your pins in like we we're doing, you're good to go. And that completes our installation of CURT's base rails on our 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500..

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Customer Reviews

Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish - C16429-204

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (104 Customer Reviews)

Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation.

2021 GMC Sierra 4500

Installed on a 2021 GMC Denali DRW. The installation instructions and video need to be updated they are somewhat miss leading as to the difficulties of install. The driver side front rail nuts are almost Impossible to install because of gas tank. They will be impossible to torque without dropping the gas tank. Your will also have to remove the dual rear wheels to torque the frame plates Took almost 5 hours to install. Other than that have yet to use hitch.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


You are correct that the bolt location is difficult to access. I reached out to Curt who advised that depending on the application and installer, it can be easier to remove the wheels for additional working room.


Perfect fit, did not have to drill any holes in frame to mount it, has held up great so far, as a professional installer it went so much better than a hitch and rail kit that fits multiple vehicles.


Great install! Had no issue with the installation of this unit. Directions were easy to follow. Great product and will be trying it out real soon 3975CK Crossroad Cameo 5th wheel!



Great, no issue with the unit, works as it should! Installation when I installed was easy.


I installed myself on my 21 GMC Sierra 2500HD, Denali, Duramax. Took me around 3hrs to do with basic shop tools. Over all the unit itself is very nice. Heavy well treated metal, bolts are all good quality. Not one single alignment issue. Sucks that the truck manufacturers can’t make some sort of pre setup locations as it was some tight finger tip spots. But that’s not to the fault of This item at all.

Chevrolet Silverado

Installed these bed rails on my 2020 Silverado Duramax 2500HD. Heavy duty rails and of good quality. Install time was around 3 hours. Definitely remove spare tire and heat shield. I did find it very difficult to torque 2 of the nuts on the driver's side front rail. Everything else no problem. I did spray some undercoating on the frame rail ends and nuts. Just did that for extra protection and it will make it easier to see if there is any movement when towing.


This went in perfectly, very happy with the installation.


I ordered this to install in my 2020 Silverado 2500. The install was easy and took close to 2 hours. Have not pulled my fifth wheel yet so really no idea how this will hold up. Everything was in the box nothing missing. Shipping took 2 days to get to my house. Very happy so far with everything I have ordered fro you.


Didn’t receive the rails and etrailer didn’t even know it until I contacted them. I had to postpone my appointment to have it installed. They didn’t seam to care


E-trailer has detailed instructions and videos for anyone to install there on hitch.


The hitch looks strong enough but the installation was difficult for a man over 65 with big hands installed on my 2021 Chevy 2500.there were some very hard to get at places to get spacers and nuts on bolts took me 6 hours by myself probably would have been quicker and easier with two people.haven’t tried it yet will let you know how well it works.


did a great job on the install and assisted after the install when I had questions as this was my first 5th wheel hitch.

2023 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Missing most of the hardware the Two of the three boxes were totally destroyed

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Oh no, this is very unfortunate. Customer Service will be in touch with you so we can have the missing hardware shipped out.


Wasn't to bad to install. Dropping the spare helped. The bolts above the fuel tank was the hardest. The instructions were not bad either. But I'm a cnc tech so no worries. My only issue with the rails is no split washers or self locking nuts. I've already ordered them to replace the originals. I don't like the idea of them loosening up. Even a little. I also looking at building some custom cross braces. Don't like just attaching to the bed.


High quality materials. Installation was fairly easy; however I have a mechanic with a lift in his backyard shop that made access to the truck easy. Would not hesitate to make this purchase again.

2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Fast delivery,easy install,great service!! Thanks etrailer


Works great, when 5th wheel attachment or gooseneck is not attached. The rails do not get in the way of using truck bed.
Tricky to install with plastic bed liner. But when finished. Great product

2023 GMC Sierra 2500

Installed this on my old truck so now it being installed on my 2023 GMC Denali. Show not in stock and not available until Dec. Needed it quickly so I called Curt and they had them in stock. Made my order through Etrailer because I knew they were reliable. Made the purchase and received it in 5 days including the weekend. Could have purchased it elsewhere, but knew they would get it for me quickly. Thank you Robert S and everyone else that worked on the order.

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Had to adjust the first measurements a little to make rail holes to match the frame brackets, very tight quarters under the box,but every thing went in pretty well

2022 GMC Sierra 3500

I received this product in great shape,easy to order from and quick. I am installing this product when the weather breaks her in the northeast



Put a lot of miles on with this product. No issues towing with this model

2023 GMC Sierra 2500

Arrived fast, good instructions and quality kit.


I received my rail kit on time and everything appears to fit my truck as I was told it would


Product looks correct and what I ordered. But packaging was busted open and hardware was loose out of bag. I opened everything up and confirmed all hardware was accounted for. Better packaging would be recommended.


I would give it a 3 star review. The product itself was perfect. The package arrived in tact, but 2 parts were missing. Upon contacting you, I was told they would send out replacements. I was hoping they would overnight them since I had an appointment 2 days later for the installation of the 5th wheel rails. But they were sent standard usps mail. So I had to cancel the appointment. I ended up installing them myself, which took more than 6 hours, which the directions said 1 1/2 hours for a novice. Also, the measurements on the directions said 28 15/16" from the tailgate to the front edge of the rear rail. I drilled the pilot hole, and it wasn't even close. It ended up being 28 1/2" and I even have spray in bedliner. So I have mixed emotions about the purchase. They are installed, and seem very sturdy.


About as stratightforward and easy of an install as could be expected. Plates are heavy duty and fit the frame very well.

2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

very helpful

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  • Which Curt Fifth Wheel Rail/Bracket Kit Fits 2022 Chevy/GMC Truck
    For a 2022 GMC/Chevy truck the Curt fifth wheel rail kit part # C16429-204 is the correct fit and for just the bracket kit the part # C16429 is correct...BUT the bracket kit is not compatible with Pullrite rails. You can't mix and match the bracket and rail brands so you would have to go with the Curt complete rail kit. If the hitch you have is a Pullrite and it's one of their ISR style hitches it will be compatible with this rail kit.
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  • Installing Curt Custom Base Rails On A 2021 GMC 2500HD
    The 2021 GMC 2500HD's have either a 6-3/4' bed or an 8' foot bed so to install the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish Item # C16429-204 on your 2021 GMC 2500HD you'll measure from the tailgate towards the cab 28.94" for the 6-3/4' bed and 30.87" for the 8' bed. You'll want to follow the measurements of the instructions exactly to ensure the fifth wheel will be centered over the axle.
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  • Recommended Industry Standard Rails for a 2023 GMC Sierra 3500
    Yes, we do have a set of industry standard rails available for your 2023 GMC Sierra 3500. They are the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck item # C16429-204. These rails install in predrilled holes in your Sierra's frame. The kit includes brackets, rails and all necessary hardware. I have linked an installation video below along with a picture of a Reese Hitch attached to these rails.
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  • Recommended Industry Standard Rails for a 2023 Chevy Silverado 3500
    Yes, we do have a set of industry standard rails available for your 2023 Chevy Silverado 3500. They are the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck item # C16429-204. With these rails you will be able to use your Curt 5th wheel hitch in your 2023 Silverado. These rails install in predrilled holes in your Silverado's frame. The kit includes brackets, rails, and all necessary hardware. I have linked an installation video below along with a picture of these rails installed.
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  • Does The Curt Custom Base Rail Kit # C16429-204 Fit A 2024 Chevy Silverado 3500
    The Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck # C16429-204 is confirmed to fit the newer 2024 model so you shouldn't have an issue transferring it over to the new truck. We sell the hardware as a whole kit so I recommend just determining which bolt you're needing based on the instruction manual parts diagram and then purchasing it from your local hardware store to save yourself some money.
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  • Recommended ISR Custom Fifth Wheel Base Rail Installation Kit for 2021 GMC Sierra 2500
    I suggest the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck, # C16429-204 for your 2021 GMC Sierra 2500. This ISR kit requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your GMC Sierra 2500. Includes everything you need for installation. Please note the linked installation video below.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Mounting Rails for 2020 Silverado
    Yes, the Curt # C16429-204 rails are a confirmed fit for the 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 with 6-3/4' or 8' bed, and with out the OEM Prep Pkg.
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  • What is the Distance Between the Rails on Industry Standard 5th Wheel Installation Kits
    Industry standard 5th wheel rails like the Curt # C16429-204 will be spaced 22 inches apart, center on center. These rails are not adjustable and I'm not aware of any base rails that are; if you've got a hitch that doesn't mount to industry standard rails then you may need a custom application for that hitch.
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  • Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Placement on 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500
    When you install the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish part # C16429-204 in the 2020 Chevy 2500Hd short bed, the measurement from the tailgate to the rails is 28.94" like you mention because you want the fifth wheel to be centered over the axle. You want to follow the measurements of the instructions exactly. The closest fraction measurement on a tape measure is 28-15/16"
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  • EAZ LIFT 18K Non-Slider 5th Hitch And Curt Bed Rail Compatibility
    The EAZ LIFT hitch and the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish Item # C16429-204 bed rails are both industry standard so they are compatible fits with each other and your 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500. The Item # C16429-104 you were looking at is not a confirmed fit for your vehicle.
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  • Curt Fifth Wheel Bracket Kit that Fits 2024 GMC Sierra 2500
    Curt has a set of fifth wheel brackets that fit your 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 with the part # C16429 which is part of the rail kit part # C16429-204. But the kit you mentioned does not fit your truck.
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  • Fifth Wheel Rail Bracket Kit that Fits 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD without OEM Rail Kit
    Curt has a fifth wheel bracket kit that fits your 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD without OEM rail kit with the part # C16429 or for a kit with rails part # C16429-204.
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  • Can You Use Universal 5th Wheel Hitch Brackets on a 2022 Chevy Silverado 2500
    I do have an option for you but I strongly recommended against using universal fifth wheel brackets on a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. There are custom kits avavailbe for this truck which is what you should be using, the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit part # C16429-204 is what I recommend. This kit won't require any drilling into the frame but a few holes in the bed. It works with most above bed mounted fifth wheel hitches. I don't have any suggestions for using universal brackets...
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  • Rail Kit to Install Pro Series Fifth Wheel Hitch in 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Short Bed
    To install the Pro Series fifth wheel hitch you have in the bed of your 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 all you need is a fifth wheel rail kit like the custom kit # C16429-204. Custom install kits install much easier and quicker than universal kits so this would be the way to go.
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  • Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Recommendation for 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 to Use Reese 20k Hitch
    Yes we have custom install fifth wheel rail kits that fit your 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 as well as your Reese 20k fifth wheel hitch with like the Curt rail kit # C16429-204 which would be a great option. This is a custom install kit which means the install will be on the easier side since drilling would be minimized and the rails are the style your hitch was designed to fit as well. I attached an install video link for this rail kit for you to check out on a similar 2020 Silverado as...
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  • What Fifth Wheel Rails do I Need on my 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD with a Pullrite Superglide
    Yes the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck part # C16429-204 is a confirmed fit for your 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. Once installed you will have the familiar Industry Standard Rails and can install your PullRite and get headed down the road. Like you other trucks you will likely want an in bed connector for this the Curt 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Custom Wiring Harness w/ 7-Pole Connector part # C56070 will plug directly inline to your factory connector and eliminate...
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  • Curt 5th Wheel Bracket/Rail Kit for 2020 Silverado 2500
    The Curt 5th wheel hitch frame mount bracket you'd looked at, part # C16429 are indeed a fit for the 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500. You'll want to use the kit, which includes the bed rails as well which is # C16429-104 for the gloss black bed rails or # C16429-204 for the carbide finish rails. All necessary hardware is included. Mixing frame brackets and bed rails from different manufacturers isn't recommended as the bracket/rail kit capacity is based on using brackets and rails that have...
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  • 5th Wheel Base Rails For a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 w/ 8' Bed to Use a Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch
    For your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 with 8' bed and no prep package, you can use the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck # C16429-204. The Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck # C16429-204 will fit your truck and provide you with a set of industry standard rails. This will allow you to use your Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16140.
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  • Best Curt 5th Wheel Hitch and Base Rails for 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 Long Bed
    The best Curt fifth wheel hitch for your 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 long bed is the Curt A20 # C16140 because of its sturdy dual jaw system which makes full contact with your king pin to give you a comfortable ride, and because its color-coded lock indicator makes the hitch easier to use than other hitches. The A20 will give you a highly secure connection with your trailer's king pin because of its interlocking dual jaw system that wraps totally around your king pin. This means that the...
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  • Can Curt Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch Install in Bed of 2020 GMC Sierra 2500
    Yes you can install the Curt Q24 fifth wheel hitch in the bed of your 2020 GMC Sierra 2500. You'll just need to install a fifth wheel rail kit like the Curt part # C16429-204 which is a confirmed fit for your truck and you'd be set.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch With Highest Weight Rating For My 2020 GMC Sierra 2500
    We have a Curt 5th wheel hitch with a maximum weight capacity of 24K lbs. It will consist of the following items: Curt Q24 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R24 Slider - Dual Jaw - 24,000 lbs, part # C16546 Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck - Carbide Finish, part # C16429-204 This 5th wheel hitch has an above the bed 5th wheel mount. It is a sliding 5th wheel. It is designed to work with trucks that have short truck beds. There is not any drilling required to install...
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  • Parts Needed to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer With a 2023 GMC Sierra 2500 Without 5th Wheel Prep Package
    To tow your 5th wheel trailer with your 2023 GMC Sierra 2500 with a 6-3/4' bed you will need a base plate kit and a sliding 5th wheel hitch. Base Rail Kit: - Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Chevy/GMC Truck # C16429-204 This kit will fit your Sierra and provide you with industry standard rails to use a 5th wheel hitch. Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch - Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider # C16541 The sliding 5th wheel hitch will allow you to have the proper clearance...
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  • Fitment of Curt Base Rail Kit and PullRite SuperGlide on a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500
    The Curt Universal Fifth Wheel Base Rails # C16204 will fit with your PullRite 2700 sliding 5th wheel hitch but we don't recommend crossing brands when it comes to installing a base rail kit and the mounting brackets. This is due to them not being made together so there could be some slight differences plus they haven't been tested together so you will basically be using a system with a unknown weight rating. I recommend going with the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit # C16429-204...
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  • Determining What Height To Install Your 5th Wheel Hitch At In A 2020 GMC Sierra 2500
    The height of a 5th wheel hitch like the Curt A16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R16 Slider - Dual Jaw - 16,000lbs Item # C16521 needs to be set to allow 6" of clearance space from the bed rails to the nose of the 5th wheel while still allowing your 5th wheel to sit level while hooked up in the hitch. To determine the height needed for this you'll have to measure from the top of your truck bed floor to the ground and then measure from the plate of the pin box on the trailer down to the ground...
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