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Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 15,000 lbs GTW, 1,500 lbs TW

Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 15,000 lbs GTW, 1,500 lbs TW

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Weight Distribution Hitch
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Built-in, active sway control keeps your trailer in line by using specific tension points and steel-on-steel resistance. System head is adjustable so you can easily achieve the proper tilt. 2-5/16" Ball included. Great Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from CURT. Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 15,000 lbs GTW, 1,500 lbs TW part number C17501 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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CURT Weight Distribution Hitch

  • 1100 lbs
  • 1200 lbs
  • 1300 lbs
  • 1400 lbs
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • WD With Sway Control
  • CURT
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • Includes Shank
  • Some Sway

Built-in, active sway control keeps your trailer in line by using specific tension points and steel-on-steel resistance. System head is adjustable so you can easily achieve the proper tilt. 2-5/16" Ball included.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for improved stability and control
    • Creates a more level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Integrated active sway control limits side-to-side movement of trailer
    • Spring-loaded ball bearings in system head rest in detents, applying constant pressure to help trailer stay centered
    • Brackets keep spring bars in place for a rigid system that holds your trailer in line
      • No lift chains - eliminates unwanted movement of spring bars
      • Steel-on-steel friction helps to correct any sway that may occur due to winds, curvy roads, or sudden maneuvers
  • Spring bars work with brackets to transfer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle
    • Constructed of forged steel
    • Secure in system head with easy-to-use snap pins
  • No-drill, clamp-on brackets mount directly to your trailer frame
  • Desired tilt is easily achieved using adjustable head - no more piling on washer after washer
  • Grease zerks in trunnions make for simple maintenance
  • Black powder coat finish is durable and corrosion resistant
  • System includes head assembly, adjustable shank, spring bars, active sway control brackets, chrome hitch ball, pins and clips, and all necessary hardware


  • Tongue weight: 1,000 lbs - 1,500 lbs
  • Maximum gross towing weight: 15,000 lbs
  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Sway control bracket positioning: 4" in from end of spring bar
  • Maximum trailer frame dimensions:
    • Height: 6"
    • Width: 4"
  • Overall height: 9-1/2"
    • Holes are spaced 1-1/4" apart on center
  • Maximum drop: 1/2"
  • Maximum rise: 5-1/2"
  • Shank measures:
    • 8" From the center of the pin hole to the center of the adjustment holes
    • 7" From the center of the pin hole to the closest edge of the vertical adjustment shank
    • 9" From the center of the pin hole to the furthest edge of the vertical adjustment shank
  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Spring bar dimensions: 35" long x 1-1/4" wide
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Diagram of Shank

Included w/ SystemRequired - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons
  • Adjustable Shank
  • System Head
  • 2-5/16" Torqued Chrome Hitch Ball
  • 2 Sway Control Brackets
  • 2 Spring Bars
  • Lift Bar
  • Hitch Pin and Clip
  • Necessary Installation Hardware

Weight Distribution Diagram

Create a more stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Integrated Active Sway Control

The TruTrack weight distribution system works to stop trailer sway before it begins. This is achieved primarily thanks to the specially designed system head.

TruTrack Spring-Loaded Ball Bearings in Detents

On top of the trunnions, there are spring-loaded ball bearings that rest in detents built into the underside of the head. As you travel down the road normally, these ball bearings help to keep the trailer in a straight line by applying pressure inside these detents.

TruTrack Spring-Loaded Ball Bearings out of Detents

When sway occurs, the trunnions move inside the head, causing the ball bearings to come out of these detents. When this happens, the ball bearings ride along internal grooves in the head as they work to return to the detents to snap the trunnion back in place. This action effectively returns your trailer to center.

TruTrack Spring Bar Bracket

Additional sway control is created by the spring bar brackets. Most traditional weight distribution systems have spring bars that are suspended by chains. Although this ensures that the system is not so rigid as to create bounce in the trailer, it also permits a good deal of side-to-side play in the system. Allowing the spring bars to hang freely also minimizes the tension described earlier. This limits your system's ability to hold your trailer in line behind your tow vehicle.

Not only do the brackets on the TruTrack work to constantly hold your trailer in line, but they also supply friction to force it back into place should any sway occur. The concept is similar to the way in which an add-on friction sway control device functions. When each spring bar moves forward or backward, or side to side, it rubs along the bracket, creating friction. The resistance created by this action limits the movement of the spring bar, thus preventing further side-to-side movement of the trailer.

Forged Steel Spring Bars

The TruTrack's spring bars are made from forged steel, giving them a distinct advantage over typical cast steel bars. Forging is a process where thermal and mechanical energy are applied to the steel, resulting in a finished product that is more resilient to impacts and is stronger in terms of shear strength. Simply put, the TruTrack's spring bars do a superior job of helping to hold your trailer in line because of their added strength and durability.

Simple Spring Bar Setup

TruTrack Spring Bar Install

The support brackets of the TruTrack easily clamp onto your trailer frame to provide the attachment points for the weight distribution spring bars. To position the spring bars on the brackets during hookup, simply use the included snap-up lever to lift each bar onto an L-shaped bracket. Then secure the bars in place with the included L-pins and clips.

17501 Curt True Track Weight Distributing Hitch with Sway Control - Adjustable Shank and Hitch Ball - 15K

Item # C17501

Installation Details C17501 Installation instructions

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 15,000 lbs GTW, 1,500 lbs TW - C17501

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (580 Customer Reviews)

Built-in, active sway control keeps your trailer in line by using specific tension points and steel-on-steel resistance. System head is adjustable so you can easily achieve the proper tilt. 2-5/16" Ball included.


We received our delivery yesterday and was surprised at the packaging it came in. We have yet to open it to see if any parts fell out of the box. Packaging definitely needs to be reinforced with thicker cardboard.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina D.


Have you had a chance to check out the condition of the contents?


Product seems good, packaging needs to be re-done. Needs double boxed. Torn open, missing parts. Not acceptable if you're expecting to tow a trailer in the near future. Very timely shipping, I didn't think UPS would damage it so bad in 2 days of handling.


Very disappointed with this product. While it does work well for it's intended use, the product longevity, Lifetime Warranty and support from Curt was quite the let down. I purchased this unit in Sept 2021 and have used it for ~35-40 towing days (10 trips). During a routine pre-use inspection/grease application, I noticed that one of the Cam Blocks was damaged. Upon disassembly, the Cam Block was cracked in half and the Socket also had abnormal wear (one side only). Curt denied the warranty claim stating lack of lubrication (which is ironic as I caught the issue while lubricating). They stated that the signs of corrosion show lack of greasing. I'm not sure how you are supposed to stop corrosion when towing in the rain, especially when the paint flakes off after a few uses.

Unfortunately Curt will not sell just the Socket and Cam Plate and requires spending $300+ on a replacement head.

While this unit does work well, it does not hold up over time and Curt will not stand behind their product.


I've used similar products in the past for rv towing, and this is the first time I needed a product for a work related vehicle. This product is awesome! Takes all the undesirable driving artifacts out of the way. No more bucking, rolling, bouncing, just a nice sway-free towing experience. Very straight forward to configure, install & use. I only wish I could have ordered with a 2" hitch ball instead of 2 5/16". My dump trailer uses a bulldog 2" cast iron hitch. I had to buy a 2" ball & have a trucking company rattle gun the 2 5/16" one off & put my 2" ball on the new head. Other than that little knuckle drill everything went like clockwork. Would definitely recommend.


This product made a huge difference when pulling my camper with the additional 1000# of tongue weight when my ATV is loaded. I am pulling a rough total of 4700# with my expedition and pulls very well. I had to make quick change on the interstate at 75mph, the camper wanted to sway but was quickly brought straight behind the vehicle in seconds. What could of been a disaster, with the sway control made everything safe. Install is technical, I just had the RV company install when I was picking up my camper,short on time and Best $200 ever spent. Went with the 1500# tongue weight, since I do have about 1400+ when fully loaded. With setup done correctly, weight is distributed evenly. About a 1/4" difference between front and rear of vehicle.


I the hitch looks well built. I think I was sent an older model of this hitch because it came with the spacers instead of the Cam for adjusting. I wish I would have gotten the one with the CAM to adjust it. It took me a while to figure out how to put it together because of the spacer and the wording on the instructions. I do like the hitch but if I ordered it again I would request that I get the model with the cam for adjusting.


I received this today and the box had been torn and re tapped. However it is missing several bolts needed to assemble. Putting me in an extreme bind as we are going on our camping trip literally tomorrow and do not have enough time to get the correct parts to assemble. Very disappointed. Pictured is the only items that were in the box.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I will have our Customer Service team reach out as soon as possible.


Good trailer hitch. I was using the basic chain weight distributing hitch with added sway control. This is much better.



Yes good hitch. Works good no problems with it.


The maiden voyage for both the Curt Tru Track hitch and the Momentum 28G trailer was a 350 mile trip on both interstate and two lane state highway to Oregons Wallowa Lake. The hitch performed as advertised. I highly recommend. I also recommend watching the video on installation that etrailer supplies. Much better than the written instructions


So far so good. Pulled on a windy day and the wind would push truck and trailer to the shoulder but it stayed straight and came back with no issues. Happy so far.



Works great. No issues with the hitch. Great quality and construction.


The curt anti sway hitch performs better than anything I’ve ever used.
You never see the trailer behind you.
The weight dist is awesome.
We have f350 /lance truck camper and 26 ft car trailer
In tow.
I can’t picture anything working better.


Excellent product, was as described and not to difficult to install. Only needed to adjust brackets one to level unit out. Would recommend this product to anyone who needs a weight distribution hitch.
Will be using this on my 2014 extended cad f250, to pull my 36 ft keystone Laredo rv.
Many who wander, are not lost!


I needed a weight distribution system and quickly realized that Curt was the best around. You get what you pay for so why not get the best!? Very simple to install and with the correct routine maintenance this will last forever, Shipping was fast and box was In good shape when it arrived.


Disappointed. Went to install this on the trailer at the dealership only to see its missing an entire bracket set. Now its completely useless at a time I need it most.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I am very sorry that you were not able to use the WD system when you needed it. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you as quickly as possible.


Heavy duty and very well made!! I pull a 33ft. T/T with 2 slides, Curt Tru Track system works very well. Compared to similar style weight distribution systems, Curt is definitely a better value!!



Its been a year since ordering Curt Tru Track W.D.S. I can say well worth the money, works well! Since then I we upgraded our TT in length, 3 slides, and 1500lbs heavier. CURT wd works flawless!


The Curt C17501 weight distribution hitch assembly arrived today 10/30/2021 via UPS packed in a large box. The box was severely damaged with a hole/tear midships. Several of the assembly pieces were missing. Please send me two (2) half inch by four inch carriage bolts with lock nuts attached. Also missing are two (2) clips that secure the small L shaped retainers that fit near the end of the spring bars. I will call etrailer on Monday 11/1/2021 to arrange for you to send me the missing fasteners. Will review hitch assembly and install process when I get to it. Thank you.

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


Customer service will resolve this for you.


Looks great. Works well. Easy to install. Very happy with it so far.


Works great! eliminates almost all sway, even on a windy day. I especially like the fact that the weight distribution bars are so easy to install. I've never had to use the helper tool!


I am not very happy so far with the condition of the package I received, I hope this is on the UPS end. I have had time to go through the box to make sure everything is there, if it isn't I'm hoping etrailer will help make it right.


This is the second one of these that I have purshased they work great and etrailer was grest to work with


Best price around. Did an inventory and all the parts made it. Package was destroyed though and ups had thrown into a bigger box. Need a better way to ship these.


It’s just what we needed to feel safe pulling our travel trailer down the road. Would definitely recommend this hitch.


This hitch saved us. When we hooked up the loaded trailer the truck sank to the ground. Could not have made the move without it. That being said, you probably wonder why this is not a 5 star rating. It is very difficult to install and level, unless you have done it before. It took two people several hours to get it put together, installed, and leveled correctly. Its definitely a two person job, as it is very heavy. However once leveled it worked like a dream. Disconnecting and reconnecting is also a little bit of a chore. With all that said, this is well worth the money.


Thank you so much for sending out the missing trunion bars & helper lifting tool so quickly. Melissa was so polite and helpful;, thank you again so much. I pickup my Jayco Eagle today. Thanks again

I will upload photos of the install later.



I do not have the unit installed yet. Before I ordered, I read the reviews. Multiple reviews commented about the package being damaged and parts missing. I did not believe it was possible to have that many damaged packages with missing parts until sure enough, my package was damaged, and the trunnion bars were missing. I called etrailer and they are shipping me replacements.

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  • Correct Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch for 9,000 lb Camper Trailer
    That's a good question and you do want the higher-rated Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System with Sway Control # C17501 which is rated for total tongue weights between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs. The reason is the ideal system is one in which your total tongue weight - which is the tongue weight of your fully loaded and ready to go trailer plus the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle - falls somewhere in the middle of the weight distribution system's tongue weight...
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  • Do I Still Need a Ball Mount with My Weight Distribution Hitch
    It sounds like you're trying to add a weight distribution hitch to your trailer, so you don't actually need to use the Curt # C45902 with it. In most cases you can get a weight distribution hitch that comes with a shank included, like the Curt Tru-Track # C17501 which is designed for trailers with a tongue weight of 1000-lbs and 1500-lbs. There are some that do not come with the shank included, so you'll want to choose one that does where possible as long as you don't need one with a...
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  • Easiest Weight Distribution Hitch To Take Off A 8,000 Pound Trailer
    We have the perfect weight distribution hitch for you! When installing a weight distribution hitch The Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control # BXW1000 will be the easiest to install then all the other systems. The chain style hitches don't require you to use a lever to snap the bars into place, which takes some force and would not be considered easy. When choosing a weight distribution hitch you want the total tongue weight to be as close to the middle of the WDH rating...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System With Sway Control For 8 Inch Trailer Frame
    When choosing a weight distribution system, you want to go off the total tongue weight. This total tongue weight includes the loaded weight of the trailer tongue that you stated along with any cargo behind the rear axle of the towing vehicle. For the size system you need, I only have one recommendation that includes sway control that will fit on your trailer. For your application, I recommend the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 17,000 lbs GTW,...
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation for Trailer with 900 lbs Max Tongue Weight Rating
    The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. I attached a help article on determining tongue weight for you to check out as well. You will want the loaded tongue weight of your setup to fall right in the middle of the tongue weight range of the system you use. You really want to have a good idea...
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  • Can Curt Weight Distribution System C17501 Work on 2023 Outdoor RV Timber Ride 26KVS Titanium
    I checked out pictures of your 2023 Outdoor RV Timber Ridge 26KVS Titanium and the Curt weight distribution system part # C17501 that you referenced would fit it and work just fine. There's plenty of clearance on the frame for the spring bar hangers to fit.
    view full answer...
  • Do Curt Weight Distribution Systems Come With Shank to Fit 2-1/2 inch Hitch
    Curt has weight distribution shanks you can use with the # C17501 that fit the 2-1/2 inch hitch size like the part # C17131 which can do up to a 2 inch drop or part # C17132 which can provide up to 8 inches of drop but we do not offer the Curt kits with the 2-1/2 inch shanks. The most similar system that does come with a 2-1/2 inch hitch size shank is the part # EQ34FR which I would highly recommend. It has a tongue weight range of 1,200-1,600 lb, comes with a hitch ball and is widely...
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  • Does the Curt 15K TruTrack Weight Distribution System Come with 2.5 Shank
    The Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Systems like part # C17501 all come with the standard 2" shank with 1/2" drop. That said, you can add the 2-1/2" shank part # C17132 separately which has an 9-1/4" drop.
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  • Curt TruTack Weight Distribution for 8,500 lb GVWR Trailer
    For a travel trailer with a GVWR of 8,500 lbs the correct TruTrack is the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System with Sway Control # C17501. The TruTrack is going to do a really good job of ensuring you are level and have a more controlled ride with its sway control. It also comes with everything you need, including the shank and hitch ball, so no additional parts are required for you to purchase.
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  • Recommendations For Reducing Bounce Transferred From 2019 Shasta Oasis 26BH Travel Trailer
    Your 2019 Shasta Oasis 26BH is going to have a maximum loaded weight rating(GVWR) of 7,550lbs according to the tag you sent in. The 4,500lbs you are seeing on the internet is most likely referring to the dry weight of the camper when it leaves the factory. This weight is not accounting for the propane, battery, water and any gear/supplies you load into the camper for a trip. That is where the maximum weight comes into notice. With the stock suspension on your Shasta it does leave a lot...
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    Image 1 for
  • Is a Weight Distribution System Needed for a 2021 Ford F-150
    The hitch capacity can be found on a sticker on the actual hitch itself. There will be two capacities listed, a standard weight capacity and one when used with a weight distribution system which will be higher. It's possible that your trailer won't exceed the standard weight capacity therefore it isn't required to use a weight distribution system but anytime you're towing near the upper end of the vehicles limits you'll want to use one. I recommend the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution...
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  • Will The Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch Fit A Trailer A-Frame Using C-Channel?
    You will be able to use the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System # C17501 on your trailer tongue which uses C-channel. Since the frame mounts bolt around the frame it does not require a square tubed frame like the Chain Hangers # C17003.
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation for Work and Play 21VFB Toy Hauler
    Nearly all weight distribution shanks were made to the same dimensions. Shanks like the Curt part # C17100 fit nearly all brands of weight distribution heads. As long as the holes of your old shank are 3/4 inch in diameter and are spaced 1-1/4 inches apart the Curt shank you mentioned will fit. The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo...
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  • Difference Between Curt Weight Distribution Systems C17500 and C17501
    The difference between the two systems is that the Curt TruTrack # C17500 has a tongue weight capacity between 800 lbs and 1,000 lbs with a maximum gross towing weight of 10,000 lbs while the Curt TruTrack # C17501 has a tongue weight capacity between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs with a maximum gross towing weight of 15,000 lbs. This is important because in order to choose the best weight distribution system you will first need to know your total tongue weight (TTW), which is the tongue weight...
    view full answer...
  • Will Other Brand Spring Bars Work With Husky Weight Distribution System
    I do have an option for you but spring bars are not interchangeable across brands. The only option we can offer is a new system. I recommend the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System part # C17500 which is a complete system with pre-torqued hitch ball ready to go. It has a 10,000 lb capacity. There's a 15,000 lb capacity as well, part # C17501.
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  • How to Choose Correctly-Rated Weight Distribution Hitch
    Replacing your friction-style sway control device with a weight distribution system that includes integrated sway control will give you a substantial jump in handling quality. The best integrated systems actually prevent sway, instead of trying to only react to it like the friction bar systems do. The ideal is to have your total effective tongue weight (TW) - the combination of the loaded trailer's actual measured TW plus your behind-the-axle cargo weight - right near the middle of the...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for a Underslung Coupler w/ a 1,500 lbs Tongue Weight
    I have a solution for you but the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System item # C17501 is not designed to be used with an underslung coupler. Instead you will want the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control item # BXW1503. This system has the same capacity but is designed specifically to use on underslung coupler's like your Jayco trailer. I have linked a review video below.
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  • Weight Distribution and Sway Control Recommended for 7500 lb GVWR Travel Trailer
    The fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your 2007 Keystone Hornet Hideout 19FL is likely between 800 and 1000 lbs, given its GVWR of 7490 lbs, but you'll want to confirm that. I'll link to a help article that explains a few ways of doing this, but the easiest way would be to use a bluetooth tongue weight/payload scale like the # e99044. Because travel trailers are very susceptible to trailer sway caused by cross winds and turbulence cause by passing traffic, I'd recommend using...
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  • Available Accessories to Reduce Noise from Weight Distribution Systems Like the Curt TruTrack
    Some odd sounds and noises from a weight distribution system are pretty much par for the course. Any device like these that uses friction, such as to accomplish a degree of trailer sway control, is going to make noise. With the Equal-I-zer systems use of their jackets # EQ95-01-5150 can reduce this to a degree but not eliminate it. Plus anything that reduces friction and noise in such a device will also inevitably reduce its effectiveness. Friction is how they do their job. Curt does...
    view full answer...
  • Determining The Correct Weight Distribution Hitch For Towing 7500lb GVWR Trailer W/ 2010 Ford F-150
    I would be happy to help you you find the correct Curt TruTrack weight distribution hitch for your trailer that you will be towing with your 2010 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat with the 5.4L V8, but you will need to confirm the total tongue weight of your setup as this is different than the figures in the picture you provided. Total tongue weight is the tongue weight of your fully loaded and ready to tow trailer plus the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of your F-150. The easiest...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Troubleshooting Trailer Sway When Using Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System
    Installing Timbren springs shouldn't cause your trailer to sway. If your truck and trailer are already level then I would guess the sway is caused by the trailer being overloaded or not properly loaded. Or your weight distribution isn't rated high enough. I researched your trailer and the maximum loaded weight is just under 9,000 pounds and your maximum tongue weight is a little less than 1,100 pounds. You will want the majority of a trailer's weight to be in the front of the trailer....
    view full answer...
  • Higher Capacity Trailer Hitch for 2011 Ford F-150 that Has OEM Hitch
    The only hitch we offer for your 2011 Ford F-150 that has a factory hitch that would have a higher weight capacity like you need is the Torklift part # TLF1005H which has this capacity if used with a weight distribution system like the Curt TruTrack part # C17501 which has a tongue weight range of up to 1,500 lbs.
    view full answer...
  • Is there a Difference in Installation for the Different Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Systems
    The only difference between Curt TruTrack weight distribution systems # C17501 and # C17500 is the capacity of the spring bars. Installation will be the same for both so you can use the video for C17500 as a guide to supplement the instructions that come with # C17501.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Shank with 4 Inch Drop for Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System
    You can certainly use a different shank than what is included with the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System # C17501 referenced in your question. If you are needing at least a 4 inch drop, I recommend looking at the Curt Welded Weight Distribution Shank # C17123. This is an adjustable shank that can have up to a 8-1/4 inch drop with the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System. It features 10 adjustment points/holes that are spaced 1-1/4 inches apart on center. I have attached a...
    view full answer...

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