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Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink - Air Brakes - Proportional

Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink - Air Brakes - Proportional

Item # DM26VR
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This truly proportional braking system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brakes in your towed car in the same manner. Low-profile system installs out of the way and is always at the ready. Wireless braking monitor included. Great Prices for the best tow bar braking systems from Demco. Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink - Air Brakes - Proportional part number DM26VR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Demco Tow Bar Braking Systems - DM26VR

  • Brake Systems
  • Air Brakes
  • Proportional System
  • Demco
  • Fixed System
  • One Time Set-Up
  • Power Assist Brake Compatible

This truly proportional braking system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brakes in your towed car in the same manner. Low-profile system installs out of the way and is always at the ready. Wireless braking monitor included.


  • Supplemental braking system applies towed vehicle's brakes in proportion to braking action of RV
    • Towed car's brakes are activated at the same time and with the same intensity as those in your motorhome
  • Truly proportional system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brake pedal in your car
    • Coiled air hose connects air assembly in RV to operating unit in towed car
  • No false braking
    • Coach air brakes must be activated for system to apply towed car's brakes
  • One-time setup - no need to remove or to activate each time you tow
    • Operating unit and actuating cylinder stay hidden so everything is out of your way when you are driving
      • Low-profile design of operating unit allows for more room in the engine compartment of towed car
      • System automatically functions when towed vehicle is connected to RV
  • Wireless braking monitor mounts in your RV and alerts you when the brakes are being applied in the towed car
    • Transmitter connects to reed switch on brake of towed car to ensure proper reading
    • LED lights blink and are easily visible while you are driving
    • Audio tone provides a secondary, audible alert
  • Vacuum-assisted function of towed car is activated with air from the coach brakes
    • Less force is needed to move the brake pedal in the car, resulting in more natural braking and less risk of damage
    • Compatible with vehicles that have continuous-power-assist brakes
  • Breakaway included
  • System meets FMVSS safety guidelines for motorhomes that use air brakes
  • Necessary installation components and an instructional CD included
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: motorhomes with air brakes
    • Can accommodate air-over-hydraulic brakes - additional 1/4" DOT air line (not included) may be required
  • Coiled air hose length when fully stretched: 7'
  • Breakaway cable length when fully stretched: 7'
  • 5-Year warranty

A supplemental braking system is a must when towing a car or truck behind your RV. Without it, the weight of the towed car can create a safety hazard, strain your RV's brakes, or affect your RV's warranty. Most states require a supplemental braking system.

Automatic, Truly Proportional Braking

Air Force One is a proportional braking system. When you apply the brakes in your motorhome, the system will engage your towed car's brakes at the same time and with the same pressure as those in your motorhome, creating synchronized braking.

To achieve this proportional braking, Air Force One ties into your coach's air brakes. The patent-pending process uses air pressure from your coach's brakes to depress the brake pedal in your towed car. The result is uniform, real-time braking that mirrors the slowing or stopping action of your coach. Whether you lightly tap the brakes in your RV or apply them hard in a panic situation, your towed car's brake pedal will be applied in the same manner.

Many other proportional systems activate the towed car's brakes based solely on inertia. With this kind of setup, any activity that affects the forward momentum of your towed car - from the coach actually braking, to driving over a pothole - can activate the supplemental braking system and apply your towed car's brakes. This potential for false braking, which can occur simply from driving over uneven terrain, can create a rough ride for you in the RV and can also wear out your towed car's brakes over time. Air Force One is different, though. Because it is tied into your coach's brakes and is not dependent on inertia, this system activates only when you apply the brakes in your RV, so there is no false braking.

Permanent Installation with Concealed Components

Once you install the Air Force One system, it stays concealed and out of your way - both in the RV and in the towed car. Unlike systems that require you to keep the actuating box under the seat or in the trunk of your towed car, Air Force One does not take up valuable storage space inside of your car. And the components that install on your RV all remain hidden beneath the vehicle so that no room is taken up in its interior either. Because the entire system installs permanently, there is no need to constantly set up and remove this system. You never have to worry about where to store a bulky actuator box when you're not towing. And while most of the components do remain on your vehicle and RV at all times, none of them will interfere with normal driving or braking.

review of demco air force 1

"In my experience, this system has the most user-friendly install of all the permanent braking systems. If you do it right, you won't even know it's there. The RV side of the install can be tricky though! It's a little intimidating to cut into the air lines."

Coach Air Connection Assembly

Because Air Force One uses air to activate, it is a natural choice for diesel motorhomes that have air brakes. The coach air connection assembly taps into your RV's air brakes and delivers the air necessary to activate the towed car's brakes through the included coiled air hose. The valves on the coach air connection assembly ensure precise airflow.

Pressure Protection Valve

A 1-way check valve collects air from your RV's brake lines so that it can power your towed car's brakes. This pressure protection valve also ensures that your RV's air lines maintain the same amount of pressure so that the braking in your RV is not affected.

Relay Valves

Metered air from the coach's brakes connects to a service relay valve. This relay valve collects air from your RV's brake lines so that it can power your towed car's brakes. When you activate the brakes in your RV, the delivery relay valve releases the appropriate amount of air to the operating unit in your towed car.

The coach air connection assembly is best mounted in a location on the RV where the air lines will not be near direct heat sources or moving parts, such as in front of the rear axle.

Note: Air Force One is designed for motorhomes that have air brakes, but it will also work with RVs that have air-over-hydraulic brakes. Additional parts (not included) may be required for installation on RVs with air-over-hydraulic brakes.

Operating Unit

The operating unit, which mounts in your towed car, receives air from the coach air connection assembly. The unit then diverts a matching amount of air through a hose to the actuating cylinder that mounts on your towed car's brake pedal. That air activates the cylinder so that it applies proportionate braking pressure.

The unit goes under the hood of your towed car, so it is out of your way and always ready. Because this system is a universal fit, you can remove it from your towed car and reinstall it in a different car or truck if needed.

Actuating Cylinder

Small Cylinder

The actuating cylinder depresses your towed car's brake pedal upon receiving the air that is delivered from the operating unit. This small cylinder stays mounted on the arm of your towed car's brake pedal at all times and will not interfere with braking while driving.

Actuator on Pedal

Mount this cylinder so that it is perpendicular to the firewall when you depress the brake pedal. A clamp anchors the actuator to the firewall.

To connect the actuating cylinder to the operating unit, you will need to run the included air hose through your towed car's firewall. You can usually create the necessary, small opening without drilling. In most instances, you can cut a slit in the hood release cable grommet. Simply cut the end of the air line at an angle to poke it through the slit.

Coiled Air Hose Connection

Coiled Air Jumper

The coiled air hose, also called a jumper, connects your towed car to your RV by connecting the operating unit to the coach air assembly. When you are ready to hitch up your car and tow it, simply hook up the coiled air hose at the same time as you hook up your tow bar.

Vacuum Pressure Creates Smooth Braking

Normally, when you activate the brakes in your vehicle, a vacuum multiplies the pressure you apply to your brake pedal, creating the force necessary to stop the full weight of the moving car. On most cars and trucks, this vacuum-assist function does not work when the engine is off. As a result, many supplemental braking systems on the market have to use an excessive amount of pressure to effectively depress the towed car's brake pedal.

Air Force One reactivates the vacuum-assist function of your car's brakes when it's being towed, even though the towed car's engine is not running. As a result, the actuating cylinder does not need to apply extreme force to the brake pedal to achieve proper braking. The operating unit ties into your towed car's vacuum line with a tee so that it can use the air pressure from your RV to create the vacuum your car needs to brake gently. As a result, no additional vacuum pump is required to create the vacuum-assist function for your towed car's brake pedal. Air Force One will replenish your towed car's vacuum after each braking event so that you will get smooth, even braking every time.

Built-In Safety Features

Demco Wireless Coachlink Monitor for Air Force 1

Included is the wireless Coachlink for safety and peace of mind. This monitor, mounted on the dashboard of the RV, will light up whenever your toad is actively braking and give off a short audible alert. With the monitor right in view, it's a simple and convenient way to keep tabs on when the system is working properly or if something goes wrong.

Most supplemental braking systems have a method of letting you know you when they activate, but not all of them are checking if the toad is actually braking. There could be an error where the system is activating without the toad braking, or even that the brakes are staying on continuously when they shouldn't be, but you won't know it until the damage is already done. This monitor, however, connects directly to a reed switch on the actuator so it only lights up when the pedal is depressed.

AFO Breakaway

The breakaway system ensures that your car will come safely to a stop if it accidentally detaches from the RV while you are towing. A switch mounts to the front of the towed vehicle . This switch - which is wired into the operating unit - includes a pin that connects to your RV's hitch receiver with a breakaway cable. If the car separates, the cable pulls the pin from the switch, causing a signal to be sent to the operating unit. A reserve air supply will then apply your towed car's brakes. This system also has "total coach protection" built in. If there is separation, the RV's air supply is sealed off, so its brakes will continue to function as normal.

Air Force One meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) guidelines requiring that supplemental braking systems use a separate air supply and activation relay valve.

9599019 Demco SBS - (Formerly SMI) Air Force One Supplemental Proportional Braking System with Coach Link Indication System

Installation Details DM26VR Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions DM26VR Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink - Air Brakes - Proportional - DM26VR

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (311 Customer Reviews)

This truly proportional braking system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brakes in your towed car in the same manner. Low-profile system installs out of the way and is always at the ready. Wireless braking monitor included.


Overall a great system, there are some intricacies to the install as it pertains to old instructions with LED light in the TOAD vs. CoachLink Wireless and also the 3 wire reed switch vs. the newer 2 wire one. But using the provided written instructions along with YouTube videos you can figure it out. My other challenge was my Jeep is a 392 model and thus the battery and fuse box are in swapped locations, as well as a different VAC line layout, but again you can figure it out…just takes some time to study and trace the routing. My only real complaint was ordering, I was quoted the wrong system for my RV (Stay and Play) vs. AF1 since I DO have air brakes. etrailer was helpful in getting the return process but wants to charge me the shipping and possibly restock fee, I am working with them on this and hope to get a good resolution.


Nice knowing your toad is applying brakes when you do in the coach

2023 Ford Maverick

Outstanding job. Easy ordering and quick shipping. Thanks for the updates on receiving the order, processing the order, and shipping the order. I will continue ordering from


We have put over 10k miles on this system. Everything has worked perfectly. A job very well done by Etrailer. Thank you!!


Makes hooking up the tow vehicle braking system very easy. In addition the system can be tested by depressing the rig’s break and observing the toad’s pedal.



I’m very satisfied with it. Unlike Brake Buddy you can see it’s working without it moving.


Great product! Install was much easier than I had anticipated and Demco has some great videos available of actual installs.


Air Force One braking system is the best brake system! Installation instructions were well written that anyone that’s mechanically inclined is able to install the system properly.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

We’ve used the AF1 braking system for over a year. Flat towing nearly 20,000 miles and dozens of connects and disconnects pulling a Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Connection is simple. The proportional Brake function is reliable and consistent. Glad we went this route.


Thank you for changing my braking system on the day of my arrival. This system worked flawlessly while towing my F150.

Hummer H2

Extremely satisfied with the entire process and product!
I tow an H2 Hummer so self breaking is important. I can actually feel it breaking.


Great product and works great! Thanks e trailer


Installed the AF1with Coachlink on my 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid and Winnebago Forza 34T. Couldn’t be happier & works like a charm. The included install instructions were accurate and complete.

2015 Ford F-150

Excellent product information on their website. Shipping was extremely fast, and product was well packaged.
This kit is absolutely complete.

As always. It is a pleasure to do business with



This braking system has worked flawlessly. No fuss startup. Plug in airline, snap on breakaway cable, and your good to go. Did 8000 miles without any issues.


The product seems alright. I have everything hooked up on the Jeep but not the coach because of the weather. Even though I am a retired Automotive ASE certified tech I had trouble understanding some of the directions. With the help of several of your video tech's I was able to do the installation of the jeep.


Great company,excellent service, nice to be able to talk to someone. If you need rv parts E trailer is the place to shop at. Nice to be able to watch videos of most of there products. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


Very nice breaking system!

2022 GMC Canyon

Fit my truck and motorcoach like a glove. Product is of excellent quality and the wireless link works as advertised. Highly recommend this product of anyone with air brakes. Also wanted to add how much I apricate the entire etrailer staff.


Right now I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because we are in the process of installing it and because the pre-shipping part is really slow. Once it was gathered the product shipped really quickly so I can't blame the shipping company for the slow ship. However once we got the box everything was there and the instructions were there, as well as the videos. So far it is going toghether really nicely and everything works well. It isn't that difficult, however my husband is installing it and had his own mechanic's shop in the past and knows a great deal about that kind of work. It might be difficult for a "newby", however as long as you follow the instructions you are good to go. We are satisified and would purchase this again.



We installed it on our 2021 Jeep Gladiator. Looks good. We are happy campers.


This breaking system is great! Quick and easy hookup to get you on the road! Nothing to but on the floorboard of your tow vehicle! Small wireless receiver in the rv next to you so you know when the breaks are being applied provide assurance everything is working as expected!


This system works great, the only reason for not Five Star is the lack of or before purchase suggestions is to add battery charging from Motorhome to truck/ auto option. Our truck would be dead and need a boost to get started after two days on the road or even one long day on the road


Clear directions. That said, I watched etrailer videos multiple times until I was sure of what to do. My install was on a 2020 Ford Ranger and I removed the drivers seat to give me enough room as I am a large guy, old, fat and not very limber. I also removed the front bumper along with the plastic panel under the hood, mounting the unit in front of the battery. I did this in stages. One day I mounted the unit under the hood and hooked up everything in front (think air connection and breakaway switch) and the next day I did everything inside the cab of the truck. I cannot get under my RV as it is either too low, I am too fat or maybe a combination of both. I have no way to raise it. I am getting a place that works on buses and RVs to do that work for me.


As advertised on the Demco web site but at a better price. Have read through the instructions and they're not the best. If not for [online], this would be a tough DIY.


etrailer was very helpful in helping me choose the Demco Air Force One brake system. The price was reasonable and shipping was fast.


Very happy with the Air Force One. Instillation instructions were well put together. The lights in the wireless braking indicator are difficult to see except at night.


Not only are the products and pricing great, the customer service is top notch. etrailer follows up on orders, and has knowledgeable staff to help with technical issues.

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