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  1. Straight Tongue Trailer Coupler
  2. Fulton
  3. 2 Inch Ball Coupler
  4. 3 Inch Channel
  5. Standard Coupler
  6. 3500 lbs GTW
Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Channel - 3,500 lbs

Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Channel - 3,500 lbs

Item # F223000301
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Straight Tongue Trailer Coupler
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The popular and efficient, trigger-style latch on this corrosion-resistant, straight-tongue coupler helps to make hookup quick, easy and secure. Great Prices for the best straight tongue trailer coupler from Fulton. Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Channel - 3,500 lbs part number F223000301 can be ordered online at or call 1-636-306-4830 for expert service.
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Fulton Straight Tongue Trailer Coupler - F223000301

  • 2 Inch Ball Coupler
  • 3 Inch Channel
  • Standard Coupler
  • 3500 lbs GTW
  • Bolt-On
  • Fulton
  • Trigger Latch

The popular and efficient, trigger-style latch on this corrosion-resistant, straight-tongue coupler helps to make hookup quick, easy and secure.


  • Channel-tongue coupler is sturdy and simple to use
  • Fast lock trigger-style latch makes for quick and easy trailer hookup
  • Z-Max 600 finish offers superior corrosion resistance


  • Ball size: 2"
  • Channel: 3" wide
  • Distance between side mounting holes (center to center): 3"
  • Mounting bolt hole diameter: 17/32"
  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Dimensional diagram of coupler

223000301 Fulton Standard Series Straight Tongue Stamped Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Coupler, 3,500 lbs, Fas-Lok Coupler

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Video of Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Channel - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler Review

Ryan: Hey everybody. My name's Ryan, and here at etrailer, we install, test fit, and review a lot of different parts. That way we can try to answer any questions those of you might have, and that's exactly what we're doing here today on our trailer. We're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Fulton Fas-Lok Trailer Coupler.A trailer coupler is a really simple but important component. In all honesty, this is going to be the thing that's keeping your trailer connected to your vehicle. It's a main attachment point.

So you're going to want something that's reliable and sturdy, and not to mention, you want it to function smooth as well. I know from experience, I'm sure many of you do too, when you have a coupler that is old and worn out, it can really be a headache trying to get it connected to your ball mount. You're trying to line it up. It don't want to go down into place. The latch don't want to engage, and it can be really frustrating and eat up a whole lot of time.

And so, by replacing that old worn out one with the Fulton, it's definitely going to make your life a little bit easier.Just to kind of give you an example on how frustrating it can be, this is my old coupler, and as you can see, it has definitely seen better days. It was a pain to use. Underneath here, everything was just super rusty and worn out. I even tried to lubricate it and it didn't really do no good. So every time I go to hook up, I try to operate my latch mechanism.

It would get hung up and I'd more or less just end up having to kind of slam it down into place. It's just something to get tired of pretty quick, so because of all those issues, it's definitely time for replacement.One thing I did want to make sure of is that the handle was easy to use. Now, you may think these are more or less generic, but different couplers do have different handles. What I was looking for is one that's nice and long and the lever was easy to get to. With this one, you don't really have to think about it too much.

You can just operate it very easily, even if you got a big pair of gloves on or something like that. And that's not the case with all the couplers. Some of them have these real short handles and really small levers, and they can be a bit tricky and kind of annoying to get in there and operate them from time to time. So just something I thought was worth mentioning and wanted to point out.The latch is going to have a small hole right here, and whenever you close it, it's going to line up with another hole. What you can do is use that for a pin once you're hooked up to your tow vehicle. That way your latch can't come undone, and you can also use it to help keep things secure. So you can grab one of these coupler locks, that'll slide through there, and you can lock it down whenever it's in storage or at the house, whatever the case may be. This is actually a Fulton lock. It's a really nice match-up with it, does a great job of keeping everything locked down. You can pick that up right here at each trailer.On the bottom of our coupler here, just wanted to kind of show you guys the bottom side of it. Everything looks like it is put together pretty nicely and well-made, nice thick steel. When you operate the latch, the mechanism's actually pretty smooth. So I think it should work out pretty well. Since this works with 2" balls, I just have a ball mount here just so we can kind of see how it latches.When you're backing up to your trailer, your latch is going to be open, just kind of go right around the ball and then you're going to latch it to lock that into place. It actually has a good firm grip almost. So I try to push it back and forth. There's no chucking motion or anything like that, so it should be nice and quiet when you're pulling it down the road. But, however, it still allows it to swivel really smooth actually. So whenever you're pulling it behind your vehicle, I see this doing a good job, keeping everything connected and keeping everything riding smooth. But really other than that, everything's pretty straightforward about it.It's going to work with 3" x 3" channels and a 2" ball. It's also going to have a 3,500 pound maximum gross trailer weight rating. This coupler can be bolted on, which is nice, especially a lot of guys don't have welding equipment or anything like that. So it's something you can do at home pretty easily. Just to give a couple of measurements to make sure that it's going to work with your setup. If you go from the mounting holes center to center, it's going to be right at about 3". And if you go from the center of the mounting hole to the top here, where it's going to lay flat on the trailer, that's going to be about 1". So something you definitely want to check out before you start replacing your coupler. Want to make sure that this one can be a good replacement for you.This coupler does have what they call a Z-Max 600 finish, and what that's going to do is help keep this in good shape. So it should do a good job of preventing rust and corrosion, things like that. Now, I will say if you're someone that's really looking to keep this in great shape. Say maybe you use your trailer a lot where it's always out in the elements, or maybe you live by the ocean, so you get a lot of corrosion from the salt air and things like that. Fulton actually offers an identical coupler, which is this one here. It's essentially the same thing, how it works, the length, the ratings, all that. However, this one has a zinc finish, and so it's going to really stand up to those harsh elements a little bit better and keep this a little bit more protected. If that's your case, this would be a phenomenal option for you. If you're someone that uses their trailer occasionally, keeps it inside, things like that, this would do a great job as well.So at the end of the day, a great way to make your trailer a little bit easier to use, a little bit more reliable, kind of just gave you that extra peace of mind whenever you're going down the road. Now, as far as the installation goes, it's really not too bad. If your existing coupler was welded on, you will have to get that removed, obviously, and drill a couple of holes to bolt this one on, but not that big of a deal. The hardware does not come included to bolt this on. So that is something you'll have to pick up separately. But other than that, it really shouldn't take you a whole lot of time or give you too many issues, speaking of which, let's go ahead and put it on together now.To begin your installation, first thing you're going to want to do is remove that old coupler. Some of them are bolted. If that's the case, pulling bolts out. Others are welded on and that's actually how mine was set up here. It's welded on, so I cut those welds off, just smoothed everything down. I came back and used some spray paint just to get a fresh coat of paint on here. That way we know everything's nice and smooth protected, and we won't have any obstructions when we go to set our coupler on.So got our coupler. Just drop this right on, push it back and make sure it's sitting nice and flush, which it is, and then I'm going to have to drill holes. What I'm going to do is just take a little screwdriver and kind of scribe where I'm going to need to drill. I'll do that on the other side of our coupler as well.Whenever you're drilling, you're going to want to make 1/2" holes. When you're doing this, if you have wiring or anything running through there, just be a conscious of that. You don't want to have your wiring up here and you end up running your bit through and damaging it. Mine's tucked out of the way, so shouldn't have to worry about it too much, but something I thought was worth mentioning. Now that I got all of our holes drilled out, when I'm going to do, since we do have some exposed metal here from where we drilled, I'm just going to come back with some spray paint and cover that up, just to help keep it protected from rust.Now that our paint is all dry, we're going to take our coupler, set it onto the trailer, and then we can get our hardware started. This doesn't come with any hardware. I'm using 1/2", grade 8 bolts and a flat washer. So that'll go through like this. Then on the other side of our bolt, I'm just going to use a flange nut. I'm going to do that for all four of our holes here. I'm going to leave them all hand tight until we have them in place and then I can come back and run them down. I just wanted to show you the combination I was using because it is going to be a little tricky to see what's going on inside of the trailer tube itself.So now that we have all of our hardware in place and hand tight, I'm going to come back with a 3/4" socket and wrench and snug everything down. Now, what you want to do is come back with a torque wrench and tighten down all the hardware to the manufacturer's recommendations. That'll finish up our look at and our installation of the Fulton Fas-Lok Trailer Coupler.

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Fulton Fas-Lok Coupler, 2" Ball, 3" Channel - 3,500 lbs - F223000301

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (325 Customer Reviews)

The popular and efficient, trigger-style latch on this corrosion-resistant, straight-tongue coupler helps to make hookup quick, easy and secure.


The Foulton new coupler makes my old trailer look new again! It is a perfect match for the original; I just had to drill one of the holes a bit larger to line up one of the retaining bolts.

The coupler is still working great and still looks brand new.
Diego a - 03/11/2022


Great replacement for my Shelby 5138 hitch. Quick replacement without drilling. Took longer to find my 19mm socket and wrench then to replace it. I’m happy


Rebuilt my vintage Reese Transporter 750. It was a breeze to upgrade the old hitch coupler. Super product, super delivery and super people on the phone....


The coupler looks well made and the price was right. It will be a great replacement for the rusty original one on my trailer. Thank you etrailer!


Product arrived well packaged and in great shape - it wa a perfect fit. This was the second coupler I purchased - the first did not fit - the trailer manufacturer Wesco - told me to drill new holes - Didn't think that was wise as would weaken the connection. Talked to Karen at E-trailer and she was very helpful - not all couplers have some hole alignment need to know manufacturer - she was a great help.

Product has done what it is made to do - no problems still functions - Thanks once again to Karen in Customer Service
Ron G - 08/09/2015


Was very pleased with the quality of the product. No adjustment was needed at the ball clip to get it fastened down tight. I was able to drop it right on after I removed my old, very rusted up old hitch. Used some Grade 5 - 1/2 inch bolts with lock nuts to secure to trailer frame.


I like this coupler a lot. There's little differences in couplers in my opinion but I do like the little locking part of the coupler latch. It does snap down solidly. A little advice...please check that your coupler is entirely over and set down on the ball. I've recently had a trailer pop off after 3hrs of trailering very bumpy roads. It may have been user error in not getting the ball to seat 100% in the coupler. I do think that there should be a better way to make sure this doesn't happen but until then, I double check the seating.


I just got home from a trip this afternoon. The trailer hitch assembly took me about 15 minutes to install, it fit perfectly(lateched it to the ball to check the fit) and the installation was flawless. The coupler looks like it is excellant quality. You have an extremely satisfied customer here and I will recommend your services to my friends.
Larry(mickey) Myers
P.S. I'm not computer savvy, don't know how to download pictures.


My original equipment was made in the USA and this item is made in CHINA (like everything these days). Aside from this fact, it appears to be put together nicely. This item is zinc plated, not hot galvanized.


The replacement coupler I purchased fits and works terrifically. It was a much better price than other trailer part suppliers. I was really surprised at how fast it was shipped. Patrick B sent updates and inquiries on the part's shipping status. Great customer service.


I am always very happy to do business with etrailer. They provide wonderful service and the products are always of excellent quality. This experience and this product were both excellent.
I was updated on progress in getting my product to me at every step.
A truly excellent company


Not the cheaply made coupler, but well-fitting, solid and secure.
Tow with confidence.


Product bolted right up as expected. No problems at all can now feel confident towing boat to the lake. Really appreciate the quick shipping I received from Etrailer at no extra charge. Will look forward to doing business in the future for all my trailer needs. Thanks Mike


Easy to install fit the 3” x 3” square tubing like a glove

Still looks and works like new and stays outside
Sammy - 03/29/2020


Great looking coupler. Haven't hooked it yet, but it looks like a quality item. Well packaged and shipping was very quick.
Thank You


fast delivery and coupler looks identical to my old one that was worn out !!!!! If you have not changed your coupler in 10 years you might want to. Had no idea they would wear out and you can loose your boat in a heart beat.... we DID and thanks goodness the safety chains worked well... looking forward to getting back on the bays and fishing..


Fits perfect. Good quality. Happy campe r!


I bought this as a direct replacement. I was pleased to see the brand new part appeared identical to the old one that was 16 years old and had thousands of miles on it.


I ma very pleased with coupler excatly what I needed. Will order products from e trailer again


Item shipped very fast and was packaged well. Coupler and latch are as described. Great Product!


High quality replacement for original c oupler


this coupler was purchased for my log splitter project, it's a 1200 LB monster so i figure it should work well on a 3 x 4 x 3/16" square tubing tongue.


Just What I needed. Excellent service.

The product is fine. I found it easy to install.
James - 07/15/2014


part came and was as expected. shipping was quick and right to the front door


Good product Delivered fast Got a free shipping, that is fantastic

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