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  1. Weight Distribution Hitch
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  3. 700 lbs
  4. 800 lbs
  5. 900 lbs
  6. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 10K GTW

Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 10K GTW

Item # FA94-00-1061
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Weight Distribution Hitch
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Product Expert Kathleen M

Is this right for you? Product Expert Kathleen M says:

Yes, if you:

  • Have a trailer with 600 lbs – 1,000 lbs of tongue weight that experiences sway from time to time
  • Only tow a handful of times a year or just travel a short distance and don't want to invest in a really expensive system
  • Don't want to have to go through the hassle of disconnecting anything to back your rig up or to tow in the rain

No, if you:

  • Have a significant amount of sway on a regular basis and need something that can really hold your trailer in line
  • Hate noise - the steel on steel brackets can create a racket, especially during turns
  • Have a van or low-riding car that requires more ground clearance than you can get with round bars
Two points of steel-on-steel friction work to prevent and correct trailer sway in this weight distribution system. Sway control brackets help to ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank and 2-5/16" hitch ball included. Great Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from Fastway. Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 10K GTW part number FA94-00-1061 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch - FA94-00-1061

  • 700 lbs
  • 800 lbs
  • 900 lbs
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • WD With Sway Control
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Includes Shank
  • Fastway
  • Reduces Sway
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • 2-Point

Two points of steel-on-steel friction work to prevent and correct trailer sway in this weight distribution system. Sway control brackets help to ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank and 2-5/16" hitch ball included.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control
    • Creates a level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Integrated 2-Point Sway Control limits side-to-side movement
    • Brackets keep spring bars in place for a rigid system that holds trailer in line
    • Steel-on-steel friction helps to minimize sway caused by winds or sudden maneuvers
    • No lift chains - eliminate unwanted movement
  • Unique design makes system compatible with surge-type brake actuators
  • Round spring bars flex for a controlled, even ride
  • No-drill, clamp-on brackets can be adjusted along the trailer frame
    • Accommodates frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, battery boxes, toolboxes, or generators
  • Desired tilt is achieved with traditional washer design
    • Add or remove washers from spacer rivet to tilt head up or down
  • Powder coated steel construction is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Snap-up lever eases installation by reducing lifting required by trailer jack
  • System includes head assembly, adjustable shank, hitch ball, spring bars, sway control brackets, lift handle, pin and clip, and all necessary hardware


  • Tongue weight: 600 lbs - 1,000 lbs
  • Gross towing weight: 10,000 lbs
  • Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Sway control bracket positioning: 24" - 27" back from center of coupler
  • Maximum trailer frame height: 6"
  • Shank length:
    • 8" From center of hitch pin hole to center of adjustment holes
    • 9" From center of hitch pin hole to front of shank
    • 7" From center of hitch pin hole to back of shank
    • 12" Overall
  • Total height adjustment along shank: 7-1/2"
    • Maximum rise: 5-3/4"
    • Maximum drop: 3-1/2"
    • Overall height: 8-1/2"
    • Holes are spaced 1-1/4" apart on center
  • 10-Year warranty


Included w/ SystemRequired - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons
  • Weight Distribution Head
  • 2 Sway Control Brackets
  • 2 Spring Bars
  • Snap-up Lever
  • Spacer Rivet and Washers
  • Necessary Installation Hardware

Weight Distribution Diagram

Create a more stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Fastway e2 Sway Control

The two points of sway control within the e2 are created by the steel-on-steel friction that occurs when the spring bars slide within the L-brackets that are mounted on the trailer tongue. Most traditional weight distribution systems have spring bars that are suspended by chains. Although this ensures that the system is not so rigid as to create bounce in the trailer, it also allows a good deal of side-to-side play in the system.

The direct friction that is applied to the spring bars in the e2 system helps to stop sway once it has begun. The concept is similar to the way in which an add-on friction sway control device functions. When each spring bar moves forward or backward, or side to side, it rubs along the bracket, creating friction. The resistance created by this action limits the movement of the spring bar, thus preventing further side-to-side movement of the trailer.

Most add-on units feature some sort of friction material similar to that used in automotive brakes. But the e2 uses direct steel-on-steel contact to create resistance. This is the same sort of friction that is used with locomotives that pull loaded railcars weighing tons. No additional materials are needed. The steel will outlast any of those other materials, providing an extremely durable, functional sway-control system.

94-00-1061 Fast Way e2 Weight-Distribution Hitch with 2-5/16" Ball - Round Bar - 10K

Installation Details FA94-00-1061 Installation instructions

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 10K GTW - FA94-00-1061

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (544 Customer Reviews)

Two points of steel-on-steel friction work to prevent and correct trailer sway in this weight distribution system. Sway control brackets help to ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank and 2-5/16" hitch ball included.


Last weekend we took a 150 mile trip with our older nomad camper. The e2 weight Distribution w/2 point sway control worked like a charm. Even had a cross wind at around 25-30mph and there was little to no sway. I took a bad picture of the hitch set up, but my pull was with a 2000 chev. pickup 1500 , 4 wheeler in the back end of pickup ,and trailer loaded to around 7,000 lbs. I will and have told many people about this hitch set-up already. Excellent job etrailer.


The hitch lock was too short to actually lock (or even hook up) in my 2 inch hitch. They took it back, but if the thing doesnt work at all, then its a one-star until that gets fixed.


This trailer weight distribution and sway control set up has made a huge difference in towing. The first trip we took with out 28' travel trailer was a slow going trip with lots of white knuckle driving. After that i bought and installed this set up and it was like driving a whole different way with less stress that was noticed even before we got out of town. I will not be towing a camper with out this. Install was simple but would be much easier with a second set of hands.


We love our Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch.


Not sure if it was this alone, or this in combination with the roadmaster active suspension, but when I hooked it up to my new trailer that is 2000 lbs heavier, it towed like a dream. Very pleasantly surprised, and almost half of what the dealership wanted to charge me. Was skeptical of not going with a different brand, but so far no regrets at all. Easy to install as well.

Still working well. The only concern after a year is that the bolts that hold the side brackets on have loosened up a bit. I guess this is expected over time, but it almost seems as if they cannot be tightened enough to prevent a little bit of play.
Wayne H - 06/22/2021


This hitch has been amazing! So far I have put over 2500 miles on it pulling a 6000+ lb trailer with my F150 and I have been incredibly satisfied. The hitch is very easy to hook up and disconnect and the ride is great. This distributes the weight perfectly and the ride is great. I like this way better than the chain style WDH that I used on my last camper. I particularly like that this unit handles sway control without an additional friction device. I have had zero problems with sway, bouncing, or ride control since installing this. I highly recommend it!

Over 6600 miles on this hitch, and not a problem! We have driven from Michigan to Niagara Falls, Florida, and countless places closer to home. I have hooked/unhooked this hitch 50+ times and it is extremely quick and easy. I am still highly satisfied with this hitch and recommend it to everybody I know who is getting started.
Patrick - 07/30/2018


Part of why I chose this hitch was because I have an 8.5 x 18 trailer with a V-nose, and this one would just fit, while some others wouldn't. I towed my trailer unloaded with and without the hitch and fully loaded with the hitch. I never had sway in any of the cases, but the weight distribution was absolutely necessary for the loaded trailer, and worked very well. It also gave me more confidence when towing. Pretty easy to set up once you get used to it, and it really leveled out my towing rig (and was required for the tongue weight I had). There are a couple of little pins that retain the spring bars in the hitch head that look pretty flimsy, but I didn't have any trouble with them after towing over 3000 miles. I am thinking about getting a couple extra just in case. e-trailer sells them, and they are pretty cheap. Make sure the friction pad on the bars are angled level with the L-brackets and lubricate where the spring bars go into the head. I ordered the pre-installed hitch ball, as I don't have a torque wrench that goes high enough to properly torque the hitch ball. Overall it's a solid setup and a must have if you have a significant tongue weight.


Not my first experience with etrailer. Have purchased 4 hitches from them and every experience has been great. Just bought the Fastway e2 10,000 lb hitch to pull a new travel trailer and picked up the trailer today. I was somewhat concerned about picking it up today because the wind has been blowing at 15 to 20 mph. If you have pulled a TT in wind you know how it can cause unnerving sway. I have had white knuckle experiences with my other TT and hitch but this was not my experience today. There was only 1 time which I felt the sway from the wind on the way home and that was not significant. I believe I purchased a good hitch and I know I bought it from the right dealer.

Works well but is noisier than when new. Wish there was something could be done to make it quieter.
Don - 04/14/2019


Delivered on time,easy to read step by step instructions. Easy assembly/install with correct tools.


After 1 year of use, I just don't know why you would pay more for a weight distribution hitch. Have had no troubles at all with this product. The main selling point for me was the ability to back up without disconnecting anything. I currently pull a travel trailer that weighs around 8700#s.

Still working great. I use my travel trailer a couple times a month. Pulled around 5000 miles. Have had no trouble. would definitely recommend it.
Mark S - 01/23/2020


Thank y'all YOU GUYS ROCK!


This is actually my second Fastway e2 WD hitch. I purchased one for my boat a few years ago and was impressed. I purchased this one for my new travel trailer (it's a bit heavier) and I'm definitely not disappointed. Since it has a wide range of adjustment, I can use it now with my smaller trailer and in the future when I upgrade to something bigger. Definitely recommend.


Fast shipping and excellent customer se rvice.


This hitch worked perfectly for hauling the camper with our F150. Easy to use. I love that I can back up without removing the arms.

Still happy a year later. We camped more this summer than ever before Covid caused something good and it still works well. Very happy with it, a great product!
Rick C - 12/18/2020


2015 Chevy Equinox, 3.6 LTZ, AWD. Install was simple just followed the steps. Leveling the vehicle out was a process and I couldn’t find the middle for the front suspension. It was either extremely under / over adjusted or right where the suspension started without a load on it. I decided to leave the adjustment with the front fender at its initial position while using the weight distribution. The vehicle and trailer were both level, I’m pulling a 17BH Coachman Clipper dry 2900lbs. I drove an hour to the camp ground with no sway or excessive suspension play. Same drive back in the rain/sleet no issues at all up to 75MPH.


Extremely satisfied with this hitch. Using the included instructions made Installation, setup & adjustment a breeze. Hook-up is easy with the included tool. The hitch was used to tow a 2018 Jayco 23RBM behind a 2018 Ram Power Wagon. It preformed flawlessly on a 600 mile trip & the sway control took all the anxiety out of towing. A very nice hitch for the price.

Still 100 satisfied with the hitch. Preformes flawlessly.
Ron B - 04/26/2019


I have made two long hauls using the new swaybar system. It has made a big difference in how safe and in control you feel. The most important part of the system for me is how it has almost eliminated the rocking motion produced at the point of the trailer tongue and ball mount.

I love my hitch and weight distribution system. It has given me great control when towing my travel trailer.
Huey D - 06/04/2020


The product was shipped promptly and came in without any damage. I use this on my 2015 Ram 1500 (Big Horn) truck to pull a Rockwood 232XRT camper. The tongue weight can get pretty large on this type camper (one axle) due to it having 2 full propane tanks, 2 batteries and then my 470 pound Kawasaki Versys on the front. This definitely reduces that weight and make the Truck perfectly level when towing. It also makes the trailer much better to tow as far as sway (the Truck stays in a perfectly straight line going down the road with now sway/jitter effect.

Overall I am very happy with this hitch.


Product worked perfectly, took some time to get it right. But things that are to easy, I've found easy is cheap. Fast delivery, great product and nice costumer service. Will order from etrailer again, need mirrors to fit GMC Sierra 2011 than summer begins

Been working really good, still trying to find decent mirror extension though
Christopher - 06/27/2019


I bought this hitch to tow an enclosed car trailer behind a Nissan Titan. My main goal was to reduce sway as my previous WD hitch had no sway control. This hitch only has 2 points of friction whereas other Fastway models have 4. The anti-sway on this hitch is basically ineffective. I would say compared to the previous WD hitch that had no anti-sway that this one is no different. Very disappointed. I later purchased a Husky Centerline TS to tow a travel trailer behind the same truck and it is amazing at reducing anti-sway and I paid less for it. AVOID this model.


My wife and I just purchased a new trailer, Lance 1885, and ordered the Fastway e2 hitch for our F150 from The hitch was shipped the day we ordered it, Saturday, and arrived the day before we were to pick up the trailer. Once we had the trailer we read the hitch instruction manual, watched the videos, and in less than two hours total, including watching the videos, the hitch was installed and adjusted. The next week we took our first trip with the trailer from our home in Vista, CA to Jumbo Rocks Campground in Joshua Tree National Park. The Trip from Vista to Joshua Tree was about 300 miles round trip. The trailer pulled very easily and was rock solid the entire trip. The hitch worked better than advertised.


The trailer brackets occasionally slide back despite having the bolts torqued as specified. This resulted in having a spring bar bending and then dropping from the "L" bracket during a tight left turn leaving a fueling pump.


I like it very much. Easy to install, but you may need a torque wrench to get the 250 ft-lbs required to tighten the head bolts. I used my weight and math to do it. Worked well. The ability to change the height of the ball when you change trailers or trucks it the strong suit for this hitch and it comes will the ball attached and torqued. Great value.


We had one of the "L" brackets bend slightly and the manufacturer did send us a new set of "L" brackets within a week of contacting them. Great service. I would purchase this again and would recommend to anyone looking for a dual purpose load distributing/ anti-sway set up. The only reason why I did not give 5 stars was because the "L" bracket bent when it should not have.


I love that you engage with the customer at every step from day one until after delivery. I look forward to doing more business with you.

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See what our Experts say about this Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Weight Distribution Adjustments for a 2005 Nissan Titan with a 2 inch Lift to Reduce Front End Sway
    In order to reduce the amount of front end sway that you are experiencing with your 2005 Nissan Titan you might need to shift the cargo within the trailer if possible. If that is not possible or it does not resolve the issue then you might want to make adjustments to the weight distribution system to apply more of the tongue weight to the front axles. I would advise shifting the cargo in your trailer first. If possible shift the heavier cargo to the front of the trailer ahead of the trailer...
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  • Does Fastway Weight Distribution FA94-00-1061 Come with Hitch Ball Installed
    Yes, the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control # FA94-00-1061 that you referenced comes with a hitch ball installed on the head of the system already and it is torqued and ready to go.
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  • Can Fastway Round Bar Weight Distribution be Used with Bottom Mount or Underslung Trailer Coupler
    You have what is called a bottom mount or underslung coupler. The Fastway weight distribution system # FA94-00-1061 will work with this type of coupler. You will just need to install the link plates (that go on the trailer frame) upside down. There are steps on how to do this in the instructions which I have linked for you. I have also linked a video review for you.
    view full answer...
  • Torque Specs to Attach Head to Shank on Fastway Weight Distribution FA94-00-1061
    The flanges on the head that attach to the shank on Fastway weight distribution system # FA94-00-1061 will flex some but may not completely "pinch" the shank. But the shank bolts only get tightened to 250 foot pounds each, not 400. The torque to attach the ball to the head is 450 pounds. I can't see a toque spec anywhere that states 400 pounds for this system.
    view full answer...
  • Does Fastway e2 FA94-00-1061 Require Adjusting if There is Still Sag
    If you still have sag, it is possible that the angle of the hitch ball needs to be adjusted, though technically you would be adjusting the head of the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution with 2-Point Sway Control # FA94-00-1061. I have added a cut out from the instruction manual of this system, and as you can see, if there is still an adjustment to be made, you will want to start by adding more washers to the head unit. Just keep in mind that the maximum amount of washers is nine. Another thing...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • What is Max Frame Height Fastway Weight Distribution System Can Be Used With
    There are several holes on the frame brackets of the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution # FA94-00-1061 that can be used for attaching them to the trailer frame which allows them to fit trailer frames that are up to 6 inches in height.
    view full answer...
  • Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch Spacer Washers Minimum and Maximum For Hitch Head Angle
    It looks to me that you will want additional spacers to provide better weight distribution on your 2019 Ram 1500. The Fast Way e2 Weight-Distribution Hitch # FA94-00-1061 is capable of having up to 9 spacers to provide the correct pinion angle on the hitch head and provide adequate weight distribution. As you have done with the measurements that you have on the front of your Ram you can also do the same process on the rear axle. This will help you to dial in the exact amount of spacers...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for Image 3 for Image 4 for Image 5 for
  • Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control For Trailer With Tongue Weight Of 708 Lbs
    If the tongue weight of your setup is 708 lbs when the trailer is fully loaded then the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control part # FA94-00-1061 is a great choice. The Fastway e2 is designed for tongue weights between 600 lbs - 1,000 lbs so if your tongue weight when empty is 708 lbs and closer to the 1,000 lb range when loaded with cargo and weight behind the rear axle of the towed vehicle then this system may be underrated for you. If 708 lbs is your loaded tongue weight...
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  • Recommended Solution to Help With Rear End Sag While Towing with 2017 Ford Expedition
    I may have a solution to help with the sag you're experiencing on the rear of your 2017 Ford Expedition with 2wd while towing, but there is not a suspension enhancement available for this vehicle currently. However, I recommend using a weight distribution hitch, which will help distribute the weight of your 6700-lbs trailer more evenly across the axles of your vehicle and reduce sag. You'll want to choose a weight distribution hitch based off of the tongue weight of your trailer, which...
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  • Does Hardware Need to be Replaced on Fastway e2 Weight Distribution When Making Adjustments
    No, you do not need to replace the hardware of your Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control # FA94-00-1061 when you torque and loosen them to make adjustments.
    view full answer...
  • Does Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch FA94-00-1061 Allow Backing Up
    Good question; and while you can back up with the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution # FA94-00-1061, a perpendicular or 90 degree turn is too tight. That's true of any weight distribution system though, and not only for backing up but for going forward as well. So if you have to make that sharp of a turn you will definitely want to disconnect the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution # FA94-00-1061. Overall though, this is a fantastic choice for a weight distribution hitch because of its value;...
    view full answer...
  • Installation Instructions for Fastway e2 Weight Distribution System
    The installation instructions for the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Systems like part # FA94-00-1061 are included with the kit but we do have a PDF copy attached below which you can download and view at your convenience. If you're having trouble viewing the instructions on your mobile phone I recommend trying a desktop.
    view full answer...
  • Correct Fastway e2 Round Bar Weight Distribution System for 6,500 Lb Trailer
    The Fastway e2 Weight Distribution System part # FA94-00-1061 will work on a trailer with a hitch weight of around 650 lbs and a gross total weight of around 6,500 lbs. The weight of the trailer is at the bottom of scale for the system so you will have plenty of extra room to add more weight or upgrade to another, heavier trailer in the future.
    view full answer...
  • Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control Shank Dimensions
    The Fastway e2 Weight Distribution System item # FA94-00-1061 includes a shank that has a maximum rise of 6". This will put your shank at the perfect height to match up to the coupler on your 2021 Venture RV Sonic Travel Trailer. I have attached a diagram I made of the dimensions of the shank.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • What is the Tongue Weight Rating of the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch 94-00-1061
    I'm not entirely sure what you were looking at but the maximum tongue weight for the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 10K GTW # FA94-00-1061 is 1,000 lbs. The tongue weight range this system has is 600-1,000 lbs so it will be effective as long as you are within that range. If your tongue weight is over 1,000 lbs you will need a higher rated system. If your loaded tongue weight is below 600 lbs, it will be overrated and give you a rigid...
    view full answer...
  • What is Difference Between 800 and 1,000 lb Tongue Weight Fastway Weight Distribution Systems
    The difference between the 800 lb tongue weight E2 Fastway Weight Distribution System part # FA94-00-0800 and the 1,000 lb tongue weight version part # FA94-00-1061 is the amount of spring bar tension either is rated for. The 1,000 lb kit has stiffer spring bars so that it can handle higher tongue weight capacities and the 800 lb kit has spring bars that aren't quite as stiff.
    view full answer...
  • Weight Distribution Recommendation for Use with a Summer Wind 24 ft RV
    The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. I attached a help article on determining tongue weight for you to check out as well. You will want the loaded tongue weight of your setup to fall right in the middle of the tongue weight range of the system you use. Your tongue weight could be anywhere...
    view full answer...
  • Which Fastway Weight Distribution System Should be Used on 2011 Coachmen Catalina
    If you are positive your loaded tongue weight is 748 lbs then the Fastway e2 part # FA94-00-0800 that you referenced would work well as it has a tongue weight range of 400-800 lbs. You should keep in mind that your loaded tongue weight also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle as well. If you are going to be over 800 lbs you'd need to go with the higher rated # FA94-00-1061 which is for 600-1,000 lbs tongue weight.
    view full answer...
  • Comparing Fastway Weight Distributions # FA94-00-1061 and # FA94-00-1000
    The difference between the Fastway e2 weight distribution systems part # FA94-00-1061 and # FA94-00-1000 is that the part # FA94-00-1000 does not come with a hitch ball and the part # FA94-00-1061 comes with a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball. Equal-i-zer actually makes Fastway with Fastway being their more entry level line. Big difference being that Fastway comes with a 2 point sway control whereas the Equal-i-zer has a 4 point system.
    view full answer...
  • Best Weight Distribution System for a 5,000 lbs 2022 Wolf Pup Black Laver Trailer
    It looks like your 2022 Wolf Pup Black Laver tops out at just under 5,000 lbs. This would give you a maximum tongue weight range of 500 lbs - 750 lbs depending on how you load your trailer. I recommend the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control item # FA94-00-0800. This system has a maximum capacity of 8,000 lbs and a tongue weight range of 400 lbs - 800 lbs. This will give you a wide range depending on how you load your trailer and whether or not you are filling it to its...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Round Spring Bars For 10,000 lb Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch
    We do carry replacement round bars for the 10,000 lb towing/1,000 lb tongue weight Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch # FA94-00-1061. The correct replacement spring bar for this hitch are the following: - Replacement Round Spring Bar for Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Systems # FA94-02-1099
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Bars for Fastway e2 Weight Distribution
    Based on your tongue weight it sounds like you have the # FA94-00-1061. It is possible you bent a bar depending on how you had your brackets. You should be able to tell if it is bent with a simple inspection since the bar is straight with the exception of the bend where it curves up to attach to the head. If you need replacement bars we have the # FA94-02-1099. These are rated for 600-1,000 lbs of tongue weight. If your current system is not the # FA94-00-1061, then I would recommend replacing...
    view full answer...
  • Rating of Fastway e2 Spring Bars Stamped 1,000 Pounds
    The # FA94-02-1099 are the same as the bars you have now with 1,000 stamped on the end. The rating is for the system which would include the pair of bars, not a single bar. The # FA94-00-1061 which uses these bars is rated for 600-1,000 lbs of tongue weight so the "1,000" stamped on your bar is the maximum for the system.
    view full answer...
  • Fastway e2 Weight Distribution System Installation and Operation for Travel Trailer
    When using a weight distribution system like the Fastway e2 # FA94-00-1061, your L-brackets are used with the bars to help control sway. Unfortunately your photos did not come through, but wear is normal...grooves are not. Not knowing what system you actually have, I have linked the above part as the most likely fit for your trailer weight. Normally the tongue weight of a trailer is between 10 and 15% of the trailer weight when loaded and you also need to add to that tongue weight any...
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