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  1. Trailer Brake Controller
  2. Redarc
  3. Electric
  4. Electric over Hydraulic
  5. Proportional Controller
  6. Up to 2 Axles
Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller - Dash Knob - 1 to 2 Axles - Proportional

Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller - Dash Knob - 1 to 2 Axles - Proportional

Item # RED24FR
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Trailer Brake Controller

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Mount the control knob of this proportional brake controller on your dash for a factory look, and install the main unit out of sight behind the dash. Control your braking power with the turn of a dial, with manual override right at your fingertips. Great Prices for the best trailer brake controller from Redarc. Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller - Dash Knob - 1 to 2 Axles - Proportional part number RED24FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Redarc Trailer Brake Controller - RED24FR

  • Electric
  • Electric over Hydraulic
  • Proportional Controller
  • Redarc
  • Up to 2 Axles
  • Indicator Lights
  • Dash-Mounted Knob
  • Hidden
  • Automatic Leveling

Mount the control knob of this proportional brake controller on your dash for a factory look, and install the main unit out of sight behind the dash. Control your braking power with the turn of a dial, with manual override right at your fingertips.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
  • Dash-mounted knob keeps your vehicle interior looking sleek while giving you easy access to the brake controller
    • Lets you adjust braking power with the turn of a dial
    • Gives you a manual override at your fingertips
    • Offers simple diagnostics with colored LED alerts
  • Main unit mounts out of sight behind the dash in any position, direction, and angle
    • No more banging your knee on a bulky controller
    • No interference with airbags or other vehicle accessories
    • Universal wiring harness (RED69FR - sold separately) or vehicle-specific adapter (sold separately) required for installation
  • Meets or exceeds both UNECE R21 and FMVSS 201 regulations for sustainability and safety
  • Made in Australia


  • Application: trailers with up to 2 axles (4 brake assemblies)
    • Compatible with electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Main unit dimensions: 4" long x 3-3/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall
  • Control knob dimensions: 1-7/8" long x 9/16" wide x 3/4" tall
    • Length without dial: 1-1/4"
  • Output voltage range: 9V - 16V
  • Output current rating: 18 amps continuous
  • Maximum charging voltage: 12V DC
  • 2-Year warranty

Tow-Pro Liberty Operation

The dash-mounted knob puts control of your trailer's brakes at your fingertips. In addition to offering fast, simple power adjustment and an easily accessible manual override, it has colored LED signals that let you know what the brake controller is doing at a glance.

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty Calibration

When you are calibrating the brake controller for the first time, the LED lights will signal your progress. To finish setting up the device, you will need to drive your vehicle in a low-traffic area and brake 20 times or so to let the unit learn its orientation and the direction of travel. If your trailer is connected, the LED light will flash green/blue as it processes the information. If there is no trailer connected, the unit will still calibrate, just without the knob lighting up. The knob will stay blue longer as the calibration process gets closer to being done. When the display turns solid blue, initial calibration is complete. The unit will remain calibrated for the next time that you tow. If recalibration is required, it will happen automatically and without LED indication.

Once the brake controller is activated, you can use the knob to set the maximum amount of power that will be applied to your trailer's brakes. Typically, this power is only readjusted when you experience changing road conditions or if you switch over from a heavy, loaded trailer to a much lighter, empty trailer, or vice versa. To get more power to your brakes, rotate the knob clockwise toward 10. To decrease the power output, rotate it counterclockwise toward 0.

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty Braking Output Red Light

When you apply the tow vehicle's brakes, the knob will change from blue to red to signal that the trailer brakes are being activated. The higher the braking power output, the deeper the red that you will see.

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty Manual Override

The Tow-Pro Liberty keeps the manual override within easy reach, great for stopping sway or controlling your trailer's momentum in emergencies. To engage the manual override, just press the control knob. This will activate the trailer's brakes and brake lights without you having to apply the brakes on your tow vehicle, perfect for limiting trailer movement while you're cruising.

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty review

Simple, Out-of-the-Way Installation

Unlike most proportional controllers on the market, the Tow-Pro Liberty has almost no mounting restrictions. It comes in 2 pieces - the main unit and the control knob. Because the only part that you need to be able to access is the control knob, the main unit can be mounted out of sight and out of the way. You don't have to worry about dinging your knee on a bulky brake controller or interfering with your vehicle's lower airbags.

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty Dash Mounted Remote Knob

The dash-mounted control knob can be installed in any convenient spot that's easy for you to see and access. This can be a blank switch panel, an open spot on your center console, or wherever there's space on your dashboard. You can pick up a universal mounting panel (331-TPSI-001 - sold separately) for a clean, from-the-factory look. Custom-fit panels are available for certain vehicles as well. Before you do any drilling, be sure there's room behind the dash for the entire knob to install, including the part you don't see!

where to install REDARC Tow Pro Liberty on 2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Once you've decided where you want to put the control knob, you'll need to find a good place to install the main unit. Your only restriction is the 3' plug-in cable that has to be able to reach between both the main unit and the control knob. Securely mount the box using screws, double-sided tape, or zip-ties (not included). A mounting kit (RE67FR - sold separately) is also available for the Tow-Pro Liberty. Do not zip-tie the box to wiring or cables that can shift as you drive.

A vehicle-specific wiring harness (sold separately) is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end either plugs directly into the controller or will splice to the wiring harness - no need to hardwire to your vehicle. If a custom brake control wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, you will need a universal wiring harness (RED69FR - sold separately). A 30-amp circuit breaker kit (331-CBK30-EB - sold separately) may also be required for installation.

For assistance in properly wiring the Tow-Pro Liberty, please refer to the diagrams below:

Redarc Tow Pro Liberty Wiring Diagram

Installation Accessories

See's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your vehicle.

Proportional Braking

What is proportional Braking

The Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller comes equipped with proportional braking to give you the best towing experience. Proportional braking means that your trailer brakes mimic your tow vehicle's brakes. If you slam on the brakes in your vehicle, your trailer brakes will activate with the same intensity; if you brake lightly, your trailer brakes lightly too. The trailer's braking is in proportion to your vehicle's braking. This saves wear and tear on the tires and the brakes on both your vehicle and trailer.

The Tow-Pro Liberty uses an internal 3-axis accelerometer to sense how your vehicle is braking so it can send the right amount of braking power to your trailer. It measures the inertia of your tow vehicle and activates the trailer's brakes to slow at the same rate. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

EBRH-ACCNA Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Trailer Brake Controller - Dash Mounted Knob - Hidden - Proportional Brake Controller

Installation Details RED24FR Installation instructions

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Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller - Dash Knob - 1 to 2 Axles - Proportional - RED24FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (1349 Customer Reviews)

Mount the control knob of this proportional brake controller on your dash for a factory look, and install the main unit out of sight behind the dash. Control your braking power with the turn of a dial, with manual override right at your fingertips.


This thing is so much better than the old controller I used to use. I like that it lets the break off after you stop moving even if you have your foot on the petal. Smooth breaking response all together. Plus, I was able to install the knob in an unused switch blank in my 2020 Pilot. You do have to be a little crafty to get it to fit there but it is possible.



Still awesome


I was surprised how nice this brake controller is - clean install with the unit up under the dash. I installed the knob in one of the 'blanks' in the dash for a really clean look. No banging knees on older-style controllers under the dash. Thanks!

Bobby Q.


After a year, still working good. We took the Pathfinder and the camper for a 450-mile round trip last weekend and it is still working as it should. The calibration takes a little longer sometimes when you go from trailer to trailer but Ive never had it not work eventually. It may be due to rust on our hitch or grounding on the car - still 100 satisfied.


The controller looks and works great. The colors are very easy to see what the controller is doing. No led colors are displayed when there is not a trailer plug in, so it almost disappears on the dash.
Reason I only gave 4 stars out of 5, like others said, the universal harness should have come with it like it does with the Elite. My truck is older so I needed the universal harness. You should only have to buy one if it is a direct plug and play for newer trucks.


This review includes the following items: Item #RED69FR - Wiring Harness, 30A Breaker kit and Item # ETBC7 Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat and Item #RED24FR Controller. I wanted to be sure I had everything. A local place Custom Coach on Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore did a fantastic job on the install, Sorry I can't remember the techs name. I have a 2018 Kia Sorento SX V6, AWD with 4 pin Tow Pkg. car rated for 5k/500# load. Trailer is a 2022 Palomino Real Lite RL-186. I've logged 2 trips so far 1 to NYS mostly highway and to Cass, West Virginia area. The controller adapted quickly, I went to a '5' to a '4' setting even in the mountains it was smooth no jerking. The one picture shows installation ubder the dash totally out of the way. It works great!


Very clean option for a proportional trailer brake controller. Nothing to knock your knees on and easy to access for extra braking as I mounted it in the dash of my E350.


The hardest part was getting the zip ties tightened around the module without completely removing the trim under the steering wheel. I chose near the shifter for my location so it’s easy to reach but still out of the way.


Install was quick and easy. The only thing that gave me grief was that darn "Trailer Brake Warning Fault" message that kept displaying on my message information display on dash. After troubleshooting for several days and calling etrailer for assistance with no solution, I tried calling Redarc with the included state-side tech support. The number puts you in touch with an Ausie down under so you have to adjust your call with thier time zone. Turns out, and VERY IMPORTANT,if you are replacing an OEM Trailer Brake Controller already installed in truck. The TBC Controller Brake Module has to be deactivated to make the fault go away. Truck still think it has a TBC and is looking for it. I used Forscan software to deactivated it through the OBDII port.

I love the features of the RedArc Tow Pro Liberty and its ease of use..


Great product, shipped fast and I could not be happier with the "from the factory" appearance of the installation. I painted the embossed letters in the switch mounting plate so it would match the other switches. The brake controller works well and it really looks great.

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup

Works great and is out of the way. Just find a place under the dash that is secure and bolt or plastic wire tie it in. I had to buy the universal wiring harness also so I could wire it to my 7 pole. You would think it would come with one but I’m guessing there are many types of wiring for each vehicle manufacturer.

Toyota Highlander

Simple to install. Worked smoothly and is as aggressive as you need. No more knee banger. Unit installed easily out of sight. Control is easy to access on the dash. The Adapter for the blank switch cover is a must for a clean installation on the Toyota Highlander.


I love this brake controller. I put it in my brand new 2023 Silverado 1500. It looks factory the way I installed it. No big bulky controller hanging under the dash. Would highly recommend.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Like the way the main unit is hidden from view. The control knob looks original equipment. Found a place just in front of the gear lever to mount the main unit. Using one original screw and one self tapping. I mounted the control dial adjacent to it. Easy to see and very close to where my right hand rests on the steering wheel. I docked one star because I had to lengthen the 'plug and play' harness by six inches.


Expedited shipping was super fast with no problems. I installed the unit myself and it was fairly simple. I recommend getting the exact fitting wire harness (huge time saver) and I’d recommend getting and exact fit knock out to install the dial in. (Another big time saver). I drilled a hole in my own blank or knock out thingy and I’m pleased with it but it took a little time. I’ve got a 2010 Honda Pilot. Funny thing, after rushing to install the brake controller, our trailer had to go in for repairs before we even completed the transaction. It will be another month before I actually use the brake controller.



Great! The controller worked perfect and I was able to dial in the exact perfect resistance for the trailer brakes and everything towed very well. Unfortunately we sold our trailer but the brake controller still looks great in the car and I even got a compliment on how Stock or OEM it looked.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

The Redarc controller was very easy to install in my 2017 Honda Ridgeline truck. In fact, it was so easy that I wasn't certain that I had installed it correctly because it didn't light up to acknowledge that it was indeed working. After reviewing the instructions, again, I realized that it was noted that there may not be any lights acknowledging proper install when a trailer wasn't attached but it would go through the setup procedure. When I went to pickup my new tractor and trailer, it lit up and worked like a charm.


I purchased the Redarc Liberty for a new Honda Ridgeline which replaced an F250 with an old technology two dial proportional brake controller. This Redarc not only installed easily and cleanly in the more confined cabin of the Honda, its advanced one dial adjustment makes it more user friendly to adjust, and the settings are easily repeatable. For example, my trailer empty on hardtop gets 4, trailer with tractor 5.5, trailer with 1 yard of gravel a 6.5; on a dirt or gravel road just subtract 1 position on the knob.

The photos reflect my mounting technique which consisted of constructing a small open-back box of 1/4" MDF. The Universal Mounting Panel accessory worked well with the MDF. A coating of textured paint to match the interior makes it look almost OEM. Velcro holds the box securely yet allows for easy removal for whatever reason. The wire tucks neatly between the lower steering wheel valance and the console trim--can't see it even if looking for it, and no holes drilled in the dash.

Overall very happy with this product and with etrailer answering my questions and processing the order quickly.


etrailer is an excellent e-commerce store that has great products and fantastic employees that are always willing to help. The photos and videos are super helpful.

Honda Odyssey

I installed this product in my Honda Odyssey for when I tow my pop up trailer. It was a easy install. I was able to utilize an open fuse spot on the fuse panel right under the drivers area and also a grounding point in the same area, so I did not need to run power all the way from the battery. The unit was small and I was able to find an out of the way spot to mount the main part. My favorite thing about the unit is that the control knob is so tiny I was able to add it in to where other controls are for my sliding doors and it looks like it was an OEM mounted part. Super clean look and now it is always ready to go. When I hook up the trailer the unit knows that a trailer is connected and lights up. Everything about it works great. The only downside is that if you need to manually engage the brakes it is just a push button set at the force on the dial, versus other units that have a slider and allow for gradual increase of the manual application. This is not a big deal for me as I rarely engage the brakes manually and allow the proportional control to do its job, which it does really well. When I change vehicles I will either take this with me or buy it again.



Have been using this now for over a year without any problems. I would still highly recommend this product.


Installed this on 2017 GMC Seirra to pull a 30ft tandem axle camper trailer. Installation is just plug and play. Yes you have to purchase a wire harness specific to your vehicle. Very simple installation. The hardest part is deciding where to mount it. The videos are helpful. Followed instructions and it worked like it was supposed to the first time out. I really like that it can be mounted out of sight so you don't bang your knees on it. Only thing visible is the knob. I even put that on a homemade bracket that just fits on my console and I even remove that and tuck the wire out of the way when not pulling a trailer.



Still working just fine. No problems at all. I would buy again if needed. Highly recommend.


Very clear directions and description. Easy install. Had to purchase a Redarc TPSI-008 separately. Universal panel inserts do not fit on a 2022 Nissan Frontier PRO4X, with 3rd Gen interior. Likewise, the head unit will not fit into the blanks which exist from the factory (inside block is too small for actuator to fit without excessive strain. The Nissan / Mercedes panel insert for the RED24FR was a perfect fit. Just pay attention, it is orientation specific. Only goes in one way.


Works great! No more readjusting between hi way and Campground driving. Looks great. Straight forward instruction for installation.

Chevrolet Tahoe

So far so good. Just took a 4 hour drive with our Tahoe and the brake controller worked flawlessly. It has all of operational functions of a standard brake controller without the bulk of an old school one. I love the near factory appearance it gave our Tahoe dash. Plus simple installation!


Shop removed customers original brake controller, would hit your leg every time you got in and drove, and installed the Redarc unit. Installation was quick and easy with the plug and play harness, very clean look, and most of all, out of the way of bumping and rubbing your legs!

Nissan Frontier

SUPER EASY to install in a 2021 Frontier. The controller box can be easily screwed/ziptied to the under dash structure in a couple places, and the adjustment control fit nicely in a blank plug in that was in the dash. The unit plugs right in to the Nissan brake controller.

It works well with a 5000 lb trailer I pull. I use a load distribution hitch and didn't realize at first that the '5' setting was using too much trailer brake. For my setup, 3.5 to 4 is perfect. It works well, and there's not a clunky controller box to bang your knees on. You'll like it!

Ford Explorer

Works great. Towed our camper across Canada through the Canadian Rockies and then US Rocky Mountains with no problems noticed with the brake controller. Installed on our 2022 Ford Explorer. Ford's documentation on the harness location is non existent, and is not in the same location as previous years. Other than that, easy install and set up.


Pour le Canada j’ai eu des frais de douane de 45$ L’installation électrique est bolt-on avec le harnais. Un peut de bricolage pour le bouton mais très très propre, comme si c’était d’origine.

(For Canada I had customs fees of $45 The electrical installation is bolt-on with the harness. A bit of DIY for the button but very very clean, as if it were original.)

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