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Roadmaster BrakeMaster w/ Pressure Reducer for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Proportional

Roadmaster BrakeMaster w/ Pressure Reducer for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Proportional

Item # RM-9060-900002
Our Price: $1,325.00
Tow Bar Braking Systems

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More reliable than a standard portable system, lightweight actuator brakes your car perfectly in sync with your motorhome. Pressure reducer protects cars with active or continuous-power-assist brakes, such as hybrids, from damage. Great Prices for the best tow bar braking systems from Roadmaster. Roadmaster BrakeMaster w/ Pressure Reducer for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Proportional part number RM-9060-900002 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Roadmaster Tow Bar Braking Systems - RM-9060-900002

  • Brake Systems
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Proportional System
  • Roadmaster
  • Fixed System
  • Power Assist Brake Compatible
  • Recurring Set-Up

More reliable than a standard portable system, lightweight actuator brakes your car perfectly in sync with your motorhome. Pressure reducer protects cars with active or continuous-power-assist brakes, such as hybrids, from damage.


  • Get safe, even, proportional braking while flat towing
    • Measures the pressure of your RV's hydraulic brakes and applies the towed car's brakes at the same time, with the same intensity
    • Uses air compressor on coach to send pressurized air to the actuator
    • Applies brakes only when needed: no false braking
  • Protect your car's active brakes with the included pressure reducer
    • Prevents system from applying too much pressure and potentially causing damage
    • Ensures system is compatible with active and continuous-power-assist brakes
  • Mount actuating cylinder to the brake pedal and driver's seat for each trip
    • Braces securely in place for precise, effective braking every time
    • Disconnects and stores easily when you're done
    • Requires custom seat bracket (sold separately) or universal floor plate (450650-01 - sold separately)
  • Install all other components permanently - out of sight and out of your way
  • Monitor your towed car's braking with the LED indicator
    • Mounts in your RV dashboard so it's easy to see
    • Connects to towed car's brake light switch to ensure accurate reading
  • Meets the braking requirements of both the US and Canada
  • Made in the USA


  • Motorhome application: hydraulic brakes
  • Towed car application: hybrids and other cars with continuous-power-assist brakes
  • Cylinder length: approximately 2'
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Is There a Custom Seat Adapter Available for My Vehicle?

Double-check that your vehicle is correctly entered in the Fitguide at the top of the page. If there's a custom seat adapter available for your vehicle, it will be listed as an accessory part on the search page.

custom seat adapter for Brake Master

Do I Need a Braking System for Flat Towing?

A braking system is a must when towing a vehicle behind your motorhome. Without it, the weight of the towed car can create a safety hazard, strain your RV's brakes, and affect its warranty. Most states legally require a supplemental braking system, so if you don't use one and you end up in an accident (which is more likely since your RV takes longer to come to a full stop), your insurance and liability headache just doubled. You also won't have any breakaway system; if there's an accidental disconnect, there's nothing to bring your car to a stop.

Prevent Damage to Your Active or Continuous-Power-Assist Brakes

Road Master Brake Pressure Reducer

This simple device ensures that the BrakeMaster will work with vehicles that have active or continuous-power-assist brakes, most commonly found on hybrids. Active or continuous-power-assist brakes maintain braking ability even when the engine is off, so that minimal pressure is needed to engage the brakes. Many braking systems are designed to work with cars that don't have active brakes; on a car that does, they have the potential to use too much force and cause damage. The pressure reducer lets you set the BrakeMaster to the right pressure to avoid overbraking.

How Does the BrakeMaster Work?

Roadmaster's BrakeMaster offers you truly proportional braking, meaning that when you apply the brakes in your motorhome, the braking system will engage the brakes of the toad (towed vehicle) at the same time with the same intensity. Whether it's a gradual slow down to a red light or a sudden stop in an emergency, the toad and the RV will brake together.

Road Master Brake Master

This is a huge advantage over inertia-based systems, where the braking is triggered by sensing the forward momentum of your toad. While often effective, this method creates the potential for false braking, where something as simple as rough terrain can activate the system when it's not needed. Not only does this make for a rough ride, it can prematurely wear down your toad's brakes over time. The BrakeMaster will only turn on when you need it, so you can avoid any false braking.

Road Master Brake Master air compressor

To achieve proportional braking, the air compressor installed on the coach supplies the air pressure that will activate the braking cylinder. It connects to the proportioning valve (also installed on the motorhome), which measures the pressure with which the hydraulic brakes are applied in your RV.

Road Master Brake Master proportioning valve

The solenoid on the valve wires to your RV's tail lights; when it receives the signal that your motorhome brakes have been activated, it allows a proportional amount of air from the compressor to be released into the air line.

Road Master Brake Master quick connect

The air line routes back to a quick coupler on the rear of the RV, mirrored by a quick coupler on the front of the toad. The RV's coupler connects to the car's coupler with the included jumper cable.

Road Master Brake Master break away

An air line then runs from the quick coupler to the reservoir of the breakaway system mounted under the hood. If there's ever an accidental disconnect, the breakaway system will trigger and send a reserve of pressurized air to the brake pedal and bring the car to a stop.

From there, an air line connects to the brake pressure reducer, also mounted under the hood. The air from the air compressor will pass through the reducer and then down to the quick coupler attached to a bracket under the dash. When you're ready to flat tow, once you've attached the actuating cylinder to the driver's seat and the brake pedal, you'll plug the cylinder into the coupler. Voila, the whole system is connected.

setting up the Brake Master

When you put on the brakes in your motorhome, the same pressurized air that passes through the air brake relay valve to the RV's brakes travels almost instantaneously to the cylinder clamped to the toad's brake pedal. The cylinder actuates and presses the pedal down, braking the car at the same rate and with the same intensity as the RV.

Installing the BrakeMaster

The BrakeMaster is a hybrid between a portable system and a permanent system. Most of the components are permanently installed on the RV and in the toad, while the actuating cylinder is removable. Attached to the driver's seat and the brake pedal, the actuator is more secure than the typical portable system and has more accurate, reliable braking.

For most installations, you'll be able to connect directly to an open port in the air brake relay valve with the included fittings. It should be identified as the "service brake" port; if it isn't, use the steps in the instructions to identify the correct port. On the odd chance there is no open port, you'll have to pick up an extra T-connector. An air line connects it to the quick coupler on the back of the RV.

Installing the Brake Master brake away

The breakaway system installs under the hood. It's best if the cylinder is mounted vertically so it's easy to drain any moisture that builds up over time, but it can be tricky to find a spot for in the engine bay where you can access the drain valve on the bottom, so make sure you plan ahead. You also need to find a spot where it won't be exposed to any direct heat or moving parts.

Next, mount the reducer under the hood. Select a mounting surface that's strong enough to hold the bracket in place and somewhere where it's out of the way of any moving parts. You also need easy access to the control knob and the air pressure test port on the front of the bracket.

setting up the Road Master Brake Master

To mount the actuating cylinder, you're going to need to install a custom seat adapter (sold separately). If there isn't one available for your year/make/model, you can use a universal floor plate (450650-01 - sold separately) instead.

Installing the BrakeMaster is a big undertaking, but once it's done, setup only takes a few minutes. To connect the actuator, attach the clamp to the pedal on one end and the other end to the bracket under your driver's seat. Plug the patch cord into the quick couplers on your RV and toad, and you'll be ready to flat tow.

Keep in mind, the BrakeMaster has more connection points than comparable braking systems and they are more likely to develop leaks. It can also be difficult to find space in the engine bay for all the components, especially on newer models. The complicated installation requires careful precision, so you'll really need to know what you're doing. This is not for the casual DIYer!

Built-In Safety Features

Road Master BrakeAway

Included with this system is Roadmaster's BrakeAway. A breakaway system is an absolute must for safe flat towing. In an emergency situation where the toad becomes detached from the RV, the breakaway switch will immediately activate the brakes and bring your vehicle to a stop.

Road Master braking monitor light

The BrakeMaster also comes with an indicator light for safety and peace of mind. This light, mounted on the dash of your RV, is easy to see while you're driving, and will light up when the brake pedal of your toad is depressed. This lets you know that the system is working and your toad is in fact braking.

Most supplemental braking systems have a method of letting you know you when they activate , but not all of them are checking if the toad is actually braking . There could be an error that causes the system to activate without actually applying the toad's brakes. Or your brake pedal might actually be continuously depressed when it shouldn't be. But unless you have a system that's monitoring your vehicle, you won't know it until the damage is already done.

The indicator light that comes with the BrakeMaster connects directly to your toad's brake light switch. That way the indicator only lights up when your brake pedal is depressed and a signal is sent to the brake lights.

What You Need to Flat Tow

Flat towing can be a much more convenient way to take your car RVing with you than using a trailer or a tow dolly. It'll save you storage space both at home and at the campsite, and it takes less time and hassle to hook up.

To flat tow your vehicle, there are 5 basic components you're going to need: a tow bar, a base plate kit, a safety cable set, tow bar wiring, and a flat tow braking system.

For the RV Between the RV and Towed Car For the Towed Car
Hitch Tow bar Base plate
Wiring plug Safety cables Braking system
Wiring adapter cord Wiring kit/diodes

The custom-fit base plate installs on the frame of your toad so you can connect the car to your RV with a tow bar. Hook up safety cables between the vehicles to ensure that the toad does not separate from the motorhome if the tow bar becomes detached. Tow bar wiring syncs your vehicle's signal lights with your motorhome's tail lights, as required by law in most states. Finally, the flat tow braking system - also required in most states - activates the brakes in the toad when you hit the brakes in the RV, making for smoother, safer braking, and preventing wear on your motorhome.

9060 Road Master Brake Master Supplemental Braking System with Break Away for Motorhomes with Hydraulic Brakes

900002 Road Master Brake Pressure Reducer

Installation Details RM-9060-900002 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions RM-9060-900002 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster BrakeMaster w/ Pressure Reducer for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Proportional - RM-9060-900002

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (116 Customer Reviews)

More reliable than a standard portable system, lightweight actuator brakes your car perfectly in sync with your motorhome. Pressure reducer protects cars with active or continuous-power-assist brakes, such as hybrids, from damage.


The install on my Ford Maverick is clean and functional, so this is more of a customer service review... excellent customer service!

During the 4-day towing set-up install, the forecast was for freezing temps and my rig was not winterized. I called in mid panic and the motorhome was moved indoors.

A few months after using the tow set-up, a minor problem developed. I called and the CSR apologized and said, I can see how that might be frustrating, and a replacement cable (slightly longer) was sent free of charge.


Kit fits great! Hooked up a 2004 Workhorse to a 2002 Jeep Liberty. It might be preferable to be handy with some advanced mechanical skills and tools to install this efficiently. Directions are great but you do need to figure out your own locations for certain items like the break-away reservoir, compressor, routing lines and wires out of harms way, but not bad at all. Parts are great, everything there but added a couple different wiring splices of my own.


Make sure you order the plate needed for your vehicle. Had to wait a week until that came in to complete the installation. Plus if you are placing in a Ford Edge, there is a firewall access behind the battery. Knowing this makes it easier to do. Also on the Edge you have to make a small extension to get the connectors easier to disconnect.


This is a simple straight forward brake system.Had it installed in about a half day. The only thing that took the time was running the air line and wiring on my 40ft.rv.Had enough air line for the rv but had to buy more for the tow vehicle.No big deal.The brakemaster itself is really easy to install.Anyone with a little mechanical experience won't have a problem.Works like it should.Thanks e trailer!


For me it is the perfect towed braking system! Simple operating principle, easy installation, quick set-up and detach. Never needed for breakaway, but pre-trip test is always perfect functioning. Definitely saves on coach braking force needed.
(Installed on 2015 Itasca 34T DP w/2007 Toyota Tacoma)


Works as it should and easy to install and remove


I used this on a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser, so I could flat tow it behind an Motorhome. Easy to install! This works awesome.


Parts that I ordered through etrailer came ahead of the date the promised and complete. All of the ordering process was very easy and I had full confidence I would receive the correct parts.


These are well made and stronger than I thought they would be. With the installation video I feel I can do the job easily.


I've been looking for a braking system for my tow vehicle for a while trying to determine which one I wanted. For ease of installation, ease of use both when I'm not towing and when I'm towing, I decided on the RoadMaster 9100. I then shopped prices and came back to etrailer where I found not only better or comparable prices but all the other items I am looking for as well.


I installed this on our 2004 Chevy Colorado. Was a snap. You will need the optional relay kit too. Our RV is a 97 Monaco Roadmaster suggests dealer installation. I would go along with that too, for most people.
In my case, my skills include most things automotive and diesel and street rod electrical systems. So i was comfortable doing it.


Roadmaster was real slow with the delivery of the seat adapter. But Michael kept me informed all the way through to the delivery. etrailer is 5 stars all the way from start to finish. I look forward to using them in my orders to follow.
Now for ROADMASTER products
RM-643 safety cables quality is good work fine Delivery was fast
RM-9160 brake master system Love this system instructions were easy to follow
RM-15267 toad tail light/brake wiring good instructions for install
RM-1550-1 base plate good instructions for install except you need to drill two 1/2'' holes you must measure and mark as there is no pilot hole.
The whole system works great with the 2008 Honda Pilot
RM-88189 seat adapter I have yet to install as I had to make up my own for the trip.
I will say the seat adapter bracket is made just for the Honda and Acura, they had to make custom make. Thanks to all the car towed great for my first trip of 1,100 miles


Great supplemental braking system. We are the second owners of our class-A motorhome. The original owners had installed a Brakemaster system; so we figured to use the same type of equipment as well - and we're glad we did. Having a proportional air over hydraulic braking system seems to provide a more accurate braking experience for our 2018 Ford Fiesta. Each time I apply brakes on the motorhome, a red LED light on the dash illuminates to tell me that the brakes are being applied on the tow vehicle as well.


I love this whole kit accept for a couple things that I'm working through now. I have a 2018 F150 and a 2020 Nexus Ghost super C. On the F150, I purchased the seat bracket. When I put he hydraulic cylinder on, the hose was too short. It had a permanent pre-made hose. I have enough line to make a new hose, but had to go the the hardware store and buy new compression fittings to make the new line. No big deal, but annoying. Also on the NeXUS brand diesel pusher, I called Roadmaster to get clarification on where exactly to bust into the brake line and clear up the warranty question. They were very polite and helpful. They told me exactly how to determine the "metered" line. I've yet to finish that part of the install. But they indicated it would not affect my warranty with International nor would it cause any unsafe situation should my vehicle come loose from the MH and have to use the emergency stop feature built into the Brakemaster system. Both my MH and my tow vehicle is protected. I think that they could do a much better job explaining the MH side of things. All in all-it seems it will be a great system.


The product shipped on time and has been worry free. etrailer gets 5 stars for customer service every time I order from them.


This kit was installed on a 2007 Jeep Patriot. It did require fabrication of a seat mount bracket. Fairly easy with some angle iron and some spacers. Install was fairly straightforward. It required mounting the surge tank inside the engine bay and running wiring to and from the battery and breakaway switch. It also required mounting the quick release air fittings at the bumper, inside the vehicle, and also at the rear of the RV. I also mounted the LED indicator inside the RV and utilized the existing towing harness to run power from the vehicle to the front of the RV.


Your customer service leaves nothing lacking, and this follow-up from you is so out of character for the many web sites I have purchased from over the years. I am impressed by you and your company.

I bought the tow bar and the brake system for my Equinox, and installed them my self (I am 70 years old) - and with your provided instructions and video, I had no problems (even though I was surprised by the number of parts and detail that went into the assemblies).

Both systems have worked very well, with no problems. I am completely satisfied with them, and have told my friends and traveling acquaintances about your company.

Thanks for your follow-up!


I ordered this part mainly due to the quoted delivery date which was 9/12/2023. After my order was placed I get a notice that they received my order and that I could expect delivery on 9/14/2023. This completely screwed up our plans and all I received back was a "so sorry" email. I won't buy anything from this company again and I would warn those who may order something needed by a certain date to look elsewhere as these people do not stand behind what they say.


Got everything installed except the foot that mounts to the floor. It wasn't in the box. I called etrailer who contacted Roadmaster and they said they would ship and I should have in a couple of days. Installed everything else along with the tow bar and light kit. Followed all the instructions and all went smoothly with no issues. Just have to wait for the missing part to complete and test.


Installation does take some time as you will have to find a good place to install the break away cylinder. I could not find any reference material for my application. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL with the 2.0 liter engine. The only place I could find to install it was between the battery and the fender. If you are not mechanically inclined I would recommend having this installed by a professional.


Ordering was easy, I verified the seat bracket by telephone, and everyones I talked to was a pleasure, all my questions were answered in a professional manor. Price could not be beat anywhere else. My dealer could not beat the price, so I bought what I needed and then gave it to my dealer to install. I have now used it for about a week driving 1,000 miles and it works as advertised, even up and down mountains using the exhaust brake, everything worked better than I could hope. Thank you


I have really enjoyed the proportional braking provided by this setup (the brakes on the Jeep are applied greater as I apply the brakes greater in the RV). It took a little time to install but it was worth the effort!


The Roadmaster Brake sys, seat adapter, and Roadmaster base kit do a very good job towing my 2013 Explorer


Just completed a 6500 mile 3 month trip, California to mid Indiana, including Colorado Eisenhower and Wolf Creek passes, Brakemaster works great, no over braking, definitely helpful on those descents. Easy and quick to hook up. This is my second Brakemaster, and would definitely buy it again


Love the small unit in my mini cooper. The air brakes are true proportional when braking. It is easy to set up and break down.

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