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RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End

RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End

Item # RM-910030-7
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Replacement socket fits RoadMaster 6-wire straight and Flexo-Coil electrical cords and includes a lid to keep the socket covered when it is not in use. Lowest Prices for the best trailer wiring from Roadmaster. RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End part number RM-910030-7 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Roadmaster Trailer Wiring - RM-910030-7

  • Trailer Connectors
  • Vehicle End Connector
  • 6 Round
  • Plug Only
  • Roadmaster

Replacement socket fits RoadMaster 6-wire straight and Flexo-Coil electrical cords and includes a lid to keep the socket covered when it is not in use.


  • Socket designed for RoadMaster 6-wire electrical cords
    • Also works with standard 6-pole trailer connectors
  • Cap included to cover the connector when not in use

910030-7 RoadMaster 6-Wire Connector Socket with Lid

Video of RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector Installation - 2020 Jeep Cherokee

Connor: Hey guys, Connor, here at Today we're going to be taking a look at Roadmaster 6 pole trailer connector, here for our 2020 Jeep Cherokee. So this is what our trailer connector is going to look like when we have it installed on the front of the vehicle. As you can see, it doesn't really protrude from the rear bumper due to the way we mounted it. So it has a nice clean, finished install look. And most importantly, it's going to be very accessible for our umbilical cord that goes between the motor home.

So the majority of the reasons that people use the 6 pole trailer connector here is, it's because they have to run a charge line from their motor home to the vehicle. And the reason this connector is ideal here is, because it has an extra slot, that we can allow us to run it from the motor home to the towed vehicle via an umbilical cord.Now, the majority of connections, if it's just a four-pole flat, it's not going to have that extra terminal we need to bridge the connection. It's going to have an extra connection there. In addition to all of our standard lighting functions, such as the stop and turn signals, the ground circuit and the taillight circuits. So if your wiring harness for your vehicle already came with a four-pole flat trailer connector, that's completely fine.

We can still use a 6 pole here. We just have to simply cut off the end of our connector and attach it to the back of our new connector here, which is super easy to do. And we'll show you that later in the video. Now that we've gone over some of the benefits and features and the reasons why you might want for 6 pole connector here, let's jump right in installation and show you how it's installed.So to start our installation today, we need to find a place to mount our electrical connector. Now we have plenty of different options to do this.

Somewhere, along this main bumper core here is going to be the best option. Cause we don't really have a lot of other places. Down here once we have the fascia back on. It's going to be this mesh area, which is open. That way we can trim some of this mesh, so we can go ahead and have our electrical connection here.

So we're actually going to be offsetting it, cause we're going to have another connection over here for our breakaway. So we're going to offset it to one side here, depending on which braking system you're using, you may want to center it in the vehicle for a better look. It's really up to you. Now we're going to have to obtain a couple brackets here in order to mount. I shouldn't say they're required, but we're going to be using these to ease in our installation.From my experience, this bumper beam material is very, very thick metal. It's super hard to drill into, but if you want to save yourself some money in buying these extra brackets here, you can certainly try that. Now, the first thing we're going to be using here is a standard no-drill, long trailer connector bracket here. Essentially we'll show you here in a second, but we're going to use this little hole here with this band clamp, so we can attach the bracket like so, but before we do that, we're actually going to have to bend our plate here a little bit. That way we have a surface here to attach our other bracket we're going to need, which is the bracket for the 6 pole mounting. Then once we'd bend that lip back, we should be able to attach the bottom of our 6 pole like that. And that way it'll sit in about this area, which is going to be perfect. They'll line up with the mesh cut-out on our bumper. So we're going to go ahead and bend this bracket now. Then we see can secure the two together and show you what it's going to look like.So, here's what our bracket is going to look like mounted. As you can see here, we have a bend here, which is about the center of our last set of holes. We went ahead and drilled two more quarter inch holes on the bottom, so we can mount up our connector here. So all we did to connect the actual no-drill bracket to this bumper beam here is. We just use one of our band clamps and snuck it through this hole here. Now we have a nice secure and solid connection point for our trailer connector. Now we can go ahead and mount our electrical connector here. Using the hardware that's provided, it's going to be a Phillips head screw and a 10 millimeter socket for the nut. So let's go ahead and do that now.Just like that. And if need be, we can adjust the angle of the bracket. We'll get a better idea of what that's going to need to be. Once we get the bumper fascia on the vehicle here. So once we have our bracket into position here, we can go ahead and attach the wires to the back of our trailer connector here. In order to do this, the first thing we want to do is we want to take off this rubber boot on the back, and we're going to go ahead and just slip that over our wires now. And just shoved that back in there.Now, what we can do is we have more wire than we need, which is good, but now's the time where we can go ahead and trim this. Try to trim them all the same length. That'll make your job of connecting it a little bit easier. Now we're going to go ahead and split each of these wires. Separate them from the string. So now your go ahead. We're going to start here with our charge line wire you may have a different circuit here, but chances are, if you're using a 6 pole on the front of your vehicle, it's because you need that charge line that runs from the motor home to the vehicle's battery here, so it can remain charged while on tow. So we're going to go ahead and attach this one first. This is actually a live circuit here, so you want to be careful that we're not shorting it out to any of the other circuits, but this red wire here, which we're using for the charge line, whatever color wire you used, we're going to be attaching that to the center pin of our trailer connector here.We're going to take a small Phillips head screwdriver, and we're just going to back that screw out slightly. Enough so we can get our wire in there. We don't want to back it out completely cause they're really tiny and they're really easy to lose. So once we have about a quarter inch of the jacket, go ahead and just slide that in there like so, then we can tighten down our screw here. So the next wire we're going to attach is our white wire here, which is for the ground. And if we look on the back of our trailer connector here, we should see a terminal labeled GD, which is for ground. So let's go ahead and connect that one next. Just tighten that screw down. Again, after all these, go ahead and just give them a nice little wiggle to make sure it's secure. The next circuit we have here is the Brown wire, which is for the tail lights and the running lights.And this one is going to go to the circuit labeled TM, right there on the back of our trailer connector. Now next we have our green wire, which will be for the right stop slash turn signal circuit. This will go to the RT terminal here. And then last, but not least, we have our yellow wire, which is for the left stop slash turn signal circuit. This will go to the terminal labeled LT on the back of our trailer connector. So before we slide our black boot over our connections here and mount everything up on the vehicle, on our bracket here, we're going to be taking some gasket maker and we're going to coat all these pins here, try to fill up the space here. So we don't have to worry about any circuits jumping on us or any rust or corrosion issues, which could cause issues with our lights. Now we can take the black boot, we can slide that over.And then finally, the last step here would be to go ahead and mount the trailer connector onto our bracket. Once we get that nice and secure, the final step here is we're going to take some dielectric grease. I'm just going to coat the pins inside the trailer connector here, again, to help prevent any rust or corrosion issues. Now we can go ahead and test out our lighting. There's a couple different ways to do this. We're using a jump box, which we have here at etrailer that if you have your motor home close by, that would probably be ideal as well. Let's go ahead and turn this on here. We should first see our tail lights, on either side, then we're going to go to the left turn signal, our brake lights, and then our right turn signal. So there we go. Now we have everything hooked up and we can ensure it's all working. That's going to do it today for our look and installation of Roadmaster 6 pole trailer connector here for our 2020 Jeep Cherokee.

Customer Reviews

RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End - RM-910030-7

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (126 Customer Reviews)

Replacement socket fits RoadMaster 6-wire straight and Flexo-Coil electrical cords and includes a lid to keep the socket covered when it is not in use.


It is mounted on the bull bar of my 2019 JLU Wrangler. The umbilical has never disconnected while underway. Very good quality.


Great product and thanks to for the excellent videos detailing how to install the Demco Stay-In-Play Duo braking system. As a result of watching all of the available videos, I learned that there where a couple of different ways to install the system in our Jeep Wranglers. The first installation I did was in our 2019 Wrangler and that was super easy following the one video on your website. The second installation of the system was not as easy because our 2021 Wrangler has a manual transmission and required having to drill a hole in the firewall/floor board to run the wiring and vacuum tube from the passenger compartment to the engine area. If ever has an installation on a Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission to perform, hopefully they will video tape that installation to guide customers with Jeeps with manual transmissions. I think's idea of mounting the control box on the fuse box is by far the cleanest and easiest way to install the Demco braking system.
I also followed's videos for installing the brake light system and the base plate on both our Wranglers and could not be happier with them. Thanks etrailer for all you offer.


For the installation the instructions were good, but watching some videos made it much easier to take apart a brand new car. All went well. Installed on a 2020 Chevy Equinox 2.0


Received my package within days of ordering and I went back to the website for the video to install it! Thank you for the quick response and having videos available so that I could use, the video showed a much more professional appearance than how it had been done. I’ve enclosed a picture!

So far it’s been working great!
Janice - 02/21/2019


Looks okay but it is all plastic and really not the one that I wanted. I wanted the 7-pin connector matching the one on my coach.

I wanted to reach out to you in regards to your review on the 6-wire trailer connector. I am happy to see if we have a connector that you are looking for. Did you need it to be a 7-pin connector? Or were you looking for a metal connector?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/30/2021
Thanks for following up on this. Yes, I was wanting the 7-pin connector, the one with a center pin and 6 blade connectors arranged in a circle. That is what I currently have on my coach and I wanted it to match that.
-- comment by: Brian - 11/30/2021
I am researching to see if there is connector that will work. It is a little trickier when it comes to the connectors for flat towing. I do have another question for you. What kind of adapter are using to go from the RV to the vehicle currently? Is it a 7 to 6 adapter?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/30/2021
The one coming from the coach is a 7 pin.
-- comment by: Brian - 11/30/2021
The parts that I recommend would be part # C67UR
Curt Mounting Bracket for 7-Way Connector Plug
and part # C39HR
Curt Tow Bar Extension Cord w/ Socket - Coiled - 7-Way RV - 96" Cord
. Part # C39HR
Curt Tow Bar Extension Cord w/ Socket - Coiled - 7-Way RV - 96" Cord
is a 7 way to 7-way extension with a 7-way connector for the front of the vehicle. You would need part # C67UR
Curt Mounting Bracket for 7-Way Connector Plug
which is the mount bracket to use to install the 7-way on the vehicle. It could be mounted to the base plate or front grill of the vehicle. You will need to find the best location for it.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/30/2021


Hey George, just dropping a short line to let you and etrailer know that I'm definitely satisfied with your products. I'm using both the diode wiring kit and front tow hitch to tow behind the motorhome. Both have worked well over the past year. Your online videos were also a great help in understanding how and why your products work. I look forward to reaching out to etrailer again if/when I need additional upgrades to my Jeep.


Jamie was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was also shop on my parts arrived on my doorstep 28 hours later without an up charge! Highly recommend it!!!


Service was great as usual and the sales staff was knowable and helpful. I will return a relay I didn’t need and a extra wiring harness.
I give etrailer 5 stars.


Really enjoy ordering rv accessories from the etrailer website (These girls and guys really know their stuff), using the website it is easy and the videos that are attached to the parts that’s being ordered are very informative and takes out any second-gussies you may about the items being ordered. I am a 100% satisfied customer


Easy item, used for flat towing my Jeep. Connections have remained strong with no issues.


Awesome produce. I replaced my old metal connector with this plastic one. The paint had come off the old metal one and it looked VERY bad. Love it, love it, love it.


would have been nice to have nuts and bolts but overall good quality


I was well educated by josh from start to finish he was excellent I’m very happy with the parts and his service the removable arms are awesome as I didn’t want a large apparatus sitting on my truck the road master sterling tow bar is like a piece of art works and looks great can’t be happier thank you e-trailer for suppling great equipment and hiring great people. Cheers to all of you. Thanks mark


Excellent service with quick turnaround. I was informed of my order status right thru to delivery


I purchased this along with the 477-1 base plate. Excellent products and base plate was vehicle specific. Bolted on with very little effort. Bolted into the main frame of my 2009 Ford Ranger FX4 pickup truck without any modifications. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Towing Connections DON'T HAVE TO BE UGLY! (see photo)

I bought a new 2019 4x4 Jeep Cherokee Limited with the Active Drive II transmission. It included the Technology Group option with Adaptive Cruise Control, etc. I then bought the corresponding Roadmaster baseplate (521452-4) to couple with our old Falcon All-Terrain towbar from a previous Jeep.

The 6-PIN SOCKET (Roadmaster 910030-7) was mounted on the two stems that stick out from the baseplate's main receiver brace. However, I bent, angled, and shortened both stems so the socket would sit flush along the curved grill's centerline. I also drilled the holes deeper into the ends of the two stems so I could use longer (1"), #10, self-drilling screws. The screw heads were painted black.

All the WIRES were placed inside black, heat-shrink tubing and tucked out-of-sight using zip ties.


This worked perfectly for replacing the low quality auto parts store towing connector for my neighbors 5th wheel horse trailer. The wire end receptacles on this connector assembly are much easier to work with than the cheaper made box store junk.


Simple install. Just follow directions.

Very Happy after a year
Gerard - 01/11/2022


Great item. Works great


Great service


exactly what we needed and easy to inst all


Good directions, easy install

1 year since installed and still performing as promised!
Robert G - 11/28/2021


I have installed this connector on two towed vehicles and it has performed great. Easy to wire with barrel contacts and a set screw for each contact. Rubber boot keeps water out with a little electrical tape to close off the end. Perfect connector for towing.


It took longer than any other order to receive


Good quality.

I used dielectric
grease in the cavity around the inside pins after connecting the wires. I also used electric tape to secure the boot to connector, and around the wiring and open end to keep water out.

I recommned getting both a flat bracket and a angle bracket in advance, so you have mounting options.

Flat worked better for my 2021 Grand Cherokee: Roadmaster Straight Electrical Socket Bracket Item # RM-910030

Angled (bent) is here: Roadmaster Bent Electrical Socket Bracket Item # RM-910030-5

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Ask the Experts about this Roadmaster Trailer Wiring

  • Recommended Bracket To Install 6-Way Connector On Front Of 2009 Honda CR-V
    To install the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector, part # RM-910030-7, you will need a bracket. The bracket I recommend is the Roadmaster Bent Electrical Socket Bracket, part # RM-910030-5. You need to find a flat surface that can support the connector and bracket.
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  • Mounting Hole Dimensions On RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector
    The center-to-center distance of the mounting holes on the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector, part # RM-910030-7 is 3-3/4 inches. The mounting holes can accommodate up 1/4 inch bolts when installing.
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  • Connecting Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar Wiring Extension To Jeep with 4-Pin Round Connector
    I have a solution for you, but we do not have a pre-wired adapter to allow you to connect the 6-pin round plug from the tow bar to a 4-pin round plug on your Jeep. One solution is to replace the 4-pin round connector on your jeep with a 6-pin round socket, # RM-910030-7. The Sterling Tow Bar # RM-576 includes a 6-pin round socket that will work well to replace the 4-pin round socket on your Jeep. You can remove the wires from the 4-pin connector, taking the connector apart with a small...
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    Image 1 for
  • Can I Purchase Roadmaster Diode Kit Without The Coiled Adapter
    Yes, if you do not need the 7-way to 6-way coiled adapter cord you can purchase Diode Kit and wiring part # RM-152 and vehicle side 6-way plug part # RM-910030-7. This 6-way plug is the same plug that comes with the kit # RM-15267. The Diode kit part # RM-152 comes with 4 diodes and 30 feet of 4-wire. It also comes with the connectors, zip ties, 1 ring terminal and plastic loom to wire the vehicle for lights while flat towing. I have attached an installation video of the diode kit in...
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  • Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit to 6 Pole Round Connector on 2016 Kia Soul
    First off, thank you for your recent purchases! It looks like you're getting your 2016 Kia Soul ready for flat towing, which is a rather large undertaking, but we're here to help make that as easy as possible. I'll start off by saying that after looking at your orders, there is at least 1 part you'll probably need if you don't already have it-but I will get to that shortly. The wiring diagram you're going to use for the Hy-Power Diode Kit # RM-154 depends on the wiring of both your RV...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Could the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-25 Have a Short When Not Towing?
    The circuit breaker for the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-25 is only designed for power to flow in the one direction. It is unlikely that you will have a short in the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector # RM-910030-7 unless it became damaged. In the event something did happen it will likely damage the circuit breaker as power is only designed to flow in the one direction.
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  • Recommended Adapter To Connect Motorhome To Towed Vehicle
    If you have a 7-way connector on your motorhome and a 6-pole connector on your tow vehicle like part # RM-910030-7, then the coiled adapter I recommend is part # HM47085. This has easy grip connectors and has a 3-ft cable. I have attached a link to a product review video you can check out.
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  • Sealing Water From Getting Into 6-Way Connector On Flat Towed Vehicle Connection
    The Deka Self-Fusing Auto Tape # DW04368 can be used to seal around the back of the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector # RM-910030-7. The tape forms a permanent bond that is both airtight and waterproof and is resistant to UV rays, oil, and corrosive chemicals.
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  • Tow Bar Wiring Kit for 2013 Lincoln MKZ
    Since you have a 6-way connection that you want to plug tow bar wiring into the correct kit you'd need is the part # RM-152, for the 6-way socket part # RM-910030-7, and then for the mounting bracket # RM-910030-5.
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  • Replacement Vehicle Side 6-Way for Blue Ox 7-Wire to 6-Wire, Coiled Electrical Cord
    It sounds like you might be looking for the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector part # RM-910030-7 which is the same as the one that comes with the Blue Ox 7-Wire to 6-Wire, Coiled Electrical Cord part # BX88206. If you need the umbilical end then you can use the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector part # RM-910030-8.
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  • 6-Wire Adapter Needed For A 2022 Jeep Wrangler
    It sounds like you need the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector # RM-910030-7. This will allow you to cut off the ends of the 4 way and splice them into the connector so your tow vehicle and toad can connect via the 7 way to 6 way cord # BX88206 you mentioned. You also may need the Roadmaster Bent Electrical Socket Bracket # RM-910030-5 so you can mount the socket. I have included a review video as well as a FAQ on trailer wiring that you might find useful.
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  • Which Diode Tow Bar Wiring Kit to Use When Already Have Coiled 7 Way to 6 Way
    Since you already have a coiled 7-way to 6-way adapter the diode kit part numbers you would want are part # RM-152 for the diodes and wiring for the towed vehicle side and then for the 6-way socket to mount on the front of your vehicle # RM-910030-7 and you'd be set.
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  • Tow-Bar Wiring For 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    The Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit, # RM-152 is a diode kit that has connectors and extension loop sold separately if that is what you are looking for. You can then use the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End, # RM-910030-7 in conjuction.
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  • Light Kit Recommendation to Flat Tow a 2008 Buick Enclave
    In order to wire the Buick Enclave to be flat towed by the Alpine motorhome, I recommend a removable light kit like # RM-2120. Then all you would need is a 7-Way to 4-Way adapter like # PK12716. The vehicle manufacturer advises against splicing into the vehicle wiring so I do not recommend wiring in diodes or a separate bulb kit.
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  • Can 4-Way on 2019 Jeep Wrangler Be Replaced With 6-Way for Flat Towing
    Yes, you can replace the existing 4-way with a 6-way socket like the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End # RM-910030-7. If you need the 6-way to 7-way then you can use the # HM47053. If you need the diode kit with everything included then you can use the # RM-15267. I have attached some review and installation videos along with a diagram showing how to wire the 6-way for your reference.
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  • Tow Bar Recommendation to Flat Tow a 2011 GMC Terrain with a Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar
    The EZ style base plates you have ordered are compatible with the Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar, # RM-576, and nothing else is required to aid in ease of installation or removal. The tow bar comes with safety cables and a 6-pole connector. Both the towing and towed vehicles will need a RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End, # RM-910030-7. Finally, you will need to check with the manufacturer for instructions on the proper procedure for towing your vehicle because some vehicles...
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  • Recommended Parts to Flat Tow a 2017 Ford F-150 4x4 Behind and RV
    The Roadmaster Nighthawk # RM-676 is an excellent tow bar choice. It is indeed compatible with the EZ5 base plates, # RM-524431-5, for your 2017 Ford F-150. Since the tow bar comes with safety cables you will not need to add any of those to your order. Lighting kit # RM-154 will also work with the truck. This lighting kit uses 4-Way flat connectors so to use it with the 6-Way end on the tow bar's wiring you will also need connector # RM-910030-7 to mount to the front of the truck. Then...
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  • Correct Wiring Kit for Flat Towing 2018 Chevrolet Malibu
    The wiring kit you need in order to flat tow your 2018 Chevrolet Malibu is the Roadmaster Universal Wiring Kit with Smart Diodes for Variable Voltage Incandescent Tail Lights # RO94FR. Since this does not come with a connector you can use the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector - Vehicle End # RM-910030-7. Be sure to consult your vehicle owners manual for specific information on flat towing the vehicle. I have attached some installation videos for your reference.
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  • How to Make Coiled 4-Way to 6-Way Adapter for Flat Towing Vehicle
    Since we don't have an adapter exactly like you are wanting so you'd have to make one using the coiled wire part # RM-1064-B, for the 4-way part # HM48030, and then for the 6-way socket # RM-910030-7.
    view full answer...
  • Is 4-Pole Flat Adapter Available for Blue Ox BLU86XR
    We don't offer an adapter that would work with the Blue Ox # BLU86XR, you'd need to cut off the existing 4-pole flat connector and wire it to a 6 pole socket like # RM-910030-7. If you wanted a charge line to the battery of the towed vehicle, you'll need a charge line kit like # RM-156-25 to keep the battery topped off while towing. Even with a charge line installed, it's still recommended that the towed vehicle be started for a few minutes each time you stop.
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  • Parts Needed for Flat Towing a 2005 Mini Cooper 5 Speed Behind a Sprinter Class C Diesel Motorhome
    Thanks for all of the information and research on parts for flat towing your 2005 Mini Cooper behind your Siesta Sprinter diesel Class C motor home. You have most of the parts correct, but there are some specific items you will need for your Mini. First, you need to wire the dinghy so that the combined brake and turn signals on the motor home will activate both the brake and turn signals on your Mini. The brake pedal would activate the brake lights with the key in the position you describe,...
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  • Recommended Components For Flat-Towing 2005 Jeep Wrangler
    The base plates I recommend for your 2005 Wrangler are the Roadmaster XL Base Plates, part # RM-521424-4. These will work on your Wrangler if you have the double tube bumper. The base plates have removable arms that make the baseplates almost invisible when removed. Since you said you have the Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar, part # RM-576, it has the wiring that connects to your RV or vehicle. The tow bar should have come with a 6-way connector for the Jeep as well. If so, then you can use...
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  • Adding Wiring for Braking System With a 2006 Jeep Wrangler.
    In order to get 12V for your battery charger, you will only need to splice wires. You would want to us the 4-Pole Loop with Cover # HM47115, cut off one connector and splice it into the RoadMaster 6-Wire Trailer Connector # RM-910030-7. For an adapter you would then want to use the Hopkins Endurance Flex-Coil Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 6-Pole # HM47053. I've added a couple links to video reviews of these products for you to take a look at.
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  • Installing Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Trailer Brake Controller on 2000 Chevy Silverado
    To install the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Trailer Brake Controller # 90885 on your 2000 Chevy Silverado, you actually only need to use the Plug-In Adapter Harness # 3025-P. One end of this harness will plug right into the brake controller itself, while the other end will plug into the built-in port beneath the truck's dash. This is a true plug-and-play installation, meaning you will not need to worry about splicing into or connecting any individual wires. This harness and your Prodigy P2 brake...
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