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Roadmaster 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 6-1/2' Long

Roadmaster 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 6-1/2' Long

Item # RM-98146-7
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Easily and effectively connect your motor home to your towed vehicle with this water-, oil- and chemical-resistant electrical cord. Perfect for RoadMaster's All Terrain tow bars and tow bars with cable channel guides. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-98146-7 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 6-1/2' Long. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-98146-7

  • Tow Bar Wiring
  • Adapters
  • Extensions
  • 7 Round - Blade to 6 Round
  • Roadmaster
  • Straight Cord

Easily and effectively connect your motor home to your towed vehicle with this water-, oil- and chemical-resistant electrical cord. Perfect for RoadMaster's All Terrain tow bars and tow bars with cable channel guides.


  • Adapter cord can be used for multiple towing applications
    • Perfect for running power from your RV - with the 7-pole - to your towed vehicle or trailer
  • Straight cord model is ideal for all-terrain tow bars and other tow bars that have channel guides
  • Silicone-injected plugs prevent corrosion
  • Electrical cord is resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • Cord has 7-way trailer connector installed
    • 6-Way trailer connector (included) is uninstalled so you can match the wiring on your towed vehicle or trailer
    • 6-Way socket also included
      • Socket mounting bracket is included
  • Made in the USA


  • Length: 78"
  • Wire gauge: 16

98146-7 Road Master 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 78" Long

Video of Roadmaster 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 6-1/2' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, we're going to be installing Roadmaster's tail light wiring kit for towed vehicles, part number RM-152-LED. And in conjunction with this, we're also going to be using Roadmaster's seven wire to six wire straight cord kit, part number RM-98146-7. This lighting kit is going to allow you to transfer those signals from inside your RV back to the vehicle that you're flat towing behind you. You'll have all the necessary lightings, which includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps and brake lamps. Since these bulbs are separate, we don't have to tap into the vehicle's wiring system, so you don't have to worry about voiding that wiring warrantee. The wiring from your tail lights is run up your front 6-pole connector on your vehicle, which then connects to the 7-pole on your RV.

That's how you get all of your required braking signals. It features ultra bright LED bulbs, which have a much longer life than your typical incandescent bulbs.This is great because changing these bulbs can be a little bit tedious due to the sealing required to keep your tail lights from leaking moisture. There is some drilling required to get these bulbs installed. Let's show you how to do that now. We'll begin our installation at our passenger tail light assembly.

We're going to go ahead and remove it by popping out the center tabs here to access our screws. You can just use a flat bladed screwdriver to get behind them and just pry them outward. Might need to work around them a little bit. We'll remove the two Torx screws using a T15 socket. And now we can just pull rearward to remove our assembly.

If you're having difficulties getting it out, you can use a body panel removal tool and just get behind it. It just help you push it away from the body. This'll keep you from scratching the paint and causing any damage. Once you've got it removed, go ahead and disconnect both your connectors. Push in the release tab and pull outward.And then onto your gray connector, we'll push on the release tab here and pull outward.

You can set this aside. And now repeat this same process on the driver's side. We're now ready to modify our tail lights to use our LED sockets. We'll now make our pilot hole for where our bulb is going to be placed. We're going to put it along this space here. This is where our original tail light bulb was. We removed it. We're just using a 1/8 drill bit just to make a little hole there. And then switch to a 1" hole saw. We'll then want to take a screwdriver to pry out the little tabs. This'll make is snap into the hole that we just cut. Just work your way around the bulb prying each one out. Now we can take some silicone and smear it all around the inner edge of our socket here. And then insert the bulb. After the bulb snaps in, again take your silicone and go all the way around the back side.We're not going to take a piece of air line hose. You can use a coat hanger or anything else that's pretty stiff but still flexible to go from our open passenger's side tail light assembly here down behind the bumper out the bottom. Now we're going to use this as a pole wire to feed our wiring back up and down below. We'll now tape our wiring in our kit to the air line that we just ran down. And this'll make it much easier to pull it back up through. Just work it all the way up around the top. And then just pull it back up. Now we're going to do the same pole wire trick on our driver's side. On our driver's side here we went ahead and just folded it in half because we're going to need that wire to run from one side to the other. Then we're going to again tape it up and run it up to the top. We're back on our passenger's side tail light wire. We need to separate each of the colors. Just use your snips to cut in between each color. And then you can just pull them apart.We'll start by connecting our green wire. Go ahead and strip it back. And this is going to connect to the red wire on our tail lamp bulb that we installed. Use one of the small blue crimp connectors. Crimp it onto the green. And then connect the other end to the red wire that we installed in our tail lamp assembly. Now use another blue butt connector and connect it to the brown wire. We'll then connect the other end of the brown wire on our bulb. Now you'll want to peel back some of your yellow wire here. We're going to go ahead and cut off the little bit of excess we've got. Got about a foot maybe. This wire is not going to be hooked up on this side, so we're going to use this to extend our ground wire. Strip back your white wire. And then strip back both ends of the yellow wire. Now twist your yellow wire in with your white wire on your vehicle's side and crimp that into one of the yellow butt connectors. Then take the other end of the yellow wire and crimp that onto your small ring terminal.And then take the other end of the yellow butt connector that we crimped onto our white and yellow and connect that to the black wire on our bulb. Take the small self-tapping screw provided in your kit and we're going to thread that right behind our tail lamp assembly here at a nice low location. You can now reinstall your passenger's side tail lamp assembly. Make sure to plug in your connectors. After you've reinstalled your bolts, snap your protective covers back on. We're now back on our driver's side. We can cut back our pole wire from when we pulled it up. And we want to pull the wire kind of taut. We want to see . This is our loose end that we're going to be running to the front and this is the end that ran over to our passenger's side. We want to have some slack, so we can pull out head lamp assembly in the future. We're going to have about that much wire there. That's a good amount of excess. Now we're going to cut the yellow, the brown and the white but we're not going to cut the green. The green needs to stay connected because that is going to connect to your 7-pole at the front of the vehicle.We've now taken the wire that runs over to our passenger's side and separated them. We're going to strip back our white and our brown. But we do not need to strip back the yellow on this wire because it's not going to be connected to anything. We can just make a little knot in it so that we know that this wire is not going to be connected. We then strip back all three wires on our other set of wires. Again, this is the set that's going to run towards the front of the vehicle. We're going to twist the two white wires together. And we're also going to twist the two brown wires together. Slide on a yellow butt connector onto the brown wires. Crimp them together. Then we'll slide on the other yellow butt connector onto our white wires and crimp them together. And then take your blue butt connector and put it on the yellow wire. We'll now take our white wires and crimp that onto the black wire on our driver's side tail lamp assembly on the bulb that we installed. You'll then crimp the yellow wire to red wire and then the brown wires to the brown wire.You can now reinstall your driver's side tail lamp assembly. Just tuck those wires down. Plug in your brake lamp and your marker lamp. Push it back into place. And reinstall your Torx head bolts. We'll now need to route the rest of our wire up to the front of our vehicle. Now when you route this wire, you want to make sure you avoid any moving objects such as your steering or suspension components and any hot objects, such as your exhaust system. It's best to run with your wiring whenever possible. I'm going to route this wire now and then I'll show you how I did it after. We've routed our wire back up above our rear suspension. And we came down and went along the side of our fuel tank. And then here we ran along this entire plate. Now to get this wire in here, I did have to use a 10mm socket. And I removed each of the nuts here on the side and I tucked it in and then put the nuts back on. Then runs out the cover. We then routed our wire up the firewall. And then we went down the fender. Up underneath through our core support and down where we're going to connect them to base plate here at the front.Now we do have our front facer removed as it is recommended that you do this installation at the same time that you install your base plate because you're going to need your braking system and your lighting components and everything else. We'll now cut the ends of our wire that we ran out separating the different colors. Peel them back to separate them. Then we'll strip back some of the wires on each of our fellers. Slide your boot with the small end first over your wiring. And now we can connect it to our 6-pole. We'll then connect our wires to the appropriate spots on our 6-pole connector. GD stands for ground, which is our white wire, so we'll unscrew that. We'll slide in our white wire. And then thread it back down. Next we're going to install our brown wire into the one labeled TM. That's for our tail lights. We'll install the yellow wire in the one labeled LT for left turn, which is the wire that we connected to our driver's side tail lamp assembly. And last we'll connect our green wire to the one labeled RT for right turn signal.And then we can use the self-tapping screws provided in the kit to connect our 6-pole connector to our base plate. We can now prepare our 6 to 7-pole adapter cable that'll connect between our vehicle and our RV. Now we've got our tow bars here laid out in front of us because these particular tow bars have a channel that allows the cable to run through them. We have to run it through before we set that up. We'll now need to separate our 6-pole end so we can connect our wires to it. Use a Phillip's head screwdriver to remove that screw and then to also loosen this back screw, which holds our wiring in place. Slide your wires through the back opening, out the front and then we can connect them to this set here. Loosen up the screws on your connector here. We're going to start with brown, which is labeled G next to the screw which will go to our white wire. Just slide your white wire in there and tighten it back down. Next to our white wire here will be our tail lights labeled T, which will be our brown wire.Next to that is going to be our brake signal wire, which is our blue wire. Next the that is going to be the right turn signal labeled R, which is going to be our green wire. And then the last one on the outside is going to be labeled L for left turn, which will be our yellow wire. And finally we have our center wire, which is the black wire for our auxiliary charge. To help keep out moisture and corrosion, we're going to use some dielectric grease on the back here. You can pick some of this up here at if you need some. We'll slide it back into our housing, lining up the screw hole on both of them and threading in the small screw that we removed. Lastly, we'll take our cable holder with the curved end facing down and thread our screw back in. This'll help prevent our wires from getting pulled out. You don't want to over tighten it, just make it snug so it holds the sheeting.Now we can hook it up to our RV or to our tester here and make sure everything's working properly. Here we have our tail lights. Left turn. Right turn. And brake lights. And with everything working properly, we can go back and button up our project here, clean up all of our wiring with the zip ties provided in the kit and make it all nice and neat. To complete our entire flat tow set up, we're going to be using Roadmaster's base plate, part number RM-523193-5. Tail light wiring kit, part number RM-152-LED. Tow bar, part number RM-522. And in conjunction with this, we're also going to be using Roadmaster's seven wire to six wire straight cord kit, part number RM-98146-7. Charge light kit, part number RM-156-25. SMI braking system, part number SM99251. Roadmaster's safety chain cables, part number RM-645. And Roadmaster's high low adapter, part number RM-072-2. And that completes our installation of Roadmaster's tail light wiring kit for towed vehicles on our 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit - 6-1/2' Long - RM-98146-7

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (30 Customer Reviews)

Easily and effectively connect your motor home to your towed vehicle with this water-, oil- and chemical-resistant electrical cord. Perfect for RoadMaster's All Terrain tow bars and tow bars with cable channel guides.


Erica G. Made all the difference. I wasn’t sure exactly what parts I needed but Erica G. Researched as long as it took to help me.
You don’t find customer service like that too often.


This wiring cable is excellent! This is the third set I have purchased. The first two worked fine, they both were cut when I bottomed out with my Motorhome on two different occasions. Funny how that happens. I’m going have to be a little more careful when I run it near the hitch so I can save this cable and also some money.


Straightforward to install. This item is necessary since Roadmaster does not include it with the towbar. If this was part of the towbar the wire could be threaded into the towbar and factory-sealed to the wiring connector instead of the purchaser having to make the connection and sealing it themself.

Thank you for your review. The tow bar wiring is not included with the tow bar because not everyone needs the same connectors. This particular wiring is for a flat towing setup with a 7-way blade connector on the motor home and a 6-way round connector on the vehicle. You can purchase a cord where the 6-way round plug connector is already attached with part HM47054.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 04/19/2021


Works as advertised. Easy order, prompt delivery.


Loved the product, easy to install and have showed off many times while we wintered in Texas. I would have loved to take the credit for idea but was happy to let them know where I bought from.


Quality part, straightforward assembly/ replacement


I ordered several Roadmaster components from to set up my 2014 Honda CRV as a toad. I can't say enough about how helpful etrailer's website is with all of their product review videos and installation videos. Their customer support is also top notch. Regarding this component (Towbar Wiring Harness), its good quality. I would have preferred a metal plug end for the 7 pin connector (like the other end of the 6 pin connector) but perhaps there is a reason it is plastic. Be careful not to screw in the set screw too deep as it will start to distort the plastic housing. The other recommendation is for Roadmaster to change the wire color key on the directions for the 7 pin. While the wires were prewired correctly, the schematic is wrong relative to the wire colors. Etrailer's tech information has a much clearer schematic for a 7 pin plug than what is provided by Roadmaster. All in all, this harness fits nicely in my Roadmaster Falcon All Terain tow bar channels and is the correct length.


I've been using one of these cables for about 10 years. Unfortunately, my last one got pinched by a mechanic who needed to move the tow bar to work on the motor home.


Easy to install and used with my Roadmaster tow bar they are self-storing.


Fits nicely in my Roadmaster tow bar. Works well. Still looks like new after 1 year of service.


No issues with the kit. Has worked perf ectly.

Still working fine, no issues.
Bill M - 11/14/2021


Needed a replacement wire harness for towing. Ordering process and delivery of harness went smoothly.


This is the second time I have used them for parts needed, and have been extremely pleased. Great service, prompt attention given to both orders, didn't need expedited service or delivery because they came quick and easily . I would highly recommend this company.


Fantastic product! Easy to install.


I have used this product before on other tow viehicles and it has worked well for us, I bought it again, says it all.




No problems with it.


Excellent service!! My order was received early and the follow up was great! Thank you


Works Great.


Just arrived here. Opened the box and liked the quakity. Plan to install next weekend.





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    We do have a variety of wiring kits from Roadmaster that are used for flat towing with your Falcon All Terrain # RM-522. I am not quite sure which one you have but I will list the ones out that can be run through your tow bar. For blue wires we have the 7-Wire to 4-Wire Straight Cord Kit # RM-98164-7 and the 4-Wire Straight Cord Kit # RM-98164. If you have a larger connector on on your Jeep then we also have the 7-Wire to 6-Wire Straight Cord Kit # RM-98146-7 and the 6-Wire Straight Cord...
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  • Tow Bar Wiring Recommendation for Roadmaster All-Terrain Tow Bars
    For the all terrain tow bars the non-coiled wires are recommended since the arms telescope and the all-terrain bars come with guides. But if you really wanted to use the # RM-146-7 with an all-terrain bar you can technically still do it. A better recommendation would be the # RM-98146-7 as this is a straight cord. However, I attached a picture that shows the # RM-146-7 being used with the Falcon 2 Tow Bar part # RM-520 which is an all-terrain tow bar.
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    It sounds like you are talking about straight cord kit # RM-98146-7. It plugs into a 7-way RV style connector on one end. the other end has just blunt cut wires and there is a 6-Way end that you would attach those wires to. It also comes with the mating 6-Way to plug into. I have linked a video review for you. You can also use bend bracket # RM-910030-5 or straight bracket # RM-910030 to mount the 6-Way receptacle part.
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  • Wiring Options for Flat Towing 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Behind Motorhome
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    The 6-wire and the 7-wire connectors will have the same color codes on six of the wires. The green wire is right turn/brake, the yellow wire is left turn/brake, the white wire is the ground, the brown wire is the taillights, the blue wire is electric brakes, and the black wire is the 12v power. The 7-way motorhome connector will have an extra auxiliary wire (purple) on the center pin that is used for reverse lights, 12v power, or reverse lockout for trailer brakes. There are two accepted...
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    We have several 7-Way to 6-Way round kits that you could potentially use but it sounds like you are looking for one such as # HM47057 with the straight cable and already assembled. But if you just need to replace the 7-Way end on the RV then you could do that it you want. If the 7-Way has a round plug at the back that just plugs into it then you could use # PK11893. Otherwise you would need to hardwire one in using # PK12-707E.
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  • What Is Needed To Flat Tow A 2017 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Sport
    Absolutely! First you will need a Base-Plate Kit and Tow Bar. I recommend the Roadmaster Crossbar-Style Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms # RM-521448-4 which is confirmed to fit your 2017 Jeep Wrangler as long as it is not a Winter, Hard Rock, or 75th Anniversary model. For a Tow Bar I recommend the Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain # RM-522 which is a great system that has a non-binding design that allows you to release your vehicle at any time even on uneven ground. Next you will need a wiring...
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  • Flat Tow 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Demco Base Plate Sterling Tow Bar
    The Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit # DM9519336 is the correct base plate for your 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This kit is designed to work with the Roamaster Sterling Tow Bars #RM-576 without any adapters. For the Blue Ox Patriot # BLU37TR to work with your Wrangler you will need to add a couple parts. The first is a 12 Volt Outlet Kit # RM-9332 for constant power when the ignition is switched off. Second is a Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-25, this will keep your battery charged while...
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  • Complete Roadmaster Flat Towing Set Up For 2022 Chevy Spark LT w/ Manual Transmission
    Those parts will indeed fit your 2022 Chevy Spark LT with manual transmission, but there is one change I highly recommend, which is a tow bar different than the Falcon 2 # RM-520. The reason for that is the Falcon 2 can bind and is difficult to use without an added tool, the RoadMaster Release Tool # RM-066. It will be much, much simpler for you to disconnect a non-binding tow bar with quick-release latches, the Falcon All-Terrain. The All-Terrain also has guides for the wiring so the...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2022 Chevrolet Equinox LS
    To flat tow your 2022 Chevrolet Equinox LS, you will need a base plate kit installed on your Equinox and a tow bar to connect it to your RV. Safety cables are a needed item in case the tow bar fails. And a wiring solution to synchronize your RV’s lights to the 2022 Chevrolet Equinox along with a supplemental braking system to synchronize your RV and towed vehicle's brakes. Once the selected base plate is installed and the tow bar attached to your RV it needs to be +/- 3" of being level...
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