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How can i find out the brand/make of my trailer axles? I have looked for a id tag and have found nothing.


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Depending on how the trailer was made, there will be a few spots you can check to identify the axle. First, if the trailer was pre-made by a specific company, you may be able to find this information in either the paperwork or on a placard somewhere on the frame.

Sometimes, the axle identity is stamped into the axle itself or into the hub if it was purchased as a complete assembly.

If you cannot find any markings or notation for the axle, you will need to look for replacement parts based on the capacity and dimensions of your existing parts. For example, if your trailer information shows that the maximum capacity of the trailer is 7000lbs, then you probably have two 3500lb axles. The bearings, races, and seals should have an industry standard number on the back edge which can be used to match replacements.

When looking for a wheel to fit your existing hubs, you can find out your existing bolt pattern by taking a simple bolt to bolt measurement. View information on measuring your bolt pattern at the provided link. The # AM20352 wheel you referenced will work for hubs with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. With a capacity of 1870lb per wheel, these would be appropriate for a tandem axle trailer with a capacity around 3700lb when matched with similarly rated tires.

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Dawn O.

I have a 1998 CNC 6 horse trailer I'm not sure what kind of axles are on it I cannot find any indication are you familiar with it I would like to change the bearings 98666

Reply from Jon G.

If you can tell me what the axle weight rating is (found on tag at front of trailer or in the middle of each axle) as well as the bolt pattern for your wheels I can narrow it down, but your best bet is to pull the hub and look at the bearing part numbers (stamped on the bearings). If you can't find the numbers or they are damaged then you'll need to take a digital caliper and measure your spindle like what you see in the photo on this attached page. 73474

Tom M.

can i put electric brakes on my boat trailer if i shrink wrap all the connections 96532

Reply from Jon G.

Yes! Electric brakes on boat trailers is actually becoming more and more common because electric brakes are just easier to maintain. Use the shrink-wrap style butt connectors for your connections and then remember to disconnect your trailer wiring from your tow vehicle prior to backing it into the water to avoid shorting out your trailer wiring. 71263

Reply from Tom M.

@JonG ok I would like to purchase what I need for the job. My axles are dexter p21 . The diameter of the axle is 2 3/8 so I’m thinking 3500 lb . I have 10 inch wheels and tires, what do I need 71272

Reply from Jon G.

@TomM The P21 on your Dexter Axle is actually the site that it was manufactured at as opposed to a part number. If you can pull one of your hubs and confirm what bearings it uses I can see what exact parts you'll need in regards to a hub/drum assembly. In the meantime here is a link to a helpful article that tells you about everything you need to install electric brakes on your trailer. 72830


I have a 2003 24 ft exiss stock trailer alum,trailer 14000 lbs,plate says it has ( 2) 6000 lb axles you would think they should be 7000 lbs,they are dexter torflex and the axle is so rusted and pitted there is no number.I have called every mfg exiss,dexter etc all say just measure and be careful you may get the wrong axles( what a system) any suggestions,ideals,or what axle goes under this stock trailer,exiss says they dont keep files back to 2003 of what was put in trailer thanks 86688

Reply from Chris R.

Please know I'm not just taking the easy way out when I say your only option here is to measure the existing axle.....I really wish I had some specific info on that trailer but it's just not available. You'll want to measure both the hub length and spring seat length to find a good replacement. It wouldn't hurt to go to higher-rated axles but most likely the current units are 6K because 10 to 15 percent of the total trailer weight technically gets applied to the rear axle of the tow vehicle. 69508

Travis L.

I have a boat trailer that the axel hub went bad and messed up the whole axel. Stamped on back of hub is 34231. The axel measuring 74 1/4 center spring hole. The total length from tip to tip is 90 1/4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 81711

Reply from Chris R.

We do have a few trailer axles available with a 74" spring seat length (linked below) but I wasn't able to find any info on the hub assemblies using the number you found. Is there any way you can tell me what inner and outer bearings are used inside the hub? There should be a number stamped right inside the bearings themselves. 67167


I have a home made trailer. The axle came from a mobile home. I would like to change it over to a 15” wheel with hubs. Is this possible. Thanks 76097

Reply from Chris R.

You'll likely need to replace the axle altogether but it should certainly be possible. I would need to know some specs on the existing axle though to recommend a good replacement (along with corresponding hubs and rims). Can you tell me its hub length and weight capacity? 62171

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