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Is a Brake Light Relay Needed with an Even Brake System on a 2011 Ford Edge


I have a 2011 Ford Edge and purchased a Falcon All Terain Tow bar and an Even Brake proportional braking system used. I did not have the in car equiptment for the brake system so i purchased a Second Vehicle Kit PN 98400 from etrailer. It arrived last year and I am just getting around to hooking it up. My problem is the instructions list several things that I dont completely understand what exactly they are: 1. The instructions caution to not use the Even Brake on a car with active braking systems. The Edge does have an active brake mode that uses the ABS to apply more braking force in a panic stop but the dealer and I do not think it is the same active braking cautioned about in the instructions ... it seems to mean a system that uses electricity to produce brake boost with the key in accessory but not running. I do not think the Edge has that pushing on the brake with engine running is completely different feel than when it is off and ignition on accessory and neither did the dealer. Your response to a person with a 2010 Edge would also seem to indicate that the Edge will work OK with Even Brake. Is that correct? 2. My second question is about the wirring for the brake lite relay. The instructions seems ot indicate that Fords all require the Normally Closed wirring proceedures but I am not able to use the instructions to confirm that. The instructions tell me to pull the brake fuse and the car should not start with the push button. It does start but the brake lights do not work that was the Brake switch on/off fuse but there are many other fuses that indicate somethngto do with the brakes lights. Can you tell me if the Edge requires the Normally Open or Closed proceedures for installing the brake lite relay. Or: 3. If I use a set of magneticly attached lights, or add bulbs to the tail lights, I think I would need to unplug the brake light fuse and monitor the wires from the motorhome and not even connect the relay to the towed cars brake light switch, to use the Even brake. Is that correct? I guess what I wonder is: the brake light relay/switch connection is to energize the Even Brake and not the lights right? But the motorhome uses 4 wires and the turn and brakes are a shared bulb where the car uses 6 wires and the turn and brake lights are seoparate and independant of each other, so it seems like adding lights from the motorhome circuit and monitoring those brake lights would be the easiest way to accomplish this but how do you separate the turn lights from the brake light signals, so the Even brake is not bouncing on and off to the tune of the turn light signal?


Expert Reply:

Your assumptions about the braking system on the 2011 Ford Edge are correct. An active braking system, also called a continuous power assist system, is different than what is on your vehicle. You can use the Even Brake # RM-9400 with the 2011 Ford Edge.

You should not need a brake light relay if you are using a 6-diode kit that uses the vehicle wiring, # 154-792-118158. If you are using a 4-diode kit or any kit that plugs in line with the vehicle wiring then the brake light relay is going to be required and it should be done following the normally closed instructions only if the vehicle does not start with the fuse removed. If you have the correct fuse pulled and it does start then you would used the normally open instructions.

You may or may not have the correct fuse but the vehicle owners manual should tell you the correct one and where it is located. I did check an online version of the owners manual and did not see any information about pulling fuses for recreational towing. Consult a Ford technician to determine if a fuse does need to be pulled. Roadmaster recommends fuses be pulled that could drain the vehicle battery when flat towing it but it is not required.

The brake light relay is designed to override the vehicle brake light signal so the signals coming back from the motor home and the Even Brake all work properly. You will not need it if you use the 6-diode kit which will also solve the RV combined system to tow vehicle separate turn signal problem.

So the bottom line is that if you use the 6 diode kit, you will not have to worry about using a brake light relay or how to go about wiring it.

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