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Differences Between The Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain And Nighthawk All-Terrain Tow Bars  


I was thinking that I would use Demco SBS Stay-IN-Play DUO rather that a portable system. I like the idea that it is installed once and little setup each time it is used. Does that make sense?


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The difference between the Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain # RM-522 and the Roadmaster Nighthawk All Terrain # RM-676 is somewhat substantial. The first difference being the increased weight capacity with the the Falcon at 6,000lbs and the Nighthawk at 8,000lbs. The Nighthawk will allow you to flat tow your larger SUV or truck while the Falcon is more meant for your sedans and mid-sized SUV's.

The Nighthawk features LED lights down both arms to make it easier to hookup/disconnect in the dark if you start/end your hauling early in the morning or late at night. It will also come with a 6-way to 7-way adapter cable and 6-way socket for your vehicle so that you can run your braking and turn signals through to the towed vehicle. It also comes with safety cables that run through the channels on the arms so that you don't have to purchase these separately. Other than those features these tow bars are basically the same.

Since you're towing a 2014 Jeep Wrangler both would have enough capacity to handle the job. It really just comes down to if you'd like the LED lights and whether you'd prefer the black over the gray design. Personally, I'd go with the Falcon # RM-522 because I don't need to be flashy and instead go for function over looks.

Both of these tow bars use a direct-connect style attachment point so you'll need a Roadmaster Direct-Connect base plate like part # RM-521448-5. Note: this base plate kit is for standard factory bumpers.

Since you will be towing with a F-350 instead of a motorhome I recommend going with a portable braking system like the Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System # HM39524. This system offers intense, emergency braking or steady, smooth braking in a single portable system. Easily switch between proportional or full braking from the cab of your F-350 using the remote. The included charge line kit will keep your Wrangler's battery charged while you tow as well.

For the tow bar wiring kit you will only need the Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit # RM-152 to send your turning signals to the Wrangler if you choose the Nighthawk. If you choose the Falcon you'll need the Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit # RM-15267.

You will need to disconnect the negative battery cable to flat tow your Wrangler so I recommend installing the Roadmaster Automatic Battery Disconnect # RM-766 to make it as easy as flipping a switch.

If you choose the Falcon you'll also need to purchase safety cables. For this I recommend the RoadMaster 76" Single Hook, Straight Safety Cables # RM-645-76. These will slide through the channels on the arms of the Falcon, keeping them out of the way and preventing them from dragging on the ground.

You may also require a high/low adapter to keep the tow bar level between your F-350 and Wrangler. This will require some measuring once the base plates are installed so I've attached our help article, which will walk you through determining the correct rise/drop needed for your application.

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Kevin C

James H.


I was thinking that I would use Demco SBS Stay-IN-Play DUO rather that a portable system. I like the idea that it is installed once and little setup each time it is used. Does that make sense?

Kevin C.


Yes, you could definitely use the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor # DM86VR instead of the # HM39524. This installation is a bit more invasive and you will have the actuator and G-Force controller permanently mounted inside the cab of your Jeep. They aren't exactly in the way or going to block you from operating your vehicle but some people do not like having anything in the way at all so that will come down to personal preference. One other thing to consider is the lifespan of your towed vehicle. If you plan on selling your Jeep within a few years I recommend going with a portable option that can go from vehicle to vehicle with very little setup. That being said the major upside to this system is that once it's installed you don't have to run through any setup every time you want to tow, just hookup the Jeep and go. This system will automatically activate any time you engage your F-350's brakes, so long as there is enough deceleration for the system to detect with the G-Force Controller. When it does activate, your towed car's brakes will engage with an intensity that matches the slowing or stopping action of your F-350. The sensitivity of your G-Force Controller can be adjusted as well using the knob of the face of the controller. This system also comes with a coachlink monitor, which will plug into the 12v outlet of your F-350, that has both visual (LED lights) and audio alerts to let you know when the brakes are being applied in your Jeep. There is a different model of this system that comes without the coachlink monitor, but you would then need to install a stop light switch kit, which would require more splicing into your wiring and another piece of hardware to attach to your brake pedal. I've attached a video below of this installation to help offer you some additional information and show you what the process will be like so that you can make an informed decision if this is the right braking system for your preferences.

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