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Review of AMPLock Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Base Lock - AMP69FR

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AMPLock Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Base Lock - AMP69FR Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the AMPLock stainless steel trailer coupler lock for Bulldog gooseneck couplers. Now, this is a nice tamper-resistant, sturdy stainless steel lock that'll help prevent trailer theft by preventing hookup of the gooseneck coupler. Basically, this lock will insert through the hole that's in the sliding plate of the coupler and prevents the coupler from connecting to a gooseneck ball. So, this does prevent would be thieves from hitching your trailer to their tow vehicle.

And it is designed to fit Bulldog gooseneck trailer couplers. I happen to pull one of those that it would work on just to demonstrate how this lock works. It is a push and lock cylinder. Locks without the need for a key. And the lock's location when this is installed on the bottom, makes it very difficult for thieves to access.

Let me just show you when we take the cover off, and then we take one of the keys and we put it in there, and you just twist it to unlock it, and then take your key out. Now, you're ready to be, this is ready to be locked. Basically, it uses a rotating disc tumbler lock, which provides maximum security. The cylinder has a series of rotating disc that can be correctly lined up only when you use the correct corresponding key. And there's nearly a million possible key codes that comes with the two identical notched keys to operate the lock.

And this disc tumbler lock is bump-proof, and it is resistant to picking and drilling. It is a nice stainless steel construction. It's very sturdy and rustproof. As you see here, it has this nice rubber cap that'll protect the lock cylinder from dust and dirt. So, I want to zoom in here.

Gonna show you the end of the coupler right here laying on the table. And this is the rotating plate on the bottom that'll rotate. And basically, right now, you can see the handle right here is in the closed position, so it's locked over the gooseneck ball. So, what you would do is take this spring loaded handle and then just slide it up, put it into the open position. And you notice that rotating plate will rotate. So, what you wanna do is take your lock, and see the lock right now, it's in the open position. And what this lock will do is go right between the plates right here. And you line this up with the hole that's in the rotating plate. Once you get the pin lined up to the hole, and then you push it all the way through and in, and now it's locked in place. And then you put your cover on it just like that. And with this lock on here now, this plate will not rotate so nobody can be able to hook up to the gooseneck ball. And then when you're ready to hook up, to remove the lock, all you have to do is take your key. Take off your cover. Take your key, insert it. And then all you have to do is just twist this. Once you get your key all the way in, twist it. And that'll slide that cylinder out. Remove your key. And then your whole lock will remove just like that. And then you can rotate this back into the position like that. And it's locked over the ball when you're ready to use it. This is a very simple installation, very easy to remove. But that should do it for the review on this AMPLock stainless steel trailer coupler lock for the Bulldog gooseneck couplers..

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