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Review of ARC Fog Lights - Concept Flush Mount LED Pod Fog Light Kit - ARC33MR

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ARC Fog Lights - Concept Flush Mount LED Pod Fog Light Kit - ARC33MR Review

Hi, everybody, Andy here with the And today, we're gonna take a look at these ARC Concept flush mount LED pod fog light kit. Now these street-legal LED fog lights are going to deliver 3,000 lumens of dispersed bright white light to help you navigate in bad weather. Now, as you can see, I already have these lights connected to power, and you can see them on and see just how bright they are, even with my studio lights on. The high-quality light output comes from four five-watt Osram Olsen LEDs in each light, giving you a total of 3,000 lumens with 1,500 lumens per light. Let me go ahead and turn my studio lights off here just to give you a better demonstration of the light.

And I'm gonna go to a wide view here, and I wanted to show you that these lights produce a 95-degree wide beam that is created by total internal reflection or TIR projector lens. These street-legal pods are SAE J583 certified for use on all roadways. However, I do wanna mention that you'll still want to review your state's guidelines regarding the use of auxiliary lighting on roadways. So these are bright, and I think they're gonna do a great job of again, helping you navigate through bad weather, and they're gonna be very easy to use as well. Let me go ahead and turn my studio lights back on here and let my cameras focus.

I'm gonna go ahead and turn the power off here, and talk a little bit about the housing here. As you can see these feature of black powder-coded aluminum housing, and these are gonna be corrosion resistant, and these are IP67-rated to protect against dust and moisture. And these have foam gaskets. They come with two foam gaskets, as you see here, and they're going to ensure a proper seal and snug fit. This also comes with a wiring harness that is going to make installation very easy for you.

The wiring harness has a rocker switch here, that's going to allow you to turn your lights on and off. And when you turn it on, that rocker switch does illuminate red with a red light inside. And this harness supports lights up to 90 watts each and 180 watts maximum. And it includes two triple-sealed Deutsch DT connectors, and of course, these are the connectors that I had plugged into the back of each of these lights. And again, that rocker switch and then an HID relay.

And then the lead wires here with a fuse. So I had these ring terminals hooked up to power, and of course, red was the hot wire and black was the ground wire. So this is gonna make it very easy for you to install. And let me pull out my ruler here and just give you some overall measurements of these lights. The overall height is three and a half inches, and of course that's gonna be the same for the width as well. And then looking at the overall depth, we are sitting right at two and, right at about two and 5/8 inches deep, two and 5/8 inches deep. I do wanna mention that we do have other measurements for you on this product page in the photo section. And if you're looking for some other measurements that I did not cover for you, you're gonna get everything that you see here on my table before me, you're gonna get two cube LED pods and those two foam gaskets, this wiring harness, and then, all the mounting hardware that you are going to need. And just some other notes, the wattage is 20 watts at 13.6 volts DC, and then, of course that's five watts per LED. The current is 1.5 amps at 13.6 volts DC, and then the voltage is gonna be from 10 to 36 volts DC, and the power draw is 1.5 amps per light. If I didn't mention it already you are going to get just a little instruction sheet here to let you know what you're gonna get in this kit and how you can go ahead and hook these up. But I think this is gonna be a great addition, if you're looking to replace your fog lamps. I think this is gonna do the job of replacing those and helping you see, especially when weather conditions aren't great. I think they're gonna give you a good view of things ahead. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today, I do hope it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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