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Access Truck Bed Accessories - Battery Powered LED Strip Interior Exterior - A80312 Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Access LED light strip for truck beds. Now, this is a pretty universal little light strip that you can use just about anywhere that you'd want to have a little bit of illumination, but you don't want to have to hardwire a system.If you want to put this on your truck and not void your warranty or if you're putting this on the outside of your ATV for a little bit of light, maybe in a toolbox, gun safe, whatever the case might be, it's really easy to use. It just has the diodes there that'll light up really brightly.It does require three AA batteries that are not included with the kit. I have some in there just so you can see how bright it is, but those don't come with it. You will have to provide those on your own. If you turn the lights out in the studio, can see how bright that is.It does have a pretty cool look to the light.

It's like a bluish, purplish light, but it should give you enough illumination for those areas, so you can see your gear, get your tools out of your toolbox or whatever the case might be. It's not going to light up the whole room, but it does give you just enough illumination to see where you're going and get what you need and go.It works well for truck bed tonneau covers. That's what it's designed for, since a lot of times whenever you have that tonneau cover in place, it's hard to see back in there and get your stuff out without having to open up your tonneau cover all the way. You can just lower down your tailgate, pop on the light, and then grab your stuff.The thing that's unique about the access battery light as opposed to some similar ones out there is that you have some variability with the automatic turn off. It does come factory set to turn off after three minutes of being lit up, but you can adjust that to a little bit longer, so it'll automatically shut off after five minutes or you can just completely turn off that automatic switch.

To change that, we'll show you how that works.You just want to remove the bolts from our battery box and they have little c-clips on there, so you can't lose the bolts, which is something I think is also really nice. Anytime you have tiny screws, you loosen them up, and they go everywhere and then you've got to search around. Now you're missing one. They thought that through and now you don't have to worry about that since they'll just stay in the cover without falling out.There's also a little gasket going around the edge to provide water protection. This can be used for outdoor or indoor use.

There we go. You can see these little c-clamps there to hold it in place to keep those bolts from falling back out. Now, if you look right here next to the button, I'll zoom in my camera, so you can get an idea of what that looks like. It's really, really small, but we have a little terminal there.As it is set now, this is for a three minute shut off, but the instructions do tell you how to switch that out. Basically, you'll use some small tweezers, take that little terminal out, and then adjust the position and you can either go from the three minute shutoff to a five minute or to no shutoff at all.

You'd have to press the button to turn it off. It doesn't automatically turn off anymore. We can adjust that there. it gives you a little bit of options as far as how to use it.Pop my cover back. Before you do, there's that little gasket. It sits in a little trench, so it provides pretty good protection for your light or for the batteries. You don't have to worry about those getting damaged. Our battery box and the light strip have adhesive on the back, so it should stick in place pretty well.The battery box also has some points, so you can use some self-tapping screws if you want a little extra stability with that. The box is pretty compact. You can fit just about anywhere you'd want to put it. Once I get these screws put back in, we'll go over some measurements.There we go. The battery box measures about three and a half inches at the side and you can see my light just went out. That was the three minute mark there. I wanted to keep it on, so you could see that it does automatically shut off. Our box is about three and a half inches long by about two and a quarter. The four little tabs on either side, that's for our self-tapping screws or whatever hardware we want to use for that.Measuring to the ends of those, it's about four and an eighth inch long. The distance between those two mounting holes, center to center, would be about three and seven- eighths. Going the other direction, it's about an inch and each of those holes has a diameter of about an eighth. Thickness of the box with that adhesive on there, it's about an inch thick. Our light strip is 18 inches long.The whole unit, if we zoom all the way out here, it's about 26 and a half inches, so just that light strip by itself is 18, so you really do get 18 inches of length for that light strip. We'll have 30 diodes in total, which is a little bit more than some of the other ones I saw out there. It will have that double-sided tape on the back of that. Pull that off, adhere it to wherever you want it to go. Same thing for the back of the battery box.A couple tips on that. You want to make sure that whatever surface you're mounting it up to is really clean and dry. That way we get a better stick and you also don't want to do this whenever it's really cold outside. It needs to be about 60 degrees for that to get a proper hold on whatever surface you're mounting it to.That's just something to keep in mind there. I did see some comments from our customers saying that it works really well, but if you live in somewhere like Texas where it gets really, really hot and you're using it in a toolbox, it might not always want to work. In the winter time, that customer said it worked just fine. It just didn't really like to work in the summer.Some things to keep in mind there, but I think this is a really easy solution for a common problem, having to search around in those dark areas to find your gear. It does come with a one year warranty from Access. That's going to do it for our look at the Access LED light strip for truck beds.

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