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Review of Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - Wireless Control - AL74000EZ

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Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - Wireless Control - AL74000EZ Review

Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a quick look at the Airlift WirelessAIR compressor system for your Air Helper Springs. So this is going to be a great kit to be able to monitor your air pressure in your Air Springs. Also, to quickly adjust that on the fly without having to find a place to air up your bags. So find a gas station, has an air compressor and go through that whole rigamarole. So you're going to have an onboard compressor that can do that for you and keep everything rolling smoothly.

It's going to be a wireless system, so you can either use the Bluetooth app on your mobile phone or you could also use the remote that it comes with. So this is going to have a nice digital readout and see maybe the screen there and it's, it wants to pair with it right now, but I don't have it powered so it can't really find anything.But it'll give you a little icon of a vehicle and then it should normally show the pressure at each bag side to side and let you adjust that. Again, since it isn't paired right now I don't have the compressor actually powered up or run to any airbags so it doesn't have anything to show you guys, but just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like. This is a pretty nice little remote, feels pretty comfortable in your hand. It's also small enough that it's smaller than my hands so it can easily fit into your glove box or that pocket on the inside of your truck so you can stash it away.

Maybe put it above your visor or really anywhere that you want to stash it.Comes with everything you see laid out here, so we'll get our airline to run to our bags. All the wiring to just plug and play. It's really a pretty easy wiring system to use. It looks like we'll have the one big plug on this side that's going to connect into our manifold here and then the other wires we will have to splice and make a couple connections there to power and ground. It does come with a fuse holder so you can get that run to your battery to the positive side also comes to the 15 amp fuse.

So that's going to be protected and all in all it should do a great job for you.So again, the main benefit to our compressor is that we're going to have that onboard compressor so we don't have to worry about finding a place to air up our bags. And it also is going to constantly monitor the pressure in our bags.It also has three program full pressures settings. So if you have your pressure that you kind of know when you ever, you have it fully loaded down about where you want those bags to be. And then once it's unloaded, you want the pressure down to another level instead of having to dial that in each time, you could hit those presets and get it back from one level to the other and again up to three different preset levels for you.It also gives you some diagnostics so that helps to keep you safe, notifies you if there's any leaks or a compressor failure so you can get that taken care of without having to kind of worry about it or guess if there's an issue and each, each spring is going to be monitored and controlled individually. So it is going to let you do that.The whole system is going to be waterproof up to two feet.

So basically that means if this is submerged in two feet of water, that's its limit before water will be able to get in there and cause any issues. So as long as you mount this on your frame somewhere kind of high and up out of the way of any water, it should be great. Doesn't matter. No rain getting spun up from your tires should cause any issues with this. It is pre mounted to this bracket so should make it pretty easy to mount that up with the U bolt provided and also the hardware that you see laid out here. So all in all are really easy to use, easy to mount system. I think this is going to be a great addition to your airbags to get everything leveled out and then also still have that monitoring. We'll be able to make those adjustments on the fly and not have to spend our time dragging around trying to find a place to do that.Once you get the filter or filter case and some replacement filters to go in there, make sure that the inlet of of air is going to be a nice clean source so it doesn't have any gunk getting in there and causing any issues and yeah, this does have a 60 day money back guarantee, two year limited warranty from Airlift. Everything that I hear about Airlifts' compressors is that they are a really great system to use, even better than some of the competitors out there. These are compatible with not only Airlift bags, but any of your Air Spring bags, so Firestone or any other brands should be able to work with this just as long as it uses that quarter inch airline should be good to go, but that's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Airlift WirelessAIR compressor system for your Air Helper Springs. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right kid for you. Thanks for watching.

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