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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - AL89289 Review

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Review of Air Lift Vehicle Suspension AL89289

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Air Lift Load Lifter 5,000 Ultimate Plus air springs, with the internal jounce bumpers for the rear axle. Now this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2014 and newer Dodge Ram and Ram 2500 trucks. And on a custom fit part like this, I do recommend to go to the website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll show if this'll work for your application.Now this is a hybrid spring system that'll combine the adjustability of air springs with the reliability of jounce style springs. The airbags themselves will reduce the strain on your rear suspension, increase safety, and compensate for uneven loads. Basically, they'll level your vehicle front to back, help maintain safe headlight aim.

They will adjust independently for side-to-side leveling of any off-center loads, and they do improve steering and braking performance.Now inside the air spring, there is a jounce spring, which will help improve the ride comfort, reduce sway, helps with cornering. This jounce spring will engage at lower air pressures to better absorb road shock and minimize bottoming out. It will provide support progressively. The more you load the springs, the stiffer it'll become. And it'll even let you temporarily carry a load with zero air pressure in your springs.

This kit is a quality construction. The springs give you a nice long lasting spring life. They are a two ply fabric reinforced rubber air spring, which is very durable.On the ends, they use the high strength Zytel nylon end caps, which are lighter, stronger, and even more corrosion resistant than steel. The jounce bumpers, which are in the inside of this air spring, they're made of a year thing, so they do require no maintenance and they work well in hot or cold temperatures. What's nice about this system, the ultimate plus system, it does include rustproof stainless steel components, which are durable and long lasting.

It uses the Air Lift exclusive upper and lower roll plates. They're stainless steel. They will protect the air springs from damage and they also help extend the life of your suspension system.Now they do also offer braided airlines which will provide protection against sharp edges and flying debris better than just nylon airlines. And they do have air spring attachment hardware and stainless steel to help resist corrosion. It is designed for heavy duty applications such as half ton, three quarter ton and one ton trucks, and it is compatible with most gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches.

Does include everything here on the table, the mounting brackets, the hardware's all included.Now this bag here has the manual inflation valves and the airlines, and the manual valves are typically mounted on your bumper for easy access. You can add a compressor system with in cab gauges. We do sell those items separately on our website. Those can be added to monitor and automatically adjust your air pressure. These parts are made in the USA. Few specs on it, the load leveling capacity is up to 5,000 pounds. Now these Load Lifter 5,000 Ultimate Plus Springs, they will not increase your vehicle's weight carrying capacity, so you want to make sure not to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.And the air springs will have an adjustable air pressure from five psi to 100 psi. But that should do it for the review on the Air Lift Load Lifter 5,000 Ultimate Plus air springs with the internal jounce bumpers for the rear axle.

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