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Review of Andersen Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - AM3200

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Andersen Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - AM3200 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a look at the Anderson ultimate connection fifth wheel trailer hitch system. Now this is going to be a very unique system to haul your fifth wheel trailer down the road with using your fifth wheel rails, but this is going to be a much lighter weight fifth wheel hitch than the typical fifth wheel hitch that you'll see out there. A lot of times it makes it difficult to take that fifth wheel hitch out of your rails. It's pretty heavy. You have to get a second person to even get it out of there and a lot of times people just end up leaving it in their truck and then they're kind of limited as far as how much stuff they can really haul in the back of their bed with that fifth wheel hitch in the way.

They're pretty bulky and they take up a lot of room. So this is going to eliminate all those issues.It's really easy to drop down in place. It doesn't weigh too much at all. It just is about 40 pounds, so really not that heavy. Definitely something that a single person can do by themselves.

You don't have to worry about getting an extra set of hands to take this out. We'll just have our four pins and clips connecting it into our rails, just like any standard fifth wheel hitch. So really easy to use. The thing that's different about that besides the base is that the way it connects to our fifth wheel trailer. This coupler ball at the top is actually going to fit into this system here, which is going to be an adapter that goes on our kingpin on our fifth wheel trailer.

So it's going to capture our kingpin there and then our ball goes into this funnel. And the nice thing about this as well is that it doesn't require any kind of grease. So we don't need to worry about any kind of lube plates or anything. We don't have to worry about lithium grease and getting all messy and all over our clothes and all that. It's just a greaseless system.So once we have this installed on our kingpin, our coupler drops down over the ball and captures that in place.

Then we can release the trigger that's on our kingpin or on our fifth wheel, and I just have this cable wrapped around here just so it's not too unwieldy, but that does let you unhook it and hook it up easily. The other nice thing about this is that it's pretty maneuverable. We can be offset from our ball by up to three inches and it'll still drop down in place. It rotates around really nicely. So it's going to give you a better clearance for long or short bed trucks. And it also produces less chucking when compared to standard adapters.So that ball really fits pretty tightly in there. I'm shaking it all around and doesn't really want to go anywhere. Customers have great things to say about this. Not only is it super lightweight and easy to deal with, but it's very quiet. You don't have to deal with any kind of creaking or squeaking or anything like that. And again, no chucking so you won't have kind of kakunk 00:03:01 feeling as you're taking off and coming to a stop. And so it's just going to be a very nice, simple, well-built system. There is an offset to this. I have this set up in a profile so you can see that offset. So from the center of the ball to the front of our attachment point there, it's going to be seven inches. If we go the other way, it's going to be 17 inches. So we'll have nine inches of offset depending on how we have this configured in our truck.Now, this one thing I will say that this is not designed to work with beds that are shorter than six feet, so some of your trucks out there that have a five and a half or shorter bed it's really isn't going to be compatible with. But it does work with industry standard fifth wheel rails in your long bed or short bed trucks, works with Curt, Draw Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese and Valley. Drops right into place. Got our pins and clips. Also have these two screws so we can attach our release onto that kingpin on the side there. So just push it in, pull out the lever to open up the pin, push it in, or let it snap in place whenever we're ready to tow.All in all, I think this is a really cool idea. It's a little scary at first just because you're used to seeing fifth wheel hitches that are pretty huge and have a lot of metal and are super bulky so might be a little bit nervous about this one that seems like it can't possibly be as strong as it is, but it's really durable. It's able to hold up to or tow up to 20,000 pounds with a vertical load limit of 4,500 pounds and it does great job. So I think it's a great alternative to still have access to your truck bed without having to worry about that big bulky hitch in the way. We also have a height adjustment for our ball here and we can pull the pin out. So right now it's at the tallest setting and that's going to be 18 inches from the top of the ball to the top of the rails. The next one down would be 16 7/8 and then the lowest position is 15 3/4.The distance between the tabs in the bottom where we make our attachment into our rails, that's going to be 20 1/2 inches apart, center to center. Get my pin in here. There we go. So all in all, well-built system, I think it'll be a great addition to your towing setup. The ball is made of a zinc plated steel. Our base is made of a powder coated steel, and this is made in the USA and has a one year limited warranty from Anderson. That's going to do it for our look at the Anderson ultimate connection fifth wheel trailer hitch system.

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Dean C.
We’re definitely going to replace our regular 5th wheel hitch with an “Anderson” ball style hitch. Which “Anderson” bed support system is better, the aluminum or steel. This application is for a 20k lb two axle 5th wheel? Thanks.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

I honestly have not heard a bad review of the steel Andersen # AM3200 . It is a very popular item and the steel frame is the only version that will fit direct to your bed rails.

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