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Atwood Padlocks - Universal Application Padlock - AT89018 Review

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Review of Atwood Locks AT89018

Today we're going to review part number AT89018. This is the Atwood AMPlock Padlock, stainless steel with chrome plated shackles. Now this single padlock is used to secure doors, trailer couplers and any other item that might require a padlock. The inner disc on the inside here, in the tumbler, align to open the padlock. It unlocks with one of nearly a million possible key combinations. They do also use hardened washers which will prevent drilling into the tumblers.

There's no springs or pins used in this lock. Now the key's themselves comes with the two notched keys. Basically when you put it in you turn it about a hundred eighty degrees, it will unlock it. One of the nice things is the key cannot be removed when the padlocks are unlocked. Once you lock it then you can pull the key out. This will pre.

Turn it about a hundred and eighty. That will unlock it. Then again, once it's unlocked vent accidentally locking your key inside your trailer or shed or anywhere else. The chrome plating on these shackles help resist corrosion. They are heavy duty shackles which are hardened and very difficult to cut. Now the body is a case-hardened stainless steel front 00:01:04 body, it will help prevent attempts to manually freeze and shatter the locks.

Now this part does come with the one lock and the two notch keys. A few dimensions on this, I just want to show you. The width on it, the overall width on this lock is about 1-5/8". The overall height, is going to be about 3-3/4". Then the shackle diameter or the shackle span right in here is going to be right at about 2", right in the inside there. Again, just to show you it's locked, so to open it up you put the key in. Turn it about a hundred and eighty.

That will unlock it. Then again, once it's unlocked the key cannot be removed. Once you go ahead and lock it, turn the key, it can be removed. That should do it for the review of part number AT89018. The Atwood AMPlock Padlock, stainless steel body and chrome plated shackles. .